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There is two ways to view it.  There is only about 1% of the adult population that is transgender. 

They are also more likely to be murdered than any other demographic. 1-100 chance.  While it is about 1-35,000 chance for everyone else to suffer assault in one form or another not only murder.

People as a group who feel threatened in general fight back.  The more they feel they are being marginalized, in danger, ignored, etc the harder they will fight if allowed and feel at least somewhat protected.  Of course others will also start fighting for them also.  The more people who stand with them the more secure they feel and the louder they call for rights.

So while a very small segment of our population they were treated very, very badly.  Tremendously more likely to be assaulted, harder to find employment, etc. they had to fight harder.  So a very small segment of the population was screaming for equality. Squeaky wheel gets the grease sort of thing.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist
« on: January 29, 2017, 01:46:49 PM »

I want to see where restricted information is defined as "All info about US nuclear weapons."

You're the one making that claim. You must be basing it on something. Can you please provide the law defining restricted information as  "All info about US nuclear weapons?"

You really should consult your legal council. IMO the law is clear. Everything about US nuclear weapons became restricted information 1946 and, if anything has become non-restricted later is beyond me. Reason is of course that everything was just pseudoscience nonsense invented by Oppenheimer, Bohr & Co 1942/5.

Secrete information includes stuff made easily available?

So the people that released the information you use and attempt to debunk on your website are guilty to?

Book publishers and authors

People working at universities teaching physics.

People who have made educational programs on the subject.

People who created websites which I imagine you got most of your information from.

People working for the US government who makes the information readily available as part of their job.

Did they all receive the death sentence just like you?

You really need to take a pause and rethink some of your claims.  Like a captain allowing you to try to get the visor and ramp to fail with passengers  on board in hurricane conditions.

Your lies need to be more plausible.  Maybe something like you have been harassed by agents from the US trying to intimidate you into silence.

Because they're not part of the Executive Office. Most government jobs aren't appointed.

Because the President does not appoint them.  They are hired by the State Department. 

It was the undersecretary and 3 assistant secretaries that resigned.  These are all appointed by the president.

My bad.  I somehow missed all the State Department political appointments.  I should have referred to the wiki page on the topic.


As for draining the swamp I do not think it is effective trying to censor information being released to the public.

What is being censored? Seriously, what?

Again Trump is trying to censor information being released.  Not that he has been successful at doing it.

He put out a gag order, calls news agencies reporting facts fake news, reviewing scientific information available on government websites. He already removed any scientific data and other information about global warming from the White House website that does not support his proposed policies. 

Do you not see these as ATTEMPTS to censor information?  He has been failing since he can not legally release a gag order to the press or what most government employees say during their free time.

Just because they kept their job through multiple administrations does not mean they were not political appointees.  What makes you say this was the case?

Because the President does not appoint them.  They are hired by the State Department.  I assume the President can have a strong influence as to who gets hired for the job if he wants to. A simple recommendation probably would help a lot during the selection process.

The people who resigned get their jobs and promotions the same way most people do.  Seniority, job performance, experience and education.

Political appointees get their jobs by being selected by the President, Vice President or agency head and generally for the agencies heads need to get approved by the Senate .

Looking at list of jobs that get politically appointed the people who resigned did not have those jobs.  In other words the people that generally keep their jobs and work for just who ever happens to be President.

The reason it is news is because it is unusual to have all of the senior members of a government agency to resign en mass regardless if they did it because they were asked to or for their own reasons.

I tried to find when this has happened before and could not. Maybe it has I just can not find any mention of it happening before.


So far what his is trying to do is censor people and organizations who say things he does not like hearing or for other people to hear.

Yet you and everyone in the world have heard every word he says.
And every rebuttal. Kinda the opposite of censorship.

More like a style.

Tighten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride.   ;)

That is why I said trying and not that he successfully has done it.

Yes it will be bumpy.

I am curious if any other President had the entire senior staff resign from the State Department. These are the people used to working with what ever administration happens to be in power and just publicly go along with the new direction if any.  Tried looking it up if any senior officials not appointed by the President resigned en mass.  Could not find any.

I believe it is the normal procedure for senior staff to offer their resignation from the State Department, of course the new administration and president don't have to accept the resignations but can choose whom they are going to keep and whom they will replace.

