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You like many others can claim Earth has roughly a 25,000 mile circumference but that does not make it true. It has to be verified and documented, but it never has been. The Greeks were good at popularizing myths and they’ve done a good Job with the Globe myth.

Myths are popular in this world and at this point, Globe Earth as proclaimed is all pseudoscience until someone can prove otherwise.

Don't say we're morons when none of you have the facts of a 25,000 mile circumference. We are stating facts on this issue and we are still waiting!

Good luck!

No unrelated issues or passing the buck, please.

Houston has a great number of problems that prove there is no Heliocentric System. This first post is just one.

There is a dome and rockets coming into contact with it creates a visual effect for all to see.

As you view the following video, consider it with these questions.

What would be the visual effects of a malfunctioning rocket hitting a water like (structure) Dome?

What are the visual effects of something entering water vertically?

What are the visual effects of a boat skimming the water?

Think about it all with common sense.

Now you really know why a rocket has to curve soon after liftoff.

7 Rockets Reach & Hit The Firmament! Better Known As Dome

Flat Earth General / The RE Community Has a New Enemy
« on: September 09, 2019, 09:08:15 AM »
The RE Community has a new enemy, “Infrared Aerial Photogrammetry”.

This new technology reveals the shape of Earth’s surface through aerial observation using infrared and Photogrammetry software and the results prove it’s not curved. High tech equipment has been used to continue the Globe fantasy and make people believe the great hoax, now it’s being used to expose it.  How ironic.

If you haven’t heard of JTolan Media1 and his work you should have a look at his amazing work.

Epic Infrared Aerial Photogrammetry of the Flat Earth

Why is it so obvious NASA is faking the ISS and Space?

Are they going to tell us the reason in this similar way?

“After we learned Earth is not a sphere (1940s) we kept this knowledge Top Secret to stay technologically ahead of our enemies. It was in our best interest to do so for security reasons. Now that the truth of Earth’s true shape is spreading all over the world, we have no choice but to openly proclaim Earth is flat.”

That would be a way for NASA and others to maintain creditability. Correct?

Please view the following video, especially beginning at 16:41.

Maybe soon we all will go to bed with thoughts of, “Earth is a Plane.”

Flat Earth General / “Sigma Octantis” and the Infinite Plane?
« on: August 31, 2019, 12:02:35 AM »
I never heard of  “Sigma Octantis” until a couple days ago. I find the mystery very interesting considering an infinite Plane and a couple of old maps.  I hear the star is a puzzle that needs to be solved.

I like to think outside the Ball. So, you never know till you ask.  Are there any star constellations that resemble these 5 continents?

((Edit--Well,  after further research about the possibility of Sigma Octantis and how it would work on our Plane Earth, I have to admit, I’m a bit embarrassed because I was duped again by more tales of a Globe theory. They have a history of making up crap and say if you don’t believe this then you’re stupid and want to live in the caveman days. This is much like when they try to pass off a mountain casting a shadow on the bottom side of clouds during a sunset. They say this is 100% proof of sphere earth and you’re an idiot if you don’t believe so. But it is clear it’s a weather phenomenon that happens once a year. They  have been  painting a globe for a long time with all types of tales deceiving the innocent. It’s really a shame.

During my research, I did find some interesting things and changed my meme to reflect the same)) 

Flat Earth General / Can you design a compass for a spherical world?
« on: August 22, 2019, 03:13:02 PM »
I am going to design (on paper) a compass for a spherical world. I challenge anyone to use common sense to see if you can come up with a similar design.  Who’s up for it? 

I don't have a CAD program, but will do the best I can.

I will start now.

Document Dump.....It's time for the truth to be known. NASA and other Space agencies have know Earth is a Plane for decades. I too was a sheep so I know how it can make one sick to see this.

The Globe Community should spread this everywhere and demand answers for all the lies.

Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. BTW there are many goverment links to the documents in the first video.

From the following detailed video.

Declassified Government Docs CONFIRM - FLAT Non-Rotating Earth - You can deny the reality of all of our experiments and observations to date and you can even ignore these declassified documents from NASA, the CIA, and the Russians all day long but you are just lying to yourself. It is such a pity that people will choose a LIE over the truth.

These declassified documents leave NO DOUBT that we live on a flat, non-rotating earth. But hey, stay in you stupidity if you want to - it is a free country (almost).

Flat Earth General / When will RE Community Accept Defeat?
« on: July 29, 2019, 07:09:44 PM »
When will RE Community Accept Defeat?

Both the coastlines of Atlantic and Pacific are at 0' Sea level and both are 3,962 miles from Earths alleged center.
The distance between Oceans with the Panama Canal in-between is about 36 Miles.
The center of Panama Canal is about 18 miles from the coast on Gatun Lake and is 85’ above each Ocean shoreline.
The drop in curvature at 18 miles is 216’.  That places Earth’s curvature at 216’ (3962 miles from center of Earth) feet above each coastline at center.
That also places Gatun Lake 131’ below Earths alleged 3962 mile radius marker.
That means if Earth were a Globe, the Panama Canal could not exist because Gatun Lake would be under 131’ of sea water at 18 miles from the Coast. The Canal exists because water does not curve.

It’s that simple, we won. We really never lost. Earth Remains a flat Plane with mountains, hills and valleys and sea level bodies of water.

But the real question is, when is the Globe community going to accept defeat?

NASA can't help them, fake pictures and fake moon landings cannot rescue them. 

No argument they have is going to magically make the oceans curve and flood the Panama Canal, no matter what they say or do.  It’s not going to happen.  After reading this if one continues to defend a Globe Earth theory, they are just professional deniers who really don’t care for truth.

Flat Earth General / Teacher Jailed for teaching Earth Round, 1900s
« on: July 21, 2019, 05:29:06 PM »
The Globe community would have all believe the Globe theory was settled 500 years ago and the majority worldwide believed so. I hear it all the time but I found this to be another hoax.

A Minnesota newspaper reported the story on April 21. 1900.  It happened in England. Below is a video with the detailed story.

 I even remember as a child seeing an old movie where a teacher was rebuked for trying to teach children Earth was a sphere. The kids were sharp and mocked her in a nice way.

The results of Eratosthenes Shadow Experiment are inconclusive because the experiment can also be interpreted under a Flat Earth model as well.

So after all these years,  who in the Globe Earth community has verified Eratosthenes’ experiment by actually verifying that Earths’ individual landmass’s and canals conform, calculate, measure to a sphere with a 3959 mile radius?  What's his name and history?

Flat Earth General / New design? "Sun Quadrant Sextant"
« on: July 19, 2019, 05:29:37 PM »
I could have bought a Sextant, but it sure feels good to design and make a unique instrument such as this. I haven't seen anything like it or it's function. Have you?  What do you think?

Flat Earth General / Equinox Instrument
« on: July 14, 2019, 09:12:15 AM »
I am making a simple instrument to determine latitude on the Equinox without measuring the shadow. Does anyone know the name of this instrument and where it can be viewed? I would like to compare it to others.


Flat Earth General / Solar North Shadow Experiment
« on: July 10, 2019, 03:31:25 PM »
What are your thoughts about this shadow experiment?

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