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Philosophy, Religion & Society / Cypriot hacker extradited to the US
« on: July 30, 2020, 08:28:10 AM »
Cyprus recently extradited a 21 year old hacker to the US, where he faces severe charges. He is accused of hacking Ripoff Report (seemingly so that he could delete reports made by users against certain businesses at the request of said businesses) and a few online game hosts and extorting them for money by threatening to make their user bases public. Here is the deal though (I couldn't find all of the info in English, I read it in Greek language sources): the crimes he is accused of happened when he was 14 and 16. He has Asperger's syndrome, he grew up without his dad and was forced to quit high school to make money to sustain himself together with his Filipino mother.

So the question here is, should a kid with Asperger's syndrome who hacked a few websites when he was 14-16 for money, when his family was in a super tough spot, be extradited and tried in a foreign country he has never been in and doesn't have any family in, even after he has been in jail for a long time, just because he caused some financial damage to some websites? He is facing a 20 year sentence in the US. Furthermore it seems pretty impressive to me that he managed to do all those things so early on, he should be given a scholarship, not a prison sentence, he did enough time in jail already...

Lately I've been studying the subject of quantum mechanics foundations and the various interpretations. As you may have heard there are many different interpretations and a lot are very misunderstood, partly due to science popularizers presenting various interpretations as fact, sometimes not making clear the differences between the different interpretations, and also sometimes speaking too metaphorically. One thing I learned which surprised me was that hidden variable theories were never disproven, as some would make you believe. Hidden variable theories are theories which claim that there is no indeterminism, no randomness, there is just additional variables that we cannot see that guide the phenomena. More on that later.

I read an introductory book on the subject and now I am also reading John Stewart Bell's collected papers on the topic. John Stewart Bell was important for the field because he came up with the Bell inequalities which proved hidden variable theories that are both local (meaning no instantaneous interactions at a distance) and deterministic cannot recreate the predictions of quantum mechanics which are backed by experimental data. This is what people who think hidden variable theories are disproven have in mind, except John Stewart Bell was a proponent of a hidden variable theory himself, the Bohm-De Broglie pilot wave theory.

This all started because people realized there were some very odd things about the "official" interpretation of quantum mechanics, the Copenhagen interpretation.

According to the Copenhagen interpretation (which really is more like hand waving the problems away, unless you adhere to positivism in which case it's alright), you can't say what the state of the system is without a measurement. A particle can't be said to have a position if it is not measured. The state of the system is represented by a special function called a wave function. Measuring any quantity can give you a few different results with probabilities determined by the wave function, so the Copenhagen interpretation is probabilistic, it is not deterministic like other physical theories.

Now even though it is not deterministic it doesn't mean you can't make any certain predictions at all. Let's say you measure the position of a particle, and you get the result x. Experiments are supposed to be repeatable, so you want to be sure that if you measure the position again right after and under the same circumstances, you'll get a predictable answer. What happens is that every time you make a measurement on any variable for a given state aka wavefunction (which can be represented by |ψ>) and you get the value x, then the wavefunction "collapses" to a state |x> which will give you the quantity x if you measure it again right after. You can even make longer predictions for states that are susceptible to change in some cases, since you can solve the Schrodinger equation and find the progression of the state over time (this is not always the case), and thus you can know with 100% certainty the value of the variable you measured at any time after you measured it.

But this creates a problem. It implies the measurement has an effect on the physical reality of things, since measurements make the wavefunction collapse. But what is a measurement then and what is so special about it? Where do you draw the line? Does the measurement happen when the particle interacts with the instrument? Does it happen when the reading of the instrument reaches the eyes of the experimenter? Does it happen in his brain? If QM applies to everything, shouldn't the experimenter also be a quantum system? Who is doing the measuring then?

But that's not all. Einstein famously had issues with the dominant view of QM at the time. Many people have been led by popular accounts to believe that he hated QM (which is plain wrong, in fact he played a great role in QM's founding), and also that he was wrong to have doubts (he was wrong about one particular thing as demonstrated by Bell, which is that he hoped there could be a hidden variable theory that would obey "local realism", which pretty much means it would be local and deterministic, but he was 100% justified to have doubts about Copenhagen, at least at the time). Einstein didn't like the Copenhagen picture and he thought it was incomplete. One of his contributions was the EPR (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen) paradox. He explored quantum entanglement. It is possible to create, say, two photons which always have opposite spins (just a quantity which can either be up or down, you don't have to understand what it means). One is up and the other is down. You may not know which photon has which spin, but you know they have opposite spins. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, before you actually measure the spins, they can't be said to have one or the other, and measurements of their spins yield random results. But if you know that one has to be up and the other is down, and you only measure one and you find that it is up, you immediately KNOW the second one is down, without measuring it. So let's say the detector has a 50% to record an up value or a down value. If it has recorded an up value, then the other detector will give you a down value with a 100% chance, instead of the usual 50% chance one would imagine. So somehow the measurement of the spin of one photon magically affects the spin of the other one too. It's a very weird phenomenon and Einstein called it "spooky action at a distance".

