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Flat Earth Debate / Maximum tilt of FE?
« on: September 16, 2008, 04:56:39 AM »
I cant believe Im back..

Well, what do you believe could be the maximum tilt of Earth, before we would feel it, being pulled sideways, water moving (more than tides), and so on? Or even measure it with fex a water level pointed to horizons.

Tilt relative to direction of UA, in degrees starting from 0 as straight "upwards".

Flat Earth Debate / Forces on you and me (w illustration)
« on: September 01, 2008, 11:08:54 AM »
I just wanted to work out what forces that work on us here on earths surface..

Missed anything?

Flat Earth Debate / On RE g varies
« on: August 25, 2008, 01:29:21 PM »
Ive just thought of something.. In RE, g varies from where you are. It is affected by earths rotation, topography and density of mass, and more?

Since FE accelerates through space to achieve g, it should have the same g all over the surface. Right?

What are the explanations..
1. Conspiracy and false data?
2. Other bodies with pull?
3. Uneven FE body that lets trough dark energy more or less?

To avoid further confusion: With 'g' I mean 'apparent gravity'. The 'weight' of you standing on ground fex.

Flat Earth Debate / Acceleration causes gravitational effect?
« on: August 16, 2008, 03:01:54 PM »
Lets see if I got this right. I bet I dont.. :)

The earth is accelerated. This means its moving. Because it has been accelerating with around 9.8 meters per second for a very long time it means it now moves really fast. It cant move faster than light. So it moves almost as fast as light. Moving mass affects spacetime and warps it. So earth warps spacetime. A lot.

Does this mean that we on earth experience; Both the acceleration, AND the massive gravitational effect from the warped spacetime? What is the total effect?

Flat Earth Debate / Sunken ship question - again
« on: August 11, 2008, 06:03:35 AM »
I couldnt find a fitting thread so Ill start a new one. (I didnt look too hard)

I want to know:
Why is the "sunken ship" phenomena? Probably FE'ers have explained this many times, and its probably written somewhere but Im to lazy, and also it relates with the rest of the questions.
Why doesnt the ship either: First become a small dot, so small you cant see it even with binoculars, then perhaps start to dissapear from the hull and up. Or: On a clear day first dissapear gradually and evenly over the ship due to atmospheric refraction, as it does on a foggy day?

If I know this, I can myself start arguing for FE for friends and colleuges. Although I might be locked away in asylum.

Flat Earth Debate / Conspiracy cost?
« on: August 11, 2008, 03:42:35 AM »
1. How much do you estimate the conspiracy would cost per year?

2. How much do you estimate the conspiracy would have cost total until now?

Would be nice with bo FE and RE to guess along about this.

Removed smiley to make the thread more serious..

Flat Earth Debate / Gravitation
« on: August 09, 2008, 02:58:19 PM »
I just want to get one thing straight:
FE'ers believe in gravitation. (not gravity)

Is this correct?

Flat Earth Debate / Motive vs Motive
« on: August 08, 2008, 01:29:04 PM »
Im starting to get quite fond of this forum.. Its opening up my mind a bit.
Well, Im thinking about the conspiracy and the motive.
There is a motive for all air and sea travel around the RE globe to take the shortest route. And that motive is profit.
According to the FAQ, the motive for the conspiracy is "probably money".
So there is at least one known motive for RE, but no known motive for FE conspiracy.

1. Are there any ideas on what could be the motives for FE conspiracy? And how the FE model supports those motives.
2. What more motives are there for NOT going along with the conspiracy?

F.ex. How can someone make money by fooling people that the earth is flat? ... I mean round! ;) Sorry, had to do it.

Flat Earth Debate / Round Earth flaws
« on: August 05, 2008, 03:37:48 AM »
To reject a common believed model, one must find flaws in it. As I guess from reading this very interresting forum, the one thing that FE'ers have problem with is gravity. According to FE'ers gravity as a force does not exist.

I also understand that the force that pulls us all down to earth is caused by constant acceleration.

My question is: Is gravity the only issue that makes the RE model less likely than the FE model, or are there more flaws or errors in the RE model?

Flat Earth Debate / Triangulation
« on: August 04, 2008, 02:01:20 PM »
Hi FE:s! I stumbled upon your forum and got very curious and interested in your theory.

One thing that crossed my mind is the matter of triangulation on a sphere vs a flat surface. I have searched the forum but no hit.

I would love an explanation for this. It might be a two part question actually, and they are stated from FE viewpoint:
1. How can one travel from one point to another in a straight line, using triangulation as means of navigation instead of magnetic compass, and measure the distances between points on the disc to be other then expected?
2. Why does triangulation need to be compensated (for curvature) when measuring large areas?

Please excuse any bad spelling, im from Sweden..

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