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Flat Earth Debate / Problem with FE model of stars
« on: August 10, 2008, 05:41:01 AM »
I am led to believe that the FE model of the earth and stars is that of a disc upon which we live (the earth) and directly above this disc 3000 miles up is the sun and moon and then above this are the stars. This would mean that at any one time from wherever you looked on the disc the same stars would be seen and take a similar pattern, whether you were looking from the southern hemisphere (or outward of the FE equator) of the northern hemisphere (inward of the FE equator).

If this were correct how come stars observed in the southern hemisphere are different from those observed in the northern hemisphere at any given moment. Bear in mind that stars can be observed during the day so any idea of the stars patterns changing every 12 hours can't be correct.

Let us suppose that the FE model was correct. In this scenario the same stars and similar patterns would be seen at any moment at any point on the earths surface. They are not.

Let us now suppose that the RE model was correct. In this scenario the stars and patterns seen would be completely different when looking from opposite ends of the planet. They are.

Because I am open minded and like to hear all sides of a debate I'd like to know how the FE model explains how the stars seen are different at different locations on the earth.

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