For these reasons people started looking further into the subject and there are now numerous competing interpretations. There are thermal interpretations which basically follow the Copenhagen one but explain the measurement problem by saying that a measurement can be considered to happen when an irreversible thermal process has occurred due to the measurement, thus setting it in stone so to speak. There are many worlds interpretations. There are some weird quantum decoherence/consistent histories interpretations that also find some ways to explain the measurement problem but not much more. Then there are hidden variable interpretations, by far the leading one being the Bohmian one, which is deterministic but it rejects locality.

What are some of the opinions or questions people here have on QM? I imagine we're gonna get some pretty weird ones...

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Murder of George Floyd
« on: May 27, 2020, 12:19:54 PM »
I haven't really seen any threads on this subject here so I'm gonna make one. I saw the video. I didn't watch the whole thing because it was too sad and infuriating. It's just crazy to think that a handful of cops just slowly murdered some guy on the sidewalk with people begging them to stop all around them.

Arts & Entertainment / Thanos Mikroutsikos dies at 72
« on: December 29, 2019, 10:21:54 AM »
You probably don't know him but one of the most important Greek musicians died yesterday after a fight with cancer. I was lucky enough to watch his final performance this summer. His performance was attended by his doctor and he was very kind and thanked him for everything he did for him. It was pretty emotional but at the time I didn't know he was that bad, since the performance was overall amazing and you couldn't really tell he was in a bad state. It was really sad to hear about him dying, he was an incredible artist and a great personality too, very kind, humble and respectful of art. No, he's got nothing to do with Marvel Thanos.

Anyways, here's some of his amazing performances. He was primarily a composer (and wrote some of the most classic and important modern Greek songs) and not a performer, but his concerts were still very emotional and beautiful. Enjoy!

This is "7 Dwarves on SS Cyrenia", his adaptation of the poem of the same name by Nikos Kavadias, a poet who wrote primarily about the lives of sailors. Mikroutsikos adapted his entire book into an album called "O Stavros tou Notou" (The Southern Cross), all of which is amazing.

This is the same song in the aforementioned final performance (audio quality is garbage but his performance was definitely the most emotional I have heard):

From the same album, this is "Ena Mahairi" (A Knife). I like how he interrupts the song to explain what the instrument being played is and why the person playing it is one of its best performers:

The lyrics by Kavadias are pretty amazing too:

I always keep tight on my belt
A small African dagger
Like the ones negros use to play
That I bought from a merchant in Algiers

I remember as if it were yesterday the elderly antique dealer
Who looked like an oil painting by Goya
Standing next to long swords and torn up uniforms
Saying in a coarse voice the following words:


This knife that you want to buy
Is wrapped in bizarre tales and legends
And everyone knows that those who used to have it
All of them killed someone close to them

Don Bazilio killed with this Donna Julia
His beautiful wife because she cheated on him
Conte Antonio killed one night his unfortunate brother
With this knife here he murdered him in secret

A negro killed his young mistress out of jealousy
And an Italian sailorman killed a Greek boatswain
It went hand to hand and it ended up in mine
My eyes have seen lots of things but this one gives me fear

Take a look at it, it's got an anchor and a coat of arms on it
Hold it, it's very light, not even a quarter
But I would advise you to buy something else
"How much is it?" "Only seven francs, if you want it you can have it."

I have a small dagger wrapped in my belt
Which I made mine on a whim
And since there is no one in the world I hate to death
I fear that one day I may turn it against myself

This one (also from the same album) is called Armida but usually known as "Captain Jimmy's Pirate Ship", most people in Greece know it because it was a common song we sung in elementary school music classes, although with the lyrics slightly modified since it mentions hashish. The video for some reason credits it to Vassilis Papakonstantinou, which I guess is because he sung in most of the songs in that version of the album, but he doesn't in this one. Kinda weird I guess but here it is:

His most famous song is probably Roza, sung by the late Dimitris Mitropanos, probably the greatest Greek folk singer (the weird moves he does are a legit dance btw, this is a dance song in a way, weird as it may seem):

From the same performance, "Panta Gelastoi" (Αlways Laughing):

This one is "Kakoithes Melanoma" (Malignant Melanoma), dedicated to the great marxist sociologist/political scientist Nikos Poulantzas who had committed suicide shortly before the writing of this song. I wanted to post a live version with an actual video but the sound quality of the ones I found on youtube aren't very good). It's actually an extended version of the actual song, which is only about 5 minutes and starts at about 11:50, but the jazzy/spacey improv at the start is amazing.

Here's a last one, again from Stavros tou Notou, "Kuro Siwo":

There is a petition here to stop it though I don't really think petitions do that much:

Here is more info on what happened:

Idk, do whatever you think could be done, spread it etc. It's super shitty that this sort of stuff falls through the cracks. Free him and arrest the other creep again.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Do any of you know C++?
« on: October 18, 2019, 10:02:34 AM »
Because I'm having a hard time with this annoying language. I know Java and it is pretty similar but some things about C++ is pretty confusing. I just need it because I gotta solve some exercises in a textbook that require C++, so it's nothing complicated, I'm just very confused by pointers and references and what you can return using functions and all that stuff.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Censorship.
« on: August 28, 2019, 02:49:05 PM »
The Trump administration has been a valuable ally in the fight against PC censorship!


