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Flat Earth Debate / Proof that franc T., Planar is just being an idiot
« on: March 28, 2007, 08:13:04 AM »
Below is a link to a copy of the Flat Earth Society's flyer that they send to people.

Why, do you ask, is this proof that everything that Frankis describes is false? Well, because this letter directly contradicts essentially all of the things Frankis claims, outlined here:

1. Earth's motion

According to Frankis, the world constantly accelerating to create the force of gravitation. The letter (which was created by the most recent leader of the FES) directly states that the earth does not move AT ALL. Therefore, Frankis's model of an accelerating earth is just his own, and not related to FE theory at all. in fact, Rowbotham, the founder of FES, describes the earth as a "CIRCULAR NON-MOVING PLANE".

2. Earth's size

Frankis eschews an infinite earth, while the earth, according to official FES documents, is approximately 50 000 miles in circumference. Well, once again that directly contradicts with Frankis's own opinions, which, either way, are just wrong.

3. Sun and moon

Once again, Frankis claims that there are an infinite number of suns to light the infinite plane. Well, that's again wrong, as the letter describes only one sun and only one moon, which are equal in size and distance from the earth (32 and 3000 miles, respectively).

4. Biblical origins

The FES was brought about by the most literal translation possible of the English version of scripture. Therefore, its roots are inherently drawn from Christian dogma and ethos. Frankis seems to scorn religion in general, since he insults "round-earthers" by calling them zealots or religious idiots, etc., and by calling round earth theory a "religion". This shows he clearly doesn't care much for the Bible, let alone any religion, meaning that he is completely alienated from the actual standing of the FES.

These points outline two possibilities: 1.) Frankis is a troublemaker who just wants attention, or 2.) He makes up his own opinions which, in relation to the original Flat Earth Society, are way-out, wrong, and completely misunderstood.

Hmm, sounds like FE in general.

Regardless, there you have it! Frankis is an idiot and not worth wasting time on!

Flat Earth Debate / A plea for rational argument on the boards!
« on: March 27, 2007, 06:37:52 AM »
I'm sure everybody on this forum is aware of the constant snide remarks and unprofessional arguments circulating back and forth. Well, I'd like to do something about it.

In reality, this post is about one person: Franc T., Planar, better known as Francis, Francois, Frankis, or Francerty. In my opinion, he does not post his arguments for the benefit of anyone, but mostly for self gratification from insults and being smug.

So I propose this: instead of feeding Frankis's desire for controversy, whenever he makes a post everybody should ignore it. If he is responding to something, do not pay attention to it, do not respond in kind. If he creates a new topic, do not post on it. Since no amount of convincing cam make a person like him smarten up and engage in logical, considerate debate, I think we should all just leave him out of the pool, so to speak.

If he engages in proper, civilized conversation and debate, then this is inapplicable and he is contributing to the board in general. But if he keeps derailing posts, insulting people, simply filling the board with waste, then he should not have the benefit of an acknowledgement of his existence on this forum.

If you disagree with me, that's fine too. This is merely a proposal for creating a better board, one where people don't simply spout "I win, you lose!" all the time.

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