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The Lounge / Norm Macdonald
« on: September 14, 2021, 07:30:25 PM »
Rest in peace man, shit that hits me in the feels.

The Lounge / Friend girl
« on: September 12, 2021, 11:52:19 PM »
I rarely come here anymore, life is too short to deal with the toxicity. However, the other night I was feeling nostalgic and went through the legendary thread a bit. I forgot about the friend girl ridiculousness and it reminded me I found out where I got it from.

I could sleep a while back and was skipping through and saw an old re-run of Judge Joe Brown, and I remembered that is where I got it from. I used to watch that when I wasn't younger with my G parents. I thought it was odd when he used it (which was often, used to differentiate people in the case if they had romantic entanglement or not) but I guess it stuck with me.

I do thank y'all though, as terrible of jackals many of you have been towards me and others. Y'all helped me coming out of a very bad time in my life many years ago rather you meant to or not... A compartmentalized distraction when it would have been very unhealthy or worse to focus in the loneliness. So thanks ass holes

Welp, I finally contracted the coronavirus along with one employee. Shut down again, excluding the couple of people that got the virus last year.

First I will say it's terrible so far, attacks areas I don't ever remember being attacked before. The worse is the body feeling like you have been hit by a bus, and the migraines.. though there are plenty of other fun byproducts.

The female employee, she has had about the same symptoms but to a much lesser degree. Interesting enough is we both started exhibiting symptoms at almost the exact same time, and it presented no different than seasonal allergies until about 6 hours later when it came with a flu times two hammer. I went to 105, she was more lucky and her max was 102.

The annoying part, I am a germaphobe, have been my whole life and the pandemic just set that into high gear. I swear my wife wants to punch me at times and I get that. Yet the employee, she never gave a shit about it and was very careless (believes to give your body what it needs as to the best of your ability for survival and don't worry about anything)...

Here we are, two completely different outlooks on viral safety, yet it got us both. So that leads me to believe believe she is right, when it comes to viral at least, you are fighting an uphill battle not to aquire it. So just do what you can to build your immune system for when you do catch something, your body has the tools to fight it.

This also leads me to believe lockdowns have no effect on containing the virus (which I already knew it was a financial stunt to drain the middle class even more), maybe it can delay it a bit to help hospitals keep up, even that though I think is questionable.

I do however still believe in masks and social distancing, I don't like people's germs, nor people in general that much. My feelings would not be hurt if this held a new constant

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Why do you support Joe Biden
« on: November 15, 2020, 06:01:46 PM »
Well the Donald Trump thread has 4 years to shine, now that he is out, I think it's time to open it's sister thread.

Not much else to say, y'all know what to do.

The Lounge / Could the person with covid please stand up
« on: November 09, 2020, 01:17:54 PM »
Well, I ended up shutting down every business I have today for 10-14 days, seems covid could have made its way in through two of my employees. Made the call to shut it all down, even though there are different locations, myself or one of my managers move from place to place, so we could have spread it. I know I was in contact with someone who tested positive for covid and got it bad shortly before they showed symptoms and tested positive.

I am hoping well for all my employees as well as myself, wife and kiddo. I pushed everyone on being a germaphode, and myself an extreme germaphode (even before Covid) so hopefully the transfer didn't happen with everyone and only limited to the two (they are husband and wife as well). Unfortunately, social distancing/masks isn't an option for many of my workers because of the line of work.

Edit for spelling

If social distancing and masks are as effective as they are touted to be, we should have the best (lowest cases and deaths) flu season in history right?

If not, either we are being lied to (shocking) or we have no idea how viral transfer really happens.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / VP debates
« on: October 07, 2020, 10:40:50 PM »
Pence wiped the floor with Kamala, wow. All she had was her smug, condescending diva antics and lies/bull crap.

Why can't he be running, republicans win by a landslide.

The hatred of Trump is the only thing powerful enough to put those two abortions in office

I think people are starting to realize we are being bamboozled with this crap. There is starting to be protests here, businesses opening and saying to hell with the government, even a whole city saying f you (colleyville).

Though they aren't being stupid about it, example a salon opened, but you have to have a mask and gloves, distancing, plus take your temp at the door. The same with the city that is rebelling...

Is it time? I am beginning to think it is, and very close to doing that myself Monday with the same safety stuff.

Haven't decided yet, but definitely considering.

So I spent a few hours talking to some people staying at my friend's house for a few months. They are a white couple born and raised in South Africa with 4 children. They had two businesses they left behind (and all other worldly possessions) to save all their own skins (just barely making it out). The only people left behind was their parents they cried many times for, however, they took their children's safety over their parents.