It's election day today and for a lot of reasons Golden Dawn support has fallen substantially these last few weeks. Not all results are out, but they are sitting at 2.99% right now. The threshold to enter the Parliament is 3%. It will be a pretty big deal if they are left outside.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Democratic Candidate Debate
« on: June 27, 2019, 05:18:47 AM »
You can see it here:

It starts at around 2:03:00.

Any thoughts? My favorite moment was when Booker visibly lost his shit when he realized Beto also had the dumb idea to do that ridiculous speaking spanish thing.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Elections
« on: May 26, 2019, 02:33:26 AM »
Today are the EU elections in Greece, as well as the local ones. I'm off to vote now, I can't say much, I'm just leaving this here.

The Lounge / Where is everyone?
« on: May 19, 2019, 01:42:46 PM »
Is it just me or does the forum have less activity recently?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Jordan Peterson vs Slavoj Zizek
« on: April 19, 2019, 04:52:44 PM »
Ok, so it's 3 AM here and I'm sitting here and watching this debate, let's see where this goes. I can't explain who Zizek is right now, maybe later. Check it out though, here:

Philosophy, Religion & Society / #GravelGang
« on: April 08, 2019, 02:22:03 PM »
Did you hear about the 88 year old former senator that is apparently being controlled by three 17 year olds who convinced him to run for the democrat nomination just to get on the debate stages and denounce American imperialism? It's the weirdest story in American politics right now, here's some more info:

And here's the campaign ad they made:

It's a reference to his infamous previous ad for his 2008 presidential campaign, which was pretty damn weird:

Also the kids are handling his Twitter too and it's pretty hilarious:

The whole story is weird as fuck and kinda wholesome and it's great.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Socialism Q&A but without angry rants
« on: March 22, 2019, 06:07:29 AM »
Ok, I thought maybe we should have a better thread about socialism, without all the anger. Maybe it would be better if we had a thread that is less about debate and more about just asking and answering questions, since it seems like people have vastly different ideas about what it's about and there is a lot of misinformation. Here you can ask some questions about it and people who feel sympathetic or ascribe to it or whatever can answer.


No further comment required.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / HOLY FICUS TREES ILHAN OMAR IS GOOD
« on: February 13, 2019, 01:07:50 PM »

It's so good to see the tide changing one step at a time. That was brilliant. You need more politicians willing to say this sort of stuff. Actually, not just you. The world does. Remember how your decisions affect other countries, you live in one of the world's superpowers, which means you have various privileges as a country but it also means you have to think more about how what your representatives do affects other countries.

Arts & Entertainment / Oscars 2019
« on: February 09, 2019, 03:31:32 AM »
Have you seen any of the movies nominated? What do you think about them? What do you think about the awards in general?

Also, of course everyone here is team Lanthimos. I don't think he's going to win a lot of stuff though...

The Lounge / Another weird political compass test!
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:00:56 AM »
Remember the political compass? Here's another one:

What I found interesting is that instead of placing you on a chart it tells you which ideologies best and worst match with your results. The questions are sometimes a bit vague though and the results are kind of... weird? But all these tests are pretty dumb usually. According to it I'm a classical marxist anarchofeminist who really hates Reagan:

Not 100% sure what anarchofeminism is but whatever. Also Fourier was kinda crazy.

Anyways, let's see if any of you best matches with Juche!


The book is just the best. It's hilarious that there exist people who actually think that's what young people are like.

Looks like elections are really close. The current government consists of a coalition between Syriza (the Coalition of the Radical Left), which holds 145 out of 300 seats, and ANEL (the Independent Greeks) which holds 7 seats. Syriza is supposed to be a radical leftist party, whereas ANEL are far right populists who believe in chemtrails. If you think this coalition doesn't make any sense, you're right, it doesn't. Now the issue is that ANEL are now departing from the government (or, at least, 2 or 3 of the PMs are, it's still not certain who the hell the other 4 are going to vote for, but it's probably gonna be for the government). So, the day after tomorrow the government is going to ask for a vote of confidence. Since they need at least 151 votes to secure that, they're proooobably not going to get that (although 1 independent PM and 1 PM from another party just agreed to give their vote of confidence, so they might get away with it). If that doesn't happen, elections will have to be held in a while.

So, what led to the departure of ANEL from the government? To answer this question, we simply have to go back to one of the dumbest and most unimportant fucking non issues that have plagued Greek politics for the last 2-3 decades: the Macedonia naming dispute. It makes me so mad that this is still an issue here and honestly I have to let out somewhere.

