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Flat Earth Q&A / conspiracy of the world?
« on: July 25, 2009, 02:27:59 AM »
I've been asking this in other thread, but no answer whatsoever, just curious about FE theory about GPS, so if satellite doesnt exist, then the US Gov. use a balloon or anything all over the world? or any other gov. in the world is actually part of the conspiracy?

Well I am from Indonesia, the US current president of US used to spent his childhood here, you must be know that Indonesia isnt too rich as a country, and most of our people is moslem ( I am catholic though ), if satellite doent exist, then how am I able to use my GPS here?
or maybe if someone in Iran ( which is obviously wont take any part of the US or NASA conspiracy ) could use their GPS?
and how about TV Chanel? I could watch CNN or HBO in Indonesia... without satellite how is that even possible...

and not so long ago, we Indonesia manage to launch our home made satellite from Kazakhstan, to improve telecommunication and stuff here in Indonesia, and our satellite ( which has nothing to do with NASA obviously ) take a picture of earth, and guess what? it is round...
is even Indonesia government part of the conspiracy? which I really doubt it would

how would FE explain that?

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