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"However, every experiment ever conducted to prove even the simple spin of the earth has failed! "

ummm id say the only thing that has failed is them trying to debunk a spinning globe. I just dont understand why every experiment a flat earther does fails to prove a flat earth, the only way to get the results they get to try prove it is a flat earth and theres no curve is something a child would do and when they still cant get the answer either dismiss it entirely or fudge the numbers to make it work.

Flat earthers call yourselves truth seekers when your not.

take this "The earth spins at 1,040 miles per hour" you lot are adamant that is fast. its not. the concorde's cruising speed was 1300 miles per hour yet i highly doubt every single person was glued to there seats for the whole duration of the trip. Boeing is building a hypersonic jet set to be in service by 2030 that travels at 4000 miles per hour, yet 1000 mph is to fast! makes no sense.

even ancient egyptians 1000's of years ago knew the earth was spherical.

also when they say Neil degrasse tyson and Brian Cox wont debate a flat earther isnt because they dont have the answers, its because they are sick and tired of answering the same idiotic questions every time and those questions never change. Its like talking to a brick wall, would you like to repeat yourselves over and over again or would you just turn around and walk away???

truth seekers.... yeah right

It requires at least 1 well known hardcore flat earth believer (probably one of the guys who was arguing flat earth on the panel at flat earth convention birmingham), 200,000 and a ticket on virgin galactic.

now then if your up there and cannot see every single continent, the earth is not flat. job done. no doubt there will be some photoshopping but i guarantee other people that have already reserved tickets will be taking there own photos so im afraid there will be conflicting evidence

Start a kickstarter/gofundme but you will all have to agree whose going up there because if a lot of the hard core flat earthers want to go none of you will go cus the funds will be to dispersed to ever hit 200k per person

this is one thing since i heard about flat earth is how do you think it would actually affect the world??

if the governments of the world actually came out and said you know what, the world is actuallly flat. do you think ti wqould incite mass panic and histeria? no cus if the world has always been this way for billions of years it obviously works. Do you think its going to affect the mother with 2 jobs to support her family? no.

So i would like an honest answer why you think the government would even bother hiding it?

How can a flat earther explain why every other sun, planet and moon in the observable universe is spherical and our planet is the only thing that is flat?? and not only does it have to be spherical in our solar system but every where else to because unless we only capture images when its magically full frontal youll get an image of like a 2p coin tilted, that certainly is not perfectly round???

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