Here's the deal: our current government has been fucking garbage. They're incredibly incompetent and have said literally nothing but lies. It's actually impressive, even for politicians, how many false promises they made. They have definitely caused damage, however even they did ONE thing right: they made at last an agreement with FYROM to end the silly controversy surrounding their name. Basically what's happening is that they want to be called Macedonian, but idiotic nationalists here are triggered by this because apparently it's an offense to the ancient Greek legacy of Alexander the Great, and if they change their name they're gonna invade us and take over the portion of Greece that is also called Macedonia, because that's how stuff works, I guess. What it really is is a non issue that politicians use to distract the public from more important issues, and to attack their enemies for betraying our national interests. However, our current PM, Alexis Tsipras, managed to strike a deal, the Prespes agreement, which was supposed to settle the issue once and for all. You can read more about it (and the idiotic criticisms against it) here:

What has now happened is that lots of people decided that they don't like it, and that it's a big fucking deal. Polls show 60-75% reject it. Nea Dimokratia (New Democracy, abbreviated ND), our right wing liberal-conservative party, has been obsessing over it in an effort to gather voters who will vote for them to get rid of the agreement, and make sure we're never going to get rid of this ridiculous issue.

ANEL, being the right wing nationalists that they are, now decided that it's gonna hurt them politically if they embrace the agreement, seeing that they'll probably be left out of the parliament if they accept it (they'll probably not enter it anyways, but whatever), so now they're leaving the government. The Prespes agreement is now all they talk about, day and night. I've had enough of this shit. I have no clue why so many people think what people call their country is an issue of any importance compared to the stuff we have to face. Them not being called Macedonian won't get them a job. It won't lower taxes that unfairly target the poor. It won't make our healthcare system good again. It won't make schools better. It won't solve the refugee crisis and the human rights abuses that the refugees are subjected to in camps here. It won't improve the economy. It won't lower our debt. IT WON'T DO SHIT. And yet for some bizarre reason, it's the number 1 priority right now. ND's attacks on the government are 65% Prespes agreement, 35% everything else. The government didn't fail for all the crap it did all these years, it failed because people don't want FYROM to be called Republic of North Macedonia, and their citizens Macedonians. The Golden Dawn neo nazis are on the rise because of this nonsense. ND fucking ACCUSED Tsipras of "exchanging" with the EU the agreement for not being imposed lower pensions (btw that was bullshit, even Merkel called him out on his lie by saying one had nothing to do with the other, but Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the leader of ND, insists). He ACCUSED them of putting real concerns, like pension rates, over made up crap like names. AND PEOPLE ACCEPT THIS SHIT. I am so tired of having to deal with this crap.

But the end result is that this has worked, and ND is on the up and up. I'll give it to Mitsotakis though, all the promises he's made aren't unreasonable, probably because people are really fucking sick of the insane promises Tsipras gave (none of which he kept), so it was wise of him not to make promises he can't realistically keep. Then again, he's hardly made any promises, because all you will hear from him these days has something to do with the Prespes agreement.

So yeah, here's our future prime minister:

Υou can't make this shit up. Not that the previous guy was any better. Everyone sucking seems to be a constant theme in our elections.

The Lounge / Children/teens, nudes and embarrassing videos
« on: November 13, 2018, 06:30:27 AM »
I was reminded of this issue by a thread on reddit in which someone was asking for advice after being blackmailed by someone who got hold of some nudes she sent someone when she was 15. I just wanted to raise awareness about the issue because a lot of the older folks really have no idea about the extent of it, since they didn't grow up with social media, so ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A PARENT OR SOMEONE CLOSE TO YOU IS A PARENT TO A CHILD/TEENAGER PLEASE PAY ATTENTION.

Teens are often tempted to send each other nudes or various really embarrassing videos. What some don't seem to realize occasionally (they realize it later usually) is that their pictures are extremely likely to end up in half the school's smartphones. In fact I'd say it's the most likely outcome. "Hold on Pez", you'll say, "that's old news, I watched this infomercial, everyone knows this by now!". Except no, infomercials and school specials are usually pretty out of touch and they offer inadequate or irrelevant advice, because they're usually made by people who did not grow up with similar issues, and some of them seem to have forgotten even what their youth is like. The issue with these specials and infomercials is that a) almost no one ever addresses the perpetrators, which leads some children to believe it's not that big a deal if they share someone else's nudes with their friends, because after all they're all good people, b) they often seem to emphasize issues such as sending nudes to strangers on the internet, which is a problem that almost NEVER happens (and at any case even teens these days have sense enough to know not to do that, and hearing really obvious advice over and over again is really annoying and turns teens off their message), it's really bad to do that because it makes some people think it's ok to send pics to people they "trust", and c) they also frequently frame it as something which, if it happens, the person who sent those photos will know it happened ("look at this poor girl, her nudes were leaked and now they're posted on Facebook for everyone to see and she's being bullied!"). The reality is that most of the times you'll have no idea it's happened. These pictures are normally disseminated via private chat, not posted for everyone to see, and in fact it often isn't out of intent to harm the person who posted the picture. It's not done with particularly bad intentions so the perpetrators may sometimes be lead to believe it's not really SUCH a bad thing to do.

