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Flat Earth Debate / Circumnavigate the world.. flat or round
« on: November 06, 2007, 01:09:14 PM »
I ran a search and didn't find anything very descriptive (well not enough that it wasn't just babbling attacks more than explicative) so I am going to pose a question...

If our Earth is truly flat, no matter if it is a circle, square or otherwise, how is it then possible to travel the equator of the earth and end up where you started?

Before anyone answers, I personally know this is possible because of a charity organization I am a part of that does crazy stuff like this to raise money for hunger and disease. I'm not sure of the legal issues with giving out the name of the organization here, but I'm sure many of you may remember the news and such from several years ago.

We traveled by plane, balloon, ship, and car, and finally plane again. We never deviated more than 276miles from equatorial center (by car obviously, and in some areas had to deviate because of certain countries air-space requirements).

How is this possible with a flat Earth? Is the flatness supposedly 2 sided and sort of "dished" on one side, having long, wide, sides to it? I am simply curious and am obviously what you all refer to as a "Round Earther" but respect other's opinions and would like to know the answer to this that puzzles me.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

Please don't ask how many days it took. Many other organizations have done it besides us, and it took varying amount of times depending on modes of travel. Doing so would give out exactly who I was working with at the time and as I said, I haven't run this post by anyone yet, and wouldn't want to overstep my bounds by giving out their name anywhere they might have an issue with. No offense meant but please understand ok? Just make your assumptions from news reports and such and I won't be bound by anything. Thanks.

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