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Flat Earth General / Re: 150ft Ice Wall Edge
« on: August 27, 2018, 01:35:13 PM »
Supposedly this 150 ft ice way is on the coast of Antarctica (that's what it says on the link), but I know for a fact that this ice wall does NOT run all around Antarctica.  There are ocean liners that circumnavigate Antarctica (around December each year) and they have daily stops when passengers can go ashore and annoy the penguins.  The penguins, incidentally, are able to dive into the ocean water for food and then leap back up to the land - so it isn't 150 ft above the water.

And the fact that Antarctica can be circumnavigated by these ocean liners (in a few weeks at a leisurely speed) shows that Antarctica, with or without ice, is not surrounding the rim of the earth.

The notion of the Round Earth (RE) has been accepted by educated Europeans (and probably also Asians and others) since before the Crusades, certainly well before Columbus.  Yet the FEs try to insist that talk of a RE is all a hoax perpetrated by the governments of the all the world's countries, acting in collusion.  It is past time we asked how sensible that story is.

The usual FE story is the government is lying to us about the shape of the earth and the motion of the planets.  But why?  Why were schools promoting the notion of a RE back in the 13th century when Dante was writing his Divine Comedy? Was it to get our money?  Surely the governments have other and better ways to get our money (war seems to be very effective).  The Fes blame NASA and accuse its scientists of committing fraud by lying about the shape of the earth - but NASA didn't exist until 1958, and scientists are supposed to be dedicated to finding out FACTS; why would Congress have created an agency for the sole purpose of lying about the shape of this planet? Especially why would Congressmen have set up NASA people to get money for this when the Congressmen would logically be expected to directed the money to themselves?  How is it that EVERY country, even our enemies, even when at war with us, never revealed that the earth was flat.  Surely we know scientists and teachers who tell us the earth is round - and there is clear evidence that they are not getting any extra money from anybody.

What would be the effect of telling everyone that the earth is flat (if it really is flat)?  Right away world maps would be enormously simpler.  Entirely new industries and sciences would be developing to explore and exploit whatever lies beyond The Edge - the sides of the earth, which may have entirely different natural histories, natural resources, perhaps even different animals and sentient creatures. Knowing more accurately the configuration of the earth would make it possible to make transportion and communications more efficient.

All in all, the story that the governments are lying to us doesn't hold water, doesn't fit with history and doesn't fit with logic. 

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