Of course trump wants to replace them all. Draining the swamp.

What news outlet has made you believe that these people are resigning because of trump?

It is for staff that is politically appointed, but not the ones who have that resigned from the State Department this time.  These are the people that keep their jobs regardless of who is in office.

These people are hired by the State Department and not appointed by the President.

It could be they were asked to resign since they were not getting on board with the direction Trump wants to go in. As pointed out these people tend to just stay at their jobs regardless who is President.  I tried finding a time when the entire senior staff has resigned from a government organization when a president took office and could not find one.  This certainly suggest Trump was involved some how.  Either he told them to or they decided they could not work with his administration.

These or people who quit a very good job with excellent benefits and pay. It could be that these people just decided to resign for other reasons besides Trump.  Maybe all found better jobs somewhere at the same time.

As for draining the swamp I do not think it is effective trying to censor information being released to the public.  Denying things are true when all the evidence available suggest otherwise.

Seems draining the swamp will be basically placing a nice looking back drop in front of it to try and hide the swamp from public view.


So far what his is trying to do is censor people and organizations who say things he does not like hearing or for other people to hear.

Yet you and everyone in the world have heard every word he says.
And every rebuttal. Kinda the opposite of censorship.

More like a style.

Tighten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride.   ;)

That is why I said trying and not that he successfully has done it.

Yes it will be bumpy.

I am curious if any other President had the entire senior staff resign from the State Department. These are the people used to working with what ever administration happens to be in power and just publicly go along with the new direction if any.  Tried looking it up if any senior officials not appointed by the President resigned en mass.  Could not find any.

Why hasn't the LGBT community put on an organized march yet?  The trans community would surely be heard their.  The fact of the matter is, the group that makes the majority of whatever movement is currently taking place is going to have the most representation.  For the Women's March, that was women. The effect on women was the main focus, which did include the effect on trans women to some degree. In an LGBT march, I wouldn't expect to hear everyone talk about what the Trump presidency means for women, but rather what it means for the LGBT community, does this mean that the LGBT community is not inclusive of the plight women specifically will face? No, it means they are focused on what the majority of their community members will face.

This really shouldn't even be a discussion we need to be having.  We should be able to have a political protest including a specific group and not worry about the fact that another group isn't at the forefront of our protest.

Actually while generally more accepting of transgenders the LGBT is not all are accepting to them.  Similar to the same reasons some women groups do not consider them as part of their movement.

Even some transgenders do not like the T was added to LGBT. Viewing themselves as not being gay just a straight person born with the wrong set of sexual organs.

Even within the transgender community there are different views of what a real transgender person is.  Some say it is only people who have or will get sexual reassignment surgery.  Some say it is only people who live full time as their gender regardless if they are planning on getting the surgery.  Some say if a person ever tops they are just gay men in a dress. 

Not easy to try and sort it all out.

I also agree with you about just let people voice their opinion and not worry too much about not including enough or putting a certain group of people in the spotlight.  It is not always necessary.

Trump is going to get shit done.

Some people don't want that shit to be done.

Mark your calendar and vote in four years.

Sure he may be able to get shit done.

So far what his is trying to do is censor people and organizations who say things he does not like hearing or for other people to hear.

If he accomplishes that what do you think the US will be like and how do you think politicians will behave?

Are you fine with him getting stuff done if it results in people being physically harmed if they disagree with his policy and protest?  He has said more than once people should be assaulted at his rallies.

Is it Ok to continually lie and release false information if he gets things done?

He is going to have a Presidency filled with people not agreeing with him.

Clinton: 65,844,610 (48.2%)
Trump: 62,979,636 (46.1%)
Others: 7,804,213 (5.7%)

Almost 54% of voters did not want him to be President.  Clinton received the most votes than any other candidate in US history and lost the election.  Trump received the 12th least of Electoral College votes in his "landslide victory" in US history.

This means he can surely expect people to disagree with his policies and voice their objections during his term.  He is handling it so far by denying facts, calling people liars, relating them to NAZIs, suggesting protesters be assaulted and attempting to silence government organizations responsible for releasing information to the public.

I am a bit perplexed how people find that acceptable if they agree people should and be allowed to voice their opinion.  Even if Trump can get some things done.