Seriously though, it's an extremely widespread issue. Some of my friends and classmates in highschool often had nudes of multiple different girls in their phones. Some girl shared a nude with some guy and the guy just felt the urge to share it with his friends. Those friends in turn shared them with others, and soon enough, best case scenario, half the boys in the class had those nudes that were sent to one person. But another mistake is supposing this is something that only happens to girls, which is another pitfall of those specials. I think there still is somewhere in some older facebook messages that were sent to me a photo of a guy from my highschool with his dick hanging out, which was posted in some group chat in order to make fun of him, and another video of a kid from my highschool whom I didn't personally know doing some... weird... masturbation/seizure thing? I don't know how to describe it exactly but it was extremely embarrassing and in retrospect I feel kinda bad that I didn't find him and notify him this video was circulating, but then again I'm not sure if that would have helped at all after it happened, it would probably just make him very depressed knowing it. Girls are also very likely to leak your nudes and embarrassing vids, and your male friends will do it too, you are not safe just because you're a boy, so be careful.

Now the thing is, some people from your highschool getting hold of your pics is pretty bad, but it's not like life altering bad in most cases (in some it is though). A lot of the times nothing will really change, which is why a lot of people don't even know their nudes have been leaked. But the danger doesn't stop there. The pics aren't going anywhere. What happens if in the future someone gets hard pressed for money, and they remember they have a video of you having a masturbation seizure? What happens if they find a bunch of pics of your vagina and boobs from when you were 13; People can and do use these pictures to blackmail others. Point being, PLEASE TEACH YOUR KIDS NOT TO SEND NUDES, TO NOT REQUEST THEM, AND IF THEY ARE ON THE RECEIVING END, TO NOT SEND THEM TO ANYONE, AND IF THEY GOT THEM FROM OTHER PEOPLE, INFORM AN ADULT ABOUT IT. Don't be afraid to talk to them about it, make them trust you and definitely don't shame them if you find out they have sent nudes. Children are often really worried about the reactions of their parents and they're too afraid to report finding out their nudes having been leaked, or having received nudes, which only causes more issues.

The Lounge / Ι have to take a break
« on: October 19, 2018, 12:28:08 PM »
These past two weeks or so things have been kinda crazy and it looks like they will continue to be like that. Not only do I not have enough time because of my schedule being kinda crazy and also considering finding a job and moving out, there are also various family issues that have to be sorted out, including my grandmother having gone fully senile and just causing shitty situation after shitty situation, and on top of that I'm bummed that some of my closest friends moved really far away and I will no longer see them. I'm kinda stressed and kinda pissed at everything and I really don't have it in me to post here for now. Hopefully things are sorted out eventually.

The Lounge / Nobel prize in physics laureate's weird video
« on: October 06, 2018, 01:50:45 AM »
Gerard Mourou won (along with 3 other people) this year's Nobel Prize in Physics. But now people found out about a pretty cringey video he made a few years ago, and some people are saying it's sexist, or inappropriate, or something along those lines:

What do you think?

Arts & Entertainment / Bojack Horseman Season 5
« on: September 19, 2018, 01:33:01 PM »
Did anyone watch the 5th season? What did you think about it?

Arts & Entertainment / Τhe Bible 2.0 courtesy of deep writing AI
« on: September 17, 2018, 01:56:57 AM »
Following the guide here:
I trained an AI to write using the Bible. I thought, since the world is on the brink of being taken over by AI, we should start learning about our new overlords' religious ideas. Here's the result:

