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There's proof out there that lightning strikes and storms are controllable as well as shaping clouds. I wonder if there isn't a way to control  the warming of the earth through the mind. Doing this in a short timeframe may be impossible. I have a strong notion that lightning can be controlled by rambling in thought and the emotion caused by that thought can be drained by adjusting your inner ear whistling by blinking in conjunction with a voluntary control of your slight 'anxious' movements as well as your tail bone causing dizzyness in your  vestibular. Doing this is the best way to cause a lightning strike.

Here's two methods for using explosives to create energy. The method on the left involves blasting water in a large water cannon up into the loop, and using pressure to spin the turbine at the bottom. The method on the right involves pre cutting the earth above an underground explosion that lifts the monolithic piece out of the ground into the sky and lands nearby. The piece of land can then spin a turbine lowering the weight back into the crater it created, or the crater can be used for whatever purpose. My experiments with fireworks showed the water cannon to be 8-20% efficient with weight alone, and the pre-cutting to be 4-8% efficient.

Gyroscopes were discovered as microphones in 2014. They're yet to be gyroscope mics or speakers(my invention) for sale. Because a gyroscope creates an artificial gravity field, which makes them hard to move around when you hold a spinning, The vibrations of a speaker may be heard by your balance system and not your cochlea. This effect may feel unlike any previous human experience as well as turn your spaceheater into a clock radio while its off.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / weight elevator
« on: November 06, 2018, 10:37:29 AM »
 In the image the 2 lb weight pulls up each of the 1 lb weights one at a time. Then the three 1 lb weights together pull the 2 lb weight back up. It could be made pretty easily even with cinder blocks.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Zero gravity slinky free fall box
« on: November 06, 2018, 10:31:18 AM »
By holding a slinky up in the air and dropping it, you can put something attached to the bottom of the slinky into a free fall state that weighs >2/3 the weight of the slinky. From this you can attach many slinky's to a platform and using computers and machine's build a free fall platform where the platform is in constant free fall and you would get an out of body experience standing on one.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Wagging your tail makes you dizzy
« on: November 06, 2018, 10:13:50 AM »
Ever feel dizzy while sitting alone thinking? or when you lay on your stomach? Or while you are standing in public? Take notice of your tail bone. Wagging it makes you dizzy. Controlling it and recognizing when it will wag takes months. Music will make it wag and you can practice watching it as a dizzyness in your ears this way.

Using a femto camera one could measure for the earth's movement through the galaxy, space-medium, the aether, etc.. The Femto camera can take a trilion frames per second. By freezing a frame where light has been emitted from a source and is partially illuminating the objects around, you can measure the length of illumination to the middle of the light source. Wind is known to speed up sound waves that travel with them, and slow them down when pushing into the wind. One would expect for the speed of the galaxy,space, aether to create about a half centimeter difference per one hundred centimeters at two points perpendicular to the movement of the galaxy. The importance of this is that space be proven to exist as a medium at all which at current is declared nil.

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