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Flat Earth Q&A / Calling all FE's
« on: January 18, 2007, 08:32:33 PM »
How many of you are there? Just want to get an idea of FE supporter numbers. No judgement. No smart replies, just after numbers.

RE's, please DO NOT REPLY!

Flat Earth Q&A / I can proove the world is round.
« on: January 18, 2007, 06:20:51 PM »
There was this show on TV. And this girl by the name of Charlene challenged the flat earth theory. She told them that if she is wrong, she is prepared to die provided she could choose the punishement. She failed to proove the round earth theory, so she said she would like to be killed by being thrown off the earth. When they had circulated they earth, they had to return her home, having been proved wrong.

The show.... Dinosours.

Episode 40: "Charlene's Flat World"
When Charlene's class is assigned to think of an original idea, her world-is-round theory falls flat, and she's tried for heresy.

Flat Earth Q&A / RE's, are you here for entertainment?
« on: January 18, 2007, 05:23:05 PM »
Hi All,
Are the moderators here all FE's?
Unfortunately, my post was moved to a less-read area "Angry Ranting". I didn't think I was ranting but oh well, in an effort to cooperate, I have edited my post below.
The original post can be found here...

As mentioned in the thread, this is not a post to insult the FE's, it is a post to help the RE's, which does not meet the description of the "Angry Ranting" thread. The insults to the FE's were added simply to add body and emotion to the advice to the RE's, but since this is why it was moved, I have edited it so it is now approriate.

Moderators - please don't delete my posts, cancel my account or block my IP. I don't intend staying long anyway.


I haven't been on this website in 3 months, I logged on cause it come up in conversation, and hey presto, the debates haven't changed a bit.

Weather it's flat or round, your time on this earth is limited (you don't debate it being called "earth" do you?). So, why are you spending to much of it on this forum?

Let's be clear about something. I came on the forum orginally with an open mind. I read through all the information, but I wasn't entirely convinced. So I asked some question... nothing. I asked some more questions and tried to be diplomatic, still nothing satisfactory. Upon providing some logical explanations for RE, I was provided with incorrehent, irregular and silly explanations for FE. I got sick and tired of dealing with people who are not prepared to look at this on an open and honest playing field, had a few debates that came to arguments, then left. This seems the pattern for almost 100% of the RE's that come on this site.

FE's, let's get something straight, NO ONE CARES! If I sit in my bedroom and look at my white carpet, then convince myself that it's black, NO ONE CARES. The only time someone would care is if I could provide substancial evidence that what we have previously believed (the carpet being white) is actually not correct.

Orginally, people believed the world was flat. It's easy to maintain common opinion, but someone eventually came up with a scientific principle that prooved beyond doubt that the earth was actually round. I am sure there were many people that tried to deny it, but obviously, science prevailed and the way people thought about the world was changed, no easy task.
At this point in time, 99% of the population still believe the earth is round. Why? Because no-one has ever come forward with tangible and logical evidence that the world is flat. Please don't bother providing flimsy explanations for this, such as the conspiracy theory or the single world-wide government preventing the news getting out. Here's something to consider FE's, the view of the world was changed once before, and with proper scientific evidence, it could be done again... but there isn't any.

The fact that it takes changes such as a universal government, changes in distances, illusions of the moon, secret ice men and god knows how many other weird inventions to proove your theory makes 99% of the population think of you and your theories as nothing more than some entertainment. No-one takes it seriously.

Am I here hoping to change your views? Absoloutly not. I'm, more writing to the RE's hoping to change their mind about wasting their valuable time here. RE's, it doesn't matter what evidence you present, or how flimsy the evidence of the FE's, they will never believe you! But don't worry, just because they believe FE strongly, doesn't mean that anyone else believes it.

One explanation to resolve the situation once and for all was simply "fly south". According to the RE model, one would pass over the top of the south pole, then continue making their way back up the other side. According to the FE model, the plane would reach the south pole (the ice wall) just before reaching space. Therefore, this fundamental difference would proove the theory.
Ironically enough, no FE was willing to take the journey. Why? Because they were too scared about being kidnapped by the "Ice Wall Soldiers". I suggested that one life was well worth sacrificing in order to proove this theory of evolution once and for all to the rest of the world. Unfortunately, no FE's were willing to do so, only RE's volunteered.
This is one of many such examples of debate-ending experiments I have seen suggested, that funily enough, were never taken up on.

The solution is simple, the FE's do not want to talk about anything that would end the argument. Why? Because they don't really care weather the earth is flat or not, what they care about is their ability to debate it. What you must remember is that this is a source of entertainment, for both FE's and RE's. If the orientation of the earth were proven one way or the other, the debate would stop, and those fanatical about either the FE or RE theory would have lost their beloved passtime.

So I offer this advice, if you come here for the sake of entertainment, then great, enjoy yourself. If however you come here with the view to resolve the FE vs RE debate, turn away now. You will never convince die hard FE's that the earth is round, even with un-deniable proof. They will deny the un-deniable in an effort to save their beloved passtime.

Flat Earth Q&A / My Conclusion
« on: June 22, 2006, 06:02:51 AM »
I've been having a good look on this site and I've concluded the following.

-RE refuse to accept FE theories
-FE refuse to accept RE theories

FE have an answer for almost everything
What FE do not have an answer for, it is ALWAYS part of "The Conspiracy"

I'd like to say farewell and thanks for the laugh. FE's, I hope you find what you are looking for. I would say that the reason that 99% of the world believes they live on a spherical planet is because the are right. Still, without the occasional dilluded individual, the world would be a boring place. Thanks for the laugh fellas.

Flat Earth Q&A / Good Pic of Flat Earth
« on: June 21, 2006, 11:20:30 PM »
Hi Guys,
Can someone link me to some good pics/maps of the FE?

Flat Earth Q&A / Questions for Both FE and RE
« on: June 19, 2006, 10:45:55 PM »
Hi Guys,
I thought I'd ask some questions from a neutral standpoint. Please don't fill this post with speculation or mathematical jargon. I'd like simple answers that either PROOVE or DISPROOVE these questions. Please, no speculation or opinions, only hard FACTS, proven by either photo, personal encounter, simple logic etc.

1) If the world in indeed a ball, why doesn't the government take a very easy and readily available option to stop these people saying it's flat? Take two people from each group of though up in a shuttle and let them see it for themselves. Running, un-edited film of what they see. This would either proove or disproove the theory.

2) HOW exactly is the government protecting this alleged ice wall that surrounds us? Supposedly this wall would be huge!! How is it possible they can protect every inch of it from someone getting to it?

3) Which government are we talking about?

4) It was mentioned in one of the threads that if one were to travel due East, and they believed the world was a ball, this would make sence. If they believed the earth was flat, this would also make sence because they would simply circle the earth. If the centre point for a compas is in the middle of a flat earth, then surely, travelling due south would proove or disproove the theory. The person would either reach the ice wall or would circle the globe and end up where they started. Why hasn't this been tested.

5) I heard that the FE people believe that there is no gravity, but we are travelling up. If this is the case, what is propelling us? Also, what direction are we travelling in. Surely travel in one direction cannot not continue for an infinate amount of time.

6) In a flat earth scenario, what causes tides?

7) In a flat earth scenario, how is it explained that in one hemisphere, people see certain constilations that they cannot see in the other, and vice versa?

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