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Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: November 13, 2023, 08:06:15 AM »

There are 14 billion bosons (photons, bubbles of light) in a subquark. The number of the antibosons (bosons which produce more darkness/aether/stillness instead of light/ether/sound) is six times as much.

"The six little bodies are arranged in two sets of three, forming two triangles that are not interchangeable. The lines in the diagram of the atom on the gaseous sub-plane, Fig. 1. are not lines of force, but show the two triangles; on a plane surface the interpenetration of the triangles cannot be clearly indicated. "

Those are 30 - 60 - 90 triangles (ratio of the sides 1 - √3 - 2).

The atomic density number must be multiplied by π2: nine subquarks and the connecting tubes.

π2 - 9 = 0.8696, for a sacred cubit of 0.63662 units.

With a sacred cubit of 0.63673 unit we get π2 - 9  = √3/2 ~= 1.361sc.

"Estimating the distance between successive bubbles as about six times the width of a bubble..."

14 x 6 = 84 billion antibosons per subquark

84 is our old friend: 84sc = 53.4

Total density: π2

84 x √3/2 = 72.746, which is quite amazing.

The missing apex of the Gizeh pyramid measures exactly 286.1 sacred inches, or 7.27 meters.

Those additional 72.7 billion antibosons form the sides (tubes) of the triangles connecting the subquarks of the hydrogen atom.

2y + √3y + y = 72.7/2

y = 7.68

√3y = 26.6/2, where of course we recognize the five sacred ratios: 26.7 - 53.4 - 80 - 136.1 - 534.

Now we know where the √3/2 figure contribution to the 9.86 total density number comes from.

No one has ever asked a FE this question about the g-force: if you agree that the object placed on a flat surface is not subject to the g-force, then where does the 9.86 discrepancy figure come from? Now, this question can be answered.

Garuda, the Firebird, the only planet/comet which can orbit the Sun very closely:
The 3:18 image captured the Winged Disc, the prior and later images did not have this rare capture. Per Skymap, only the planet Mercury should be in the four o'clock position on that day, to the right of the Sun.

This is not Nibiru. Nibiru is associated with Canopus, Saturn (in Aquarius/Cygnus) and Mars.

Garuda of great splendour, enkindling all the points of the universe, that mighty being endued with strength, that bird capable of assuming at will any form, of going at will everywhere, and of calling to his aid at will any measure of energy. Effulgent like a heap of fire, he shone terribly. Of lustre equal to that of the fire at the end of the Yuga, his eyes were bright like the lightning-flash. And soon after birth, that bird grew in size and increasing his body ascended the skies. Fierce and vehemently roaring, he looked as terrible as second Ocean-fire. (Mahabharata)

In the Persian mythology, Garuda is Muespar.

Muspar (a fiery comet that loiters around the sun)

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: November 12, 2023, 11:45:26 PM »

The formula W=mg is always wrong. An object in free fall registers no weight at all, yet it is at that very point that the g force is active upon the object. An object at rest is not subject to the g force, g = 0, and yet the full weight would be registered by a scale.

The correct formula is:

W = VΔ, WHERE Δ = 9.86 x d (d = density), V is the volume

The density is actually 9.86 x d, since we have nine dextrorotatory subquarks which make up the electron (graviton) and there are also connecting tubes:

Let us remember that the weight of a column of air of one square meter would register 100,000 newtons on a scale. All scales would be destroyed, no one would be able to breathe at all. Here all factors are taken into consideration (the air beneath the scale, the pressure in the lungs):

In FET theory we have the following figures:

Weight of a subquark (electron) with dextrorotatory receptive vortex:

9.06 x 10-31 kg

Weight of an antiboson:

6.36 x 10-41 kg

Radius of a boson:

3.39 x 10-35 m

Radius of the aparabindu:

5.34 x 10-38 m

Strings are to be found at the Planck level (strings are made up of bosons and antibosons). Below the Planck scale, we have the smallest particles: the aparabindu and the parabindu.