One major thing thing he has done is order the construction of the wall.  Which is of questionable value.  Most illegal immigrants arrived to the US with some type of visa.  Much cheaper just to use his plan for Muslims and deny them the visas in the first place.


Do you think any good he may do will out weigh other things he is doing?

So far he has demonstrated an extreme willingness to try to silence any view not agreeing with stuff he does, says or thinks.

I guess the good part is as I said hopefully like after Nixon it encourages and will lead to the media be more willing to call politicians out when they lie.

I am just curious since you keep bringing up bias do you really think the media is portraying him unfairly.  From what I have seen it is them pointing out when he lies and telling people things he have said or did. 

Maybe there is a lot of negative press because he is saying and doing those things.

I think the media can be biased, but they really do not need to make stuff up, omit facts or take stuff out of context to make him look bad.  Trump is doing it by himself.

I also suggest take a look at who around the world and the type of leaders that issue gag orders, call the press liars, lie blantly, seem to have an inferiority complex, call for protesters to be attacked and silenced or other behaviors and actions he takes.

These are actions you see in dictators.

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Violence against women
« on: January 26, 2017, 05:00:13 PM »

Easy, non social-justice example: Jaws. Great white sharks are not nearly as dangerous as the movie presents, but it's basically become a cliche to be terrified of sharks, even though they hurt almost no one. That's just one movie, but when ideas get presented in that kind of format, people take them on board.

I'm an avid sport fisherman. Great whites are not a cliche. Pelagic sharks have a reputation for a reason.

Nobody in their right mind is scared of a 35 foot rubber shark.

Nobody in their right mind would jump in the water with a 14 foot white to make friends.

I have dived and got stupidly close to some reef sharks.  I would avoid a great white.

All the departments The Donald ordered off of Twitter have set up resistance accounts  Why doesn't he order himself off Twitter?

I wonder if Trump is the most divisive President the US has ever had.  Maybe Lincoln since a civil war was fought might beat him out.

I think the media is behaving differently towards him then other Presidents. I do not think the media has ever collectively fact checked and ran a story on a president based on that as much as him.

Hopefully it will carry over and get expanded to other politicians and government agencies.

Flat Earth General / Re: Distances in Shipping Business
« on: January 26, 2017, 01:29:59 PM »
My boat running at its hull speed of just below 9 knots using both engines burns around 3 gallons an hour.

If I drop my speed 1 knot it burns  2 gallons an hour.

So a decrease in speed of 11% reduces fuel consumption by 34%.

Also as JTC pointed out the shipping industry is aware of going slower saves fuel and newer ships are being designed to carry more, but travel slower.  It is the direction the industry is heading in.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist
« on: January 26, 2017, 09:36:13 AM »
it is illegal to inform about it in the USA (penalty by death) but I do it anyway.

More lies from Heiwa.  You've never had access to restricted info and never had a trial.  Further, I guarantee nobody involved with nuclear power or weapons cares about what you say.  This is a LIE you continually spew to make yourself look more important.

Plenty of restricted info at my website and the US law is clear. Spreading restricted info is punished by death in USA. That's why I avoid USA. I don't like being sentenced to death for informing people via my popular web pages.

Why not show us the information that is restricted?  All I have seen from you is information that is available with a simple internet search.

Not restricted if it is made available online by many different people and various governments including the US.

Technology, Science & Alt Science / Re: I won Heiwa's 1,000,000 challenge
« on: January 26, 2017, 09:33:49 AM »
Guys do not even send a paper, in a decent format, like a regular scholarly paper. They are lazy to type 40-50 pages and dispatch by the post office to Heiwa. They are lazy to use a text editor, a PDF creator, and send an email with the document. No one dares to face the challenge formally. They live in the comfort zone, just repeating the buzzwords:

"He is a fraud"
"He does not have the money"
"His site is ugly.
"I will sue him" (because I am unable to win)

I have already said last year that Heiwa should not accept solutions based on simulators, but he still allows this option. However,

Time goes by and no one sends any material in the format he asks for.

The funny thing is that the same ones that do not accept any type of idea or source not reviewed by their peers, are the same ones that do not produce anything valid according to the rules requested by Heiwa.

