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I have responded to the thread ''Why the sun isnt getting smaller as it goes aways?'' :
My post was deleted because no debate is permitted in that section. So I continue the discussion here.

The OP had asked the question :
"Ok, according to flat Earther's, when it is dark it simply meaning the Sun went far away from you.
Now we both know that when something goes far from you it gets smaller until it disappears.
So why does the Sun remain the same size through out.?"

I personally am able to believe that this is really not well underdstood phenomenon as science has led us to believe . i also believe there are many unmentioned things going on with our perception of the sun and the behaviour of light on a large scale, maybe even that it is a function of the human eye which was made to see things this way, which may involve why the sun and moon appear the same size in the sky.
Your belief is merely conjecture and does not even attempt to provide an explanation for the observed phenomenon.

The Sun hasn't simply gone far away. It's about how we receive it's light. As for sizing: it's all about perception and the atmosphere. In both wrong Earth and flat Earth theory the Sun may appear to change sizes to our eyes but that doesn't necessarily mean the Sun itself has altered physically. The same with the moon.
That response also fails to attempt to explain the observed phenomenon.

It's amazing. You would think these globularists have never played the simple game as a child of putting an object at a distance between their forefinger and thumb, and smashing it. Yes perspective exists.
Again, hinting at an explanation, but failing to provide one.

Wise actually addressed the issue by disputing the observed phenomenon. A problem with the sun as a subject is that because of its brightness it is difficult to take good images and conversely, easy to take bad ones.

Therefore, it seems to be the moon is a better subject. It is easy to take images of and can be observed with the naked eye. Its surface is also featured, providing information about its orientation.

Ignoring perceptive illusion that makes both sun and moon appear larger near the horizon, the moon's angular size appears independent of its position in the sky. How can that be, if it is an object flying over the surfac of a flat earth at an altitude of 3000 miles ?

Also, how can it be that the appearance of the moon does not change when it is observed from a different angle ? Two people thousands of miles apart, should see the moon differently.

Moreover, the angular velocities of the sun and the moon are constant. How can that be if they are moving parallel to the flat surface of the earth ?

I am confident that everyone can think of a world model in which the observed phenomena are easy to explain.

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