The conditions they described their are barbaric for white people and for the area in a whole.

The open murder, rape and robbery of white people with zero punishment from the law.

The 24 hour hold in jail of any white person without any cause. Cops do this so they will get gang raped in jail and contract aids/HIV.

The hierarchy of employment 1 black man 2 black woman 3 colored man 4 colored woman 5 white woman 6 white man.. making it impossible for white employment.

Black men able to own guns while white men cannot

South Africa in a whole on a path to hell including

The government and people in power steeling all the populace money and squandering it... So the entire infrastructure is collapsing.

Power is off for up to 6 hours per day and falling fast.

Only 1 of 15 sewage plants are functioning

Doctors are abandoning because of non payment from government. Going into the hospital is practically a death sentence if you are truly ill (not even getting into the coronavirus)

Their bonds have just been dropped into junk bond territory so they can't borrow money.

I could keep going, but figured would start there from what I learned from this couple hour conversation. They seemed honest people, no signs of lying. They also told me to check out a book written by a survivor of one of the gang rapes allowed towards white women. A lot of the stuff they said was also in this book.

If all this is true, gotta get the world out to not only save the couple million white people locked there, but also to save the country as a whole.

Truly a humanitarian crisis

Philosophy, Religion & Society / There is no WAY!!!
« on: April 05, 2020, 11:02:05 PM »
Sorry, no way, no way in hell we have more deaths and 4 times more cases of covid than China....

I always knew they were lying pieces of shit, but this is too much.... Least try to make it more believable


If this is true, that means America can curb it quicker (in theory).

It really has to happen....for the economy... This is bad, very bad for business owners and employees alike. We all need to work together to flip the tide as soon as we can.


If you look at the numbers and history....we are basically following the same steps that lead to the great depression. The great depression was mostly caused by the government and the federal reserve, not by the people or the times.

If you look at the policies before and after, we are mimicking many of them. I am hoping I have missed something and am wrong, would love to be.


Philosophy, Religion & Society / Held hostage by ransomware from Russia
« on: February 11, 2020, 10:52:14 PM »
Welp, those that hate me here would be excited to know I am being held hostage by Russia.

A company I absorbed about a year ago in my mech firm has allowed ransomware into their servers. I have cut all hard lines and have maintained control to most files, records and proprietary designs excluding this company I absorbed. That company's files has been 100 percent encrypted by this software, efforts to regain control has been unsuccessful so far (according to the company I have brought on board to handle this).

All my employees has been granted paid furlough (insurance has covered so far) while I am attempting to solve this issue. Insurance of course won't cover said ransom (480k)... I am not dumb enough to pay it as I know it will never end... However, this company I speak of has no paper back up files and if I start over, their net worth would be negative.

Shitty.... Not looking like there is much to do so far.

Let the laughter

I have vented my issues with Trump many times, though I am actually starting to think they (him and his admin) are doing something right with the economy.

Ok, the first year fine....let's say thanks Obama.... however, it keeps getting better and better year after year. The stats are record breaking in so many areas.

Even for myself personally, 12 years of business and 2019 set an all time record, plus this January is on par to break my all time January record by a large amount. Most of my friends/business associates etc are experiencing the same outcome. Some record breaking others just doing extremely well.

I even found myself nervous thinking of a democrat possibly taking over 2021 earlier today.

Where am I wrong here? It seems Trump 2020 may actually be worth all his nonsense, for the greater good unless proven otherwise.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Mr. Wonderful on Trump and young socialist
« on: December 12, 2019, 12:07:45 AM »

Just interested in people's opinions on Kevin O'Leary's opinions here. I am a monster fan of "Mr. Wonderful", excluding the fact he loves money so much. I would listen to him read me the alphabet.

The two main points of this clip.

Trump economy- Kevin says the main way Trump has helped is through deregulation and he gave an example in his own business portfolio. I don't know on this yet, though I am in the process of opening a new location, so I may have more of an opinion later. However, at this point I see no difference.

Young socialist/anti capitalism/anti conservative- People grow out of socialism when they get older and experience real life. I agree with this excluding supporting some socialized services.

After seeing my little one born last weekend, it really got me thinking again. Seeing the automation of the human body, everything having to work together before, then and after. There are too many 100s million trillion variables to get just to this point..

No way it's random luck

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Botham Jean's Christian family
« on: October 03, 2019, 01:59:57 PM »
There are many stories of shit "Christians", I figured I would take the time to point out an amazing Christian family.

The way they treated Amber, was the epitome of how a true Christian family should be. Amazing people and amazing actions.

