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Philosophy, Religion & Society / teamswork
« on: February 22, 2019, 03:57:04 AM »
I have been studying scientific advances.   Case in point:  William Shockley was a smart man.   He did not invent the transistor.  He was the project manager of it's development.  He was the head of a team.  Science is not about free thinking geniuses!   Shockley was a manager.  The development of the transistor was a team effort requiring input from thousands if one considers that scientific development builds on what has come before it.    Shockley and his team required input from chemists, physicists and other mathematical consultants.   This is true of any technological advancement.   Science is not about individual genius.  It is about trial and error and team effort.   I don't doubt that a lot of scientists are plagiarists;  they take credit for other's ideas.  When I worked as an engineer I had to sign a piece of paper saying that any patent I might apply for would be the property of the people I worked for.

(Yeah, I misspelled teamwork:  LOL at myself)

If one wants to write verse like Shakespeare of play a guitar like Jimi Hendrix it takes a gift.   You can not learn these kinds of skills in school!  Who knows where this kind of skill comes from?  Anyone with a brain that is willing to work can be an effective scientist; brains are cheap!  Talent like Shakespeare is not so cheap.

Thus, I conclude that the gifted among us are exclusively athletes and artists.

Another thing about scientists:  Without a priest, politician, soldier or businessman telling them what to do they would be lost.  Science belongs to the people who fund it not the people who work at it.

The only reason people know about Einstein is because he had a PR machine behind him.

If Newton, Archimedes and Einstein had not lived the world would still be at the same level of scientific and technological development.   Scientists are not gifted.  Most people with high IQ's end up dead and unknown.

The smartest people are lawyers; the good ones.   All one needs to do to see this fact is look at the OJ Simpson trial.  John Cochran stood head and shoulders above the science, the athlete, the cops and the Los Angeles prosecutors office.


Philosophy, Religion & Society / Lawyers
« on: January 28, 2019, 10:29:04 AM »
What we call evidence can be manufactured and/or misinterpreted.    What we call facts is often up for grabs.   For this reason lawyers not scientists run the world.   Lawyers - the good ones - are the smartest people.  I base that on the fact that lawyers know better than the rest of us how to use the language.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / The Gift
« on: January 28, 2019, 10:25:41 AM »
Most of us are middle of the pack.  Most of us are going to die and be buried or put to the flame and even our grand children won't ever think of us.   The vast majority of us are going to be forgot about.  Political/military leaders are remembered but they are accidents of history more than anything else.    Those involved with ground breaking scientific discoveries are remembered.   But, so what?   No one really knows if the names attached to the discoveries are really the people who should be getting credit.    Plagiarism is more than a river in Egypt.  Science is about the daily grind of trial and error and no one person is all that important.

When I say gift I mean an individual has something going for them that adds up to more than hard work and application of intelligence.  Beauty and physical prowess are gifts but time takes them away from any who possess them. 

It takes more than luck, hard work and application to be a professional athlete.   The vast majority of us couldn't even come close to accomplishing what Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan have accomplished.   You can be smart and strong and work your butt off but it is highly doubtful that will get you into the record books.  In order to perform at that level one needs a gift.

Art is similar.  Anyone can go to a music school and develop mastery of their voice or an instrument.  But, it is doubtful they will stand out from the crowd.  They might make a good sideman.  There is more to being an artist than skill.   What is it?  I don't know.  I call it the gift. 

The advancement of science doesn't rely on gifted people.   Just people who like math and are willing to work.   

I said this before but I will repeat:  Had  Archimedes, Newton and Einstein not existed science and technology would still be exactly where they are at.    There were lots of people around at the same time who had similar ideas.   Scientists and mathematicians are always having symposiums and trading ideas.  It requires no gift what so ever to be a scientists. 

Philosophy, Religion & Society / God
« on: January 28, 2019, 04:27:06 AM »
I believe in God.  I do not know that God exists but I am convinced the He is there.  I do not look down on Hindus, Islam, Jews, Wiccans or whatever.  It is not for me to say who is right or wrong.  It's not for me to judge others.   When it comes to issues like eternity or reward/punishment in the afterlife I really have no clue nor do I care.