In this paper, where they went all the way to the 10-48 m scale, they are using the wrong formula for the distance Earth -  GRB 041219A galaxy; the distance is actually some 25-30 km (let us remember Pauli's calculation for the radius of curvature of the Universe at 31 km, if ether does exist): (the grains are the bosons and antibosons)

The aparabindu looks like this:

The amount of aether being absorbed by a boson/subquark depends on the size of the square shaft of the subterranean chamber: (those are royal cubits, not sacred cubits)

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: November 12, 2023, 03:27:19 PM »

Take a bag (container/bottle) with holes, filled with water, and drop it in free fall. The water will stop pouring out of the holes. Therefore, the conventional weight formula, W = mg is totally false (not to mention disingenuous). The weight of an object, in FET, is given totally by the absorbing vortices of the dextrorotatory subquarks of an atom, there are nine dextrorotatory subquarks which make up a single electron (graviton). An object at rest is no longer influenced by the downward cosmic rays (subquarks), its weight a wholly a measure of the absorbing vortices of the dextrorotatory subquarks.

Mass, as in the definition of the visible amount of matter, is an antigravitational property: it is the laevorotatory subquarks which provide the mass itself, they are totally antigravitational, they have emissive vortices. The dark matter, the hidden dextrorotatory subquarks provide the weight of the object. The positrons do not contribute to the weight of an object, only the gravitons do so (electron = graviton).

Weight is measured in kg (kilograms) for an object at rest, NOT in newtons.

Why then does the acceleration of the downward cosmic rays (subquarks) equals exactly the true density (pi squared or 9.86 as a value) figure? During free fall, the object weighs nothing at all: the dextrorotatory subquarks no longer absorb aether, therefore the density becomes normal again (d instead of Δ, where Δ = 9.86d) so these cosmic rays which penetrate matter will provide that necessary figure of 9.86 during the free fall. As soon as the object is at rest, the density of the subquarks reasserts itself, while the object is no longer subject to the influence of the cosmic rays, weight is then measured in kilograms (or grams). Starting from atomic mass and atomic density, using Avogrado's number, we can incorporate the 9.86 figure into the final formula.

The units of weight for an object at rest are kilograms not newtons. The downward cosmic rays will penetrate the falling object to provide immediately the Δ figure of 9.86 (the dextrorotatory subquarks of the object will align themselves vertically with the cosmic rays).

Neutrons and protons/electrons from a subquark point of view:

can weight be defined in terms of avogadro number

The atomic mass unit (amu or simply u) is the 1/12 of the mass of a 12C atom. Avogadro's number (NA=6.022×10^23) is the number of atoms contained in 12 g of 12C.'s_Number_and_the_Mole

Another property of Avogadro’s number is that the mass of one mole of a substance is equal to that substance’s molecular weight.

The mass of an atom is determined by the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus. It is usually expressed in atomic mass units (amu).

The atomic number density (N; atoms/cm3) is the number of atoms of a given type per unit volume (V; cm3) of the material.

The atomic weight of a helium atom (4.002) is approximately four times that of an individual hydrogen atom (1.007), but since gaseous hydrogen is a diatomic molecule containing two hydrogen atoms (H2), helium gas is only twice as heavy as hydrogen gas.

The value of the mass number of hydrogen is 1, while the mass number of the helium is 4. Considering the mass number, the helium is four times heavier than that of the hydrogen element.
A helium atom is two times heavier than a hydrogen molecule.

A light interferometer is actually a display of the existence of gravitational waves since the Coriolis effect is connected to terrestrial gravity, and the electromagnetic light waves and the gravitational waves travel in double fashion: a deflection of the gravitational waves will show up as the deflection of the light beam. The Sagnac effect, by contrast, is totally an electromagnetic effect, related to the speed of the velocity of the light beams.

Physics of the barometer tube:

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: September 09, 2023, 08:43:45 AM »

Here is the video taken in May of 2022: (the video is not fake, the effects of the ringtone can be observed at 1:16 - 1:23; it was seen by perhaps a few dozen people and was forgotten the very next day - after a few hours, the Sphinx did open its eyes as before)

The entire episode might be a reference to W.B. Yeats' poem The Second Birth (The Second Coming).

