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In this beautiful and peaceful month of Ramadan, we can share beautiful thoughts with each other and wish goodness for other people. so the hearts will soften and people will love more against each other.

Do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Quran 39:53

Suggestions & Concerns / Globularist rabinoz has insulted me!
« on: May 09, 2019, 02:44:41 AM »

This is not AR or CN, but an open forum. He is neither my friend, nor a believer. We have not this kind of friendliness allows he can say me anything like this.

5. Flaming and Harassment
Do not use insulting or denigrating personal attacks against other members. Harassment or bullying of other members is forbidden.

5. Flaming & Harrassment
Warning for the first offence, with a maximum ban of two weeks thereafter.


So, why do not you admins obey your own rules?

Re-run election to be held on June 23, says Supreme Election Council (YSK)

The council members accepted the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party's objection to the local election results in Istanbul with seven votes in favor and four against.

According to the YSK, the decision was taken as some presiding officers and polling staffs, who are supposed to be civil servants as per Turkish law, served during the elections.

The mayoral certificate of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP)'s Ekrem Imamoglu has also been cancelled by the council.

Abubakr Al Washingtoni seen after 5 years absence.

So, Russians have not killed the Abu Bakr Al Washingtoni, right?

A vegan café in Australia that levied a tax on male customers is to close after becoming the "punching bag of the internet".

Handsome Her was accused of reverse sexism after opening in Melbourne in 2017.

Its owners provoked debate by offering women priority seating and charging men an extra 18% one week a month.

Although non-compulsory, the "man tax" reflected "the gender pay gap", the owners said.

Two years on and the owners have announced they will cease trading on 28 April.

Volunteer berates Trudeau for 'delaying' him from filling sandbags

Trudeau says something I'm sorry, sorry, I don't aware, bla bla, but he clearly is not sincere at all. Politicans have to stop using hardness of people as a show for their benefits.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Logical error of hell's existance
« on: April 23, 2019, 11:56:53 PM »
As an ordinary muslim and a believer believes all the holly books especially Bible and Torah, I believe the existance of the hell.

believing in the existence of something does not stop me from revealing the logical error in that thing. This is a part of attitude that what we call as "wisdom".

God created us. we were absent and he created us. We owe her a life. then the ambient conditions we fell into were created by God again. So, after we die, the process is reset and justice is fulfilled. This justice is already the dying. We have owed a life to God and payed it by dying.

And what is the equivalent of hell? If we were to live in paradise in the world, there might be hell as the cost. But this is not the case. If the world was heaven, after the hell process, we should die again and this debt should be closed which started when he has gave us life. this is true justice. otherwise the behavior becomes childish and absurd.

Vote to the wise for true justice.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Modern Language "Dilish"
« on: April 20, 2019, 07:41:54 PM »
Dilish is a language depends on movements of tongue, simplest and easiest. Since movements of tongue is common, so that this language is common for everybody.

Simpliest words of this language is letters we know. I would like to talk about the simplest words and meanings of this language. This language will be developed here.

R: Rotating, rotate, round.

The letter r is based on the slight rounding of the tongue. and is also a moving letter. Your language must move in order to make the letter r. for this reason the equivalent of this letter "round" is the verb.

S': Left

This letter is a type of S. But you have to move your tongue to left to create this letter. S' means left.

Sh : Right

This letter is a type of Sh. But you have to move your tongue to right to create this letter. Sh means right.

L: Close, closed, forbid, etc

We use L letter to define something close or forbid. Our tongue makes a close shape when we say L. So that L means something closed or forbid.

B: Open, opening

We use B letter to define something open or opening. Our tongue makes an opening movement when we say B. So B means open, opening, and also beginning, etc.

P: Pushing, throwing, forward etc

P letter is actually a few similar with B. We use an opening movement. But meanwhile we push our tongue a bit forward. So that we use this verb for define Pushing, throwing, forward, etc.

Y: wind, chaos, pray

Y letter likes a wind voice. It meanwhile like a prayer voice. Y voice means many thing but mainly for defining the wind, chaos and pray.

C/S: snake, tree, storm, less, small

This C or S is center S, different other than S' and Sh. We use center of the tongue when say C. C letter is a voice of snake. Meanwhile the leaves of the trees resemble the sound they make in the wind. Simple winds was the letter Y. But this one for stronger winds make a Sss voice. This voice is mainly a small category voice simple and small. So that represents simple and less things.

We'll continue from here. This post was just an opening. We have many works to do about this issue. You can contribute to this study. Slang and blasphemous words will not be added to the dictionary.

Examination by Police in Büyükçekmece Upon 'Fake Voters’ Allegation of AKP

Man in photo says "police wanted me to prove my wife's being my wife".

Upon the allegation that “the residential addresses of 11 thousand 186 people were moved to Büyükçekmece, İstanbul before the local elections,” police officers have launched an examination in the addresses in question in Büyükçekmece.

I think we are living in Sudan, Venezuela or something has less democracy. And Erdoğan's lawyers are still resisting to give the authority to Ekrem İmamoğlu the elected Mayor, by denying the result of elections those İmamoğlu clearly won with more than 4 million voters and 49% vote rate.

