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Flat Earth General / ever been 'super' suspicious
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:11:26 AM »
where do I live and where is it that I was?... so that I have somewhere to die?

where the heck am I?

sure, I am birthed and fully educated into a world a round world.

I won't deny that I have personal malfunctions... what a horror what an indifference that must be.

such as problems walking upright bipedal sometimes and parking my car bad.

but this?

this is beyond any personified malfunction.

the requirement within me... to first allow myself to ask something I was never designed to ask ... and second, to re-define what I am designed to ask.

I have not seen enough and I am not the only one... to really know... to throw my life at it.

but the same goes for the other way.

I am super suspicious.

I don't hijack conspiracies I research fundamentals.

so far?

flat Earth is up in the tally

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