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I am not trying be disrespectful or rude or start a war here, I just have a few questions I was wondering about that I havenít really seen clear answers on. Maybe I have not read enough..
1.   Why not just charter a plane and fly to and past the ice wall to see what if anything is on the other side and if it just goes on and on?
2.   Why not charter a boat and sail to the wall to see if the military really is there guarding it?
3.   Why has no one involved in the biggest conspiracy in history EVER come forward and blown the lid off?
4.   Why not buy a good quality telescope and look at the ISS as it goes by?
5.   Why not go to an observatory? I have read that many offer tours and allow the public to look through the telescope at certain times.
6.   Has anyone here ever owned a satellite phone and taken it to where there mountains are on all sides and there are no cell tower signals and made a phone call?
7.   Are there any military flat earthers here? Did you ever use equipment that only communicated/worked with satellites?
8.   Have you used a gps device in the mountains where there was no way to get a signal from anywhere but the sky?
9.   Do any flat earthers live in the mountains where there is no way to get a tv/internet signal from anywhere but a dish pointed the sky?

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