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Flat Earth Debate / Isn't it weird...
« on: April 28, 2007, 01:01:09 PM »
Isn't it weird that the FEers never post proof of a flat Earth and their only evidence against a round Earth is that anyone who's seen that the Earth is round is drugged, bribed, or in a studios with magnets keeping them and people of different weights with different amounts of iron somehow all floating of the same amount? And that everything RE is a hoax, but nothing FE is a hoax since there is nothing FE?
Just a thought...

Flat Earth Debate / How is it possible?
« on: April 23, 2007, 12:58:33 PM »
I would like to ask: how can a flat Earth be possible? There is so much evidence against it and peopel still believe it? I must admit I respect your loyalty.

Let's take a few examples. In Japan there is a suspended bridge with two towers, and it's incredibly long. Both towers were built not 90 degrees to the ground but with a plumbline so that is was straught up, and if the two towers were to keep going lower and lower they'd meet at the centre of the Earth. And yet, the two towers both point to the area the plumbline is being pulled to - the centre of the Earth - but they're not parallel. The distance between the tops of the towers is a few feet further than the distance between the bottoms of the towers. How could this be? If the Earth was flat then the gravity should, for the theory to make sense, be pulling them down in the exact same direction (even though there would be hardly any gravity at the edges and incredible gravity in the middle - Europe, according to the traditional theory - but let's not go into that for the time being) meaning that they would both be parallel. But they're not. The only explanation is that the Earth is round.

Another thing is is what about travel? If you were to fly round the world you would see no edge and end up where you left, regardless of what direction you headed off in. For the thoery to be true they'd either come to an edge or they'd been travelling in a circle, but we can tell that's false since someone who went round the world from the centre of the world would have a much shorter trip than someone who lives closer to the edge.

And how come water and air doesn't spill off the sides and end up underneath? There is nothing at all keeping it up with us, by not falling under it's vreaking the laws of physics. And if it has, then all the wind would be compeltely messed up.

And satellites. How can bipolar satellites just go round from the North pole to Antarctica to North pole and so on see every single country? If the Earth was flat, that would be impossible.

I'm comig to the end now. Day and night. For day and night to be possible on a flat Earth there'd have to be a huge mountain in the middle, but that would mean that night is a lot shorter than day which it isn't. The last idea would be that Earth's a hemisphere, not flat or round.

Seasons and the equator. If the Earth was flat there'd be no seasons and the equator wouldn't be anywhere near as hot.

And how could satellites - such as the moon - maintain orbit? Or pull and make tides, even? And how come people on one side of the Earth can see the moon when on the other side they can't? For a flat Earth to be possible the moon would either be visible to everyone or hidden from everyone.

And, last but not least, our eyes. Look out to sea and you can see a very slight curve, the curve of the Earth. Get on a plane and the curve is more pronounced. How can the Flat Earthers explain this?

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