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The Lounge / Changing sides... again.
« on: February 28, 2020, 04:52:17 PM »
When I first joined the FES forum I started out asking some questions. Then I became a flat-Earther. For a while I tried to advocate for a more rational FET, where science is real and Neil Armstrong and others actually did walk on the moon. But Wise shouted that I was not a "real" flat-Earther (I didn't subscribe to his version of FET) and I dropped off the forum for a while.

Then I came back as a round-Earther and tried to argue for basic common sense, until I recently got a warning for, I think, "low content posting" for saying that the whole forum belonged in CN.

So I've decided to be a flat-Earther again, and this time I'll try to be a more proper flat-Earther.

My new FE credo:

1. The Earth is flat. Absolutely flat. Mountains are just buildings built upon the flat Earth.
2. The sun and the moon are lamps, carried overhead by flying monkeys. The sun is a heat lamp that will burn you if you expose yourself to it overly. The moon is a cold lamp that will freeze your bodily organs until they shatter like glass.
3. The U.S. is run by lizard people. Donald Trump is a lizard in a people costume. All members of Congress and the courts are lizard people. NASA are all lizard people. If you get elected to office or hired by NASA, they will kidnap you and put a lizard person in your place, with your face. Your actual face which they will remove from you.
4. Birds did not evolve from dinosaurs. Birds evolved from porcupines. Humans evolved from dinosaurs. Politicians evolved from cockroaches which evolved into the lizards which put on human faces so they could run the United States. (They might be running other countries as well. I suspect that they are but I don't know.)
5. The ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter is exactly 3. Any circle which is not 3 is a fake.
6. Australia is real, and so is the south pole, but Canada is fake. There is no Canada. If you try to enter Canada you will fall off the edge of the Earth. You will fall until you enter the black hole at the center of the Milky Way, which is seven miles down. Unless you are snapped up and eaten by one of the turtles.
7. Gravity does not exist. The only reason things fall to the ground is that you expect them to.
8. Ants are your friends. They clean up the scraps of your food when you are too lazy.
9. Airplanes do not exist. What you see flying overhead are just images projected onto the  sky. When you go to the airport to board a plane, the lizard people inject you with carbolic acid and a delayed-action homeopathic antidote, which temporarily knocks you out, and they carry you on their backs and they run really fast and drop you off at your destination, where you wake up.

There. I should fit right in now.

The Lounge / The Earth is (approximately) a sphere
« on: August 12, 2019, 01:42:27 PM »
Having given it deep and extensive thought, and considered the arguments made by both sides over the course of the year I've been on this site, I have changed my mind. I no longer think the Earth is flat. I think it is basically a globe. Just as I had no interest in arguing over its shape when I thought it was flat, I still have no interest in arguing now that I've changed my mind.

Having come to this conclusion, I will have to decide if there's any point in my remaining active on the site. It's been fun, and I might decide to remain. Or I might not. I have only the highest regard and the best wishes for everyone here.

Flat Earth General / What's the deal with REers here?
« on: July 03, 2019, 04:04:12 PM »
I've been wondering lately: Why do round-Earthers (REers) come to the Flat-Earth Society? A quote commonly attributed to Einstein (probably incorrectly) says that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. REers come here (which is fine, it's an open forum) where they know they will find FEers, and they present the same old arguments over and over again. I don't think I've ever seen an original or new argument in favor of a RE. And I doubt that any FEer has ever been swayed over to the RE camp by these arguments. So why do they bother? I know why I'm here: To find like-minded people to have friendly chats with. But a REer on these forums must feel awfully frustrated. Why do they subject themselves to this? There must be more enjoyable ways to pass their free time than arguing with us incessantly. And yet they trudge on, never converting anyone, but keep up the same old Arguments day after day; year after year. I don't understand it.

Flat Earth General / The disappearing island
« on: May 05, 2019, 04:39:12 PM »
For starters, this is a question for my fellow flat-Earthers. I know the standard round-Earth answer involving the horizon. This thread is not for debating the competing philosophies. I'm posting this question in hopes that my fellow flat-Earthers can help me understand this so that I can answer it when the question comes up:

I spent some time on the lovely island of Maui, from which you can take a boat to go snorkeling on the small islet of Molokini. You can also see Molokini from the beaches in the town of Wailea, as well as south Kikei. Molokini is a crescent-shaped island with a high vertical back wall, lower in the middle than at the sides, and then tapering down on the arms that partially surround a lagoon. From above it would look a bit like the letter C. From the north it looks a little like a Bactrian camel, because there are two humps.

Sometimes we would take kayaks out from Makena Landing, and if you are a reasonably strong kayaker you can paddle all the way out to Molokini and back on a calm day.

Sometimes, however, due to rough seas at Makena, we would drive north and take the kayaks out from Olowalu instead, about 15 miles roughly NNE of Molokini. Sitting in a kayak off the coast at Olowalu, you distinctly see what appears to be two smaller islands, rather than one larger one. If you paddle north towards Lahaina, and turn around, you can still see Kaho'olawe and the cinder cone at Makena, but you do not see Molokini any more.

Now, as you paddle back to Olowalu, until you are an hour or more south of Lahaina paddling time you see nothing of Molokini, until you finally discern first one speck that you might think is a boat, and then a second one appears, and as you continue south towards Olowalu these specks grow very slowly (paddling speed) until you finally realize that you are seeing the twin humps of Molokini. If you continue south, eventually those humps will merge and become the one island.

