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The Lounge / WP IX The Templars Map (Game ON)
« on: January 11, 2019, 06:18:20 AM »
2nd Lieutenant, Aeval had the list of names, 13 in all, 13 as at the last supper, including Judas, 13 members in a coven, Friday the 13th the date of the beginning of the round up of the Knights Templars, 1307. An auspicious number.

She had too a slip of paper to give to the travellers, a clue to something they wished to find, not her business but having researched her posting she thought she knew to what it alluded, if they hadn't, she may give them a hint if they asked nicely.

The weather was due to turn the day they arrived and Atlantic mists would for a while shroud this place, it would complicate her observations, perhaps aid those who she had special interest in, but she had confidence in her Sisters and with the aid of the War-bird she had no doubt the threat would stay contained. How many of the visitors survived the island did not overly concern her, the mission was to capture alive if possible, the menace that had plagued these gatherings and cost so many lives, she would protect those she could, but not at the cost of missing her quarry.

May the Morrigan be with them. 

And so it begins, well Sunday actually, almost all of you will have your roles, if by this evening you haven't and you feel you have been missed, PM me, don't bitch in here it will probably give something away.


During the day, the villagers can vote to lynch any of their number. A majority wins. Someone can also vote to cancel another’s vote. Whoever ends the day with the most votes dies; if there is a tie, no one dies. Simply write [I vote to lynch ___]
If a character wishes to commit suicide, they do not require a vote, they can do it to themselves instantly. Any votes for them to be lynched are immediately cancelled, and those that did so are free to vote again. This option is only open to villagers, and is only available should there be fewer villagers remaining than the total sum of penguins and NASA agents. Any command for the narrator in the thread should be in square brackets [] to make sure it doesn't get overlooked.

During the night, many things happen. There is no vote, but:
The Psychic can do one of the following each night: they can ask after the alignment of a specific character, or ask for a hint towards a random threat be posted in the main thread. The psychic is on the side of the villagers.

The penguins will alternate nights, and can also choose between two options. They might decide to Both ask after the alignment of a player, or they could decide to kill. If they target a villager, the villager dies. If they target a NASA agent however they will be unable to kill them, and instead their identity will be outed to that agent.

The NASA agents perform the same as the penguins, with the roles reversed. Should a penguin and NASA agent target the same individual, the individual survives and once more the identity of the penguin is revealed to the NASA agent, and the identity of the NASA agent revealed to the penguin. The target learns both. 
The only way for a penguin or NASA agent to die is by lynching. A majority, meaning villagers most of the time, is required.

Days and nights last 24 hours of real time. The time of dawn and dusk is 22.30 GMT.

If anyone wants to reveal their role in PM or the main thread they are free to do so, however it is still a bit of a stupid thing to do so you are advised against it. It is entirely possible for someone to lie.
However, as the villagers are required for NASA agents to defeat the penguins, or vice versa, there may be cause for an uneasy alliance.
The penguins win when the NASA agents and villagers are wiped out, or such a thing is unavoidable.
NASA wins when penguins and villagers are wiped out, or such a thing is unavoidable.
The villagers win when both NASA and the penguins are defeated.
Alternatively, no one wins should all villagers be dead, and the NASA agents or penguins both have one or both have two survivors, so don’t be too free with your killing.

Dead players may post only at night, but living players may commune with them even during the day via PM. This includes talking with dead penguins/NASA agents should anyone wish to pull a ‘the enemy of my enemy.’
When someone dies, it is revealed whether they were a penguin, NASA agent or human; any special roles are the ghost’s to reveal. Any knowledge on the alignments of other characters remains secret, and will be dispensed by their ghost as and when they wish it.
Any questions, let me know!

The two werepenguins have human names during the day, but their true penguin names are Gus and Waldo
The two NASA agents operate under the code names Virgil and Roger. An alarming number of NASA agents are called Neil, but not these.
Virgil and Gus will PM me on night one. Roger and Waldo on night two, and so on. If Virgil dies, Roger will PM in their place also. If both members of one team are killed, their counterparts still only get one PM a night.