Hats off and I pray for their quick spiritual and mental healing.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / The left eats it's own on SNL
« on: September 17, 2019, 10:27:42 PM »
Shane Gillis gets the ax from SNL because he said something deemed offensive by some random person somewhere in a podcast a year ago.

We shall see how outrage culture fairs if they keep eating their own.

Maybe if the dog eat dog continues the problem will actually solve itself.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Is this art?
« on: September 16, 2019, 01:58:26 PM »
This is actually a strange political test, I will reveal after some answers (don't cheat and look it up on Google). Supposedly accurate, I guess we shall see. It was accurate on me. Post your answers in the thread and let's see.

The question, is this art?

Yes or no

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Well after years it finally works.
« on: August 14, 2019, 11:41:37 PM »
After years of time, a massive failure, being shelved, losing interest, retaining interest, a complete redesign..oh and don't forget a long angry thread that ended up getting locked...everything is finally functional.

Now it is time for fun

The Lounge / Avatar help!!!
« on: August 01, 2019, 06:56:14 PM »
Op deleted.

The Lounge / A mystery and a random thought
« on: July 29, 2019, 06:13:35 PM »
The mystery: Years ago I was driving behind this crew cab truck on the highway during a casual conversation with my friend.

Suddenly, they junk this bird/hawk out the window and it takes off like it was a walk in the park. Couldn't really tell what it was because it vanished so quickly, could be a big pigeon or small hawk I dunno. Especially since we were expecting it.

The only thing I know is the bird took it like it was nothing. So either it was a bad ass or has done that many times. I had assumed it was something to do with falconry, but it has always puzzled me.


A random thought: I caught myself saying good news for a Monday to Jane when it clicked in my head. What is it about Mondays?

Sure it's when most work weeks start, but I haven't been employed by anyone for over a decade and my business is 24/7, and no day is really better or worse, it's all really a crap shoot. So it can't be that...

Yet despite the fact Mondays mean nothing for me, Sunday nights I always find myself getting a little amped up and nervous for Monday.

Why? Is it engrained from our days in school when Mondays was the devil? Is it something corporate America somehow threw at us and burned it in our head? Or something else?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / The election of idiots
« on: July 24, 2019, 04:22:58 PM »
Now with this Boris guy being an evil racist etc etc etc like Trump supposedly, we have the same issue present with Trump.

The people elected Boris just like Trump. Can yell until blue in the face, but in the end, the people elected these people.

Perhaps we should stop looking at the people elected, instead focus on the people electing them and ask why.

Does the left think their ignorant identity politics could be one of the causes here? Or perhaps telling people what they are from a self righteous narcissistic way? Telling an entire group of people they are evil (which is racist and bigoted in itself, but I digress), you think they might just spit in your face after a while?

If you have a daughter, and you spend every minute of her life calling her a whore, why in your right mind would there be surprise if she turns out being a whore. She may only do it to spite you, every heard of daddy issues?

There are plenty of other thoughts on this, but simply put to the left. Remember, how many fingers are pointing back at your for every one pointed forward.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Conservatives vs liberals
« on: July 05, 2019, 11:53:10 AM »
I originally started looking around on this matter when I saw how much more conservatives gave financially compared to liberals (very close 2-1).. Although, my original thoughts was to jump on liberals as I like to do and say we at least put actions where our mouth is instead of feigning a bleeding heart for our own narcissistic ego boost.

However, I decided to look for more stats that might explain better. Though there is definitely a fair amount of truth above, I believe there is more to it. Still exploring, but some of the interesting stuff I have found so far...

About 60 percent of conservatives are married while on 25 percent of liberals are.

There is a 63 percent chance of liberals make 15k per year or less, while a 36 percent chance of making 200k or more per year.

While the numbers are flipped for conservatives, 36 percent chance of making 15k or less per year while 63 percent chance of making 200k or more per year.

81 percent of conservatives were content with their financial status while on 42 percent of liberals expressed that.

Surely being a liberals versus conservative isn't as simple as a have or have not?? Maybe it's the mentality instead? Which trickles to income?

The interesting thing, in counties that are split fairly evenly between liberal and conservative, those counties give the least compared to majority liberal or majority conservative.

I will continue adding to this thread as I have more time to research real data.

