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Don't see much of that kinda thing.
If it were real it would be the obvious choice of backdrop to cringe inducing iss cretinous displays.

Weightless morons always in front of static backdrop.
Moving earth images foreground consists of solar panel segments and various struts and girders.


Precisely equal numbers of people have visited both environments, and for the same, very good, reason.

Can you guess? (It's not the cold!)

Flat Earth General / Evolution + Space = Space Life
« on: January 17, 2017, 03:28:49 PM »
I think I would be accurate in assuming most rock ballers are fish monkey descendants.

Or that globurists are evolutionists.

So how come no life, bird life for instance, has evolved to take advantage of such potential habitats as the lower or upper atmospheres?
Dark matter feeders at the very highest level, the apex bullshit feeder!
Haw haw!

Flat Earth General / Defequator....
« on: January 08, 2017, 02:35:25 PM »
I'm pretty pleased with the thread title, so I'll post it.
If a flushed toilet, or draining sink, swirls in opposite directions in either hemisphere of the madcap spin/fly rock-ball earth; what happens were it to occur right on the equator? Or even very near it? How about a mobile draining container, moving across 'it' (the equator) while it drains?
What happens after defequating?

Flat Earth General / A Very Good Question
« on: November 14, 2016, 05:30:25 PM »

Why is round earth, or spinning rock ball, theory enforced so emphatically?
I've been of the opinion for some time that due to the inability to travel into the sky or into the ground further than a few miles, and finding the furthest reaches of traversable land mass end in impassable frozen barriers in every direction, the crazy spherical stuff just filled the void of knowledge.

But maybe some small number of people know the truth, and the globular fiction is for a real reason, to discourage individual endeavour, of the exploring variety.
Round earth theory describes a perfect confinement, no walls to scale, no barriers to break down, no locks to pick or guards to defeat.
No hope of anything but returning to your start point no matter what direction you head off in, go where you like, you're still staying here......
If the ice wall were truly impenetrable, why not let it be proven so by the failure of any who attempt to traverse it, so it must be possible, and that means some small number do know what lays beyond.
I wonder what it is?
I plan to find out before I die.

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