Armilustrium (end of October)

Galactic Gate #1 (12/1 - 12/21)

Tubilustrium (end of March)

Galactic Gate #2 (6/1 - 6/21)

The first three events have been described in Egyptian texts and are synonymous with the Orion Nebula, Sagittarius A and the Cygnus constellation. A cosmic occurrence which takes place during Armilustrium means that it will not arise in the time of Tubilustrium (if it does come about in the midst of Tubilustrium, it will not happen at Armilustrium). Example: if Blue Kachina is seen during the autumn of some year, and nothing happens on Armilustrium then Red Kachina will appear during Tubilustrium.

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: September 08, 2023, 04:24:58 AM »

Star charts (Aratus, Durer, Cellarius)

Even more examples here: (pg 5 9 14)

Dhruva was the constellation Shisumara (Draco). And the Great Bear came "bowing down" together with this star, and was not the Pole Star.

Location of Pole star (Dhruva) appears to have changed from earlier Puranic reference from tail of Shishumara (Draco) to tail of Ursa Minor (Current Polaris) and this supported Meru concept instead of Shishumara as hub of cosmos. pg 84

Saturn (Kewan) fought against the general of the generals, the Pole Star.

Therefore, we can simplify even further the succession of events as they relate to the Pole Star:

Thuban -> Polaris (most probably during the Deluge)

The most renowned stellar chart makers did identify Thuban as the Pole Star during the Renaissance, it is only that the Renaissance occurred some 200 years later in time (18th century).

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: September 07, 2023, 02:17:09 PM »

Both celestial charts feature Thuban (Alpha Draconis) as the Pole Star. In the official chronology of history and also in modern astronomy, Thuban was the Pole Star some four thousand years ago. Both maps do not make any sense at all, given the period in which they had been created (Renaissance), where Polaris was the North Star. Why would both Hondius and De Wit use Thuban as the Pole Star? Where is the outcry from the other astronomers of the day?

The maps by De Wit or Hondius (till 1640 at least) are accompanied by a stellar chart, where Thuban of Draco is the pole star. The changing of the place of the East and the reversing of the maps happened before Polaris of the Little Dipper became the pole star.

Earlier we have seen how the Great Bear came "bowing down" and was replaced by Polaris as the Pole Star.

Thuban -> Dhruva (Great Bear)
Dhruva -> Polaris

With respect to the previous message, even the figure of 2.12° (0.037 radians) is related to sacred cubit constants.

2.12° - 235.46 km (arclength)

381/235.46 = 1.618

There are two Kalki Avatar characters: Krishna/Skanda (Mars, Thor) and Thule/Vril.

But when Lord Shri Krishna will incarnate as Kalki, then only he will return the gem of Ashwathama after ending Kalyug. And Ashwathama will also help Lord Kalki in establishing Dharma.

Some prophecies suggest that Krishna will appear as Kalki, the final avatar of Vishnu, riding a white horse to bring an end to darkness and restore righteousness.

India, photographs in Calcutta taken in 1863 AD:

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: September 07, 2023, 04:43:34 AM »

The only other significant sacred cubit figure between 339.25 and 254.43 is 286.1 (the displacement factor of the Gizeh pyramid).

286.1 x 1.5 = 429.15

1762       63 km  2.59 km/year (83.9 arcseconds of precession)
1812       190.73 km 2.59 km/ year (83.9 arcseconds)
2024       509.8 km 1.5 km/ year (48.6 arcseconds)

1738 - 1762 24 year period
1762 - 1812 50 year period
1812 - 2024 212 year period

24 years with a precessional shift of 2.59 km/ year (83.9 arcseconds) - a total of 62.16 km (arclength)

50 years with a precessional shift of 2.59 km/ year (83.9 arcseconds) - a total of 129.5 km (arclength)

Total: 62.16 + 129.5 = 191.66 km

Most likely the figures are 63 km and 127.3, respectively (total of 190.3 km): it is a matter of simply counting the months also.

212 years with a precessional shift of 1.5 km/ year (48.9 arcseconds) - a total of 318 km (arclength).

