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Flat Earth Q&A / What is the Society's Current Goal?
« on: March 11, 2013, 03:29:26 PM »
What strategies is the Society using to promote Flat Earth Theory?

Are there any Flat Earthers engaged in any special projects to prove Flat Earth Theory? Drilling a hole through the Earth would be cool, but understandably impractical. An expedition to the Ice Wall, on the other hand, would be difficult, but certainly doable. Gathering funds to put a handful of more dedicated members on a ship with some supplies and tools shouldn't be too hard. Maybe they could even take pictures of the edge of the world. If nothing else, it'd be a great promotional tool.

What about experiments or scientific papers? Some hard evidence would be invaluable in the fight against the Round Earth.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Is the Truth Knowable?
« on: March 07, 2013, 07:59:25 PM »
The philospher Rene Descartes once proposed that if there was an extremely powerful entity, such as a demon with supernatural powers or mad scientist with advanced technology, then he could fool us into believing anything. You couldn't even trust your own eyes, because he could project illusions in front of you. In fact, the universe itself could be an illusion. You might just be a brain sitting in a jar that that's just imagining this universe.

After floating around this forum, I've seen a lot of talk of conspiracies. Apparently, there's some kind of government agency with massive resources that's tricking the planet into believing that the Earth is round. I can create a model of the universe that will explain any phenomena I experience. So-called "experts" could dispute it, but ultimately there's no way to tell whether evidence is real or fake, or whether "experts" are just paid shills for some conspiracy. Let me give you an example.

Maybe instead of gravity or upward momentum, objects appear to fall because they are pushed down by angels. The reason you can't see them is that they exist in a dimension that borders our own. They exist I know they're there because I can feel them. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of movement out of the corner of your eye, or feel something brush against you, or hear a voice when there's no one there. The treacherous government would have you believe in things like "optical illusions," but that's a lie. Those phenomena are the angels that are moving in places where the veil between dimensions are thinner than elsewhere, so you can perceive them for brief moments.

So, gravity is a lie, but so is upward momentum. The Flat Earth Society is a conspiracy created to fool people who see through Round Earth Theory because they don't want people to realize that the Angel Theory is the truth. The Flat Earthers are paid shills for the NWO who attract people who are disillusioned with the Round Earth conspiracy, but instead of truth, they just push more lies and propaganda.

The whole reason for lying about physics and cosmology is doing this is because America is the only country in existence. It's just America surrounded by endless ocean. People claiming to be from other parts of the world are either paid actors or brainwashed by NWO mind control chips. If I get on a plane that claims it's going to China, I'm really being taken to a special area located in Wyoming that's been made up to look like China. "Other nations" are just a made up excuse for the ruling elite to create false wars and economic disasters to keep the people under control.

I challenge any Flat Earth believer (or should i say Flat Earth conspirator! Yeah, that's right! I'm on to you!) to disprove Angel Theory.

The point I'm making is this: How can we find the truth in a world where anything could be lies and trickery? If there could be conspiracies covering up the truth at every turn, how can you trust what anyone says?

The Lounge / Flat Earth Bronies
« on: March 04, 2013, 07:34:10 PM »
Do any of you guys like My Little Pony? If so, who is best pony? I think it's a pretty good show, although most of its fans seem to be a bit on the neckbearded side.

It would be interesting if there were Flat Earth Bronies because Equestria is implied to be a disc, since Princess Celestia literally raises the sun to cast light on the world.

Flat Earth General / Purpose of the Conspiracy
« on: March 04, 2013, 03:25:42 PM »
There are a lot of conspiracy theories about the government floating around, usually along the lines of "the government is doing something unsavory to get what it wants."

For example, some people believe that the shooting at Sandy Hook was fake. The claim is that the government staged a fake shooting to use as evidence that America needs more gun control, so they could take everyone's guns away.

There's also some who believe that the government was responsible for 9/11 because they wanted an excuse to invade the middle east.

I don't believe either of those ideas, but I at least understand them. Government wants to take guns away, so it stages a shooting. Government wants to invade Iraq, so it fakes an attack to get people riled up. Whether it's true or not, it makes sense.

The Round Earth Conspiracy is a bit more confusing. In order to keep up the ruse, every government on Earth has to be involved in falsifying maps, movies, flight plans, star charts, ect. It's not just the shape of the Earth that's in question either. Practically every field of science must be altered to make the conspiracy seem true, physics, cosmology, and geology to name a few. Entire companies must be created to design spacecraft and other technology that is impossible to create. Magazines, textbooks, entire universities, public transportation, and global trade must be censored. Weather reports based on a round Earth must be created. History would probably need to be censored to some degree as well.

This culminates to a cooperative effort by every government across the world that costs countless billions of dollars and hours of manpower.

And they're doing all this for... What exactly? For evil? Are we all just being trolled? What could they possibly gain from doing all of this? The FAQ says that it was to pretend that America had space-weapons, and that the people orchestrating the conspiracy somehow don't know that they're wrong. They just couldn't figure out why their rockets wouldn't work, so they decided to just start a conspiracy. So does that mean that the government created the Round Earth Conspiracy, and then NASA tried to design rockets to go into space using the Round Earth Model, but they didn't work, so they just created their own Space Travel Conspiracy to pretend their rockets worked, not realizing that they were victims of an even greater conspiracy? And if everyone in power has to be involved in the Round Earth Conspiracy in order to make it work, then who's going to be fooled by the Space Travel Conspiracy? There isn't a whole lot of information on the conspiracy in the FAQ.

It seems like a big convoluted mess that doesn't benefit anyone.

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