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Finally there is vindication!!!

The image taken on Sept. 27, 2008 by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) shows a solar disk...

All we needed was better equipment:

Quote from: Dean Pesnell of the Goddard Space Flight Center
Right now we have the best instrumentation in history looking at the sun. There is a whole fleet of spacecraft devoted to solar physics--SOHO, Hinode, ACE, STEREO and others.

If somebody involved with NASA is willing and able to report this immense discovery in the news is it possible that the conspiracy hypothesis is wrong? What else could explain phenomena like photos of the earth? Could they just be odd optical illusions?

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center (2008, October 7). Spotless Sun: Blankest Year Of The Space Age. ScienceDaily. Retrieved October 7, 2008, from

Flat Earth Q&A / What happened in February 2007?!
« on: September 23, 2008, 06:41:45 AM »
If you look at how many members have registered on this forum, right up until February 2007 it looked like this site was set to take over the interwebs. The growth was more exponential and now it's almost linear...

What the hell happened in February 2007?! I noticed that Dead Kangaroo and Raist joined then, was there anybody else?

The Lounge / Stevens Power Law
« on: September 19, 2008, 03:44:19 AM »

Can somebody explain it to me? My maths isn't the best.


The relation between the perceived and the actual deceleration level fitted to Stevens' power law very well (r2 = .997), having the exponent of .648.

How would I plug in the numbers from the quoted text to work out what the perceived decelerations would be?

Rules are simple, copy the last number posted and place another digit 9 at the end. See if zero point a finite number of nines ever equals one. In other words we will see if zero point a finite number of nines ever equals zero point a infinite number of nines.



Could a mod please move this into "Everything Else" or "Complete Nonsense"

The Lounge / New Avatar + Sig Space Available
« on: August 30, 2008, 03:10:00 PM »
I need some help selecting my new avatar. Below I've included a few ideas, please let me know you what you think or post some suggestions of your own.

Also, if you've got a high opinion of yourself and think you've said something that's sig worthy let me know and I'll chuck it in my sig.

The Lounge / Photo Orbs
« on: August 26, 2008, 04:15:44 AM »
So what do people believe?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / The truth about the Spirit World
« on: August 12, 2008, 10:37:30 AM »
Most of what happens in material life is shaped by the spirit world. There are many different groups in the spirit world based on histories, moral states and degree of spirit powers. It's the average of all those influences which determines everything in material life.

Influences from the spirit world are the basis of a large amount of fraud in physics. Normally, there are methods of verification in science. But physics seems to be different. The abstractness seems to be conducive to breaking all of the rules that normally apply to science.

Atheists, including most scientists, say there needs to be evidence or proof of the spirit world before they consider the subject. There is any amount of proof, and they defy it, while they contrive and claim someone else needs to do the proving.
Proof 1 — Humanoid Image

A very simple proof is a humanoid photograph which I show on the page called Art that proves. Denying that it is a humanoid figure is willful fraud.

Proof 2 — Brain Chemistry

The amount of contriving by atheists gets extreme when they claim molecules in the brain think. The molecules in the brain have been analyzed down to parts per trillion, and they all have functions unrelated to thought. To claim the most complex function known can be performed by molecules which cannot be located is deliberate fraud. It's nothing resembling science.

Proof 3 — Near Death Experiences

A major source of information about the spirit world is "near death experiences." Large numbers of persons throughout history have describe the same complex realities, which would not be possible without a basis in objective truth. It is of the nature of such objective realities that there are an infinite number of consistent relationships to surrounding realities, which never occurs with false realities.

Proof 4 — Crop Circles

Another major source of evidence for the spirit world is "crop circles." (External Photo Page) Hundreds of them are created each year. Many of them are so complex and precise that they could not be created by any technology. The amount of time involved in creating them can often be verified to be less than a few hours or minutes. The patterns often include numerous stems along side each other but bent in different directions while contributing to precise details of the image. Only spirit force can create such effects. No technology will ever have such capabilities. Claiming extraterrestrial beings could have such technology is as farcical as Alice in Wonderland. Extraterrestrials are not going to defy laws of physics; and they could not defy all other evidence of their existence. But evil spirits play those games to impress humans and corrupt their realities.