Lynching the narrator is enabled. However the Ravens and crows hear all and will tell the Sisters militant of your plans, the moment any player who votes to lynch me goes near a window or steps outside the building, one of the two snipers in the Sisters scout section will blow your head clean off.

There are two werepenguins, two NASA spies, and one psychic among the villagers. This is all that is known for certain. Everyone except the psychic has an additional role on top of their alignment.

Villager only roles

1 Vengeful Spirit - Has all the powers of a psychic, but only when they have been killed by either a penguin or NASA agent. If they were lynched, they can only ask after a name once, and only the name of one of those that voted for them.

2 Wildcard - Their sole purpose is to make the villagers lose. It does not matter who wins. Even in death they are indistinguishable from a villager. They will PMed the role PMs for other roles as cover.

3  lovers (x2) – Two players are hopelessly in love, so much so that should one be killed the other dies of a broken heart at the next sunrise, the players are aware of their lover, one of them gets a second power from the shared roles section.

4 Empath - Attunes themselves to a target each night and learns that target's role, much like a psychic. If their target is killed, however, they die too. If they locate a penguin or NASA agent they are too traumatised to ever use their power again.

5 Werewolf -This player has werewolf blood boiling in it's veins, if this player is killed by a penguin it will morph into a werewolf and kill the penguin that killed it. However, if this player is lynched, it will morph into a werewolf and kill a villager, the were-wolf can choose only from those villagers that elected to lynch it.

The Psychic can do one of the following each night: they can ask after the alignment of a specific character, or ask for a hint towards a random threat be posted in the main thread. The psychic is on the side of the villagers.

Shared Villager, penguin and NASA roles

6 Bodyguard - At the end of each day, PMs the narrator a name and the person they choose will not be killed by any penguin or NASA agent during that night. They cannot protect themselves. Their power only works once, after that they will be too injured. If by some staggering coincidence the NASA agent, penguin and bodyguard all select the same person, it's the bodyguard who will become aware of their identities in addition to the one they protected. If the bodyguard protects a penguin from a NASA agent, or vice versa, they will still lose their power and the victim will not learn of their attacker's identity.

7 Spirit Magician - When this person is killed, they may choose another person to resurrect with all their abilities intact. Penguins and NASA agents cannot be brought back.

8 Thief - At any time, this player may steal another character's role. The person they targeted will be informed and given a new ability at random. The thief no longer steals alignment, just ability. That way a team evil can be a thief as well. The only way alignment changes is if they end up the wildcard. Then the wildcard ends up normal.

9 Hypnotist - May choose any player and remove any abilities they possess for the next block of the day. For example, they would PM me a name at the end of the night, and someone would then not be able to use their power during the next day. If they PM me a name during the day, the target would have no power during the night. This also prevents a selected penguin/NASA agent from killing or scanning an individual, but cannot be done constantly. A day or a night must pass before they can act again. The affected will be told their powers have been taken for the 24 hour (real time) period.

10 Channeller - Is informed when someone uses a special ability on them and what that ability is, though not the alignment or identity of the person using that power. If they wish it they can redirect the power to another user. This does not affect being killed, and only works once per day/night cycle. This includes being able to redirect a dampened ability.

11 Scam Artist - During the day, may PM the narrator two votes counted towards the lynching total. There is a 25% chance of being caught and losing their power, but cast votes still go through. Their identity however is not revealed to the world at large.

12 Politician - May act to prevent a lynching by outing themselves in the thread. The person to be lynched is then changed to anyone else that has at least one vote not cast by the Politician; it is the Politician's choice. If they do not kill a penguin/NASA agent, they lose their power. If they do kill one they maintain the ability to overrule in future.

13 Amateur Vigilante - May kill one person, day or night, simply by PMing the narrator. There is a 50% chance of being caught and killed. Only works once.

All these abilities will be distributed at random among all players. There may be some duplicates, and some may not appear.
However there are limits. There will be only one of the following per side: spirit magician, wildcard, amateur vigilante, hypnotist.
The Thief's ability however may lead to duplicates of those, but not the hypnotist.

