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Flat Earth Debate / Flat Earth Sunsets
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:56:57 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Been lurking here for a few days and find the debate quite interesting.  I am open to many ideas and philosophies and Flat Earth is definitely intriguing.  In making a full disclaimer, I am firmly in the Round Earth camp.  I have been looking at the FE explanations for sunset and cannot reconcile them with what I can observationally know to be true.  If the sun is a 32km sphere 3000km in the sky, no matter the gyrations you make, it will not come to intersect the horizon.  The Laws of Perspective that I see quoted on here make no observational sense in this regard either.  I have made the video linked here that shows how one should expect the sun to behave on a flat earth.  I am interested to hear what you all RE and FE alike believe about this video.

The criteria are simple, I am not worrying about the specific path of the sun, but merely if the sun moves across the sky a given distance, will it intersect the horizon on a flat earth.  Some specs about the video, the ground plane is a 400,000km square.  There are 2 suns, a disc sun of 32km diameter, and a sphere sun of 32km diameter.  Both suns are 3000km above the ground plane.  The camera is 2meters off of the surface of the plane and will track the suns to a distance of 300,000km.  I am very interested in your comments and refutation of what I show.

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