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The Lounge / Anyone got a message from JRowe?
« on: November 11, 2017, 05:26:08 AM »
I just got an... agressive message from JRowe for a completely unknown reason. Anyone else got the same thing? Or was it just aimed at me.

EDIT: Just read his rant in AR, I think I've got the picture now... ish?

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Source Criticism's day
« on: March 13, 2017, 01:49:41 PM »
Happy Source Criticism's day! One of our biggest newspapers/online newspapers here in Sweden, Metro, just declared this day to be the Source Criticism's day, to promote source criticism and to teach people how source criticism works, how to spot fake news and scams and how to approach stories spread via social media. 3 years ago they started the viralgranskaren (viral inspector), a small branch of Metro which researches and reports on viral stories spread over the internet and teaches people how to do it themselves. This branch has grown and it's thanks to their work that this day was declared as Source Criticism's day.

I think it's a great initiative, it'll hopefully help to stem the flow of fake news and other stories, and encourage people do at least a bit of research before trusting something, especially if it's something sensational or something which is controversial and emotionally charged. It can also help people who don't know how to do source criticism on the internet, or what tools are available.

While there are a lot of bashing on mainstream media, and righteously so, I really am amazed by Metro who, as far as I can tell, are as objective as they can be when reporting news, but also encourage people to do some basic source criticism. They are paid by ads so that they can be free of charge both in paper form and on the internet, but firstly it's by so many different companies that one of them won't be able to change their content by bribery and secondly they separate their content from the ads very clearly. They also refrain from using "clickbait" titles, but instead they have built a good reputation of being reliable and honest to ensure that they can keep going. I really think other news could learn from them.

Flat Earth General / Particles vs Sceptimatic
« on: February 03, 2016, 09:31:09 AM »
I wanted sceptimatic to explain how his model of matter could be right, when experiments like Rutherford's gold foil experiment show otherwise:

So, sceptimatic, how do you explain this?

The ISS live footage is rejected by flat earthers to be faked by NASA. Here I give you the reasons this is financially impossible.

I will compare the ISS footage with the movie Gravity, a movie set in space over earth that includes a CGI of earth and a model of the ISS, not filmed in space.

The movie Gravity had a budget of 100 million dollar. The movie was roughly 90 minutes long. That means an hourly footage cost of roughly 66 million dollar/hour.

The ISS has live 24/7 feed. So 24 hours per day. Roughly 40 minutes per 90 minutes of the footage is black because of the ISS entering the shadow of earth, making it night. There are also downtimes sometimes from switching cameras and stuff. So let's cut that to roughly 12 hours a day, just to be nice.

Next up, the footage of earth from the ISS looks much more realistic than the earth in Gravity. So let's double the hourly cost of the footage. It should be even more expensive, especially because the footage of earth shows cloud patterns that matches what we can see ourselves if we just look up. So I'm being nice there too. So hourly cost goes up to 132 million dollar/hour.

If we assume 12 hour daily, that's 4380 hours a year. That's roughly 578 billion dollars per year. NASA estimates a budget of 17.5 billion dollars this year.

So the ISS live video would, if faked, cost roughly 578 billion dollars per year (If reality was as nice as I was; It would in fact cost much more). This is something NASA has to manage with an annual budget of 17.5 billion dollars. That means that NASA is loosing 561.5 billion dollars per year.

Propaganda and fakery like this won't survive the economical annihilation. It's like trying to build a skyscraper out of paper. It won't even get finished before it falls apart. It is financially impossible for NASA to fake the ISS live footage.

Flat Earth General / List of RE/FE evidence
« on: July 27, 2015, 12:33:05 AM »
This post is meant to be a list for all evidences that are for or against RE/FE theory, and can be refered to when someone wants you to list evidence. All the evidence will be given by contributors, I will not contribute with any evidence to this list.

This list will allow every evidence that meets the requirements, and will not go into debunking, debating or arguing.

The requirements:

The evidence needs at least 3 different valid sources that explains the evidence and is for it (A valid source needs to be a proper report/peer/document and needs the author's full name and contact info, this forum is never a valid source and so isn't videos).

The evidence needs at least 2 different valid proofs for it (a valid proof is an experiment that can observe/predict/describe/explain the evidence and is not affected by any other major effect. It can also be a mathematical equation capable of predicting an outcome of an experiment. It can also be a geometrically correct visualization).

Any evidence against a theory will be considered as evidence for the other theory.

If you want to contribute to the list, make a post where you post the name of the evidence first, the if it is for FE or RE theory. Next link to the independent sources and there after link the experiments. You can add own comments to help describing the sources/proofs.

All evidences listed will be tracable to the contributing post.

The list:

RE evidence:
Rover on Mars; Page 1; post #8, #10

FE evidence::

Flat Earth Debate / South pole (And earth's magnetic field)
« on: July 02, 2015, 12:45:02 PM »
Dear FE:s, first I want some questions answered.

Is following picture your generally/officially accepted world map? (Edit: apparently not)

Is it you generally/officially accepted point of view that the antarctic is a massive ice wall, that is impossible to cross? (Edit: apparently not)

Is it your generally/officially accepted point of view that there exists something such as earth's magnetic field? (Edit: a bit yes?)

Over to my point;

According to the flat disk map and FE claims, the antarctic is an impossible-to-cross enormous wall of ice, guarded by the government. According to a globe model of the earth, the antarctic is a rather large continent.
Since the antarctic is visited by hundreds or thousands of tourists every year, it is easy to see yourself or listen to the tourists what the antarctic is, and everyone who has visited antarctic or flown over it during a flight between, say, south africa-australia, can verify that the antarctic is indeed a continent and noone has ever witnessed a giant wall of ice, being impossible to cross and sorrounding everything. Therefore the antarctic can't be the edge of the earth.

And according to FE claims, there is no magnetic field on earth. Anyone can see that it exists a magnetic field, that do protect us from dangerous radiation from the sun, in two ways:
1. Travel either to the arctic or the antarctic, or to the northen-most canada, scandinavia or russia. If you are lucky during a night, you will be able to see the famous aurora, which is made out of visible light emitted when radiation from the sun hits the earth's protective magnetic field.
2. Look at a compass. A compass points towards earth's magnetic southpole (Which is the same as the earth's geographic north pole) Without a magnetic field a compass wouldn't work.

Therefore the earth has a magnetic field, and the antarctic can't be the border of the earth.


Extra question:

If the antarctic is not the border of the earth, then what is the border?

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