Why instead of cursing him, do not they send documents for his analysis?

I think you may have missed some details.  Read through the entire thread.  You'll see that people have repeatedly submitted solutions.  Heiwa just doesn't accept them.

Nobody has so far submitted any solutions how to travel to the Moon and/or Mars, descriptions of spacecraft (incl. WC), the trajectories chosen with way points, time tables, speeds at way points and fuel used for various maneuvers incl. landings.

Reason is that it impossible to get out of EPO at the right time, location, direction and speed with the correct extra force applied to get into any trajectory to arrive at Moon or Mars. You will miss the target at once.  But if you manage to fake it, you'll have no chance to return, do an Earth re-entry and land.

I thought that was clear from studying the hints about my five Challenges. They are all impossible to win as they are all fantasies invented by con people in the past to steal money from tax payers.

Yes they have.  NASA. You just dismiss it as lies without supporting your claim as to why.

With Trump in first week, everything is same or worse in middle east. USA sent Syria 800 soldiers for supporting PKK / PYD that terrorist groups, although Turkey's objections. however Trump were saying before got presidency that he'll listen allies and protect their interests.

Also he were saying Russian policy is true, but now his decisions are Criticized by Russians.

He is still saying 6 billion dollars Wasted in vain in wrong middle east policies. Oppositely USA opening a new base in Syria.

He changed in a few day as unbelievable. Start to Transform an evil from an angel.

I think I pointed out to you before he is not a fan of Muslims. 

He wanted to make ALL Muslims in the US register with the government.

He also wants to ban all people from certain countries from obtaining any type of visa to enter the US.  Can you guess what religion the majority of the people are in those countries?

This is stuff he has been saying since before he ran for President.

He supports torture and killing civilians related to enemy combatants as crutonius pointed out.

He lies constantly about stuff that is easily proven.  Even denying he said stuff that he said that was on video.

The man's actions show he can not be trusted.

What amazes me is people defend his actions by saying at least he is getting stuff done.  So has many other leaders.  Some not so good for the world and the the majority of the people living in their countries.

Trump was never an angel.

I thought I saw intikam claiming there are no real Muslims in the US.

Woody you have to look at stats like these...

The point is when lethal force is used, training, mentality, and when police departments, and police unions defend them after very questionable shootings.

IMHO in the US the police are being militarized.  Being trained to shoot first without hesitation.  Something only soldiers should do and only in a fire fight. 

I only witnessed police using force once.  It was them interacting with a man with his family having a picnic in a park.  The reason was playing music too loud.   

I watched the police escalate the situation.  The first to arrive waited in his car until 7 more officers arrived for a group of 3 adults and 4 children under the age of ten. One of the adults was a woman that look to me over 70.

What I watched was two of the officers approach told the man to turn down the music.  The man complied. Then one of the officers got really close to man.  Telling him not everyone wants to hear his music.  After the man said he already turned the music down the officer stepped closer to him and told him to turn off the music. 

The man turned away and took a step towards the music player. The cop then said do not try to get away from him.  The man said he was just going to turn off the music.  The cop then told the man he was done talking with him yet.  Then stood a couple of inches from the man.  The man stepped back.  The cop then said stop resisting.  The man said he was not.  The cop took a step forward again. The man stepped back.  The man displayed signs of becoming more nervous.

I was then approached by another officer telling me to back up to a safe distance.   I could not hear what was being said after that.  Well at least most of it.

I did hear walking away the cop asking why the man was so nervous.  I also heard the officer shout stop resisting just before he threw the man on the ground.  What I saw was the man take another step back.  Then the rest of the officers joined in.  All yelling stop resisting to a man I did not see resisting. Just the man saying he was not resisting. I also saw one officer throw the younger woman on the ground who was shouting for them to leave the man alone. I also saw an officer with his hand on his gun covering the old woman and children after they had the man cuffed which they hit way more than once. A couple of times after he was cuffed.

During that encounter I was detained for interfering with police.  I spoke up about what I thought of their actions during the whole incident.  I was released with a warning not to interfere with the police.

I of course filed a complaint the result being told the police actions were deemed justified.  I inquired further as who reviewed and came up with the conclusion.  I was told it was the police union and commanding officer of the police officers.

