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Flat Earth Debate / An unbiased debate.
« on: June 25, 2015, 12:56:43 PM »
I would like to see if we can come to some sort of an understanding.

Some individuals believe the Earth is flat. Some individuals believe the earth is round (or spherical.) Obviously, only one group of individuals is correct, and the other group is entirely wrong. For the moment, I am willing to take the stance that I believe nothing about the shape of the Earth. It could be flat, or it could be round. However, I must ask that everyone drop their bias for the moment, whether you support a RE or a FE. We are just here to examine the evidence and come to an ultimate conclusion.

So, how can an unbiased person come to a conclusion?

First, let us determine what evidence is valid. Many flat Earth supporters say that video and photography that supports a round Earth cannot be trusted, because the camera lens can alter the material, and it can also be edited using software. I will agree to this, but it also applies for footage that demonstrates the opposite, because for all we know this evidence could also have been modified. So, the kind of evidence we are looking for to reach our conclusion is the kind that cannot be maliciously changed or misinterpreted.

There are a few rules that everyone must follow in this debate:
  • No attacking individuals personally.
  • No biased statements.
  • You must stay on topic.
  • No raging.
  • No provoking anger.
Break a rule once and you are automatically disqualified from participating in this debate. No exceptions.

Now, let's respectfully begin this thread.

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

You have to synchronize it with this video to make sense:

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

Just watch the first few seconds and they explain how to do that.

Then, watch the entire video.

Then you can admit you were wrong about a flat Earth and go home with some amount of dignity.

Because it makes Earth special? Because they have nothing better to put resources towards in this age of financial doom?

Please enlighten me.

     Before I begin, I'd like you to note that I'm having a tremendous amount of fun reading the nutty claims you flat Earth believers make. I myself am no scientist, but it doesn't take a handful of brain cells to deduct that there is no possible way that our wonderful little planet is flat. However, I understand that not everyone was able to graduate from preschool, so I will try my best to argue with small words. Let's grab our sippy-cups and get started.

     FE supporters embrace the idea that gravity doesn't really exist, and the reason their frisbee shaped planet doesn't collapse into a spherical world is due to this belief. I beg the question, why do the sun, the moon, satellites, and other heavenly bodies orbit the Earth? If there is no gravity, and the reason we are kept on the surface is because Earth is ascending at an increasing rate, then there is absolutely no logical reason for anything to orbit anything else. Also, what keeps the sun held together? Gas (as anyone who has ever farted knows to be true) expands, and since the sun is so close to the Earth as you propose (even if gravity did apply and exist solely for the sun) its mass should be way too small to keep all that gas from staying together.

     These flaws are just the tips of the iceberg. Why can't I dig a hole through the ground that leads right into space? How do volcanoes operate? What about tectonic plate movement? Are some plates running over the side of the Earth, making it jagged and not round by any means? And - sorry if some adhoc argument has already been made for this - what's to stop me from taking a boat over the edge of the planet, or flying in an aircraft for that matter?

     Another problem I have with the FE notion is what it tells us about the beginning of the universe. The FEer certainly doesn't believe in the big bang, because environments for the two ideas are logically incompatible. And I can't name a single Creation scientist who accepts the FE model either. The only sane people today (aside from the nuts on this forum) who believe in a flat world are tribal peoples, secluded from the world and all the scientific advances it has made. And don't use the Roman Catholic church as an example. Not only has their doctrine evolved since the days of Issac Newton and Christopher Columbus, but they just aren't a steeple for reliable information. So what does a flat Earth believer... believe in?

     Take off your tin foil hat for a moment and use your brain. The FE model doesn't work. I fail to see how rational adults can come to the conclusion in 2015 A.D. that the world is flat.

     Try not to throw a temper tantrum, now.

Flat Earth Q&A / How thick is the FE?
« on: June 19, 2015, 03:03:32 PM »
I will ask this question with as much sincerity as I can.

If Earth is flat as this forum suggests, then how far down does one have to dig before he falls into space? A mile? A thousand miles? I assume many of you disagree on the answer, but I'd like an idea of the general consensus.

Thank you.

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