WikiLeaks says high-level sources within Ecuador are signalling that Australian Julian Assange will be expelled from the country's London embassy within "hours to days".

In a tweet, WikiLeaks said Ecuador already had an agreement with the United Kingdom for Mr Assange's arrest.

Another tweet, posted an hour later, confirmed it had received "secondary confirmation from another high-level source".

It has been reported that Ecuador's President is trying to surrender the Australian in exchange for debt relief from the United States.

The ABC has not independently verified the WikiLeaks reports.

I don't believe at all the claims about him raped women. He is an obvious handsome even not as handsome as me, does not need to rape a woman but women raping him is more possible.

İmamoğlu has won the elections. But party government AKP is resisting against it by using their government power and forcing elections to turn their benefit.

This is not fair. If the sense of justice collapses for once, then people try to achieve justice by themselves by using their own methods. The supporters of imamoğlu are faithful and in no way accept this injustice.

Flat Earth General / 24 hours sun in Everest
« on: April 02, 2019, 12:07:42 PM »
As we very well know that, so we can see sun during 24 hours if we on a high mountain. In this video you'll see sun at the night sky.

As all smart people very well know that sun shines and creates shadows, but it produces about 1/6 of daylight. It may be 1/5 to 1/10. So that it has a weak light. Without daylight it can not lighten all the sky, but can do it a part of it.


You can clearly see the stars behind the sun. Because it is night, so that light of the sun is not enough to close the stars.

Another example.

You see how sun is weak.


The main opposition Republican People's Party's (CHP) candidate is leading in the mayoral race in Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city, over the ruling Justice and Development (AK) Party, the Turkish elections authority said Monday morning.

Sadi Guven, the head of Turkey's Supreme Election Council (YSK), said CHP candidate Ekrem Imamoglu is leading with 4,159,650 votes over the AK Party's Binali Yildirim with 4,131,761.

As you know that, I have worked as attendant in board of election. I've done my best for Ekrem.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / What is life? Why is life exist?
« on: March 30, 2019, 11:55:31 AM »
I've opened this thread for to discuss with you about life and afterlife. Actually I've opened the thread below, but I want to add you discussings by using here. I'll follow posts here including people are in ignore list. Feel free to say your thoughts about life and afterlife.

I will be offline tomorrow, because I am attendant in Istanbul mayor elections tomorrow. But I'll look here as soon as possible.

It can not over before I say over! Because I have opened the issue and continue to have something to say!

But they think they solved the issue in their lil mind then lock the thread, it does not give us to giving our opinions.

What the hell is this other than cruelty, brutality, tyranny and Pharaohism?

Examples: moderator has locked thread before problem has solved. moderator has locked the thread before problem solved.

Did you choose them as moderators delibaretely or did they happen by chance?

Suggestions & Concerns / Hypocrisy of forum management
« on: March 25, 2019, 04:44:20 AM »
Why do you do that? Why can not you be unfair? Is it an order or a life style? all the calls we make here in the name of justice remain in the air like words spoken in the wall.

This man, is a moderator, has moved my topic. Topic is this:

Technology and the...!
Then a moderator has moved it to phlosophy subforum from science. But it had a topic name as "technology". Oh, so the important thing is content, not the topic, right?

But there is a topic has religional content in science subforum with a name has  "Scientists and the .....!"

It is the issue starts with science in "quran", then continues with different issues in quran, and continues all religional things. This topic exists there since months without any intervene.

Why is this double standard? Why is this hypocrisy? are you trying to prove that the way we perceive the science of our society coincides with the quran and do not want to compete? I believe this is unfair to the people of other religions here. at least the "philosophy" section should be moved. but my insistence on this issue is ignored by the clone and the nationalist management team.

Give up the evilness, mister and miss clonel generals!

The world’s second largest sugar maker, French company Tereos, has flatly denied the accusations that it has been delivering an artificial sweetener to Syria that could be used to make rocket propellants when mixed with potassium nitrate.


Lets see who is supporting the DAESH. God damn Tony. My neighbour has a dog has name Tony.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Technology and the...!
« on: March 19, 2019, 06:04:41 AM »
Under technological and scientific examination methods:

Comparison islam and christianity with regard to go to heaven.


According to quran, the conditions let a muslim go to heaven

1. To ascribe to God a partner or associate:

“Associate not any other god with the Almighty, lest thou sit down despised forsaken.” 17:22

2. To deny revelation of God to His prophets.

3. To deny any of the prophets who are recognized by the Qur'an, such as Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and Noah. The denial of the revelation or any of the recognized prophets is a denial of Islam.

4. To feel safe in opposition to God:

“Are they secure against the plan of God? But none feels secure against the plan of God except the losing people.” 7:99

5. To lose hope in mercy of God:

“…And despair not of the mercy of God. Surely none despairs of the mercy of God except the disbelieving people.” 12:87

6. To swear in the name of God falsely:

“Hast thou not seen those who take for friends a people with whom God is wrathful? They are neither of you nor of them, and they swear falsely, while they know. God has prepared for them a severe chastisement. Evil indeed is what they do!” 58:14-15

7. To break a covenant deliberately:

“And fulfill the covenant of God when you have made a covenant, and break not the oaths after making them fast, and you have, indeed, made God your surety. Surely God knows what you do.” 16:91

8. To kill a human being premeditatively.

“And slay not the soul which God has forbidden except for the just cause…” 17:33

“Your lives and properties are sacred and inviolable amongst you, until you appear before your Lord…” said the Prophet.