Here are police officers beating a man to death:

It is hard to see on the video this is the result of that beating:

Did you watch the video of the UK police handling a man armed with a knife and very aggressive towards them?

Did you notice in the video of the homeless man being shot how quickly the police officers used lethal force?  They had non-lethal means available, a dog and used the flashbang grenade then did not use other nonlethal options available until after killing the man.

It is down to training and mentality.  Cops are being trained to behave this way and cultures in many police departments support this behavior.

The reason the man in the UK was not shot or beaten to death is the training and mentality instilled in the officers there.

Seems Trump does not like net neutrality.  His pick to head the FCC does not like it and also disagrees that companies gathering your information to sell should inform you they are doing it.

He is moving to block data from scientific studies being released publicly by the FDA. His office is reviewing the EPA website information on climate change. 

When asked if scientific information would be removed a spokesman for the Epa said the objective of the website review is to have an agency page that reflects the new administration's policies.

When asked if scientific data would be removed the reply was," "you can speculate that if you want but I didn't say that. I am only saying we are reviewing the website to make sure material on it reflects the new administration."

That statement bugs me.  The answer should be,"No".  Nothing more or nothing less. My guess the data will be removed or put in some obscure part of the website.

It is really looking like anything Trump does not like hearing or wants others to hear being censored is a priority.

The Lounge / Re: lag lag lag
« on: January 25, 2017, 06:04:27 PM »
I notice this site is slower than others I visit.

It is really noticable for me since I have to use mobile internet.

Flat Earth General / Re: Distances in Shipping Business
« on: January 25, 2017, 02:34:11 PM »
The same shipping routes have been used for a long time.  The reason both wins and motor driven ships use these routes are the same.  Wind, current and average seasonal weather.

Piracy is not enough of a worry not to use these routes.  The cost do not outweigh the risk.

The very few places where piracy is a problem it usually cheaper to remain vigilant, have a few armed guards, or just use high pressure water hoses to keep them at bay.

Intikam the humble man of God again calling for people to be executed. A very common theme of the religious.

That said black in the US are shot more than any other race.

Intikam somewhat got as to why.  Being black in the US means you are more likely to be born poor and remain that way the rest of your life.

Also in the US police kill more citizens than any other 1st world country.  Sometimes killing in a year what it takes other countries decades to accomplish.

The problem is the result of police being trained to shoot first if they feel threatened. Which I find odd. In the military we were trained to access the threat.  So if someone is standing with a knife or other melee weapon and they are not in range to use it you do not use lethal force.  A verbal warning or a shot above their head or at their feet is used.

The man on his back with his hands raised was shot. Before he was shot he told the police the man sitting next to him was unarmed,  autistic and holding a toy truck.

After that one police officer thought lethal force was necessary.

Also plenty of videos of police shooting people either with there backs to them are trying to flee.

Here is a video of a homeless man being shot during for a camping violation  and then shot when he turns away. 

If you notice the police in that video escalate to lethal force really quickly.  They use a flashbang, use lethal force, then use nonlethal force after the man is on the ground.

My thoughts he was armed with a knife not approaching lethal force was very unnecessary.  The officers' actions were supported by the police chief and police union.

Here is an example of police from the UK confronting a man with a knife no lethal force used:

A very tense situation and the police managed to handle it. Actually the protocol in the UK is to use dogs to take down someone armed with something like a knife.  Something the US police in the video had available to them.

I can find plenty of examples in the US of police using lethal force against people unarmed, had their backs to the police, etc.

The problem is the training and mentality the police are having instilled in them.  They are behaving more like one would expect soldiers to do in a middle of a fire fight.  Shooting first and asking questions later.

Hell.  My squad took down a man in Afghanistan armed with an assault rifle without using lethal force.  He was a farmer extremely pissed US soldiers where eating nuts from his trees.  It was a battalion sized unit eating from his orchid I had members of my squad distract him and I approached him from behind along with my biggest squad member. We disarmed him and it did not end up with a misunderstanding causing a death.

I have never noticed a "strong right" bias of fox...They are certainly Republican. I am just speaking about their reporting, not people like tucker Carlson...Though I must say he cracks me up.

However, just on their reporting...I have only seen hints of right wing in it. Just for example on trump...

