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Flat Earth Debate / Which FE gravitation theory makes more sense?
« on: September 19, 2019, 01:44:36 AM »
I pick option 5: no explanation. Better admit that you don't know than invent something that doesn't make any sense.

Flat Earth General / Solar eclipse of November 23, 2003
« on: September 05, 2019, 12:15:36 PM »
I have been researching FE explanations for Solar eclipses. I found this:

"A Solar Eclipse occurs when an observer on Earth passes through the shadow cast by the Moon which fully or partially blocks the Sun. This happens when the Sun, Moon and observer are nearly aligned on a straight line when the Moon is close to the ecliptic. In a total solar eclipse, the disk of the Sun is fully obscured by the Moon. In partial and annular eclipses, only part of the Sun is obscured." (

So far so good. Then I found this eclipse from November 23 2003:

Most solar eclipses move from west to east, however this eclipse is moving first south and then west. I'm not sure how that would fit the FE model.

Then there's the fact that the penumbra covers all of Antarctica at the same time. On FE that would mean the whole ice wall is covered by the penumbra. I'm not sure how could that work on FE, maybe there's more than one moon? or the sun got inside the moon? I'm out of ideas.

The penumbra starts in Australia, where a partial eclipse was visible in most of the country and 4 hours later it reaches the southern tip of South America. On the FE disk that would be a huge distance for the shadow to cover in just four hours. Since FE southern hemisphere is three times bigger as the northern hemisphere, maybe that is expected. However I haven't found any information regarding to eclipse shadow speed in FE. Is it rue that FE eclipses move faster in the southern hemisphere?

So the my questions for FE are:
1. Can FE explain sun and moon path and distances during this eclipse?
2. Does the eclipse shadow move generally faster in southern eclipses vs northern eclipses?

Flat Earth General / Please help me find this place on the FE map
« on: August 30, 2019, 01:00:09 AM »
Please help find this place on the standard FE map with north pole in the center:

It looks like this:

And like this:

In summer days are very long, the sun never sets. In winter it's night the whole time and stars spin in the sky right above your head like this:

Any ideas, where could this place be? hummm...

Flat Earth General / Mercury transit incoming 11th Nov 2019
« on: August 12, 2019, 07:06:03 AM »
Dear flatearthers. Since FE model doesn't seem able to predict planetary transits, I thought it would be nice to share this information: The next Mercury transit is just 3 months away! It will take place on November 11th. 

On this day it will be possible to watch planet Mercury passing between the earth and the sun as RE predicts. The transit will be  visible in full in South America and US East coast. The rest of America, Africa and Europe will get a good view as well. Australians and Chinese are out of luck, they won't see any of it.

Next mercury transit after this one will take place in 2032! Do not waste this opportunity to make some zetetic observations and draw your conclusions of where Mercury could be.

Jesus Christ is accepted as historical character by most historians. However the roundness of the earth is also accepted by most scientist and that's not good enough for flatearthers. If NASA pictures are so easy to fake, I think it's fair to consider that the gospels could be easy to fake as well. They were written almost 2000 years ago, if someone made it all up we wouldn't know. It could even be conspiracy.

I think it's very likely that JC was just fictitious character. For all I know his life as told in the gospels may just be made up.

So anyone has evidence t
hat JC existed? Like flatearthers like to say, if we cannot check that ourselves then why should we believe it?

Flat Earth General / Why are there two flat earth society forums?
« on: July 22, 2019, 11:48:56 AM »
Sorry I didn't know where to post this. Why the two forums? Are there two flat earth societies?

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