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Flat Earth General / Is flat earth a mystery ? It have to be....
« on: December 17, 2016, 09:36:16 AM »
Lets have some friendly chat about discovering our reality and the possibilities.

Flat earth theorists tend to seek common ground by stating " nobody really knows " about the real shape of the earth. and they are kinda right, you choose the level of confidence strict enough and there you are, you cant say that you are hundred percent sure that the earth is a globe or whatever.

So the flat earth is a mystery, then is that possible to uncover it ?

Question arise :

1 why FE theorists spent their times with methods and experiments which known to be inadequate like mapping airfields or use laser in the midst of a heavy refraction and so on ?

2 what exactly prevent FE ers from making maps and measure up at least a country accurately with say 19 century technology and make a map, geodetic survey of lets say 100 square mile area should decide if its flat or not, right ?

3 What exactly prevent FE ers from check shipping routes and distances, with non digital technology if they dont trust gps ?

4 Perspective and ships, thats a no brainer you just need a boat and a good telescope, and plenty of time, why dont FE ers decided if ships go behind the horizon or not ?

And the point is : why Fe ers seems to avoid investigate the issue for real  ?

All the guys bragged around here that i have to take FE seriously and all sciency, if I post a challange,good joke if you ask me.

FE is not even good for fantasy, geeks love fantasy cause its have consistent internal logic and fairly good explanations for all the magic in their oh and a MAP :D

So if somebody not just talk about it but takes FE real serious, could do these simple tasks. After that maybe I will consider to repost my 100 000 usd challenge with the required legal documents and terms.

1 Imagine a guy sailing FE, without any modern instrument he have to use celestial navigation, explain how could that work ?

2 Show me the star map of FE world

Reminder :In reality people mapping stars for thousands of years and using their celestial coordinates corresponding to terrain coordinates in a SPHERICAL geometry  for navigation successfully.

Just Had enough of this stupid "you can zoom back stuffs from behind the horizon" nonsense.

So here is my third challenge for FE-ers (my first and second one are  still standing as a statue of Flat Earth failure : , )

3500 euro covered by paypal for the winner or the debunker of my challenge :

Present an unedited video where a ship is clearly showed in hull down position with a clearly visible upper deck and mast like in the picture, the task is to zoom it back to view fully. As simple and straightforward as it can. Go for it!

So, FE-ers just want to watch sunsets on youtube from now on :D  is the sun shrinking during sunsets according to FE ?

Oh yes!!! Absolutely- you can't tell anything unless you have a filter! I mean you can't EVER trust your own senses - EVER!!! That is how sad it has become today. People are so hell bent on not admitting they've been fooled that they have done a Cogitative Dissonance (CD) an untold justice in this generation. It is utterly amazing how many people are in denial. If I had $1 for every person who said you need a filter to know if this is true, I'd be retired now. How sad! We've been given five senses and we've allowed the religion of today's science to tell us that those senses are not to be trusted - unless of course if goes with the official narrative - then you can trust all day long. the problem is, people are discovering that there are few if any situations where their senses tell them that we are on a spinning ball with the sun being 93 million miles away. After you expose yourself long enough to the science lies and let it sink in, you realize, after enough time has gone by, that you allowed yourself to become stupid! Literally. You train yourself to not even question what doesn't match with science because "they" in today's modern era, KNOW! All they know is to perpetuate the lie. We are finding out and "they" don't like it. "They" want you to CD yourself all day long! "They get power from you believing you are a worthless little piece of a tiny spec of dust (and I'm only at the Milky Way Galaxy level here - forget YOU as a human - as an infinitely smaller human, you are REALLY worthless!).

With that said, I had someone actually measure the sun using a filter, praise God, and guess what, they reported the sun was larger overhead than at sunrise or sunset. They even measured the exact change in arc angle. But wait, the brain on CD juice can come up with another set of lies to "believe in" so that deniability remains in tact."

This argument is based on everyday easily verifiable observations :

1 On date  21:06:2016 and time:  21:41 GMT Australia, South America and South Africa shares night time, you could easily check this even from your FE Day and night calculators or from public databases, or contacting people on those locations.

2 Southern cross is visible at the same time from those locations, this could be checked very easily also from star charts or from testimonies from people.

The argument as follows:

3 guys looking at south at Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town and Augusta Australia at the same time at 21:06:2016 21:41 GMT And they all can see the southern Cross constellation , but they all facing the rim of FE in different directions. How is This possible on Fe ?

here is the diagram, as you can see they dont just see the same constellation but the orientation of the cross is changing by location as expected on a globe geometry

And equipped with a bhutan torcher :

Great, by the video the rocket looks and behaves just fine so what could possibly led jism to this conclusion, maybe he calculated the mass and thrust and found a mistake there ?

Hi guys!

I wonder, if the FE-ers acting like they have the truth and a proved model of the earth, they must have the common sense explanation for the most basic easily observable phenomenons related to the shape of the earth.I believe we don't need higher math to make very good and accurate conclusions after careful observations.

So my statement is the earth is round because it looks and behaves round, and because the answer for the following questions is temptingly easy and straightforward with the round earth modell, but with FE its impossible or against common sense.

The challenge : Please explain the following topics with FE model, keep in mind these are everyday basic observations.

1 Map, ok thats cruel, but any sound explanation, why we are all capable of buying a big detailed globe and perfectly navigate with it with very good accuracy and measure the real distances between far away places ? Keep in mind, there is no way to make accurate map of the FE on a globe model.

2 Sunsets, fact that the size of the sun is the same its not shrinking, (use sun filter camera to prove it) and sometimes its clearly illuminate the clouds from below,  and with an amateur telescope you could make very good observations of sun spots and the shape of the sun , its a sphere, not a spotlight.

3 Horizon, is there any video where a ship clearly in hull down position on a clear day, when we can se the upper deck in kinda good details, and a hull behind the water, then after zooming the hull is restored ? And what causes the hull t disappear when we see the deck very good ? Can someone explain this law of perspective ? And why are we see clear horizon, the horizon of flat earth must be unpredictable and kind dark and hazy, depending on atmospheric conditions, right ?

4 Celestial sphere, so why do we see that way ? I mean we clearly see the sky is domed and its must be a sphere because the stars are physically go under the horizon, if it was some kind of perspective or bendy light the angular distances between the stars will change drastically when they approaching the horizon, and the stars must be very far away because everybody sees the same shaped constellation, so its not depend on position.

5 Polaris, if you measure the altitude of Polaris you get your latitude on earth, this only possible on round earth.

6 anything about the south celestial pole ?

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