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Flat Earth Q&A / PARALLAX
« on: May 24, 2006, 03:11:48 PM »
using parralax i can find the distance of a far away object such as a football post from the other side of a field, and the calculated distance from the angle of parralx is relatively accurate. if i found the angle of parralax for the north star, and did the same equations used to find the distance of the football field post, it would be a number far higher than 3100 miles.


Flat Earth Q&A / The Flat Earth Theory is not debatable.
« on: April 21, 2006, 10:39:34 AM »

It is impossible to argue the Round Earth Theory's
truth with a FE'r becasue the Round Earth Theory
is a scientific fact, using logic, while the FE theory
is a lofty idea held up by unsubstantiated evidence,
denial, and flat out ignorance of modern day physics.

The Great Conspiracy

Let me explain.
The FE'rs proclaim there is a government conspiracy
to make the world seem round. This is not founded on
logic, and even FE'rs cant fully explain the motivation
for such a hoax.

The FE'rs also say satellites dont exist. Just complete
flat out denial. GPS is not via radio waves, radio waves
dont reach some parts of the world. GPS is via SATELITE.
how could google earth exist without SATELITES.

To assume helicopters took all those pictures is ludicrous
and of course, illogical.

Another reason satellites exist is that there are many
satellite observer groups.

These groups work independant of eachother and yet accurately track the paths of satelites as they ORBIT.

These are not part of a government conspiracy. You know why? The government doesnt like them cause they track spy satelites.

As a side note the space station does exist. Check . I doubt they would go through all that trouble to make fake news. NASA isnt (as far as I can tell) The Onion. My aunt works at NASA and has created expiriments that were placed into the space station. The colombia shuttle disater really happened. Now then, how does a shuttle crash to the ground      
without launching into space?
The shuttle was in space for two weeks. Orbiting.

Is WIRED magazine in this "conspiracy"?

Of course, how does one travel from japan to california going east without "falling off the earth".

BS Theories

One user suggested that the panama canal bridges the two sides. Even with the flat earth theory, this doesnt work. at all.

FE'rs deny the south pole. People have visited it many times. My
grandmother flew over the continent, not the wall, of Antartica. Most FE'rs
when asked of this wall will post a random glacier photo like this:

i read on one site ( ) this:

Quote from: "Pastor Jim"

But Pastor Jim, There are photos of the Earth being round. Aren't there?

I hate when people do this. How would you know? Have you been to
space? NO YOU HAVEN'T! This is a big conspiracy made by the
government (the branches ran by the Liberals, mainly NASA). The above
"photo" isn't a photo, but a picture made in PHOTOSHOP!! All previous
"photos" were done with oil paints and other drawing mediums, by

The chair I'm sitting in now has wheels. If the world was round why
doesn't gravity make me move down the curved Earth? IT DOESN'T!!!
THE EARTH IS FLAT YOU RETARD!! Hellllllooo? Didn't I say not to check
your brains at the door at the top?  People have been brainwashed with
atheism to think these evil and blasphemous thoughts. The Bible
specifically says time and time again the Earth is flat. Who would you
trust? A book written by God or some hairy Scientist with a bushy
mustache with a communist symbol tattooed to his forehead?

Jesus doesn't lie, but atheists do.

The fundamental problem with science is it tries to attack God's Word. Any time it does this it is automatically wrong. We know Evolutionism is false simply since it contradicts the Bible, we know carbon dating is false simply since it contradicts the Bible, who know the distance of objects in space is false simply since it contradicts the Bible, we know the idea of the Earth being round is false simply since it contradicts the Bible, and we know that condensation is false simply since it contradicts the Bible.

Wow. Not only is that extremeist, it claims communists are evil. How lame.
And not only that he provides this VERY convincing rendering:

Now then, if every photo of the earth has been "PHOTOSHOPPED!" then photoshop has existed since 1969. ( ) and as part of this "conspiracy" every "PHOTOSHOPPED!" image uses the SAME settings.

Caption: You live here. Get over it!


Magellan circumnavigated the earth. He didnt fall off, he was murdered by a primitive tribe, but his crew returned.

More Proof The Earth is Round


Now that we have access to space, the easiest way to prove the Earth is spherical is to leave it and view it from a distance. Astronauts and space probes have done just that. Every picture of Earth ever taken shows only a circular shape, and the only geometric solid which looks like a circle from any direction is a sphere.