24 + 50 + 212 = 286 years

212 = 636/3

318.1 = 500 sc (sacred cubits)

127.132 = 200 sc

63 = 100 sc

509.8 = 800 sc

1762  63
1812  190.6
2024  509.8

Between 1738 and 1812, the precessional shift must have been much higher than today, at a rate of some 2.59 km/ year (83.9 arcseconds, where 83.9 sc = 53.4)

As another example, for a total of 261.8 years, the shift would measure 63 arcseconds; for a total of 260 years, the precession would amount to 63.63 arcseconds.

1738 age of Adam

1762 first great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, Olympians vs Titans (epic fight on Earth and in the zodiacal constellations; Olympians: Draco/Fenrir, Loki, Sirius, Chimera (Hydra + Leo), Cetus, Crab, Scorpius, Mushpar/Garuda - Titans: Orion, Apollo, Hyades, Pleiades, Hercules, Mars, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius)

1776 -1812 rule of the Titans, the Olympians are banished to Tartaros (Antarctica)

1812 great Deluge/Phaethon

A total of 286 years of history.

509.8 km - corresponding angle of 4.58333° (0.08 radians)

55° total angle of the solar orbit (27.5 x 2), solstice to solstice (Tropic to Tropic)

55° = 0.959931 radians

0.959931/11 = 0.08726646 = 0.2617994/3

318 km ~- corresponding angle of 2.861° ( for 317.8 km, believe it or not) (radius = 6,363.63 km as always)

4.58333 - 2.861 = 1.722

1.722/2 = 0.861
1.722 = 1.361 + 0.361
5.34 - 1.722 = 3.61767

63 km - corresponding angle of 0.567285° (~2.861/5)

127.3 km - corresponding angle of 1.1463° (2.861 x 4 = 11.444)

Gizeh pyramid: length of one half of a side of the base perimeter = 116.712 meters

With an angle of 27.5°, the opposing side will measure 53.4 meters.

Gizeh pyramid: length of one half of the diagonal of the base = 165.05 meters

With r = 165.05 we get very good results for each of the following angles: 4.58333°, 2.861°, 1.1463° and 0.567285° (direct relationships with the sacred cubit constants).

An illustration of the importance of the measure of the precessional shift (in arcseconds).

Let us suppose that this shift is equal to 53.4 arcseconds. This would correspond to an arclength of 349.266 km. Yes, 1/2.861 = 0.34953. However, the rate would measure 1.6475 km /year. So, we would have to find some kind of an explanation, such as invoking terrestrial refraction in order to modify the total angle (since the radius of 6,363.63 km is fixed and cannot be modified further) of 55°. Then, of course, the total length of chronological history would increase as well.

These kinds of calculations have never been done before, since almost no one believes that the surface of the Earth is flat, let alone someone having knowledge of the new radical chronology of history theory. Perhaps even Fomenko would look with disdain at these computations, since he believes that the entire history is some 1,000 years old; the only historian who would approve of these facts is Christoph Pfister, who did verify for himself that before 1700 AD there was no human presence on the territory of Switzerland and that the printing press was invented well after 1730 AD.

Why would the precessional shift (measured in arcseconds) come up to a value of some 48.9 arcseconds/year, instead of 50.2 arcseconds/year?

Because of the orbital variance theory: (uses the heliocentrical system as a context)

The 3 . 14 seconds is the mean deviation.  The actual deviation, over time, is from 3.11 seconds to 3.17 seconds daily. In other words, the TIME required for the Earth to complete one orbit around the Sun (a year) decreases daily by the rate of 3.14 seconds (of time) and accumulates, annually, to approximately 18 minutes .

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: September 04, 2023, 11:11:22 AM »

Radius of the FE: 6,363.63 km
Angle between the two Tropics: 0.959582 rad

However, in order to determine the entire length in years of world history we need to know the precession rate of the Sun (the value of which is a variable).

Currently, it is assumed that this rate is 50.29 arc seconds per year. However, using the orbital variance theory, this rate can have a value of between 49 arc seconds and 50.26 arc seconds per year. This is the reason why I chose the value of 0.0136111° for the precession (expressed in degrees):

This gives us a total of 336.56 years (1687 AD to present). By modifying the 49 arc seconds value slightly we can also arrive at the estimate of 339.25 years.