9. To be traitor to the right cause of one’s own nation.

10. To help defeat it militarily by retreating at the battlefield when the nation is defending itself against aggression:

“And whoso turns his back to them (the aggressors) on that day (of fight), unless maneuvering for battle or turning to join a company, he indeed incurs God's wrath and his refuge is hell, and an evil destination it is.” 8:16

11. To steal.

12. To cheat in measuring or weighing in selling or purchasing:

“Woe to the cheaters. Who when they take the measure (of their dues) from the people, take it fully, and when they measure out to others or weigh out for them they give less than is due.” 83:1-3

13. To use an orphan's fund in a way that is not in his interest:

“And draw not nigh to the orphan's fund, except in a goodly way, till he attains his maturity, and fulfill the covenant; surely the covenant will be inquired to!” 17:34

14. To insult one's own parent:

“And thy Lord has decreed that ye worship none but Him, and do good to the parents. If one of them or both of them reach old age with thee, say not “Fie” to them, nor chide them, and speak to them kind words. And lower to them the wing of humility of mercy, and say: My Lord, have mercy on them as they brought me up (when I was) little.” 17:23-24

15. To commit adultery:

“And go not nigh to fornication; surely it is an obscenity. And evil is the way.” 17:32

16. To scandalize people, specially women:

“Those who love to see that scandal should circulate concerning the believers, will have a grievous chastisement in this world and the Hereafter, and God knows, while you know not.” 24:19

“Those who scandalize virtuous, believing women (who are) careless, cursed are they in this world and the Hereafter. Theirs will be an awful doom, on the day when their tongues, their hands, and their feet testify against them as to what they used to do. On that day God will pay them their just dues, and they will know that God is the Manifest Truth." 24:23-25

17. To spy on others for no purpose of protecting your nation or yourself.

18. To backbite others, exposing to those who do not know, some shameful doing:

“…And spy not nor backbite each other…” 49:12

19. To gamble.

20. To drink intoxicants:

“O you who believe, intoxicants and games of chance. . .are only an abomination, the devil's work; so shun it, that you may succeed. The devil desires only to create enmity and hatred among you by means of intoxicants and games of chance, and to prevent you from the remembrance of God and from prayer. So will you obey this prohibition?” 5:93-94

21. To eat pork or any swine's products.

22. To eat or drink blood. (This does not include transfusion of blood for necessity.)

23. To eat meat of an animal that dies by itself, or the meat of an animal on which the name of other than God is invoked when it is slain:

“He has forbidden you only what dies of itself, and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that over which (a name) other than the name of God is invoked (when it is slaughtered)…” 2:173

24. To lie deliberately or testify falsely or falsify the word of God willingly:

“Only they forge lies who believe not in the messages of God, and they are the liars.” 16:105

25. To conceal a testimony when called to testify in a litigation:

“…And conceal not testimony. And whoever conceals it, his heart is surely sinful. And God knows what you do.” 2:283

26. To deliberately hinder a good cause.

27. To spread hatred by conveying to a person a bad word about him spoken by another person:

“And obey not any mean swearer, defamer, going about with slander, hinderer of good, transgressing beyond the limits, sinful, ignoble, besides all that, notoriously mischievous…” 68:10-13

28. To violate the terms of a dead man's will:

“Then whoever changes it (the will) after he heard it, the sin of it is only upon those who change it. Surely God is Hearing, Knowing.” 2:181

29. To oppress the people.

30. To aid an oppressor.

“…And let not hatred of a people because they hindered you from the Sacred Mosque incite you to make aggression. And help one another in righteousness and piety, and help not one another in sin and aggression. Surely God is severe in requiting (evil).” 5:9

31. To be proud, looking down on the people:

“And turn not thy cheek in scorn towards people, nor go about in the land in insolence. Surely God loves not any self-conceited boaster.” 31:18

32. To be envious, wishing people ill:

“Say: I seek refuge in the Lord of the dawn, From the evil of things created, …And from the evil of the envious when he envies.” 113:1-5

33. To antagonize a relative for no right cause:

“Will you be making mischief in the land and cut off the ties of kinship if you come to power?” 47:22

34. To neglect any of the five daily prayers.

35. To break fasting in the days of Ramadan without a legitimate excuse.

36. To withhold the "Zakah" which is the share of the poor in the self-supporting person's wealth.

37. To neglect the duty of pilgrimage to Mecca which has to be done once in a life-time by every person who is physically and financially able to make it.

38. To neglect the duty of advising the people to do good and avoid evil when such an advice is needed and likely to be effective.


1- You shall be a good man.
2- You shall believe in God and day of judgement.

I think we should have a religious discussion on the conditions of Christians. I don't have a thought to criticize these orders, but it's a bit like this, I mean, it seems it's not exactly fair. Maybe we are missunderstanding God's orders. It has to be more in my opinion.