I don't like abortion but I figure I am not my sister's keeper.  A woman's intimacy is none of my business.   As far a lgbt is concerned, again, it's not my place to judge others so my attitude is whatever consenting adults do in their privacy is none of my business.  Michelangelo was gay and he loved Jesus. (Michelangelo was an actual genius and not just someone who scored well on a test.)

Not all Christians are fanatics.   Someone on this forum, I forget who, told me I was a killer.  For one thing I am 64 yrs old and well past my prime.  I would make a terrible soldier.   I know nothing of weapons or tactics.   I have no seething rage.  I can't even scrap that well.  It is bigotry to contend that all believers are violent fanatics.

Christians and Jews didn't invent war and treachery.   If you athiests and materialists were in charge you would have just as much violence and war as any religious fanatics.  Atheists and materialists are just as apt to be violent and crazy as religious fanatics.

There is no logical reason to believe in the supernatural.  But, there is more to life than logic.   I think that intuition is much more important than reason in terms of helping people to be happy and healthy.

I read the Bible and I find most of it murky and tedious.   I do like the Gospels.  I have never read anything so beautiful, elegant, mysterious and mesmerizing as what I have read in the Gospels.  William Shakespeare could not devise a character like Jesus nor could anybody else.

God wanted the Canaanites to stop 'passing their children through fire'.  The sons of Israel failed to eradicate human sacrifice and a lot of the Hebrews actually participated in pagan rituals and sacrifices which is why God got mad at them. 

Jesus could have raised an army and force his will on everyone but obviously that is not what he wanted.   Free choice seems to be paramount with respect to God's will.  Jesus was executed and then He rose from the dead.  Now where ever Christianity has gone animal and human sacrifice either stopped or went underground.  If not for Christ there would be blood sacrifices at our festivals and at the launching of business or military campaigns; ribbon cutting ceremonies, ground breaking ceremonies, that sort of thing.

To me the Bible is not an instruction manual on how to get into heaven.  It is about the struggle between good and evil that exists in practically everyone; it is about consequences of our choices.   

The Lounge / Cold!
« on: January 28, 2019, 03:38:57 AM »
I live in the central part of the lower peninsula of Michigan.   It's 5 below F with a NE wind gusting over 10 miles per hour and I think it is starting to kick up judging by the sound outside.  I live in a drafty old farmhouse and my furnace broke down yesterday.  There is a major winter event bearing down on me.  It seems that every winter something like this happens and stresses me out.  I will spend the day trying to fix my furnace.  I think it is the motor for the secondary vent system; the one that feeds Oxygen to the flame and pushes the exhaust outside.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / President What's his name
« on: January 27, 2019, 06:52:52 AM »
The only reason anybody likes President What's his name is because he made Rachael Maddow cry.  I suppose that is a good enough reason. What's his face is hardly the first boob to become President.   

You know, that lout actually made ovations to Princess Diana after her divorce from  Charles.   I have to laugh!  That woman was so far out of his league!  Candace Bergan went out with What's His Name way back when.   She thought he was sort of handsome but after being out with him for a short time she thought he was - and I quote -  "a douchebag".

What's his name likes to think he is big heat with the ladies;  like Sinatra or Errol Flynn, something like that.   But, all he is is classless, friendless, no talent lout with an ego problem.  I feel sorry for his ex wives and I feel sorry for Melania.

The Lounge / Greetings!
« on: January 19, 2019, 04:11:12 AM »
Greetings to all!  I am lurking and find the implications of Flat Earth most fascinating.  Where does the truth begin and mendacious propaganda end?  I look into my heart and I can't say as I know anything for sure; except for things I like, such as, "I know I like ice cream".  "What is truth?" are "Facts the enemy of truth."  as Cervantes pointed out?    I do have cognitive dissonance.  Conflict is a part of life.  Fortunately there is more to life than science and the shape of the Earth.  I believe in God but as to what it all means I am baffled.    I wish all of you well.

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