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Flat Earth Debate / Re: Some reasons I believe FET (prev. "check my FET")
« on: November 11, 2021, 03:03:22 AM »
You do know the Sun can just leave our point of view by the Earth rotating and the face of it facing away from the Sun right?
Yes, we know that the round Earth rotating can cause the sun to set and disappear from our FOV as Earth obstructs the view.
I should've been clearer: Yes if the earth was round then it rotating would cause a sunset but, with the flat Earth, sunsets are caused by the Earth rotating to the point where the face of the earth (the top side) is facing away from the Sun.
Great we can do away with time zones, with the sun rising and setting for everyone at once. They are so annoying.
Exactly, flat Earth supremacy

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Curvature
« on: November 11, 2021, 03:02:19 AM »
If you're so right then why don't you link a video proving your point?
Ample evidence proving my point has already been provided.
And that is yet to be actually dealt with.
Why do you need more?
I'm just asking for one video supporting your point of view.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Some reasons I believe FET (prev. "check my FET")
« on: November 11, 2021, 02:37:22 AM »
You do know the Sun can just leave our point of view by the Earth rotating and the face of it facing away from the Sun right?
Yes, we know that the round Earth rotating can cause the sun to set and disappear from our FOV as Earth obstructs the view.
I should've been clearer: Yes if the earth was round then it rotating would cause a sunset but, with the flat Earth, sunsets are caused by the Earth rotating to the point where the face of the earth (the top side) is facing away from the Sun.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Curvature
« on: November 11, 2021, 02:32:44 AM »
All you've done is bring up an image with lines on it. Where's your video proof?
They provided the video that proves they are wrong.
I exposed the lies in the video, with a simple image I had prepared earlier from someone else using the same footage to lie about how the horizon works to pretend Earth is flat.

The lie in the video is that the distance ratio remains the same. So the red lines should be colinear. But instead, when the ship is further away, the top takes up a larger portion, as if has sunk into the ocean, strongly supporting the fact that Earth is round, and refuting the idea of Earth being flat.
If you're so right then why don't you link a video proving your point?

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Curvature
« on: November 11, 2021, 02:26:14 AM »
They are not slashing into the water it's just an illusion.
Perspective makes things smaller.
It doesn't magically hide the bottom.

can you not see how if you have a very long distance that objects will appear to disappear bottom up?
No, I can't, as it makes no sense at all.
Why should objects magically disappear from the bottom up, rather than simply shrinking?
In the video of lies you linked, the bottoms of the containers are visible. Nothing is hidden, except by the bottles in front.

Given enough distance, they will shrink until they are not resolvable. But that doesn't magically hide the bottom. It means none of it is resolvable.
But look at the turbines. The blades are quite clearly resolvable so that is NOT what is happening.

Try showing on a small scale, objects disappearing from the bottom up without a curve.

of course you don't see the bottles disappearing bottom up because this is such a short distance
So why do you keep demanding small scale observations of objects disappearing over a curve without seeing it?

look at how the bottles are appearing to go downwards from the cameras perspective
The top is. The bottom appears to be going up, along with the table.
They are converging, just like you would expect parallel lines to.
That doesn't make the bottom magically vanish.

notice how when the camera is lowered you can't see the ends of the table ? And it looks like the car is at the ends?
No, I don't.
I can still see parts of the table beyond the car, and far more importantly, THE ENTIRE CAR IS VISIBLE.

The bottom is not magically obscured, because there is no curve to obscure it.

You can also make objects disappear on a flat surface which you could test yourself at home.
No, you can't.
Which is likely why you haven't provided a video of such a magical occurrence.
So no, you cannot replicate what we see on Earth on a flat surface.

This is because you need something to physically obstruct the path, and a flat surface can't do that.

But the bottom of an object being obscured is quite easy to replicate on a curved surface.

I never said you can't see the bottom of the bottles stop trying to twist what I'm saying
But that is the key issue.
On a flat surface, things get smaller, but the entire object is visible, or eventually gets too small to resolve.
It doesn't matter how far away an object is, if it is resolvable, the bottom is visible.

But on a curved surface, as it gets further away, the curve obstructs the view.