If I can find a clip using google I will show you where a fox anchor refers to a document that came from the GOP.  It was telling them what buzz words to use relating to the "death tax" if I am recalling correctly.

You could see the other anchors get a uncomfortable as he read the list of words the Republicans wanted Fox to use when reporting on the subject.

The guy seemed not to realize it was something he probably should not do openly.  Which brings to question what kind of atmosphere is over at Fox.

Also just search,"Fox News admits bias".  YOu will get a varity of sources from people who used to work there, Murdoch either openly stating Fox news is not a news network and you might find some other interesting stuff.

Then do the same type search for other news networks.  The majority of what you will find is people not involved with a news agency complaining they are biased and distort to news in favor of a liberal agenda.

The Lounge / Re: Is Papa Legba Gone?
« on: January 23, 2017, 06:50:20 PM »
I bammed him, but he'll be back in a few weeks.

Was it the suicide thing again?

That was definitely part of it. I viewed his posts and he'd only been back for a few hours and already posting nothing but personal attacks and spam.  I wish he'd fuck off forever on his own.

I would miss him....But there is always the perma

Is it time to break the glass?

It would be a bit cruel.

Not many forums or places in the world he can go and get the attention he gets here.

I absolutely agree.... This is why I said they are both to blame. If neither will back down and take the high road then it's just going to get even more pathetic (if that is possible). One of them should for the good of the country and Unity...Don't know if that will happen.


I will put money on it not happening and I will put money on those in the echo-chamber, right and left, making things worse.

I agree, but Trump makes attacks on his integrity really easy.  At least other politicians are a bit better at appearing to not be so dishonest.

This looting map shows the "stations" (looting centers) in Antarctica.

As we see that except France, all countries looting thr nearest place in Antarctica. If Antarctica a land has a shape of circle and small, It did not matter where the countries occupied. But Antarctica is so big and countries only can arrive the land which near to them. For example, you can't find out a base from USA near to Indian Ocean. Or you can't see a base from Russia near to Pasific ocean. Also there is almost no country near to the Pasific side of Antarctica except USA. Drawing explains everything.

This drawing depends on this data:

You do come up with a constant flow of total do you do it are you a paid flat earth shill?

From what I gather from post he has made he spends time while at work coming up with this stuff and surfing the web and what not.

So he is getting paid while posting some of this stuff.

If he is thinking about an FE getting a job the US also is looking at times for researchers, maintenance people, etc.

I imagine any country with a research station there is.


The existance of intersexed people also supports the biological cause for gender identity. 

I haven't got time to look up the actual study that article is based on at this moment (I will, though). I do know that the whole male/female brain thing has been debunked and is considered neurosexism. 

I just wanted to say that the existence of intersex people does not support gender identity, and intersex people do not appreciate having their conditions used as an argument in trans debates. This is referred to as COINing (co-opting intersex narratives).

I said supports because people are born intersexed and they can appear either more masculine or more feminine depending on all the stuff flowing around the body that helps determine that.  It also shows gender or sex is not always just a binary thing.

Since if you have breast or not, be traditionally more feminine or masculine in appearance or behavior and who you are attracted to is not just the result of what is between your legs.

Your argument is it is a response to social factors which for some it just might be.  Mine is there is also a biological reason for people not identifying with their sex. Also that allowing them into the restroom women use will not increase the dangers women face.  It will actually put some people statistically more at risk of suffering the crimes you are are trying to prevent.

Transgender women have been using the women's restrooms already.  It is the ones that are less passable that  people are having the issues with.

I have no issue with a unisex bathroom, I have said that a few times. People know the risks in there, it is what it is. Male, female, unisex...Easy. As you said, this is done elsewhere without issue. I don't know why that is so difficult here?

Though what I have been arguing with Jane this thread is mental stability...what you have been presenting is how some women are more prone to men's behaviors and vice versa. That is all fine and dandy. Tom boys and feminine men have been around for centuries. There was still a male and female...Just a different choice of life decisions. That is much different than this ridiculous issue of being able to state your gender..Forcing people to accept it...Forcing laws and effecting others minding their own business and so forth.

When feelings and wishes become more important than reality and facts such as Jane's world I am always speaking about..That is when things start to fall apart.

