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Flat Earth Q&A / Gravity does exist
« on: June 15, 2008, 08:22:34 AM »
Please explain to me the logic in believe the world is flat, when we can see other planets that are round and have orbiting sattelites aka moons, orbiting moons = gravity. Why would earth have to be different to be flat? When we know that other planets have dust or ice that is resting on the the planet. GRAVITY GRAVITY GRAVITY.

Jupiters red eye is a massive dust storm, how the hell would a dust storm stay on there, i mean, the planet is ROUND so that would mean everything should falling off if we apply flat earth idea.

Flat Earth Q&A / conspiracies????
« on: June 13, 2008, 06:13:22 PM »
I'm sorry to say that the logic in the photos being fake as a conspiracy to make money, doesn't work with me.

For those who doen't know, in the bible it say the earth is flat.

"after this, I saw four angels stationed at the four corners of the earth holding back the four winds"

(Jeremiah 51:16).” We shall return to the ends of the earth.

So, explain to me why America (Nasa) would fake this... When 79.8% of america are chrisitans.... In fact the Christian Catholic Apostolic Church, took up Samuel Rowbotham ideas, to back up their religious claims.

Esenhower who was around when the first sattelites where sent up, was a chrisitian, he was the reason the american dollar has "In god we trust on it" .

So why the hell would this evidence that would very much aid Christian in proving they are right...Be faked?

And please explain to me why all other planets and their moons, and stars are spheres, yet the earth, amazingly made a perfectly flat cloud to form from, isn't round (wow earth is one hell of an anomaly!)...I mean I KNOW the moon is a sphere because i can see it! Or are you going to say that in the 1960s, not only could fake a sphere earth, but they also had the power to make a photoshop 1000000000 that can make optical allusion in peoples eyes. Please explain why every thing else is and suddenly earth formed a completely different way. I should have said that, you might beleive that as a conspiracy.... Anything that damages your ideology MUST BE CONSPIRACY, well thats what you FAQ pretty much says! Hundreds of pilots lying to us about the distance of journeys? Get real.

On that note, I have family in newzealand, and i live in england, and i've flown from england, stopped at america (so planes have to refuel), got to newzealand and, when i came back we went via malaysia, (the opposite direction), (we had to stop there for refueling). i saw no end of the earth, and the plane did not fall into nothingness.

Also if we are lifting at 1g...why doesn't all gas fall off the sides? it won't just hover above us... Or are why are hovering clouds in the sky. Or if the gas isn't falling of the sides and the ice wall is THAT HUGE that it can keep all the gas in... then doesn't that mean that all gas is pushed to the floor and that means if i get on a tall enough ladder there would be no oxegen, and i'd die? There would be no ozone layer either as we would be speeding into it so IOW, we should all be dead or atleast heavily sunburnt lol.

You seem to have to rely on constant conspiracy theories to back up your claims, it comes across VERY weak. I mean imagine I lost my wallet walking down the street going to the shops, for a magazine. I come to the counter to pay for it and i release it have no wallet in my pocket. Do you think i would say OMG CONSPIRACY: THERE ARE INVISABLE MEN THAT WANTED TO TAKE MY WALLET SO I COULDN'T BUY A MAGAZINE, BECAUSE IF I OPENED THIS MAGAZINE IT WILL KILL ALL OF THEM BECAUSE IN THIS MAGAZINE HAS AN INVISIBLE SUBSTANCE IN THE PAGES THAT WILL BE RELEASED AND KILL THEM etc. When rationally and logically there is more chance, it fell out by pocket or it was stolen. Then, I went up to one of my friends and told them the conspiracy i created, without any practical evidence, they would think I'm crazy...or i was lying. Thats what you guys sound like, when you use these crazy conspiracies. I don't see any conspiracies on here that hold much water (don't make an ice wall of of conspiracies haha jks), or logic . We're talking science not creative writing.

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