1 NSS villager and Were-wolf, Lynched, then head blown off
2 CFC                     
3 Shifter               
4 Boydster innocent villager, dead, Penguin gothic            
5 Crouton         
6 SCG -Villager, Lover, dead.
7 Jane -Penguin (Gus), Blown away by 2nd Lieutenant, Aeval
8 Wise         
9 The Colonel - Villager, hung to death by NASA, who would find the map?   
10 The Duck man, Villager, throat torn out by were-wolf and head blown off
11 TheLordBarst -NASA Chav (Roger) killed by Sister Jena
12 Bully                 
13 Junker  Unfortunate villager, Lover, killed by vigilante penguin          


Rules for the map hunt.

1st clue, For the defence of India and a little bit of bronze cannon Solved by Gayer (a pirate)

2nd clue Look below where the nomad sleeps  Solved by Gayer (a bad tempered pirate)

3rd clue Safety with a young man, an Archangel? Solved by Gayer (A dead pirate)

The first clue will be given to everyone (soon). What you do after that is up to you, if there is a flat earth map some may want it for themselves, you may put your answers in the game thread or PM me if you wish to find it alone.
The first clue when solved will lead to the next and so on, if you get to the last clue and find what is there, it is yours, however, if you have it and the Psychic asks after your status that as well as your status will be revealed, that also goes for the Penguin and NASA agents, they may do what they like with the information, if you are lynched in sole possession or killed by the evil side it goes to the killers, the only way this does not happen is if it is found in open play ( in the game thread), there it is considered to be found by the good side and put in safe keeping.

Evil players beware, the clues you get if stuck are from the 2nd leiutenant, she hates penguins and NASA, if you do anything that gives away your status she will execute you on the spot!

As you cannot get Wi-Fi signal on the island you will have to use the very fine library of Lundy books in the games area of the tavern, it has history of all kinds, natural, military and physical, which you will need if you are to find the answers to the clues. The links below represent some of those that may prove useful either now or later.

The Lounge / Were-penguins IX, The Templars map.
« on: January 07, 2019, 01:52:59 PM »
Sign up!

The island of Lundy has been selected, 12 miles off the north coast of Devon, the 500ft granite isle, 1.5 by 3 miles long, it has isolation with the amenities necessary and importantly a history of norovirus outbreaks.
A team was sent under the guise of tourists to ensure that this time the contagion was serious enough to warrant closing of the island until a deep clean and update of the water-treatment works made the place safe. Lundy's owners and management were cut out of the loop on the pretext of incompetence, the work scheduled for a month was completed in 1 week, the stage was set.

Secret dispatches were sent out;

People in the flat earth community were messaged that during the clean up,serendipity had struck, files were discovered hinting at the concealment of a flat earth map during the brief tenure by the Templars in 1160, it was said an archaeologist had found the map excavating near the cairn circles and had attempted to find a buyer but had disappeared, his wife fearing he had been silenced hid it on the island, then she too had gone missing, only the clues remained.

The Glenlivet clan on becoming aware of the rumour has secured the island, they do this as a favour to the community as brothers/sisters in arms in recent conflicts, they have no interest in the map, but do have a grudge against some who might be drawn to it, as such they will not join the group, but instead keep the island secured until business, as it is, is concluded.     
In doing so they hope to discover the nature of the demon infestation of the Penguins and by use of sorcery effect a cure.

Any who wish to attend will be given a date to muster at Hartland point helipad, North Devon, dress in utility clothes as you will be booked as ancillary cleaning staff, stout boots are recommended.
Your accommodation will be in either Millcombe or Government houses

The Marisco Tavern and the small shop will be unlocked but unmanned for your convenience.
There is one phone in the Tavern which can be used to contact the scout team, it does not connect to the mainland, no other interaction with the Sisters Militant is allowed to avoid contamination, for this reason all areas north of the three-quarter wall are out of bounds as is the South light and Rat Island, failure to abide by these simple rules will be met with lethal force.

There is no mobile signal on the Island and no televisions or radios, electricity is turned off at 12.30 GMT, candles and fuel for the stoves are provided.

It is advised that you familiarise yourselves with the Island, some information is available at

Extraction will be by helicopter at the Sisters discretion, please enjoy your stay, and good hunting.

Those who dare;

The Colonel
The Duck man
Junker (from beyond the veil)

Now message your friends, taunt your enemies, swell these ranks.

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