With 50.26 arc seconds, we get a total of 328.17 years (1695 AD).

Vedic cosmology uses 54 arc seconds:

Tnen, the total will be 305.44 years (1717 AD).

Here are the references that must guide us to arrive at the correct result:

-the 52 x 5 Round Mayan Calendar (260 years); this calendar is based on the Great Conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn, where the starting and closing dates must be very near to the date of the solstices/equinoxes:

Then, 1762 + 260 = 2022. That is, we must go back at least to 1762 AD (March 18, 1762 and December 20, 2020 Great Conjunctions).

-the fact that on 800+ maps California is depicted as an island, up to the period 1802-1822 (thereafter, California is a peninsula).

Modern astronomy tells that the Great Comet of 1811 was the C/1811 F1 comet.

Not a chance.

On November 4, [William J.] Burchell (near the Vaal River about 50 miles west of present day Kimberly, South Africa) wrote, "as I lay waiting for sleep, and amusing myself in observing the constellations above my head, I noticed a faint nebulous star of the third magnitude, which I had not been used to see in that part of the heavens. Looking at it more attentively, it appeared plainly to be a comet." He said it was located in the tail of Aquila and formed a right triangle with Alpha Cygni and Alpha Lyrae.

"Note that Burchell's 04 Nov 1811 magnitude 3 comet in the tail of Aquila is approximately 35 degrees SSE from the ephemeris position for C/1811 F1 on the same date."

The C/1811 F1 comet was used a cover story for the planetary body which sprang forth and was first seen in the Aquila (Garuda) constellation.

Let us go back to the Navajo Indian mythology:

Garuda is Anzu, or Mushpar, perhaps it is even related to planet Vulcan:

Muspar (a fiery comet that loiters around the sun)

In the period 1811-1812 we had: a world war, two huge earthquakes (New Madrid and Ventura, CA), and thereafter the eruption of the Tambora volcano.

This author believes that the New Madrid earthquake was caused by a meteor strike from the Great Comet of 1811:

He also says that the Carolina Bays were caused by the same comet. However, in the official time chronology of geology, the Carolina Bays were formed some 9,000 to 10,000 years ago. Some authors also link the sinking of Atlantis (island next to Cuba) to the same period of time.

Did the island of California realign itself with the continent in 1811-1812? The maps certainly seem to indicate so.

Then, the Deluge and the myth of Phaethon coincide and did occur in the same interval of time.

The only problem with the Flood having occurred in 1811-1812 is the fact that the Deluge is linked to a Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (the closest dates are 1802 and 1821).

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 28, 2023, 08:49:20 AM »

The Lakota Indians mythology describes Sirius as being part of a Snake constellation:

It starts with Columba and Puppis, and ends in the Canis Major constellation.

Most of the legends ascribed to Sirius actually involve Procyon (Canis Minor).*.html

Procyon is Horus.

Rudra, in the Vedic cosmology is Betelgeuse (Orion constellation) and not Sirius.

In the Norse mythology, Sirius is Lokabrenna, or Loki's torch.

It is well-known that the Ouroboros symbol in astrology is exemplifed by the Ophiuchus constellation, however there seems to be another such symbol in the Canis Major constellation:

Both are related to the Galactic Center (Golden Gate) and respectively to the Galactic Anti-Center (Silver Gate).

The symbol of the Wolf biting its own tail:

Because the star Polaris is the tail of Ursa Minor, it depicts the tail of the Slavic wolf, attached to the hub of the heavens.

Sirius is also linked to Astraeus the Starry One:

(dog-star (kynos astraios) )

But planet Astra was located between Mars and Jupiter (Tiamat -> Rahu/Ketu).

Garuda is Anzu.

Ishum (Issum) is the Hyades constellation (it assists Erra/Mars/Sekhmet).