Just random example, the military..You have all these detached idiotic liberals only focusing on gender and sexual preference. This over the military strength itself, or their safety. When you are a team, you are only as strong as the weakest link... I for damn sure would not want a weak link being let in just because of some P.C. crap. Wanna be stupid and get yourself killed, fine....But when your weakness can cause death to others on your team, that is where the line must be drawn. We all must live in reality...

And on a side note...Why are feminist so damn determined to get women in the front lines of the military? Do third wave feminist truly hate themselves and others that much? With few exceptions, men are built for combat more so than women, not to mention, despite being built with a genetic disadvantage, just having female Anatomy is a disadvantage.

Ever wonder what would happen to a female prisoner of war in the middle East?? Russia? Etc? Why would you fight to send women there? If you have "privileged" males willing to do it..Let them?

Women can absolutely help during war time...Just look at world war two even..Way before women's lib and everything else, they had a major impact on our war time efforts..All this while still being at the safety of the home front...

I just don't get it? To me this just seems another prime example of putting P.C. and "ideas" ahead of reality. As well as make me think modern feminist actually hate women...Along with about everything else.

Unisex bathrooms are becoming more common there, but places where they are not available women are not being attacked more frequently than the places they do.

I am focusing on the biological part because Jane is focusing on the social part.

If you read my post above this one you will see a link mentioning a study done using an MRI and monitoring brain activity.  The subjects that reached puberty had brain activity matching with the gender they identified with when responding to olfactory stimulus.  The younger children who have not reached puberty results were inconclusive.

Thee argument seems to be do we force transgender women to use a restroom that will put them in the same danger you claim CIS women will face.

Actually statistically they will be in more danger.

Transwomen have a 1-12 chance of being murdered.  Everyone lumped together have a 1-18,989 chance.

Sexual assault is also much higher for transwomen.

I will acknowledge the skewed statistics are likely the result of transgender people having a more difficult time finding employment thus leading them to make a living via alternative means.

Looking at people that would also likely be making an alternative living they have around a 1-100 chance of being murdered.

So do we just say since they are a small % of the population, that there is no real evidence attacks will increase in women's restrooms(see Europe), but some guy will break laws regarding assault already made we will put these people in more danger than the people we are trying to protect?

Also having served most women in the military I have met agree if they can not meet the requirements of an infantry soldier they should not be able to be in the infantry.  Which is actually the only MOS that the average woman would have difficulty with.  They just want the ones that can do the job to be able to do if they choose.
That is actually what I find most women want.  Not being just allowed to do something because they are women, but having the same opportunity to do it if they could perform the job.


You gender is the result because of enzymes, hormones,neurohormones, genes etc determining it.

Do you have the science to back that up?  (I hate saying citations pls, but I would like to read them)

One example I can give is look at what happens to people receiving hormone treatment and seeing the changes in their appearance without surgery.

For male to female they grow breast, lose muscle density, become more emotional, loss of sex drive.

For female to male breast reduce in size, a gain in muscle density, become more aggressive and increased sex drive.

While that is an example of artificial interference the same can happen naturally just in the vast majority of cases not as dramatic.

Men can get a condition called  gynecomastia which happens when either their body does not  produce enough testosterone and/or produces too much estrogen. It means they grow boobs.

As I pointed out in previous post a male born with 5-alpha-reductase deficiency will not grow a penis or have a hybrid sexual organ until they hit puberty. When that happens enough testosterone is produced to finish the job.

The existance of intersexed people also supports the biological cause for gender identity. 

Here is a link:

"In a study ...., psychologist.. and biologist...used functional MRI to examine how 39 prepubertal and 41 adolescent boys and girls with gender dysphoria responded to androstadienone, an odorous steroid with pheromonelike properties that is known to cause a different response in the hypothalamus of men versus women.  ....found that the adolescent boys and girls with gender dysphoria responded much like peers of their experienced gender. The results were less clear with the prepubertal children."

There are species that change their sex when it is called for. That is accomplished by changing the balance of enzymes and hormones in their bodies.

Yes some men out there do put dresses on as a fetish. I gave an example in an early post of one I knew of personally.   There are also people who go through life never feeling comfortable as the gender their genitals and society say they are.  Which I have known two in my life rather well. 

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