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The Lounge / What'd you guys think of the SpaceX launch today?
« on: May 30, 2020, 02:11:49 PM »
Did anyone watch it?

Curious what people here thought about the whole thing.

Flat Earth General / Has There Ever Been a RE v FE Debate?
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:55:04 PM »
I'm searching for any live debate about FE. I can't find any. I know there are a few on YouTube that happen over podcast or over the phone, but they usually suck because it's between two people who know nothing about math or physics (like Jeranism) and they often leave issues open because they can't prove anything one way or another. So I'm wondering if anyone has ever debated a flat-earther in person (I'm picturing a debate like the one between Bill Nye and Ken Ham; a lot of people were interested in that one).

If there hasn't been one, why not? I'd bet any RE scientist would be willing to debate a FE scientist.

And if there hasn't been one, why hasn't the FE community tried to coordinate one? Like the Nye v Ham debate, it would generate a lot of interest and would be a good way for the FE to can more traction.

So Jeff Bezos says Amazon is planning to launch more that 3,000 satellites that will operate in low earth orbit to provide internet to the world. In the view of flat earth theorists, is Amazon aware of the fact that the earth is not a sphere and Amazon is part of the conspiracy? Or is Amazon unaware and will find out eventually that the earth is flat when their rockets hit the dome or disappear, or whatever?

SpaceX also says it's planning to launch over 4,000 satellites in the future to offer the same thing.

How do you (flat earthers) interpret these stories or claims by these companies? Are they lying? Are they naive? Why would private companies invest billions and billions into something that won't bring them an ROI, where they would have to dupe thousands and thousands of people working for them in order to pull off?

If Amazon is successful in providing earth-wide broadband internet, are we to believe that they are actually not using satellites as they claim, but instead are using towers like cell phone signals and other wireless internet providers?

I am not trolling. I am legit asking how a person with the flat earth worldview processes these stories, because it is interesting to me.


Project Kuiper:


Either they are lying or they severely miscalculated the distance traveled. Right?

Flat Earth General / Why does this seem like a "new" movement?
« on: November 25, 2015, 09:48:35 PM »
I've read the history of the Flat Earth Society. I understand this idea/belief of the earth being flat is not new. Still...

Why does this flat earth movement seem to have gained significant attention only recently?

I was introduced to flat earth theory (FET) maybe four weeks ago and it immediately sparked my interest in learning more. I'm not a "flat earther" (I'm probably still a "round earther" if I had to chose), but I'm still open to the idea of the earth "not being a globe". When I started doing some research - first stops: Google and YouTube - I noticed that almost all the videos, articles, etc. about FET are very recent (most are newer than 2014).

Here are some the YouTube channels responsible for some of the most-popular videos concerning FET, and the upload date of their first FET video.

Eric Dubay - The Flat Earth Conspiracy - Nov 14, 2014.
markksargent - FLAT EARTH Clues Introduction - Feb 10, 2015.
Rob Skiba - 17 TFR Revolutionary Radio Project - Apr 17, 2015.
DITRH - Flat Earth weather map - May 30, 2015.
jeranism - The Dogmatic Globe Defenders - Oct 16, 2015.
TheNASAchannel - 1ST FLAT EARTH VIDEO 2011 - Mar 31, 2011 (oldest one I could find).

If you do a YouTube or Google search of anything related to flat earth, you'll see all the search results are very recent. Just curious if there's a reason it appears this way. Thanks.

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