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Flat Earth Debate / Air, and how it contradicts a flat earth
« on: March 18, 2007, 04:25:42 PM »
1) Air is a gas. We all know that gases expand until they reach some sort of barrier. In an RE, this barrier is the Ozone layer/gravitational pull. In a Flat Earth...
No barrier. Thusly, air would expand and flow off of the edge of the Flat Earth as it is propelled through the universe. We'd be leaking air... but we arn't!
Explain why we arn't all suffocating.
(If you say the same force that propels us through the universe also keeps it in, you'd be wrong because that force would push the air easier than the Earth, and would take away air from us)

2) If we are accelerating, air pressure would increase rapidly as the Earth would constantly apply more pressure to the air, and would slowly squeeze it - if the air somehow had a way of being held in on the sides. Aircraft's cielings at which they could fly would decrease, and we would slowly be crushed under air pressure. Eventually, the air would be compressed to the point where it would combust, and we'd all die.
Explain why this does not happen, if the Earth is flat.

Flat Earth Debate / Gravity...
« on: March 17, 2007, 09:20:59 AM »
Gravity exists, but is likely not a force. How gravity works is still a theory, best explained through Einstien's Spacetime.
A home-done example, as long as you have a round-object that you can throw a decent distance. A sports ball is preferable.

A ball held in your hand is moving as fast as you are, and you are moving as fast as the Earth is at any given point. Throw the ball horizontally. If gravity does not exist, only one force can be acting on it when it is a state of free-fall, and that is air resistance. However, such air resistance/air pressure also acts on it in a downward manner, and should cause it to fall downward at the same rate that it slows, thus, a 45 degree angle would be the maximum over-angle from the point of release to the point of contact on a flat-earth. You could not throw it further than your height.

An accelerating Earth would only narrow angle and cause it to fall even faster.

But this is not so. If you find it to be that way, you are incredibly weak and need to work out more, or your round object is too heavy for you to apply that amount of force.

What, praytell, is accelerating the Earth?

Flat Earth Debate / Explain a few things to me:
« on: March 16, 2007, 06:08:11 PM »
For all you FE'ers out there, I want a few explainations, and a few counters to my examples of RE proof:

First of all, how can I, in Southern Illinois, not get on top of my house, with a large telescope, and see the Sears Tower in Chicago? Before one says "the air is too thick." I would like to explain a few things to you: There are more than enough photons. If you study atoms, your body is virtually nothing - really, most of it is absolute nothingness. All it is, basically, is a bunch of electrons loosely orbiting masses of protons and neutrons, and the electromagnetic fields of those electrons make up all sorts of physical resistance we feel.
Expand that to a gas. With the extreme amount of protons moving through the atmosphere, it would take many hundred, if not thousands of miles of air to filter out all of those photons. But, according to the FE'ers, the physics of that means nothing, apparently. Atoms are unbelievably small, and are mostly just a void. It takes thousands of them tightly and coherently packed to deflect them. In air, such deflections are easily reversed, if they occur at all.
Also, using this reason, the horizon would drastically increase on humid days. It doesn't.
So how can't I see Chicago when the air isn't thick enough to stop all of those photons? How can't I see the Appalachian Mountains or my grandma's house?
You might still say that the air is actually thick enough. Let me prove you wrong on that:
How can one on a tower see further than one on the ground? You might say "the air thickens!" Mathematically, you're seeing through more air than before, at certain variables. (Pythagorean theorem coupled with the density of air, which, up to 30,000 feet, is not that substantial in differences, but 30,000 feet is enough to see well over a hundred miles. Mathmatically, you're seeing through more air.
But you're seeing farther. Because of this principle, many Egyptians of old speculated, even knew the Earth was round - as well because they could see ships "sink" over the horizon.
So how can I not see Chicago? How can I not see the Sear's Tower?

How is it possible for my father, a worker employed by Boeing, to travel around the world by airliner on multi-national business trips?

Why is the fastest route to a destination a curve when talking about large distances?

Why are celestial bodies, such as Mars or Jupiter, round when we are not? Gravity and their rotundity are proved through one observed circumstance in which, due to gravitational attraction at different points of a comet, it caused the comet to break into seven separate pieces, in a line, and impact Jupiter at seven different points - as it rotated, a line of impacts were caused due to it's rotation.
------Wouldn't Mars and Jupiter require such "Ice Walls" to produce the effects we see here? Or are they actually round? I remember someone on this site said they were flat. (A bunch of floating disks in space? How do they all happen to point towards us. Why can't anyone see the sides? Why do they always appear circular?)

-Please explain to me how day and night work.
-If the Earth is flat, what's on the other side?

One thing I really want to know is how would the governments of the world/NASA benefit off of this? How, out of many many countries that would have to be involved, is there not one major leak?
Why do liberal, virtually anti-government News Stations show the Earth as round when they have satellites in orbit to prove that it is not?
FYI: Google Earth is a civilian-provided service. No conspiracy there, and it shows the Earth as round.

How did the government photoshop anything before they had the equipment to alter the pictures properly?

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