One of the oldest proofs of the Earth's shape, however, can be seen from the ground and occurs during every lunar eclipse. The geometry of a lunar eclipse has been known since ancient Greece. When a full Moon occurs in the plane of Earth's orbit, the Moon slowly moves through Earth's shadow. Every time that shadow is seen, its edge is round. Once again, the only solid that always projects a round shadow is a sphere.

This is a question that has been asked for many years, and there are some very intuitive, and some not-so-intuitive answers.

To start with... there's a horizon, meaning that the surface that one is observing from is not an infinite plane. On the clearest of days, the only restriction to one's range of sight is the horizon. There can be two explanations for this - one, that the Earth at some point just stops, as if you were looking off the edge of a table. The other is that the Earth is round. Hundreds of years ago, before the invention of the compass or sextant, precise navigation for ships was difficult, even with the stars. Ships that ventured past sight of land were often lost, and thus it was generally believed that the world simply *stopped* at the end of the horizon. With the invention of the compass, and improved map-making, people began to dare more, and with the return of Columbus from his trans-Atlantic voyage, the concept of the Earth as flat was shattered.

Further proof of the Earth being round came after the voyage of Columbus. When Newton discovered and measured the force of gravity, that number could then be tested anywhere the theory was known. Since the force of gravity is roughly the same everywhere on the globe, it could be surmised that the Earth must be spherical. If the Earth were not round, whole hemispheres would have different atmospheric pressure and significantly different sea levels. Also, pictures taken of the Earth in the last 50 years have proved absolutely conclusively that the Earth is round. These are just the arguments that don't require much physics knowledge to explain, there are others that are more technical, but I think that the simplest arguments are the best.

There are a multitude of methods in which any one can prove that the earth is a sphere. These are the most common.

You can launch a rocket to a high altitude and take pictures of the earth (which various government agencies and private groups have already done thousands of times in the past), but that isn't the most practical way. Pictures and videos taken by orbiting satellites and space stations are certainly the most definitive proof that the earth is a sphere.

But if you're not convinced, read on...

You can also observe, with binoculars, ships slowly 'sinking' below the horizon as it sails farther and farther out to the ocean, then watch them come back. They certainly didn't fall off the edge of the earth! You can also sail or fly around the world.

The Greeks discovered that the earth is round by observing lunar eclipses (i.e. when the earth blocks the sun from the moon, casting its round shadow on the moon's surface).

Another method is simultaneously measuring the length of the shadows cast by identical poles perpendicular to a flat surface that is tangential to the earth's radius at various, distant locations. If indeed the earth is round, then the shadows should all vary in length from one distant location to another, which means that the angle at which the parallel rays of sunlight struck each pole varied from one location to another. (recall the alternate-angles theorem from Geometry class) If the earth is flat, then the lengths of all the shadows should be identical when measured simultaneously, since all rays of sunlight that strike the earth are parallel. However, they are not identical, but in fact, varies in such a way that the angles indicate a spherical surface. (This was one of the earliest methods to determine the radius of the earth)

Also, keep in mind the 24 hour time zones. When it is noon in Hawaii, it is approximately midnight in the Middle East and vice versa. How can it be noon and midnight simultaneously? It is certainly impossible with a flat earth and a sun millions of times more massive.

If I were a billionaire and physically fit, then proving to you the earth is round would be no problem. I can just take you with me on the space shuttle and we'll watch with our own eyes the earth from the orbiting International Space Station.

I have heard from astronauts that there is no experience comparable as watching the earth from above.

( )

Sorry if I rambled, but I had to prove a point, and hopefully backed it up.

Id like to end this (Essay?) by saying denail, stupidity, and arrogance can lead to anything being a "fact". Take Holocaust denial. I mean seriously, Holocasut denial is an insult to human intelligence.

This Will Be Updated.

Thank You.
A Frustrated,

Flat Earth Q&A / 6 months sunlight/6 months darkness at the north pole
« on: April 21, 2006, 08:05:42 AM »
How does the Flat-Earth Theory explain that at the north pole there is 6 months of light followed by six months of darkness every year?

it is explained by the Round-Earth Theory rather logically:

Please dont flat out deny this or say you don't care.

Flat Earth Q&A / How can you Have a North Pole Without A South Pole
« on: April 19, 2006, 12:05:15 PM »
There is many flaws in the flat earth theory, the biggest of which is that a flat object does not have a pole. a sphere has a pole. a north pole and a south pole. according to the FE theory there is just an ice wall.

seeing as how in the FE theory there cant be a pole, if there is wouldnt it be called "the pole" instead of the north pole?

and dont give me some "because its north in the sky" bs. thats an incorrect tense of the noun "north pole".

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