Because the Earth is flat, I know that the island is not gradually disappearing bottom-first below the horizon as you move away, and re-appearing top first above the horizon as you approach, the way the round-Earthers would say. But I truly do not understand what is happening here. You see a flat horizon, and then as you move toward the two-humped island you see a speck, then two specks, and then the specks get taller and taller until eventually you see the whole island with its two humps and the back wall lower in the middle.

Flat-Erthers: Please help me understand this.


And yes, I'm back after about half a year when I didn't have time for internet forums.

And to repeat: I'm posting this in Q&A because it's a question for FE-ers, I'm not interested in debating RE vs FE in this thread.

The Lounge / Traveling soon
« on: November 04, 2018, 06:38:46 AM »
It would greatly surprise me if anyone cares, but I just thought I'd mention that I'll be traveling and might not have time to get on the internet for a while. Just don't want people to think I've fled from the FES. I'll be back eventually.

Flat Earth Q&A / What's below?
« on: October 14, 2018, 09:31:41 AM »
So, being fairly new to FET, I'm wondering what's below? In another thread I made a joke that if you dig down far enough you'll hit turtles. But I'm wondering, what does FET say would happen if you could dig far enough down? People have dug and drilled pretty far down, so we know that the Earth is at least a mile or so thick because nobody has ever come out the bottom. But assuming it were possible to dig to an arbitrary depth, or if it were possible to get past the ice wall and over the edge, what would we find?

Is there an under-side to the Earth? And if so, what's it like? Or is there a dimensional distortion so that there is no bottom, but you'd dig forever, or curve around and come out at another point of the surface, as predicted by RET?

What's underneath the Earth?

I hope this thread will not become a debate on the truth or not of FET. I would like to find out what FET says about what's down there.

Flat Earth General / What's the motive?
« on: September 03, 2018, 11:01:49 AM »
I asked a similar question in another thread but never got a conclusive answer, so rather than resurrect that thread, I figured I'd ask in different terms:

Anybody who's ever watched a cop show on TV knows that for every crime there's a motive. Money and love are two common motives for crimes. Political power is another and anger (emotion) is another. But there has to be a motive.

We hear that NASA and the government are conspiring to hide the true shape of the Earth from us. So my question: What's their motive? It's not money because they get our money without reference to the shape of the Earth. They could still tax us if they admitted that the Earth was flat. It's not political power because the people in charge would not fall from power just because they didn't conceal the true shape of the Earth from us. It seems unlikely that it's love or anger, because the shape of the Earth simply doesn't come in.

There are conspiracies to hide crimes, and conspiracies to steal money by fixing prices, and conspiracies to mislead people into buying stuff they wouldn't otherwise. But there's nothing we buy that we would stop buying if it were general knowledge that the Earth is flat. On the contrary, the alleged round-Earth conspirators are spending an awful lot of money for no profit whatsoever.

So again, my question: What's the motive?

Flat Earth General / How flat is "flat"?
« on: July 01, 2018, 03:51:30 PM »
It is commonly said that Kansas is "flatter than a pancake." But it turns out that if you scale a pancake up to the size of the Earth, even Colorado is flatter than a pancake. All those big mountains? They're nothing to a pancake scaled up to the size of the Earth.

So, when we say that the Earth if flat, how flat do we mean? I can see small mountains out of my window. Sometimes they have snow on them when there's none here. A few hours' drive from me, there are really big mountains. And if you go to Tibet or the Andes, you can see really, really big mountains. Obviously, no flat-Earther would deny the existence of mountains, hills, canyons, etc.

Suggestions & Concerns / Is there a way to unwatch a thread?
« on: June 30, 2018, 05:19:46 AM »
Is there a way to unwatch a thread so it no longer shows up when I select "New Replies"?


First-time poster here. This question is not about whether the Earth is round or flat. Taking for granted that it is flat (this is, after all, the Flat Earth Society) I would like to understand the reason why the powers that be go to so much trouble to deny it.

A number of different countries, some of them in nearly-perpetual conflict with each other, maintain that the Earth is round. The United States, Russia, China, Japan, the UK, India, Canada, Germany, France, and even tiny Luxembourg, not to mention both Koreas and several other small nations, all have, or claim to have, space programs and orbiting satellites. A conspiracy to hide the true shape of the Earth from the general population must be enormous, to encompass all the people working at the space agencies of all these nations. There would be tremendous incentive for any of these nations to blow the top off the conspiracy, thereby gaining an advantage over all the others.

That this has not happened means the underlying motive for the conspiracy must be profound indeed. And I am trying to discover what that reason might be. Most conspiracies involve money and are limited in scope. All are difficult to conceal, and the difficulty increases exponentially as the number of conspirators rises. The advent of "cube sats" and private rocket companies multiplies that number further. All across the country and the world there are school kids building cube sats and having them launched (or fake-launched) by private companies. Suborning all the people involved has to be a massive undertaking, and this means the motivation to maintain the conspiracy must be huge.

So my question is: What is the motivation? What reason is so powerful that it can hold together such a huge and diverse world-wide conspiracy? What do all these people gain by denying and concealing the truth? Because nobody goes to so much trouble without a reason. A homicide detective wants to know the motive for the crime. I want to know the motive for the round-Earth conspiracy.

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