The Lounge / Werepenguin XV- The wrath of tablet game thread
« on: July 03, 2019, 11:08:34 AM »
One year after evil Dave and the penguins were temporarily defeated, the villagers finally locked the door to their temporary underground bunker. It was a modern marvel...

bio scanning, full AI systems control, sustainable food/ air replication, plasma weapons and rail guns for defense, even a room with hologram entertainment. It was literally the future underground with the brightest villagers inside. The other villagers were asked to leave for one year as those remaining built this underground marvel to hide in before they control detonate nuclear arms above ground monitored from the inside to end the penguin threat and evil dave for once and all.

Once sealed, it can not be opened for one year from in or out. Sitting under 100 feet of soil and behind 50 feet of lead, iron and steel walls, it was a Haven of safety never seen before.

As the last door was slowly closed by a mechanical arm, wise inspected it and gave it his final seal of approval.

"Ok, all is good, lock her up... Confirm, lock" he said on his communication interface

The 100s of huge locks all came together shaking wise to the core.

He walked away mumbling to himself as he began thinking of the coming attacks at the surface, muttering numbers and places as he began his walk back to the control room.

About half way there he heard an ominous hum that sounded strangely familiar coming from one of the living quarters close by. He drew his plasma gun and walked cautiously towards the hum..

As soon as his foot crossed the threshold the humming stopped and he heard a terrible Australian accent...wise walked into the room to see a tablet sitting on the shelf, that was of odd size and looked sticky and quite frankly very dirty.

"Hi buddy, this is your friendly Australian rabinoz... Good aye mate!"

"What the fuck?!?" wise jumped "You aren't Australian, you aren't even human! By the way that is the worst accent I have ever heard!" He said as he walked to look at the screen...

Terrible, profane, disgusting things were running across the screen...he even thought he saw parts of lonegranger, a disgraced villager that was tared and feathered out of town years ago...

He aimed his gun to destroy the tablet when a force so strong wise had no control of even his eye movements grabbed his arm and set him down while removing his gun.

"Evil Da.." is all wise could muster before falling to the ground.

"Let's not get jumpy my dear friend" evil Dave said. "Do you think I wasn't preparing while y'all built this place? Come on.... I have built a hybrid penguin beast never seen before. It's power is something that cannot be measured....and guess what it is in your precious bunker among y'all... Someone you have had dinner with, shared memories with...oh, and also helped design your bio scanning system"

Evil Dave said with a laugh...

"Don't worry I "

"You call that a knife? This is a knife" Rabinoz said interrupting Evil Dave

"Shut up rab" Evil Dave barked "Anyways, I am not going to hurt you wise, don't worry, you have my word!" evil Dave said with a grin as another figure walked in the room.

Wise looked upon the figure with a smile and closed his eyes waiting for the person to blast evil Dave... silence passed... wise opened his eyes and realized the plasma cannon was faced towards him...a look of complete betrayal and sadness crossed his eyes as he realized his good friend was the super penguin the whole time right before his head was completely exploded by the plasma fire.

The AI picking up the discharge sounded the alarms and location...once villagers arrived all that was left was wise brain dust and his headless body.

"What the hell!?! Oh my God, wise!?!" The villagers exclaimed in fear and shock....

"Wait, there is something clinched in his hand...."


The rest of the story will be revealed with the posting of the rules and roles. Everyone will get a PM no matter your role, so if you don't get one let me know privately. Killing the narrator is open, it will either mean the villagers get screwed or the penguins, this will be a coin toss. There will also be a mini game that will equal a prize for the villagers if figured out (clues will be given on where the rabinoz tablet is and how to delete the terrible program once and for all. I will release all the different rooms of the bunker with the rules and roles so you know what to explore).

The players:
crouton We all have a little crouton in us
Jane Killed by duck by decision of group
Wise Brain exploded by penguin
Mag Villager turned to plant food
Space cowgirl
Junker imploded then exploded by penguin
Duck Killed by Jane out for revenge
Lord Dave incubated to flames by penguin

Game will start July 8th at 6 pm central time


super penguin- This little bastard has it all... It can camouflage itself from the system bio scanners and even from one scan of the prophet. If scanned again it will show an accurate read. It can kill at night, however, after the first night it has one day kill it can use whenever it wishes on top of it's usual nightly kills. Even if Lynched or killed by a vigilante, it can use it's telepathy and imprint itself on the false prophet (if alive) to continue it's killing at night (the false prophet can only kill at night even if there are day kills the penguin hasn't used). The only way to kill this evil thing the first time is the chosen one, or if the false prophet has already been killed.

false prophet- This has penguin blood, but is a hybrid with a human so it will only read as a villager. The false prophet can scan people just like the prophet can (one per night), however, it is in alliance with the penguin. As said above, if alive and the penguin is killed by a vigilante or hung, it can take over for killing and will still read as a human. It also has a hidden gun with one bullet that can be used at any point day or night. However, there is a 50/50 chance of the AI picking it up and killing that person (will be flipped at random).

vigilante- This is a trigger happy villager that wants to bag a penguin so badly it could use it's hidden, one shot gun at any point on any whim. If it kills a penguin or the false prophet it will be celebrated... however, if it kills a villager, the remaining villagers will become enraged and kill the vigilante. If the vigilante does kill a baddie, it's name will not be revealed and they will become a regular villager.