Vice president says:

5. Flaming and Harassment
Do not use insulting or denigrating personal attacks against other members. Harassment or bullying of other members is forbidden.

5. Flaming & Harrassment
Warning for the first offence, with a maximum ban of two weeks thereafter.

Since I've wrote the topic in Angry ranting as "shifter is not shitter", SCG with boydster mafia has banned me because of swear.

As we see what, there is not a word in rules as "swear". They produced it. Think a mode and admin those not aware of forum rules. Anyways, lets take it as "insult". They did not get it as insult because they knew the main aim of topic is not an insult. Even so I'll take it as insult.

I did not take it as insult because they have many time used it. They say "hey we told you do not use it". I am not obeying your sayings, I am obeying the forum rules. I am obeying forum rules more than all you moderatios. I am obeying the forum rules those you are not aware what they are.

Look. Lord Willmore wrote there "insult is forbid". First warning, second ban.

You took "shitter / shitler" as an insult, although I used it for defend him, not to insult him. Anyways. Lets take "shitler, shitter" as insult.

Human eyes are not that good at resolving images at far distances. The distance to the horizon depends on how good your eyes are. Should ask an Eagle. The resolution of their eyes are so good, you could see an individual ant crawling on the ground from a 10 storey building.

If the Earth were flat, on a clear day you could grab a telescope at least and spy on your neighbouring country. Mt Everest is pretty big. I wonder why even from a relatively short distance away, the top of the mountain is obscured from my vision (no matter how good it could ever be). As I approach closer and closer, we see the top first then the base. On a flat Earth, you should see the whole thing able to come into view at the same time.

Shitter, this is the FE Q & A section of the forum. People come here to ask questions about FE theory, or a particular FE model. If you know the FE answer, you are allowed to provide it, but you are not allowed to start debates here, and there's no point in giving the RE answer to a question about FE.

Now forum rules requires scg has to warn for this insult.

Got shit on by shitter....Hope you have your umbrella whoever's alt you are

CFC has to be warned.

You are an ignorant twat. You still practice everything in Leviticus? Do you eat pork? Wear 2 different types of cloth? Do you insist women do not go to church during their menstrual period? Not go to church 33 days after giving birth to a son or 66 days after giving birth to a daughter? I could go on.....

Old testament is old..... What religion did you say you were from? Do you follow Jesus??

Curcumsicion is no longer mandatory for any faith that acknowledges Jesus.

Still waiting on doctor statements? You're next prayer, you should ask for the ability to read and comprehend. I provided you with several dating back to the 1970s! And a link that says what a lot of developed countries (bar backward America) says on the subject. All negative to the routine cutting of baby boys.

And who stepped on your toe Shitter?

Hannibal had to be warned. Did you do it?

In Shitters and BHS's "reality" you are either an alt right fascist (that's good) or a far left commie (that's bad).

Some people just lack the ability to see grey-areas. Nuance? Fuck dat.

Sympton had to be warned.

The problem is that Erdoğan is one of the few leaders who is a bigger dickhead than Trump.

And the USA is certainly not to blame for the fact your economy is going down the shitter - look to your own government and stop whining like a bitch about the Kurds.

Jimmythecrab had to be warned.

Just can't get enough of that inky pinky huh shitter?  Gotta publically suck on it now.

Mikey T. had to be warned.

Don't worry, Shitter. I'm sure you've got some redeeming qualities even though they don't come across on the internet.

Since sympton has been warned, now had to be banned to insist on insult.

Bye bye shitler.

rabinoz had to be warned.

Most of upper posters have used this insult more than one. I have mentioned them only one.

Since they have used the insult more than one, the following members have to be banned upmost two weeks.

Rabinoz - warn - ban 2 weeks

space cowgirl - warn - ban 2 weeks

symptom - warn - ban 2 weeks




So and so.

Do not tell me "I did it in the topic". If something is an insult, you can tell it. According to rule 5, you have to ban yourself.

Attacker posted 87-page "anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim" manifesto

So far, police have arrested four people in connection with the attack on two Christchurch mosques -- three men and one woman.

Shooter believed to be an "Australian national": TVNZ

TVNZ journalist Anna Burns-Francis told CNN at least one of the shooters is believed to be an Australian national.

I condemn this cruel act against the humanity.

This will be a database for wisdoms from Jim Carrey.

I start:

"I don't believe in icons. I don't believe in personalities. I believe that piece lies beyond personalities. I believe we're a field of energy dancing for itself. And I. I don't care"

According to simulation theory, the world's creators have not to be God. They can somebody else like human, or a superior race have an ability to create a virtual world. This is possible and easy.

We are praying. So, if we consider the simulation theory; so have we to pray to creators of the world whose are following us behing the monitor; or real God can hear us from everywhere.

“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

The Lounge / WPN XII Agarthanians - Spektator thread
« on: March 04, 2019, 06:13:25 PM »
Victims of cruel people can talk here. Additionally light chat is available here.

The Lounge / WPN XII Agarthanians - GAME PAGE
« on: March 03, 2019, 04:49:49 AM »
In 1957; a group of researcher have decided to move Agartha where mentioned on many old texts by using an U-Boat. Pezevenk, BatteryStaple and boydster have departed from Port Glasgow, through North.

