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Flat Earth Debate / Why do you believe in the theory of Gravity?
« on: May 30, 2017, 01:57:31 PM »
You know since, as it seems to me, most of you people here are deluded to the idea that the Earth is round. Yet your on a Flat Earth Forum...... How stupid... Might as well call this "The Round Earth Society".... Anyways...

So why do you believe in Gravity?
The most magical of bullshit.


- its elementary particle, a graviton, has never been found.

- We cannot measure gravity. (My favorite part is when Round Earther's believe it has been because their faith is hella strong.)

SHOW PHYSICAL PROOF OF GRAVITY I don't want your theory or equations, they mean shit.

Even CERN omits it from the Standard Model: explaining how the basic building blocks of matter interact, governed by four fundamental forces.

"So far so good, but... is not time for physicists to call it a day just yet. Even though the Standard Model is currently the best description there is of the subatomic world, it does not explain the complete picture. The theory incorporates only three out of the four fundamental forces, omitting gravity."


I wonder why... and I'm sure most of the responses for this will be "Despite its name, the weak force is much stronger than gravity but it is indeed the weakest of the other three." Copied and pasted from the same link. Because that's surely a sound rebuttal.

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