And there are two Rattlesnake constellations (one of them is well-known as the Pleiades, however the other one is not): (page 5)

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 26, 2023, 11:18:12 AM »

In the original source for Ragnarok, Codex Regius, Thor will fight Fenris the Wolf; it is only later that in the Hauksbok manuscript Fenris is replaced by Midgard (orm instead of ulf). This happened most likely because of the fact that Fenris has a serpent body with a wolf's head in many instances:

Ragnarok and the Trojan War:

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 26, 2023, 02:47:19 AM »

In an older version of Ragnarok, in the epic Lokasenna, it is Thor who will fight Fenris:

You will not be so brave when you fight the wolf Stanza 58

Another author writes:

Stanza 58. Here it appears that Thor was on his way to fight against the Fenris Wolf, as is also indicated in Voluspa stanza 56.

Tyr, as Polaris, takes part in the binding of Fenris with Gleipnir episode. Tyr, as Mars, will fight Garm (who is actually Fenris). But Thor is Mars. Vidar (Vitharr) has the same powers as Thundarr (Thor). So Fenris will fight twice: Odin first, and then Thor, two distinct events (which are separated by several months it seems).

Tartaros is Antarctica.

Thor already had fought Midgard before:

With regard to the vision of the Scorpion-Men by John of Patmos, here are more images:

They are also mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Why in the world would John of Patmos mention, make use of, the Epic of Gilgamesh (of all possible things)?

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 24, 2023, 06:35:39 AM »

Midgard is Eridanus (Cetus) while Hel, the third offspring of Loki, is the Hydra constellation.

Before the fight between the Olympians and the Titans (Giants), which was won by the Titans (Ouranus was actually Zeus, and the same legend was repeated for Cronos, after the Deluge), there were no zodiacal constellations in the sky: the struggle between Scorpius and the Hunter, Midgard and Orion, Leo and Hydra, Hercules and Draco was enshrined in the form of star signs (ball lightning toruses) by the beings who had the supernatural power to accomplish this task (they could only access the first layer of the stars, the so-called zodiacal signs).

Sidereal zodiac dates:

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 23, 2023, 12:30:07 PM »

The largest object in the Universe, according to modern astronomy, is the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall, assumed to exist at a distance of some 10 billion light years. These astronomers seem to forget the calculation which had been carried out by none other than Wolfgang Pauli who stated that if the zero-point energy field does exist, then the radius of curvature of the universe measures only 31 km:

The red shift function is a measure of the density of the ether field.

Fenris is Gochihr (Rahu/Draco). Garm and Cerberus are also derived from Fenris (as is Orthrus, which is another description of Cerberus).

The older drawings of the Hercules constellation show Cerberus being held in a tight grip:

Originally, Orthrus had two heads:

Draco constellation features a flying serpent with a dragon's head: in some mythologies, Ursa Minor and Ursa Major were the wings of the dragon, while in others the head was that of a bear or of a wolf. Cerberus also has many serpents and the tail of a snake (very similar to Hydra, as an example).

The Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall is Gleipnir, the rope that holds Fenris in place:*c4ocaKvcKByX7VBqqWW3Mg.png

The GRB cluster at z = 2 appears to identify the presence of a larger angular structure that covers almost one-eighth of the sky. This encompasses half of the constellations of Bootes, Draco, and Lyra, and all of the constellations of Hercules and Corona Borealis.

The Hercules–Corona Borealis Great Wall, the largest known structure in the universe, covers a part of the southern region of Draco.

Fenris with Tyr as Aries (Tyr was also depicted as Polaris). Cetus is Midgard.

Hoag's object (Serpens Caput constellation) and Loki:

The Hyades constellation was thought to be another image of Fenris:

The signs that Gleipnir no longer can hold Fenris:

AT2018cow erupted in or near a galaxy known as CGCG 137-068, which is located about 200 million light-years away from Earth in the constellation Hercules.

On June 17, astronomers at the University of Hawaii’s Institute of Astronomy twin Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) telescopes discovered an enormous, unprecedented bright flash in space that had just appeared in the heavens.
Supernovae typically take several weeks to develop but this flash, 10 to 100 times brighter than an average supernova, appeared in a region of space the astronomers had checked only two days before.