After stopping at some cities on the route, new names joined the team; Jura, NSS, Junker, SCG, Crouton, Colonel Gaydafi, shifter and CFC. Duckdodgers and Stash have joined the group in Fareo Islands.

After discussing a few routes, the staff decided on a route through the Russian city of Tiksi.

The ship will depart on March 3, 2019 at 21:00 from Port Tiksi and will then attempt to reach the city of Agartha, which is somewhere around the center of the earth, inother say North Pole..

On boat

Pezevenk villager, killed by lightning storm
BatteryStaple amateur vigilante, accidently killed himself
boydster lynched by crowd
Jura Glenlivet II: poisoned by UNF agent Aboo Rabdos, revived by spirit magician
NotSoSkeptical UNF agent, Hadgee Qaspiel, killed by lightning storm
Junker assassinated by an A.V. -spirit magician, used the ability.
Colonel Gaydafi
Shifter Sunglow Bobcat, killed by dark costumed assassin.
CFC villager, requested to commit suicide, and dead.
Duckdodgers Wildcard
Stash Teal-Eyed Zebra, amateur vigilante, killed in his action.


Signups opened: 25 February 2019
Signups ended at March 3, Sunday GMT 21:00
Game starts at March 4, Monday GMT 21:00
Day/night times start/end always GMT 21:00
GMT: here:

The day before you came

Three puzzle questions were prepared to be the first day award. a person who knows all of these questions will be able to obtain a valid protection for 1 day. if there are more than one correct answers, the winner will be decided by casting by lots.

First puzzles will be started to asked at March 3, Sunday GMT 21:00
First Puzzle answering time will be ended at March 4, Monday GMT:21 (When game starts)

Roles have been shared with its owners at 06:00 - 07:00 GMT/UTC time. (GMT is not your time)

Day 1

boydster voted to lynch Colonel Gaydafi
shifter voted to lynch Colonel Gaydafi

One of the amateur vigilante murdered shifter. Shifter, ie penguin Songlow Bobcat, is no more. He had not a real chance this time.

Votes are reseted. Day continues...

boydster voted to lynch Colonel Gaydafi
CFC voted to lynch boydster
Colonel Gaydafi voted to lynch boydster
Duckdodgers voted to lynch SCG

Batterystaple, the amateur vigilante accidently killed himself with his own gun.

Night of 1st day

Jura Glenlivet II has been poisoned by UNF agent Aboo Rabdos
Lightning storm has hitted the NotSoSkeptikal,  who had not any signal of existance in game since game page has been created.

Second day

Junker  has been assassinated.
Stash has tried to assassin the gayer but oppositely, gayer has killed him.
pezevenk has been killed by lightning storm.
CFC has requested commit suicide, then dead.

boydster votes to lynch Colonel Gaydafi.
Colonel Gaydafi votes to lynch boydster.

Jura Glenlivet II revived by Spirit Magician Junker

Duckdodgers votes to lynch SCG
SCG votes to lynch boydster
Jura Glenlivet II votes to lynch boydster

List of events happened from opening

Role list was:

Pezevenk: Amateur vigilante
Battery staple: Amateur vigilante
Jura Glenlivet II: Bodyguard
Junker: Spirit Magician
SCG: Amateur vigilante
Crouton: Empath
Colonel Gaydafi: Psychic
CFC: Scam artist

Duckdodgers: Wild card

boydster: Amateur vigilante, UNF team
NSS: politican, UNF team

Shifter: Scam artist, penguins
Stash: Amateur vigilante, penguins

1- Wildcard learned two partners as "Shifter and boydster" and frequency of roles.
2- UNF Amateur vigilante boydster has killed penguin scam artist Shifter by using his Amateur vigilante ability. He has won this battle. boydster alived, shifter dead.
3- Amateur vigilante batterystaple has picked the psychic Colonel Gaydafi. Amateur vigilante batterystaple has dead in action.
4- Puzzle has been solved by Colonel Gaydafi
5- Colonel gaydafi used (temporary) bodyguard ability to defend CFC
6- Jura Glenlivet II used bodyguard ability to defend Colonel Gaydafi
7- Penguins picked to kill CFC. CFC was guarded, unsuccesfull.
8- Jura has solved second puzzle. It was valid in next day.
9- UNF picked to kill Jura Glenlivet II. Success. Jura Glenlivet II has been killed by UNF; before she used her ability.
10- Lightning storm has hit to Notsoskeptical, the UNF agent
11- Empath crouton asked Junker.
12- Psychic Colonel Gaydafi asked Junker.
13- Amateur vigilante SCG has killed Junker by using her ability.
14- Remained penguin stash has used his Amateur vigilante ability on Colonel Gaydafi. unsuccesfull. stash has dead.
15- Lighningstorm hit the pezevenk. Pezevenk has dead.
16- CFC has queried commit suicide. A mandatory move for narrator. CFC has dead.
17- Nobody has solved the question about our legandary leader, Samuel Shenton. Some motherfuckers have thought it as JD.
18- Villagers have lynched the remained UNF agent.

