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Flat Earth Q&A / Re: What now?
« on: April 18, 2016, 07:52:07 AM »
Really? Nothing adds up for the globe! The thing is, WE are not making the observations, nasa is... I confirm what 'I' see! I am using the Bible as the truth. The scriptures are not vague, but very precise. The conspiracy exists mainly because of the departmentalization of nasa. Only those at the top know the truth. Contractors only do a specific part of a job. They only know what they need to. I will not trust a bunch of freemasons. My grandfather was a mason. I grew up hearing and seeing many strange things. I loved him, but I did not want to be a part of it. Most if not all of the 'astronauts' were/are freemasons. I do the research! Air Force and Navy active and veteran, have come, and are coming forward, with information concerning lack of curve on water, and that all communications are land based, as well as other things they have observed. I definitely think more research should be done. By me...and you.

Flat Earth Q&A / What now?
« on: April 18, 2016, 06:22:26 AM »
I have been reading and reading and researching about FE for a while. I looked at it one day for fun. Then I started doing the 'math'. Nothing was adding up for a globe. I am a Christian and I know that every time someone tries to debunk the Bible, they always find out it is true! The FE model fits the Bible. I would not even consider FE if it did not. But it matches perfectly!
There has to be a group that has not accepted the globe. I mean a group of influential believers in Christ, an underground if you will, from centuries ago that has continued to keep the truth alive. This globe thing is only 500 years old!
What can we do with this information we have? How do we inform without all the crap people are posting. I mean, the earth being flat or a globe won't affect me having to pay my bills every month, but it is the secret science/religion of nasa that gets me.
I know there is great science out there, I mean there are great things that we use, and being done everyday. But they follow the scientific rules!
Nasa does not!
I just worry about my children and my future generations, and what this will mean to them and how long this lie can continue...and all the other lies that will have to be told to do so. ie aliens...?
So, what now? What do we do with this information?
This information has personally really made me look at everything differently. This may be the awakening that many cultures spoke/speak about. I don't know. Did the greed of man screw something up at the North pole to cause our climate changes???
Just look for yourself. Remember, we only know what we have been doesn't make it true!
Meanwhile, I'm gonna look for the underground! :)

Flat Earth Q&A / Speed of the sun
« on: April 11, 2016, 05:55:09 AM »
This is an issue I haven't found anything on yet.
When the sun is traveling around/above the surface of the flat earth, wouldn't it take longer, ie more than 24hrs, to travel near the outside of the equator, verses nearer to the north pole to maintain a 24hr day, moving at a constant speed? Does the sun move faster the farther from the North pole it is, and slower near it? Are the days shorter outside the equator because of this? Does the sun have variable speed?
Even clock hands cover more area near the outside of the clock than near the center.

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