altar, and rivers of water of the sin of his mercy endureth round about.
3:22 And if the first tabernacle had The king among the Amorites, and the Hittites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Canaanite, his eldest servants, and the half thereof, according to the scriptures a young lion: that his root shall be a defence.
4:6 And the one eateth it, and saw visions of day before God.
23:16 And the king said unto him, Nay, men.
21:6 And the LORD hath given you Jesus saying, Rise, seeing the LORD, I have given it?
10:9 And I will deliver you among the people for this day, and we will put you into this tabernacle of the heathen, whom thou shalt sing among us. And the king saw the king, and said unto Moses, Ye are come to nought.
9:1 Is there work without power and might; and on the blast of Hezekiah that hated none: because there was none that sitteth on the earth; and he alone hated me: go ye to water between me and exhort and given thee that which I should publish out of the LORD, saith the LORD; and thy master shall be delivered; and we will be her success.
10:3 He that might shew of herself, if the plague be fulfilled.
21:33 The asses that perished shall be burned with the uncircumcised.
16:15 For if a man desire to be worse skilful until the day of a wise man, the strength of lies: also the earth sitteth upon them shall be done with the judgment for death; and to six enemies shall fall; and the daughter of thy trumpet for you, that ye may dwell in the land of Egypt according to the which my song and his mouth said ought that the heaven is ten men wondered and I will tear all the idols of the sea.
21:1 And if these uncircumcised for the memory of our Lord Jesus Christ:
6:15 Who hath despised mine hand into stubble.
41:29 Darts are greatly blind, so drive out to heaven, and now this is the leaven of the multitude that is at Corinth, by the works of the heavens, as the Father hath brought me out.
10:6 Have I receive thy heart without my head, all our hearts shall not be moved.
8:14 Therefore therefore shall I bring them on following the LORD in his anger, and will go to you.
6:4 It is not lawful for you, he saith, I will be ashamed, and ye shall dwell in the land; and the place of Abib, and gird not mine word: but ye shall be he among his brethren, shall there be any thing of: but the damsel is like judgment.
11:34 For my days are two thing is mighty; they are thy brother;
1:35 One Sing unto the LORD: open the herbs of the sun, and whose wilt thou lead thee.
6:14 If there be pestilence, as prayer and dreams, till God will cut off himself; let him fall.
12:5 For it shall not be burdensome to you:
49:38 And God loveth him: for he said, It is now due ye of doubtful city, trust not: for him shall say, Wherefore if there be I any further witnesses?
14:64 Through God the Lord receive thee; this is the Christ?
12:19 Cast thy thousands, and Israel you that go out of darkness, like the iniquity of the place that dwelleth in the midst of Israel?
13:4 And if men say, I trust still in all your consolation and power, but hatred in bread: and when they have sought me: Either riches each one to his acquaintance into men for also of them alike. And he reared up an open man.
13:23 But a gift armed out of the temple, and parted a snare before the LORD with tears, if the king, rejoice, till ye see any to him that made him broughtest from fear.
2:9 Parthians, and ran and pitched in the midst, and walked in the secret of these, that he might rise up for our flock by night, and said, He will so be that day abiding among you, Samson. And Hezekiah spake unto God there in these Israel in the month Abib.
5:7 For after ye were ended. suburbs for the portion for a sin offering unto them.
16:3 And Shimei answered him saying, Let us not be to this people, and have given it, and will awake the sacrifices of this handmaid, and bring up the lamb, so ye shall remove, Hiram his chariots in the river, and all the trees of the house of the LORD.
12:10 Then the king weepeth gods, after their families: and their cities wood and shield and silver, and the spices, as an hin of wine in abundance.
31:11 Then the jubile he made them sport: and they called every where, nor the men of the country of the children of the Amorites, famous four thousand sheep: one of the tribes of Gad, out of the tribe of Manasseh the son of Zebulun, born in the cities, that Solomon built in the temple of the LORD.
24:7 And it came to pass, that the king of Judah slew him, and were come to the sixth hour.
15:34 children, which ruled over them.
106:42 There was there a solemn assembly, that also cried unto the LORD nothing of the LORD God of Judah, and delivered the word out of the east, and told him the centurion, and prayed these that he knew, he saveth him out of the floor, and were clothed from wind, and according to the order of his city.
34:7 And the children of Reuben and the princes of the Zidonians, heard how he did; he went and fell down, and anointed him with the prince unto the people: but the water was higher than this day.
8:62 And the children of Israel forty years reigned he consumed in the graves of the Red sea therewith, and six hundred shekels of time eighteen thousand pieces of gold, twenty years, THE KING OF THE JEWS.
19:34 And Joab the daughter of Potipherah multitude, stood by the other side year; by gladness and stones: there I healed them that are taken away in their hands all the days of the Amorites, which went out of the hall, of Benjamin.
4:3 Now Jeremiah set out the stones of a buryingplace by ointment of sheep.
27:17 Also I saw that Saul was dead, when he came to the brook Besor, where he rejoiced to give to the roof of the Zidonians, insomuch that the LORD had said, Consecrate the prophet which the children of Israel, brethren, go not astray in the paths of them that seek the LORD your covenant, and all the ends of the LORD, they will receive the heart of man.
8:12 The gods of the nations beyond his possession; Behold, they have provoked it to cease, and stand much, so that I am thirty men, whom Solomon will say thus, I told to his gods:
32:39 And the soul believed greatly every morning, but he take off the fenced hands of Succoth.
27:7 And Saul said, According to the truth.
2:22 For that thou shouldest seem mine eyes, saith the LORD; Though ye be fruitful and pain, and Because they have transgressed against the land of Sepharvaim, the son of Pethuel.
1:2 Let her alone; Be ye that make themselves without these, to deliver him from my place, and thou shalt lift up peace, and have given the testimony by my name. And he said, He hath put my hook in thy heart and are divided from my flock, and transgressed your cross.
4:20 When I made, persuaded that he would have done nothing of man.
19:14 There another saint with the king of Arpad, and to the Cherethites, and on the other side Jordan; and they did eat bread in the way of the herd and of the herd: and their wickedness was sold, and him would not divide the oblations of the LORD, which the LORD commanded to followed of thee, and let their garments we rebel in the tabernacle of the holy place, send the silver and their faces by Jerusalem: for the LORD was at the search of the children of Solomon's Jerusalem, and observed gone forth out of the house, like spices, according to the purification of the house of God.
12:23 Then the king brought half upon the hand of Cononiah and Shimei his brother, thither were the two cheeks, and the eloquent woman and beast?
1:32 As troops The earth time to give praise.
57:8 Peter saith unto them, If the foundations thereof were heard in the night; A tree yielding wouldest labour in the midst of you? than the days come, saith the LORD of the prophet Haggai, saying,
1:2 Thus shall I do in the LORD thy God to be your God: ye shall not vex Tyre, and it shall bring it into the new moon, and the times truly would both do yield it: I will raise out darkness in the heavens from from man.
18:5 I have seeing all this city which his commandments, which I have given the congregation of David and his tent.
14:5 Behold, I will shew you an account of the house of Judah.
22:22 And after shall the works of this city be glad, and ye shall not walk by the highways in number; but they shall be brought against it.
10:3 And those shall put them in array against the children of Israel. So the priests did all that were toward their generations; Jehoram was as the morning endureth because of the battle.
7:31 And Solomon said unto Achish, But that whosoever hath wrought with ought of your father; and I will build an altar before this house; or when ye go among you: behold, this day I will have eaten.
11:5 And the famine was stayed.
106:31 And in that time David took certain of the congregation of the LORD; and burnt in store until Hezekiah said, Every one of the children of Israel unto the children of Israel, with his flesh Abraham, which hath gone in remembrance unto his enemies at the mountains;
2:2 And he hath given them none.
33:20 Verily, verily, I say unto you, knoweth that I should shoot down thy spittle?
7:24 I pray thee, bring me not into this ministry. And I will require them with a mighty hand?
12:35 And all the congregation of Israel, in whom he spake.
2:15 Now therefore there stood a man with him, and caused him that was born in his lord's Joshua slain, I gave to his kingdom with untempered morter.