Proof 5 — UFOs

Very closely related are UFOs. Images and lights flash around in the sky without a rhyme or reason or any other evidence of their existence. The acceleration forces acting on matter moving that way would totally destroy real objects. Evil spirits create such images to make themselves gods over the realities of humans and screw up the minds of gullible persons.

Proof 6 — Alien Abductions

Another related phenomenon which is much more informative is "alien abductions." (External Link) Such experiences have been occurring in various forms throughout human history. The imagery varies as the social realities change. A century ago, the supposed aliens showed up in wooden boats in the sky and threw anchors to the ground. That concept is not credible anymore, so the vessels changed to flying saucers. The abducted persons ascend up to the saucers through the ceilings and walls of their houses. No technology will ever move matter through matter. But in this case, there is no physical evidence afterwards, unlike crop circles, so the atheists claim the phenomenon is nothing but a biochemical imbalance in the brain creating illusions.

Alien abductions are much like dreams, except there is a little more awareness involved and the victims move spiritually out of their bodies more thoroughly. In dreams and alien abductions, illusions in the brain cannot be the cause, because most of the realities have never been in the victims mind before. Evil spirits create such realities for their purposes, which are to molest and degrade humans.

Proof 7 — Exorcisms

Another major source of information about evil spirits is exorcisms. The demons have to be talked out of the victim's body. In the process, they describe their world in much detail. Naysayers again claim there is nothing to it but illusions. However, the demons have much knowledge and abilities which the victims do not have.

Higher Spiritual States

There are any number of origins and backgrounds for higher spiritual states. A few categories are clearly defined. Others blend together in the evidence that is visible.

The truth on this subject is countered with atheistic materialism, which is mostly disinformation for concealing spirit powers and corruptions. Claiming that molecules think is the official reality of science and the professions, while most professionals have spirit powers and know that molecules do not think.

There is a Time-Life book on the mind which consults all of the highest experts on the subject. From cover to cover, the claim is that the mind is the brain, and there is no indication that anyone thinks otherwise. Yet most persons claim to have religious values. There are no religions which are not based on people being spiritual beings rather than molecules.


The basic source of higher spiritual states is heterogeneous spirit substance. When two types of awareness substance are combined, they form heterogeneous awareness substance. It perceives an infinite number of realities simultaneously. The result is perception over a wide expanse of time and the ability to perceive forward and backward in time.

What can be perceived can be influenced to some extent. Therefore, heteros have some ability to influence molecular motion.

Humans acquire heterogeneity in a variety of ways. The simplest is meditation procedures such as enlightenment religions use. It allows the free awareness substance of the mind to combine with the subconscious spirit substance to create heterogeneous awareness substance.

It is not always successful, because forces in minds prevent the substances from mixing. The primary cause of forces in minds is sin. Unfortunately, the promoters of enlightenment religions only give slight concern to morality. By contrast, Christianity and Islam are concerned only with morality, and the rest is left up to God.

Spirit Cannibals

Evil spirits acquire heterogeneity by stealing awareness substance from other persons. By repeatedly and aggressively stealing spirit substance they can acquire more power than anyone else. They become extremely evil by using sin to subdue the victims. It's analogous to depraved psychopaths stealing nuclear weapons, except that the spirit cannibals can control all matter and motion instead of just creating explosions. Being total cowards, they victimize the most vulnerable persons. Persons who are well off are generally left alone, and they don't see what is happening.

The original spirit cannibals took control of the universe before material life began, which would be something like five or ten billion years ago. There are more recent spirit cannibals including spirits created by the original spirit cannibals, and there are different spirit cannibals for some strange reason.


When spirit cannibalism began—say 10 billion years ago—the most aggressive spirit cannibal took control of power, and he is called satan. (He despises ordered existence, so I don't capitalize his name.) He divided most, or all, spiritual beings into two groups. One he tormented in a pit while drinking their blood (stealing their spirit substance). The other group he coerced into cooperating with him. Satan still uses this method of control: He destroys some persons as totally as possible to use as an intimidating force to control the others.

The human society is satan's abyss moved onto dry land. Material life adds physical laws to life. To cope with physical laws, ordered existence is necessary. Ordered existence creates obstacles to the arbitrary impositions of power that satan is accustomed to.