Victory for villagers. Villagers have found a way beyond the Agartha. I hope some people learned their true moves and mistakes now. And I hope some people gets that there was nothing in the name of being unfair. stash's move was the milestone of the game. If he would succesfull, the result might be different. By the chance and a bit good game at the end part of the game.

I hope everybody have got fun of this game.

Not my narration, but players were bad. and unfortunately some players have said injustice. so I published the list.

people often question how the gayer survived. took two attacks. the first chance of survival was 50%. the second is still 50%.

Duel statistics , comparative with wise's white list statistics

Duel sides / place in wise's list / winner

boydster (ignore list) > killed the > shifter (4th rank), shifter dead.
lordbarst (10th) > cannot killed to > gayer (13th rank), lordbarst dead
scg (ignore list) > killed the > Junker (19), Junker dead
stash (14th) > can not kill to > gayer (13th) , stash dead.

According to above list, 3 of persons were down position killed the persons upper one; and one time vica versa.

Lighning storm statistics: Two times happened:

1- NSS: 31 th place, dead after was 3 days off.
2- Pezevenk: 5th place, dead after was 3 days off.

CFC is nothing but an idiot. I know he hate when I call him as idiot but he is an idiot.

People are talking gayer's staying alive, but not how boydster won the duel against shifter.

People are talking lightning storm hit NSS, but not lightning storm hit the pezevenk.

A player can suicide himself whenever he wants. Because it is relevant to play game or not. I can not force a player to play. If a player wants to end game, simply killes himself. Nobody can prevent it. Jane is saying lie about it. Who is with liars, who is with liars.

I believe I did it better than at least Junker. His narrating was terrible but I said its being good after game. This is how a gentleman Turk makes it. And you see how Junker makes it.

NSS has started racist speeches again, after provocated by Jane. And now Lonegranger has started racist speeches.

I have warned mods, admins many times. But they are unfortunately closing their eyes to racist attacks.

In one hand, mods and admins are saying they are against racism. On the other hand, they are closing their eyes about crimes related racism.

If they could stop NSS when he started to racist speeches; so others would not had a courage to racism. But, inctead of punish the racist, they had punished me who wrote him being racist, because he had promised to does not talk racist things anymore. He has got ride of geting a punishment because he has promised. Now we are seing him started to racist, hate speeches, so where is a punishment?

As you encourage racist rhetoric instead of punishing racist rhetoric, racist rhetoric increases. You so called management has to ttop this racists immediately. give these people the punishments they need as soon as possible. The number of them last year was one person, this year three people. There will be 9 people after a year. and this place will only consist of racists. Is that what you want?

if the judges in a place are under pressure, there is no need to wait justice there.

This theory is just for hiding events inside water and hiding the absense of gravity.

buoyancy of water always upward, right? And it only works for objects lighter than water. water never performs a lifting force on objects whose weighter than it. (it is related to the ratio of space within the vessels to remain its on the water, not the bouyancy) This is completely nothing more than a nonsense or deceit.

If an object is lighter than water, so it remains above the water. If an object weighter than the water, so it falls down. neither the bouyancy of water, nor the gravity does not affect it at all. Both buoyancy of water and gravity nothing but hoax.

Flat Earth Debate / Disproving the gravity in 30 seconds
« on: February 28, 2019, 11:49:41 PM »
All objects in the earth are under force of gravity, right?

Think an object, like human, has density about 1t/m^3
Water has 1t/m^3 too.

Imagine a person in water. the water at the top of it and the water under it are equal forces him and create a balance.

So; The total force applied to the person by water is zero.

if the force of gravity was present, the person would move downward in the water. but it is not. Anything that is equal to the weight of the self-weight of the water remains in a fixed position within it, not falling down.

If you have read this writing in 30 seconds so you've saw a disprooof which disproves the gravity in 30 seconds. it's your problem that you haven't gone to a fast reading course.

The Lounge / WPN XII Rules, Gameplay and Scenario
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:52:20 PM »
In 1957; a group of researcher have decided to move Agartha where mentioned on many old texts by using an U-Boat. Pezevenk, BatteryStaple and boydster have departed from Port Glasgow, through North. After stopping at some cities on the route, new names joined the team; Jura, NSS, Junker, SCG, Crouton, Colonel Gaydafi, shifter and CFC. Duckdodgers has joined the group in Fareo Islands.

Their main goal is to confirm the existence of the Agartha, and if possible, so finding a path out of this earth.

Some agents were joined into the team to prevent team to find the Agartha and their way out of there. Two penguins whose are defender of Agartha; and two UNF (United National Forces) agents whose have goal to prevent anybody going out of this earth. and they also have a friend who has successfully infiltrated the researchers. His code name is Deron Rabinozes.


During the day, the villagers can vote to lynch any of their number. Whoever ends the day with the most votes dies. Someone can also vote to cancel another’s vote.  If there is a tie, no one dies. Simply write [I vote to lynch ___]

When voting, please keep a running tally of current votes for the ease of everyone reading. Anyone attempting to manipulate the system by obfuscating the running tally shall be met with a swift death. The running tally should read like this:
Player A - 3
Player B - 2
Player C - 1

If a character wishes to commit suicide, they do not require a vote, they can do it to themselves instantly. Any votes for them to be lynched are immediately cancelled, and those that did so are free to vote again. This option is only open to villagers, and is only available should there be fewer villagers remaining than the total sum of penguins and NASA agents.

