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Flat Earth Q&A / Navigation
« on: August 14, 2008, 11:45:15 AM »
I spent 5 years in the Marines as an Aerial Navigator on KC-130s.  Right before my time the guys still used Celestial Nav to get across the ponds.  Most of this would not be possible if the world were flat (IE they can use it anywhere on the planet northern or southern hemisphere)  Also we use INS systems that use gyroscopes, we have gyroscopic compasses onboard, as well as about 500 charts that would not work if the planet was a disk.  I've flown south of the equator a few times.  Lines of longitude are Great circles around the planet.  This means they get closer to each other as you move farther south or north.  I've also flown over 2500 miles in a single sitting as a navigator and if the planet was flat, simple facts such as rhumb lines and great circle courses would not work.  A rhumb line is a course where you fly the same heading at all times.  If you move in a rhumb line this you will not move you  in a strait line across the surface.  You will slowly curve either to the south poll or the north poll in a cork screw manner because of how the lines of latitude squeeze together as u move up.  On top of all of this the shortest distance along the surface of a sphere between two points is called a great circle.  This is how all the and boats and airplanes get around the planet.  So with my personal experience and being on every continent except Antarctica I'm going to have to disagree with everything you say.  As I'm sure you will do with me.  As near as I can tell, you come up with off the wall reasons to discount stuff, most of which is conspiracy theory stuff.  There is overwhelming proof and scientific fact to show the earth is round.  Everything from Pangea and plate tectonics and volcanism, to celestial mapping space flight, and geosynchronous satellites completely disprove any shred of a flat planet. 

On top of all of this I have a few close friends in the space program.  And I doubt there going to make up stories for little ole me.

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