I have said the bottles APPEAR to go downwards from the cameras perspective
And that is a blatant lie.
The TOP goes down. The bottom goes up, along with the table.
This is entirely consistent with the known laws of perspective so from this it's clear to see that regardless of how long a distance you have, you will never just hide the bottom.

a common argument against flat earth is we should be able to see forever but that video shows us we can't
No, it doesn't show us that we can't.
What makes you say you can't see the edge of the table?

Just what is blocking the view?

at lower altitudes we see less land
No, at lower altitudes, the table takes up less vertical space in your FOV, because you are seeing it more end on. You don't see less of it.

Your "points" are nothing more than blatant lies.

You are right that it is observable, repeatable and testable, and these show you are wrong.

And great job including the video from TheaPrincess, where they blatantly lie about the relative heights:

it's all just an illusion  , you can't always trust your eyes
Yet you trust it completely to falsely conclude Earth is flat, even with ample evidence showing otherwise.
You even trust it completely to falsely conclude that you can't see the table.
All you've done is bring up an image with lines on it. Where's your video proof?

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Some reasons I believe FET (prev. "check my FET")
« on: November 11, 2021, 02:23:21 AM »
What i am saying is that the sun setting is not like this.
That was not meant to represent the sun setting. It was an example of curvature (of the bridge).

The sun is very large, very far away, a huge (do we know how big?) broad spectrum light source.
Yes, it is many times the size of Earth, at a distance many times the size of Earth away.

This means it isn't simply setting because it is going far away.
It is setting because Earth blocks the view, because Earth is round.

And yes, we do know how big.

But yet again, you have shown your colours by running from the previous argument and trying to go elsewhere.

Why can't you find a single issue and stick to it? Why do you need to keep jumping around?
Yes, but when you check for the curvature in real life, it is not their it seems to me. And I am not prepared to believe what could just be some naysayer on the fes.
The fact that the Sun sets, is evidence of curvature.  Happens every day.  Why do you say you can't check curvature in real life?  Are you actually looking for it?  I could say that baby pigeons do not exist because there are none in my back yard.  But if I never go and actually look for them where they are then I am just wrong.  If you think that the tiny spec of a human, when compared to the size of the Earth, can just look out your mom's basement window and see the curvature then you are doing the same thing and are just as wrong.  It has been explained ad nauseum that the size of the Earth compared to a human is so large that the actual degrees of arc that you can observe less than what the human eye can resolve. 

Let me dumb it down for you..  Earth big, you small and too close to big ball Earth to see enough to notice curve.
You do know the Sun can just leave our point of view by the Earth rotating and the face of it facing away from the Sun right?

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Curvature
« on: November 11, 2021, 02:13:16 AM »
You're somehow missing the point and hung up on this "hump" business.

Imagine you are the size of an ant and are standing on a basketball. In all horizontal directions the ball is curving downward and away from you. Here's you standing on the basketball:

Put an object behind that curve on the ball.... then raise the camera just a tiny bit let's see if it matches reality... poor example here I said show me an object over a curvature without seeing the curvature.

This is poor lol we ain't glued to the ground we are above the ground our eyes ain't touching the floor like this camera is on the basketball.
Just how high above the ground do you think a human stands in relation to the size of the Earth?  Must be trolling.  Your stupid attempt to move the camera up higher is exactly what we say for the globe.  The higher you go the more you can see and at around 40 to 50 thousand feet there is enough of the Earth in your view to where your eyes can just start to resolve the curvature.  That camera on the basketball example would be analogous to being about that height already. 
Take the center of the field of view, vs the distance from it to the surface, take that and get a ratio between that height and the diameter of the basketball.  Now use that ratio and plug in the diameter of the Earth and solve for altitude(ie distance from the surface to the center of the camera).  The camera is pointed downwards to get it to look like it is on the surface but just to make it easy, take half the diameter of the camera aperture for your height, since it is a physical item that can't magically phase into the basketball to put its center tangentially on the basketball. 
But you should now claim you don't understand, or yell lies, or just lie yourself, just like ALL FE trolls do.
Lol you mad

Flat Earth Debate / non-believers
« on: April 02, 2019, 03:57:30 AM »
As it is quite obvious, there are a lot of people on this website who don't believe in the flat earth. My question to you is why do you think you have the right to come on our website and attack us and call us fools? It is understandable for people to have different opinions but this is our belief, and to call us idiots for believing is just inappropriate. We aren't hurting anyone, are we? Please just let us be as no matter what someone believes in, they are still human.