Any command for the narrator in the thread should be in brackets [__] to make sure it doesn't get overlooked.

During the night, the Psychic can ask the alignment of a specific character. The Psychic is on the side of the villagers.

The penguins will alternate nights, and can also choose between two options. They might decide to ask after the alignment of two players (it was one), or they could decide to kill. If they target a villager, the villager dies. If they target a UNF agent however they will be unable to kill them, and instead their identity will be outed to that agent. (To encouragement the evil teams to scan and inner fight, and giving them to win the game without slatemate, number of scan right has increased. It was already two at the beginning.)

The UNF agents perform the same as the penguins, with the roles reversed. Should a penguin and UNF agent target the same individual, the individual survives and once more the identity of the penguin is revealed to the UNF agent, and the identity of the UNF agent revealed to the penguin. The target learns both.
The only way for a penguin or UNF agent to die is by lynching, or by ability of a role (such as Amateur Vigilante).

The penguins win when the UNF agents and villagers are wiped out, or such a thing is unavoidable.
UNF wins when penguins and villagers are wiped out, or such a thing is unavoidable.
The villagers win when both UNF and the penguins are defeated.

Alternatively, no one wins should all villagers be dead, and the UNF agents or penguins both have one or both have two survivors. In this case, only Deron Rabinozes wins.

If anyone wants to reveal their role in PM or the main thread they are free to do so, however it is still a bit of a stupid thing to do so you are advised against it. It is entirely possible for someone to lie. However, as the villagers are required for UNF agents to defeat the penguins, or vice versa, there may be cause for an uneasy alliance.

Dead players may post only at night, but living players may commune with them even during the day via PM. This includes talking with dead penguins/UNF agents should anyone wish to pull a ‘the enemy of my enemy.

When someone dies, it is revealed whether they were a penguin, UNF agent or human; any special roles are the ghost’s to reveal. Any knowledge on the alignments of other characters remains secret, and will be dispensed by their ghost as and when they wish it.

The two werepenguins have human names during the day, but their true penguin names are Sunglow Bobcat and Teal-Eyed Zebra.  The two UNF agents are Aboo Rabdos and Hadgee Qaspiel. each team member uses his / her vote alternately. if one of the members dies, the authority to use his right shall be transferred to the other team member.

There are two werepenguins, two UNF spies, and one psychic among the villagers.


Villager only roles:

Vengeful Spirit - Has all the powers of a psychic, but only when they have been killed by either a penguin or UNF agent. If they were lynched, they can only ask after a name once, and only the name of one of those that voted for them.

Deron Rabinozes (maximum 1 per game) - (Older name wildcard) It's sole purpose is to make the villagers lose. It does not matter who wins. Even in death they are indistinguishable from a villager. The Deron Rabinozes  will be PM'd the identity and role of one penguin and one UNF agent to allow an alliance if desired. They will also be notified of the active villager roles (no identities) and their frequency (since duplicate roles are likely).

Psychic (maximum 1 per game) - A player with mystical powers. Each night, the psychic can ask for the alignment of another character.

Spirit Magician (switched the alignment) - When this person is killed, they may choose another person to resurrect with all their abilities intact. Penguins and UNF agents cannot be brought back.

Shared villager, penguin, and UNF roles:

Empath (switched to its old alignment)
- Attunes themselves to a target each night and learns that target's role, much like a psychic. If their target is killed, however, they die too. If they locate a penguin or UNF agent they are too traumatised to ever use their power again. (in my opinion both psychic and empath are making a team irresistable. For balance it a few, empath has became a shared role like older games)

Bodyguard - At the end of each day, PMs the narrator a name and the person they choose will not be killed by any penguin or UNF agent during that night. They cannot protect themselves. Their power only works once, after that they will be too injured. If by some staggering coincidence the UNF agent, penguin and bodyguard all select the same person, it's the bodyguard who will become aware of their identities in addition to the one they protected. If the bodyguard protects a penguin from a UNF agent, or vice versa, they will still lose their power and the victim will not learn of their attacker's identity.

Werewolf -(switched its alignment) This player has werewolf blood boiling in its veins. If this player is killed by a penguin/UNF agent, it will morph into a werewolf and kill the penguin/UNF agent that killed it. However, if this player is lynched, it will morph into a werewolf and kill a villager. The werewolf can choose only from those villagers that elected to lynch it.

Thief - At any time, this player may steal another character's role. The person they targeted will be informed and given a new ability at random. The thief no longer steals alignment, just ability. That way a team evil can be a thief as well. The only way alignment changes is if they end up the wildcard. Then the wildcard ends up normal.

Hypnotist - May choose any player and remove any abilities they possess for the next block of the day. For example, they would PM me a name at the end of the night, and someone would then not be able to use their power during the next day. If they PM me a name during the day, the target would have no power during the night. This also prevents a selected penguin/UNF agent from killing or scanning an individual, but cannot be done constantly. A day or a night must pass before they can act again. The affected will be told their powers have been taken for the 24 hour (real time) period.