“It really just appeared out of nowhere,” said Kate Maguire at Queen’s University Belfast, part of the ATLAS team, to New Scientist.

The flares from Barnard's star (Ophiuchus constellation), 1998, 2005, 2019, almost the start of a supernova.

(image copyright: 1. Chris Johnsen 2. Istrander 3. Chris Johnsen)

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 21, 2023, 07:52:21 AM »

When Arcturus (alpha Bootis, supposed to be an archer, Ursa Major being his bow) shoots down the North Nail with his arrow on the last day, the heaven will fall, crushing the earth and setting fire to everything [n1 U. Holmberg, Finno-Ugric and Siberian Mythology (1964), p. 221. See the drawing made by J. Turi in Das Buch des Lappen Turi (1912), plate XIV: Arc­turus = Favtna, Polaris/North Nail = Boaje-naste, or Bohinavlle.].

In fact, it is noted in Turi's Book Of Lapland that the three stars which make up the belt of Orion are also hunting for the North Star. And the Blue Kachina image looks like one of those stars:

Arcturus (in constellation Bootes). This particularly bright star (Alpha Bootis) is Icarius.

It is stated this Icarius, became Arcturus, while his dog, Maira, became Canicula (Procyon).

ARCTURUS.  The English word translated "Arcturus" is from Latin, and probably is Greek in origin.  In Hebrew, the word translated "Arcturus" is 'ayish or 'ash, which seems to be the old Hebrew word for the red planet.

FET: all of the stars which make up the twelve zodiacs signs are to be found about at the same distance from the surface of the Earth, and are ball lightning toruses.

In the Vedic cosmology/astrology, Abhijit is Vega and represents the magnetic north pole. Researchers could not explain why or how both Abhijit (magnetic pole) and Dhruva (North Star) could leave their place at the same time in the sky: the two stars signify two different phenomena which are linked by the end of a world age/epoch.

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 21, 2023, 02:34:05 AM »


Rahu, or ra's al-tinnin, and Ketu, or danab al-tinnin (pages 197-198, 201-205)


Vasuki becomes Rahu and Ketu, in the Vedic cosmology. However, Vasuki resembles the Hydra constellation to a greater degree.

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« on: August 19, 2023, 11:52:27 AM »

"The Hour will not be established till the sun rises from the west"

We know from the book of Enoch that the Sun rises from the East, sets beyond Antarctica and then rises again to reach its initial point of departure:

Before the Deluge, both Saturn (Blue Kachina) and Mars (Red Kachina) were seen in the sky emitting more light than the Sun, the view of Mars might have looked like this:

Harakhte is the Egyptian name for the western sun.

Ra-Horakhty is Aten, associated with Akhenaten (represented by planet Mars). Thor is actually Mars, while Tyr is Polaris (the North Star). Odin is Saturn.

The year of 360 days was used in conjunction with the 12 constellations, and five days were added. The calendar described in the book of Enoch has 364 days, where one such day is some four minutes longer than our present day. The calendar of the Gizeh pyramid, based on echinoxes/solstices, has not changed at all after the Deluge or any other cosmic conflagration: while the Earth is undergoing a magnetic pole reversal it is still stationary (the stellar Dome also shifts).

The astral body which will be seen risinig from the West will be either Blue Kachina or Red Kachina.

We know for sure that the radius of the Piri Reis map is 6,363.63 km, Charles Hapgood proved that fact while he had consulted with several noted mathematicians to help him out decipher the map (the circumference of the Earth (Flat or Globe); it must give the same value in both versions). (page 33 - the relationship between the value attributed to Erathosthenes and the radius of Piri Reis' map)

Philosophy, Religion & Society / Re: Noah's Arc and flood
« on: August 18, 2023, 03:24:14 PM »
There was no ark (it's not even a joke, imagine the ark being swayed back and forth by huge waves 24 hours a day).

All of the people were sheltered in the underground facilities which had been built especially for them, for one week (not 40 days or 180 days) (example: in Cappadocia, underground cities with a capacity for 1 million people).

