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The Lounge / I have returned!
« on: May 31, 2007, 09:29:23 PM »
Not that anyone would remember me. I lot's happened in the time I've been gone.

So, anything exciting since September last? I guess one side hasn't won, because this board's still here!

Flat Earth Q&A / Planets of the Solar System
« on: June 20, 2006, 06:10:18 PM »
Now, not attacking the flat earth theory per se, your FAQ mentions that other planets and stars are also flat because all we see is flat.

Okay, reasonable point, but as any man with a telescope (such as I) will tell you, the planets cannot be flat looking at them. Example...Jupiter. The way the clouds whip around the planet are in a circular fashion, not like a clock at all, which is what would have to happen if it was flat. This can be easily evidenced by watching the clouds and how they appear and disappear with the same size, shape and colour and go from right to left (or left to right), vanish, then reappear.

Look forward to constructive replies. :)

Flat Earth Q&A / A Little Puzzled
« on: June 08, 2006, 03:53:22 PM »
Now, I'm new here. I believe in a round earth, but you are entitled to your view, of course.
Indeed, were it not for personal experience, it is very hard for one person to prove the earth is round. I've been in planes many, many times, and you can see the curve of the earth and so on. However, at a base level it is hard to definately disprove. bother went to Antartica. Hmm...he went on a flight over it, the Air NZ ones, you know, package tours and such. But, I mean, he flew over it.
He left from Aukland, there is no other land mass in the world save the North Pole with that amount of ice, and unless the conspiracy police have matter transporters, he flew over Antartica. Looked out the window over the endless ice. He said it was beautiful, though I believe they've stopped that service now.
However...I cannot understand how this does not disprove the FE theory. My brother flew over it. There was no video cameras showing projections outside his window, no matter transportation.

I am just puzzled how you folks would answer that one.

I am also puzzled by the seasons. If the sun and moon are like 50km up, how do we get seasons? How can the Russian steppes go from 35C to -50C in just a few months if the sun moves at the same rate?

One last thing. The planets. How, if the light from the sun cannot even reach the north pole in winter, can it reach Jupiter? We know it's a planet up there, it's orbiting the sun. Logically, if the light from the sun is that close to the earth but can reach Jupiter...the world would be a melted plate.

Also, (sorry), why is Earth the only flat planet in a galaxy of round? Are all stars and planets round, except Earth? Does this suggest you believe that there is a deity that created it all?

Cheerio, looking forward to some constructive debate

PS, the FAQ doesn't mention your beliefs...only help and support from the site. Help a poor Aussie. :P

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