Scam Artist - During the day, may PM the narrator two votes counted towards the lynching total. There is a 25% chance of being caught and losing their power, but cast votes still go through. Their identity however is not revealed to the world at large.

Politician - May act to prevent a lynching by outing themselves in the thread. The person to be lynched is then changed to anyone else that has at least one vote not cast by the Politician; it is the Politician's choice. If they do not kill a penguin/UNF agent, they lose their power. If they do kill one they maintain the ability to overrule in future.

Amateur Vigilante - May kill one person, day or night, simply by PMing the narrator. There is a 50% chance of being caught and killed. Only works once.

There will be some puzzles in the game. there will be some details of some places in the route in order to make these puzzles suitable for the scenario. The answers to these questions will usually be accessible via google or yandex map. you will not be notified if a photo or a place on the map is asked whether in google or yandax map. It's up to your luck. however, knowing or not knowing a problem may pause or advance the entire team's traveling. The prizes will feature a daily role property. On same day or on that night, the unused role will lose the ability to be used the next day. Inother say, the validation time of a prize is 24 hours. But you can PM to guard somebody after 23 hours passed and it can protect somebody during next 12 hours. The point, you had to use it before 24 hours ended.

Estimated prizes of puzzles (can be changed next):

- bodyguard ability: has to be used within 24 hours, then it is valid for next 12 hours. All roles can gain and use for all roles.
- one extra bullet for amateur vigilante: valid 24 hours, only vigilantes can gain or use. untransferable.
- one extra vote right, valid 24 hours. All roles can gain and use.

These prizes can make you the next target at night, since you have a role and an extra ability, so that using them instantly is better.

Instead, a more secure method you can chose to send your answers by "PM". It protects your privacy. Then I'll reply you only if you found the answer and if you were the first.

Update lightning storm
In anywhere, in any time, a flasf of lightning storm can be happened on any player and kill it. this is actually a case where some narrators are practiced under different names. it has been legalized  in this game. it never hits players whose, have a presence in the game either with their votes on game, secret votes to narrator or talks in table. This is for really passive players. the chance of lighningstorm hitting a passive player on any day is 50% in first day (48 hours), 100% in second day (48 hours). After second day it does not work anymore because numerical conditions become important.

I, the wise; a human immortal; treats everyone equally, Who is the teller of this story; has good relations with all parties , penguins, people and UNF agents, as well as entities in the external world. Therefore, all events will be conveyed to you in a neutral manner.

PS: Changed rules are marked blue.
PS2: Anticheater mode activated: Werepenguins and UNF agents will got an extra PM show their same roles but villager alignment. Deron Rabinozes will got an extra PM shows him being a role randomly chosed and villager.

Good luck and have fun.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Danger of TFES Demons
« on: February 26, 2019, 05:47:20 AM »
Our company, which is devoted itself to charity, is being targeted by the infidel group named tfes, who has been trying to divide us from the inside.

Evil TFES team, which carries out their project, tries to take the critical points by introducing its agents into it; on the other hand, it aims to bring its own supporters to the forefront by targeting the reputation of our esteemed members. In one hand, they are forwarding their treacherously plans to divide us; on the other hand they are trying to get maximum knowledge about us. We don't know exactly what they are aiming for. they probably work for an external organization. or they do it only as infidelity and evil. they are not in any way flat world believers. they are not even believing to anything. it is not clear what they are. their sole purpose is to cause maximum harm to the world. Their only aim is doing more evilness.

On behalf of humanity, I believe that the evil structuring called tfes should be stopped completely. I believe there are real believers who will stop these demons. I don't know where they are. but I believe that they are somewhere there.

This is about society, and this is society subforum.

Best regards.

The Lounge / WPN XII Agarthanians - SIGN UP PAGE
« on: February 24, 2019, 09:59:48 PM »

>>>>>     Rules, gameplay and scenario are : HERE     <<<<<

Since people have got fun of last version of werepenguin, we'll use similar formation of roles as game format.

In this version, there is some innovations don't change the last format of werepenguin. Because it seemed as well balanced.

We'll use "role of rabinoz" in this version, instead of wildcard. You know, rabinoz, wildcard? You get this? His full name is Deron Rabinozes.

Penguins are penguins again, as main format. UNF (United National Forces) agents came instead of NASA.

There will be puzzles (one puzzle for each day, ie 48 hours) give players number prizes valid at most one day. It will be either a role in game or an ability, but valid for one day. For example, you have gained the ability of bodyguard during one day. So you can guard a person at same day or night. But after a day, it ends.

Players have a chance to send answers of puzzle by PM. This issue is explained in game rule page.

A post in this thread meanwhile means "You are in". You can't take back your decision and whether your post means "I am not in" or "I am in" means your being in.

On boat

Jura Glenlivet II
Colonel Gaydafi

Rules, gameplay and scenario are : HERE

Signups end at March 3, Sunday GMT 21:00
Game starts at March 4, Monday GMT 21:00
Day/night times start/end always GMT 21:00
GMT: here:
Time Counter of Sign ups end : HERE
Time Counter of Game starts : HERE

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