If earth is flat how can you not see the sun from everywhere on the earth
because the sun rotates around it and when it has gone out of view it is because it has gone under the edge.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: A respectful questioning of the flat earth
« on: June 19, 2018, 03:39:25 AM »
First, I want to start with the most simple question you may be able to answer. How do you know the earth is flat? I want image proof and I don't want a model of the flat earth or this cant happen if the earth is round. I want image proof that the earth is flat. I also don't want the "horizon looks flat" that can be explained by the obloid effect which states that the larger something is, the less drastic its feature will be. Its simple logic in that standpoint. Second, I want concrete evidence of an Ice wall and the dome. Now you guys explain that there is an Ice wall holding in all the water and a dome projecting stars, however, If the stars in the sky are so bright they can even light up the night, Why do people in Australia see different stars than in the U.S.A? Second of all, Why would other planets form round, when you believe ours is flat? Do you have image proof that they are round? what if it is an optical illusion making it seem round? You choose not to back that up with evidence or empirical proof of the existence of why we would have formed flat. Now I don't believe the earth is flat but this is a backing of the scientific method of study. Now I have to ask this question to a man named flat earther asshole which is an actual you tuber. You can search if you'd like. he said that boats don't disappear over the horizon, Its all perspective. He said that you would be unable to see it disappear over the horizon because it would become to small. However, Instead of showing us, He zoomed in with a camera and zoomed out saying you could no longer see it. In fact that's not the case. It's a matter of Pixels Per Inch. My Dad owns a boat and when we go out boating we see land disappear over the horizon the farther we get out to sea. It disappears bottom first. When we sail back We see it top first. Now second of all, He also did a poor job of explaining something V-sauce mentioned in one of his videos. the verrazanos narrow bridge has been adapted to the curvature of the earth. How ever He said that the bridge was curved but the horizon was still flat. This does not answer the question however. It was a statement. If you want watch the video. He also mentioned that no flat earther believes in the Idea that the earth accelerates up a 9.8 meters per second despite the fact that there is literally an entire sub topic on it, Lowering his credibility. I want to tell you guys, You treat it as more of a religion than a science. I hear "I believe this" all the time instead of "I have PROOF of this". Secondly, You also say that space does not exist and you acknowledge the other planets, yet you show none of them In your model. I don't understand why this is so difficult for you to look at and think about. You want to revise Physics that have worked for centuries, And we have proof of these physics we use. thirdly, an Ice wall? come on. Why would the U.S. want to hide that from us, What would they have to gain? There's literally no reason for them to keep it from us. Finally. You say we've never been to outer space and that it proves the earth is flat. Even If NASA staged the moon landing, How does that prove the earth is flat? The only thing I want to hear back from you guys is proof of how things must work using globe physics, and find something out there that defies those physics in a whole new way to prove why the earth must be flat. I want you to think and find proof to say you know, rather than I believe.  Stay frosty, and remember, If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs.
Firstly, NASA deletes all evidence of a flat earth off of the internet. Secondly, the ice wall is so heavily guarded that no one has ever taken a photo of it and brought it back, but there is evidence of an ice wall through common sense. If there was no ice wall, then why are our oceans still filled with water as surely the water would all move to the other side. As for the dome, holograms do exist but NASA has withheld technology that is more advanced than ones that have recently been created. As for Australia, there is no Australia, sorry, but you have been lied to. As for referring to a flat earther as a "flat earther asshole" if you don't believe it then that's fine but we didn't call you here so there is no need to attack us for our beliefs. After reading that, i have decided not to bother answering your questions. Don't title this thread "A respectful questioning of the flat earth" if you are going to call us "assholes" as there is no need for rudeness.

Flat Earth General / NASA's involvement in the other side
« on: June 07, 2018, 08:23:05 AM »
I started on this site debunking, or so i thought, all of your theories but after hours of research and thought, i realized how wrong i was. Since then i have been trying to help non-believers think like we do; with our own thoughts that aren't placed in our heads by NASA. But now i have a question in my head that all of my previous research along with new research focused specifically on this question can't answer. We all know that the Earth is flat. We all know that NASA is hiding this fact from society. But we don't know what is on the other side and even more importantly, what NASA knows about it.