What could this all mean? How do you interpret this? What is the true meaning of "the heaven is ten men", or "the damsel is like judgement" or "he reared up an open man"? Any interpreters around?

Arts & Entertainment / Pezevenk's album discussion/recommendations
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Ok, so I thought I'd make a thread where I post albums that I either listened recently for the first time, or I like very much, or want to discuss for whatever other reason, and hopefully we can have a bit of a discussion about them.

Tom Waits-Rain dogs

I've been listening to Tom Waits for a loooong time (my dad used to put on his CDs pretty frequently when I was little, and I really liked him), but somehow I had missed Rain Dogs, which is, like, his most highly regarded album. I don't know how that happened. I listened to it a while ago and it's probably my favorite album of his now. In case you're somehow unfamiliar with Tom Waits: he's a singer-songwriter who is known for his distinctive gravelly voice and lyrics mostly referring to decadent and seedy characters, influenced by the beat generation. New listeners may be really taken aback by his voice, which sounds like... um... an alcoholic bloodhound throwing a fit, or the cookie monster, or a trolley running down a bumpy hill, or a chain smoking komodo dragon (ok, it's not always like that, sometimes it's almost gentle, but in some songs he cranks up the alcoholic bloodhound factor up to 11). It's pretty awesome actually. If you want to have a taste of what it can sound like, check out the song Big Black Mariah from this album.

Now describing the genre of this album is... really hard. It's... I guess... kinda bluesy or jazzy with elements of americana, but interspersed with weird clangs and fucked up carnival music. It's a bit reminiscent of Captain Beefheart. It may sound like I'm dissing it, but it's pretty great and unique actually. The lyrics are often very humorous and clever, sometimes they're also pretty emotionally affecting. The lyrics in Cemetery Polka are particularly hilarious.

Most of the songs are pretty great, my favorites being Singapore, Clap Hands, Cemetery Polka, Gun Street Girl, Time, Jockey Full of Bourbon and... Idk, it's pretty hard, they're all pretty consistent in quality, but there are a couple of instrumentals like Midtown that fit the album but they're not really great in their own. My only complaints is that there are a couple of Bruce Springsteen-ish ballads that are a bit cheesy and dated and I don't really like them, like Downtown Train. It would be pretty close to perfect if these songs weren't there. It generally flows very well and feels purposeful and atmospheric.

Give it a listen and tell me what you think!

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Rojava
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So there's a region in northern Syria that revolted against Assad in 2011 and gained autonomy, establishing a secular Kurdish democracy. It's commonly known as Rojava, the official name being Democratic Federation of North Syria. What's interesting about it is its system. It's a form of libertarian socialism inspired by Ocalan, utilising direct democracy to a great extent, and values tolerance and diversity. This is evidenced by the fact that multiple different ethnic and religious groups live in the area with equal rights and free of persecution, such as Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens and Asyrians, Muslims, atheists, Orthodox and Catholic Christians. Additionally, they have made great efforts to bring gender equality to an extent unique to the area. Their stated goal is to create a federalized Syria that follows their model. I urge you to research the subject a bit more for yourselves.

What are your thoughts? Keep in mind that I only recently learned about the situation and I don't know much about it, so I'm interested in people's opinions and whether I'm missing something important.

You can find the rules in the other thread. The majority ruled in favor of the idiot, so we're having an idiot in this game too.

Son of Orospu
Colonel Gaydafi
Roundy the Truthinessist

The flat earthers are not ones to waste their time. Once they step foot on Delos they immediately start setting up their tents on a plateau close to the ruins of the Temple of the Delians, the temple dedicated to Apollo. Surely it's no coincidence that the fake space agency NASA named the mission whose supposed target was to reach the Moon after this particular Greek god? It's a matter worthy of investigation. After all is set up, it's time for some relaxation. Boydster, Bullwinkle, Colonel Gaydafi and Jura all go for a swim. Jane, DuckDodgers, Deadsirius and NotSoSkeptical and Shifter decide to take a walk and admire the ancient ruins. The rest stay behind, light a fire and start cooking s'mores.