Truth is the only force which evil cannot subdue, because it is the size of the universe, and it can only increase and never decrease. All interactions of realities cause truth to increase. So the only realistic thing to do about evil is create truth.


Satan’s power is increasing, as he takes over modern sources of power. His goal is one world government which removes opposing forces from his arbitrary control.

Satan’s influence is manifested as lawlessness, irrationality, destructivity, disease and all forms of human misery. He draws non-spirit cannibals into his schemes, such as population controllers, who are convinced that you have to destroy life to save life. He has the globalists convinced that you have to destroy the sovereignty of nations to grease the gears of the economy. He has a gullible public convinced that greed and selfishness are the answers to their problems, that wars are needed to stop terrorism, and that taking from the needy and giving to the rich protects the economy.

These forces drive frauds such as global warming. The science of global warming is ignored, because ulterior motives drive the subject. The promoters of global warming fraud want energy to be more expensive and transportation less available, and they don’t care how much of the environment or the economy they destroy in the process.

Because of ulterior motives, frauds speak in opposites. They claim that giving trillions of dollars in tax breaks to Wall Street investors is stimulating the economy, while it does the opposite. It takes money out of the hands of the public by not spending it on infrastructure and social needs and pours it down a rat hole. State and local taxes are increased to cope with the resulting problems.

Only $2 billion per year is spent on low income energy assistance, and it is constantly being cut “to reduce deficit spending,” while even the economic stimulus plan is not going to go to the needy, because it is supposedly the rich who create the economy. The same is true of Medicaid, which only pays about half of the cost of medical procedures resulting in hospitals which serve the needy being closed.
News Article on Medicaid Fraud.

These forces allow satan to destroy life and the rationality upon which life depends. He focuses his attack on the lower classes, so the upper classes don’t see the results, but the whole world is being destroyed by the consequences.

Flat Earth Q&A / Flat Earth Theory Wiki
« on: June 20, 2008, 06:02:13 AM »
Anybody who wants to have a go at trying to explain how everything works in the world if the world actually was flat please head over to The Flat Earth Theory Wiki.

The way I see it broadly working is having two basic types of articles: phenomena and hypotheses. Phenomena are things that need explaining (such as seasons, sunsets, etc.) and hypotheses are the solutions. I think it'll work better to have the hypotheses as seperate articles rather than explaining them in the actual phenomenom article as that way various hypotheses can be given for a phenomenom.

I was going to get it up and running a bit better but I can't be assed.

The Lounge / Rejected!
« on: June 13, 2008, 09:30:53 AM »
Lisbon Treaty? Get that shit out of here!

Now begins all the ranting and raving from all the European politicians (who didn't give their people a choice on the matter).

Flat Earth Q&A / Flat Earth Images
« on: June 08, 2008, 03:32:02 PM »
I couldn't find a topic to put flat earth images in so I figured I would start one. I was going to start in the information repository but I couldn't start a new topic. :(

Just because REers can't take a joke:
Code: [Select]

Flat Earth Q&A / Which one?
« on: June 08, 2008, 09:31:31 AM »
So which of the following pictures best represents the flat earth model on an equinox?

Picture 1:

Picture 2:

The Lounge / Probability Question
« on: June 04, 2008, 08:49:53 AM »
Is there a formula that you can use to work out the probability of flipping r heads in a row when you flip a coin t times?

For example if I wanted to know the probability of getting 2 heads in a row when I flip a coin twice it is 25%, whereas if I flip the coin 3 times (and still only want 2 heads in a row) then the probability is 38% (i think).

If somebody knows how to work this out could they also break down what the formula means.


Technology, Science & Alt Science / Proofs of Homeopathy
« on: May 22, 2008, 05:28:34 AM »
Taken from the Dublin Metro, 22 May 2008:
Homeopathy does work. My five-year-old daughter has been taking steroid inhalers for two and a half years and it was only when I took her to a doctor of natural medicine he discovered she has a leaky gut. My daughter was put on a strict diet in order to heal the gut, was given tailored homeopathic remedies and is now asthma free.


That made me laugh so hard I thought I'd share it and see if anybody else has come across some amazing 'proofs' of homeopathy.

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