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Flat Earth Q&A / Why not take your own high altitude pictures of Earth?
« on: August 24, 2013, 06:00:17 AM »
I've seen a lot of mentions of pictures showing the curvature of the Earth being faked. If you're truly passionate about this conspiracy why not easily tackle it by taking your own photos or, better yet, video? The materials needed wouldn't be too expensive; though I'd argue no price is too expensive to prove a point like this.

All you'd need is a proper balloon, GoPro, antenna, and some sort of insulated housing. High school kids do it for science fairs. They tend not to get images of an infinite Earth or any sort of ice wall.

(Also, but unrelated, is this entire site just designed to troll people? Am I just not in on the joke?)

Scientific consensus suggests that the Universe began as a singularity some 13.8 billion years ago that experienced rapid expansion and cooling that eventually led to the creation of the various sub atomic particles, then atoms, and eventually clouds of these particles that formed the stars which in turn synthesized other elements. Our planet, some 4.5 billion years ago, was formed through accretion around one such star.

Does FET generally believe the same thing or is there a different scientific explanation for the beginning of the Universe and formation of Earth?

Flat Earth Q&A / I Have Several Questions
« on: May 16, 2013, 05:34:35 PM »
Hey everyone! I just recently became aware that this organization existed and it left me scratching my head quite a bit. I have several questions, and hopefully you can clear some things up about your beliefs.

1. If the Earth is flat then why are the distances between locations in the southern hemisphere not much larger than they actually are? For instance, a flight from southern Chile to eastern Australia should be mush longer than it is on a spherical Earth.

2. What science is there to back up this claim? You can't just list one obscure, non-reviewed person with little to no credentials. The spherical model is endorsed by all of science and is paramount for a great deal of it.

3. What do scientists stand to gain from covering this up? Are they just doing it because it fits with their expectations? Why then, don't people new to astronomy or other branches of science speak up? Is this all just based on one huge conspiracy theory?

4. We have satellites in orbit and the ISS. You use cell phones, GPS or cable television; what sort of force, other than the gravity of our spherical Earth, allows this.

5. You like to use "empirical obsevation", but we know that the south pole isn't a giant wall of ice. I haven't been there, but you haven't been in orbit. What do you hope to get out of this? What's the endgame? Why bother with endorsing this theory?

Thanks in advance. I'm legitimately interested in your answers so I hope that this didn't come off as too antagonistic.

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