The prophet- This person can scan villagers at night to see their role and alignment.

chosen one- Having found wises special made gun, this person can kill the penguin at anytime with a single shot... however, there is only one bullet. Also, if the shot hits a villager the curse of the bullet will turn on the chosen one and kill them 24 hours after the attempted shot.

scientist- This person is working with the bio scanning system to try and track the werepenguin down... If it can make it to the third night, it will get the system to give them one scan of who they choose.

bodyguard- This person can guard whoever they wish. They can take one penguin attack...if they do take such an attack, their identity will not be told and they will become a regular villager at that point.

The Lounge / Werepenguin XV- The wrath of tablet spectator thread
« on: June 30, 2019, 06:43:55 PM »
I will start as soon as everyone is signed up, making the game and theme tonight.

May start in a day or a few days depending on how quickly everyone joins.

God speed!


Space cowgirl

Same one they guy shot at. Black semi truck in front of building full of explosives

The Lounge / I believe it is time ..... werepenguin sign up
« on: May 23, 2019, 11:41:37 AM »
I have been out for a bit....I come back and I feel the need has been growing exponentially for a werepenguin game.

This is the thread..

Not sure which variant will be run, could be classic, new or some hybrid variant.

Will just try to make it fun for all.

Will begin Sunday at 4pm central time.


The Lounge / The healing thread...
« on: May 04, 2019, 11:47:53 PM »
This thread is for healing, there will be a polar opposite in angry ranting, so anger should be placed there.

If Bullwinkle and I can squash our beef after all the terrible things that was said on both parties (settled privately), anything is possible.

Let the healing begin

Philosophy, Religion & Society / The chance to be a hypocrite
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:28:08 AM »
As those that read or give a shit know I have a kiddo on the way. She did not have health insurance, so I told her to find a policy, but keep my name off of it.

I figured it would be about 200 a month or so, she works part time with minimal income, which is the main reason I wanted her to keep me away from it as they will hike the rates. She is in her late 20s, no health issues.

Nope, 600 a month with an 8k deductable....fucking stupid. But she does qualify for medicaid..not full, but for full care until she conceives then 4 appointments after that.

I am just going to pay cash for her appointments before birth, and then cash for the birth...they give big discounts for cash payments, sometimes up to 60 probably be about 4k after everything which obviously makes sense over paying 600 a month for something I doubt I will meet the deductible in.

I did think more than twice about her getting on medicaid and costing there, I was close to being a hypocrite.

I have said it before and will say it again, our healthcare system sucks ass

The Lounge / Wtf crouton dream....
« on: March 27, 2019, 10:13:52 AM »
So last night, I decided to have a dream about crouton apparently (I rarely remember dreams either, wtf).

So I was at my grandparents old house (no longer there) and some how had an auto lift in the kitchen with a 4 door bmw on it. I was posting here, and crouton posted a message that he wanted to send me a rant and get some things off his chest about a multitude of subjects. I said sure, send away.

Well under the engine bay of the BMW appeared a box of Mike's and Ike's (I don't even like those I like hot tamales) with multiple pieces of paper rubber banded to it. I took the paper off and started to read it, then not even a minute later crouton walked up behind me and asked if I had read his grievances, what did I think.

I said no, I just picked it up, but started to question him on how he had gotten the Mike's and Ike's through the internet.. He kept repeating he couldn't tell me, and I kept questioning.

I then started to ask him how he had appeared, how did he find me. I then asked if he had stolen transporter tech off the Enterprise. He kind of stuttered, so I said I knew it, and kept pushing him on how it worked and to share it with me.

He finally changed the subject..

He disappointingly said he thought I lived high in the sky, not out in the middle of no where, he really wanted to see the view. I apologized but said check this out, completely makes up for it.

I hit a button and more auto lifts came from hidden under the ground in the living room. However, crouton was not amused as one of the hidden lifts coming up knocked over the coffee table that he sat his drink on spilling it. He became very agitated at this...

He then became even more agitated at the fact the lifts had torn the carpet in my gmas living room.

Something else happened but I don't remember as that was about the time I woke up from acid reflux.


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