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Flat Earth Debate / The sun and north star positions
« on: April 19, 2008, 06:45:59 AM »
I posted this in another thread (well, most of it), but I wanted to make a new topic about it. Here is a picture I made (in paint) that shows the positions of the sun and Polaris (the north star, for those who don't know). During an equinox, the sun is directly overhead at the equator, shown here:

As you can see in the picture showing the position of the sun, it makes perfect sense that the Earth is round. The position (in degrees) of the sun in the sky during an equinox is equal to 90-your latitude. On the round earth, all the arrows pointing to where the sun should be point in the same direction. That means that the sun is extremely far away in the direction. But look at the flat earth. The angles the sun is at (compared to the ground) are the same as on the round earth. But look at where they point. With those 5 latitude positions, there are 10 places that the sun is at once, 4 of them being on the ground. How is that possible? Answer: It isn't.

Now look at the position of Polaris. As most of you (hopefully) know, Polaris hardly moves in the sky (.7 degrees off of the center of the earths axis according to Wikipedia). Its altitude (in degrees) in the sky at all times is equal to the latitude that you are at. So near the equator (0 degrees latitude) it is near the ground. At the north pole (90 degrees latitude) it is directly overhead. On the round earth, the arrows point in the same direction. That means that Polaris is extremely far away from us in that direction. Now look at the flat earth picture. Hmm... It seems that Polaris is at the north pole. How is that possible? Answer: Again, it isn't.

So there's proof that the earth must be round. I have even checked to see that my latitude (about 42 degrees north) is equal to the altitude of Polaris, and it is. You would be stupid to think that my information is wrong, because most likely millions of people have figured out the position of the sun during an equinox and the position of Polaris (and don't say that they are all in on the 'conspiracy', because that's impossible).

Still don't believe me? Here's another picture I made. It shows the distance from the sun to the earth if the earth was flat. As you can clearly see, the distance from the sun to the equator during an equinox is different depending on your latitude. Again, I ask: How is this possible? Again I answer: It isn't.

Flat Earth Q&A / Ether in space?
« on: April 11, 2008, 04:07:16 AM »
I couldn't find it here (didn't look very much) but on a different flat earth website, it says that they proved there was ether in space (what is ether anyway?) and that that is the reason why Earth wouldn't be able to move. This is what they said...

But how could the Earth continue to move at the same speed for as long a time as the "round Earthers" say that it has existed for; namely, several billion years. If outer space were a vacuum, then there would be no problem. But space is not a vacuum, it is instead filled with ether. The earth would have to have been pushing its way through the ether for all those billions of years.

What I don't understand then, is that if space were filled with ether, then how do the sun, moon, and all the stars and planets maintain their constant speeds? And also, don't flat earthers believe that gravity is just due to the earth moving up at a constant speed? How would it maintain that speed?

Not only that, but if the earth is moving up at that speed, that means that everything on Earth is, too. If that were the case, if I were to jump, I would now be going faster than the earth. So how would I get pulled back down? There would be nothing to slow me down at all.

And what's with all this conspiracy thing? How do you know that there's a conspiracy? Why would every government try to tell people that the earth is round when they know its flat (according to you). What would be the point in lying to everyone? None of it makes any sense at all...

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