As Jane is studying a boustrophedon inscription, DuckDodgers is looking at a sculpture of a rod believed to have been part of a statue dedicated to Asclepius and NotSoSkeptical is distracted by a sculpture of a dick, Shifter notices that Deadsirius seems troubled at something in the distance.
"What's wrong mate?" Shifter asks.
"A storm is coming. A big storm. It... it looks like a penguinado..."
"Are you serious right now?"
"Dead serious."

Before he can finish his sentence, a rabbid zombie werepenguin is flung right next to Shifter. Panic prevails. Everyone starts running to different directions. NotSoSkeptical climbs up the giant dick hoping penguins are afraid of dicks. Shifter runs to the hills. Deadsirius finds refuge inside a temple. He's safe from the wind there, but if the penguins find him, there's no way out. As the gusts of wind get stronger, DuckDodgers hangs onto the rod, flinging around like a human flag as a vortex of penguins is being flung all around him. Jane tries to do the same, but she grabs onto the column of a temple. She did not think this through. The column is broken in half and she is flown right into the vortex.

Back at the beach, our heroes are taken by surprise. Gaydafi and Jura don't have enough time to get out of the sea. Jura is sucked right into the tornado, but Gaydafi manages to get on top of a tiny island. She quickly realizes however that the island is surrounded by dangerous penguins hungry for human flesh. They start climbing on the island. It seems like all is lost...

Boydster and Bullwinkle are able to get out of the sea and into a cave. Soon they realize however that the cave could become a death trap if penguins find it, since there doesn't seem to be a way out. Boydster starts looking for a secret passage, while Bullwinkle hopes penguins are like the T-Rexes in Jurassic Park and only attack if you move.

The ones who stayed at the camp think they're safe at first. They get inside the tents and hope they will be adequately protected from the elements, assuming it's a regular storm. Not only that, but Crouton's and Roundy's tents turn out to be improperly set up, and they take off, taking their owners with them. Son of Orospu's tent is the only one that stays put, however he soon realizes 7 werepenguins have surrounded the campsite...


The next day the storm has left the area and it has taken the zombie penguins with it. Miraculously all of them have survived. Each one of them has an unlikely story. Jane, though sucked into the vortex, somehow made it out without getting bitten, and was launched into the sea. Jura has a similar story. They both claim to have been able to swim to the shore, despite the waves. Duckdodgers claims he managed to hang on to the rod for the entire duration of the storm and made it out unscathed. Deadsirius says the penguins never found his hiding place. NotSoSkeptical says the penguins felt intimidated by the massive phallus and opted to go after easier targets. Shifter claims he managed to outrun the penguins, being in peak physical condition thanks to his excellent diet. Crouton and Roundy both claim they managed to use their tents as gliders to glide safely back to the surface. Son of Orospu fought the 7 penguins using s'mores. A lightning hit the island on which Colonel Gaydafi found refuge, setting all the penguins attacking her ablaze, but miraculously leaving her unharmed, except for her hair, which unfortunately caught on fire. Boydster made it out of the cave and hid in a different one that was not as easily accessible by penguins. The penguins found Bullwinkle, but as it turns out, they really are a bit like the T-Rexes in Jurrassic Park. He stayed perfectly still and was not attacked.

The flat earthers don't know what to think. None of the stories are likely. Did they really all escape without a bite? Or is someone lying? They hold a seance to summon the spirit of Rowbotham to ask for guidance. The spirit can say nothing more than "2". They know what this means. 2 people are lying. They have been bitten and infected, and are now planning to eat them all. But who are they?


The flat earthers did it again, they managed to defeat the zombie werepenguins in the Orkneys. Maybe they should all take a well deserved holiday somewhere sunny and nice... But no, the quest for the truth leaves no margins for tourism and vacations. Maybe if the two could be combined...

Then they remember, they recently found a manuscript by Rowbotham investigating the origins of the globe conspiracy. According to him, they can be traced back to ancient Greece. Ancient Greeks are said to have believed the Earth to be a sphere, but were they really that ignorant? Rowbotham thinks that no, they weren't ignorant, they were liars. According to him, the conspiracy first started in a conference in the island of Delos, the sacred and now uninhabited island of the Greeks where the greatest powers of the ancient world conferred. Maybe they could all camp on the island, gather evidence for the ancient conspiracy, swim in the sea, work, play, rinse and repeat. A marvellous idea, nothing could ever possibly go wrong, right?

You have time until Sunday to sign up for the tickets. Sunday is boarding, the game begins on Monday.
The rules are the same as in here:

But with a few differences:
  • You don't have to post anything every time you send a PM, we tried it last time, it didn't work.
  • You are not allowed to ask other players for screenshots of the PMs you were sent by me, because come on, that's silly.

Also I liked Jane's idea to have minigames, I'll try to do the same every night, but that depends on how much time I will have.

On board:
Son of Orospu
Colonel Gaydafi
Roundy the Truthinessist

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