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Confused
« on: June 07, 2018, 08:01:00 AM »
Why does a platypus lay eggs when all other mammals do not?

Yeah but when we are talking about the laws of physics, why are they broken for earth? What made the earth flat. I think thatís a pretty empty answer given to me.
Think of it like a scatter diagram, there are often anomalies and in this instance, the Earth is that anomaly.

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: The sun
« on: June 07, 2018, 07:53:16 AM »
What do you guys believe that the sun is made out of and how do you think that it works?
The sun is of course made mostly of hydrogen and helium, but as the earth is flat, the sun itself has to rotate around the earth but its sunlight doesn't make contact with the bottom of the earth as it doesn't go underneath, it goes around the side.

explain this image please

the lake dips and so it does too.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Perspective
« on: June 07, 2018, 03:52:19 AM »
Simply question I would like answered to further discussion.

How does perspective work on the flat earth model?

On the globe model, perspective is defined by angles and straight lines, yet I see a lot of flat earthers claiming that either people have a personal perspective, or that sight has a limited range, or that due to the sights limited range, the earth and the sky meet at eye level at the horizon, and many other claims.
All these flat earth claims seem to oppose the general rules of perspective, which are rather simple rules based on light travelling in straight lines.
I'd like to know what the consensus is on perspective, as that is the fundamental way we observe reality, and if it is different I will need to account for that.
The further you are from something, the smaller it looks. this is why you can't see the Eiffel Tower from England, for example.

Flat Earth Q&A / Re: Some questions and points
« on: May 25, 2018, 01:27:32 AM »
(this message does not have the purpose of ridiculing you but just some questions and some points)
Does a flat earth have a core and if no , proof please.
then if you go to a beach or go to a tower and you will see a little farther but you won't see the other side of the world
and lastly would nasa go through all the trouble to make a working spaceship and the proper documents just to convince everyone the earth is  a sphere and furthermore why would they try to hide it from us in the first place ?
thx btw
the earth does not have a core. yes, it has a center, but from my understanding there would be no need for a core as the moon prevents us from hurtling towards the sun. you couldn't see the Eiffel Tower from England, for example, due to the human eye only being able to see so far. Nasa would hide this fact due to it causing a rebellion.

Flat Earth General / Re: Flat Earth Convention
« on: May 25, 2018, 01:12:09 AM »
Alright, so there are flat Earth conventions held all the time.  On the radio, on the way home from work this morning, they were talking about the recent flat Earth convention in Bermingham, which I assumed to be Alabama, but it could also be UK.  They were going on and on about how one of the presenters claimed that Australia does not exist.  I had a big smile on my  face the entire time.
If Australia was real, then why do Australians have the same accent as people from New Zealand? Every "Australian" is an actor and the "real" Australia would be in southern New Zealand.

when i told my teacher that the earth is flat and gave her facts, she called me stupid and dumb. how can i explain to my math teacher that the earth is not round and to open her eyes!
she will realize the truth eventually, don't worry.

Flat Earth General / Re: Discovery
« on: May 24, 2018, 08:19:21 AM »
people like albert einstein, stephen hawking, and other people why havent they said the earth is flat? I understand that the earth is flat myself, but I dont understand why they havent had any history with a flat earth.
It's simple. At the time due to things such as the moon landing which convinced a lot of people that the earth was a sphere they feared that their ideas would be rejected, so they didn't release this knowledge to the public.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Undeniable proof
« on: May 24, 2018, 08:08:15 AM »
I feel like, as a rational individual, that one piece of evidence is constantly overlooked that truly supports the flearth theory.

Yes, those skeptic fools may try to use logic and numbers to make us look like we're the idiots, but I have now gotten us the golden bullet, the only arguement that can't possibly claw their way through with facts.

Pogo sticks.

Think about it.

If the earth was a ball or a donut or whatever these idiots choose to believe, then how come when you bounce on a pogo stick you head straight up? No curve, no movement.

You go straight up and straight down.

I would love to hear your guys feedback on this, and before you guys doubt me, I am not a troll. Just after a genuine discussion on pogo related issues and I look forward to hearing back from you all.

I would say keep on rolling, but as we're not on some magic ball in space that's not possible.

Take care,
if you truly believe your statement, then why do you claim that you are not a troll?

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