Question: how did they know that a cosmic cataclysm was about to be unleashed, having knowledge of the very month of its occurrence (not to mention the year)? When did the Deluge take place, 5,100 years ago, or more like some 260 years ago (great conjunction of Saturn-Jupiter of 1762)?

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Here is the description:

One might think that this represents John of Patmos' prophetic vision. Not so. Here is an exact visual match (Mesopotamian border stone) for the quote from the book of Revelation:

(Reproduction of Sagittarius, as depicted on the Mesopotamian border stones. Notice the scorpion tail. This icon returns identical in the Apocalypse to describe the grasshopper-men.)

Question: why would John of Patmos use this Mesopotamian/Babylonian inscription as a visual reference? How is it possible that no historian or scholar had mentioned this fact in the context of the research which has been done in the field?

Let us remember that the author of the book of Revelation did the same thing with another well-known passage:

The only excuse would be to say that he had used an image for some constellations (seven stars with ten stars in the form of a torch right above them, such as Corona Borealis or Coma Berenices). Of course, it would have been out of place, not to mention bizarre, for John of Patmos to have borrowed such imagery from astrology, and later scholars would have mentioned this fact. It seems that the book of Revelation was written by a high level initiate (or even several such initiates).

Flat Earth Believers / Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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In the heliocentrical setting, soon, the Earth will stop its diurnal rotation. Two conditions must be met:

1. The inner core must slow down, even stop from revolving around its own axis (conditions are being met, search with "earth core slowing down")

2. The existence of an external magnetic field (if a mass of magnetized iron particles, equal to the mass of the Earth, would come close to the Earth, it would cause the stasis of the diurnal rotation)

This is beyond a mere tilting of the axis of the Earth out of position, while the diurnal rotation would still occur.

Has this phenomenon happened in the past? According to the legends which have been recorded in the mythologies of almost all countries, it has. Of course, in the heliocentrical setting, it becomes very difficult to explain how then the Earth had resumed/renewed its diurnal rotation (not necessarily at the same speed as before). In FET, it is very easy to explain this event: the Sun simply stops in the middle of the sky, having reached the exterior limit of its alloted westward precessional shift.

All we need now is the close passage of a celestial body whose mass is nearly that of the Earth itself (again, we are talking about the heliocentrical framework). Of course, modern science would deride such a description, since it is assuming the stability of the entire solar system for eons of ages (past and future). The word "soon", in the first sentence of this post, means that the second planet, whose mass/magnetic field would cause the ceasing of the Earth's diurnal rotation, is already in an orbit close to the Earth (no need to involve a planet from the supposed Oort cloud). Then, should a comet strike that planet, at a certain time, it would set it on a collision course with the Earth (collision = close passage).

Here is a work which describes this kind of scenario:

In the context of our Flat Earth calendar, the following dates are to be noted.

Elul 25 (this year it falls on 9/11)

Autumnal equinox (9/23)

Armilustrium (oct 19 to 23)

Ketu/Ganesha (oct 28)

Garuda (dec 1)

Winter solstice (12/23)

Tubilustrium (3/24)

Pegasus/Medusa (3/24)

Blue Kachina - Saturn

Spica would also be a very close choice for Blue Kachina.

The galactic wave would start in the southern sky, Argo, Centaurus (Proxima Centauri), Puppis constellations, and then reach the Orion constellation, then the Sun.

Red Kachina - most likely possibility, Mars (Morning Star, Typhon, Phaethon) with Deimos and Phobos

Garuda - Aquila constellation

2ndary infection is a common "side effect" from having a massive viral infection.
example:  it's not the viral chest cold that kills you, it's the baterial pneumonia that kills you.

Those who have read this thread already know that I did present the proofs for the fact that M. avium was isolated in patients with Covid-19, and that the fake pics with Sars-Cov-2 were debunked.

M. avium is a cell wall deficient pathogen and passes through the same filters as a "virus" would. The FDA says that two tests must be performed for each case: both a rt-PCR test and a test for mycobacterium. All medical doctors (with the exception of one) have refused to test for bacteria, this is one of the main reasons for the situation the world finds itself in right now.

Covid-19 is caused a strain of SARS (caps for acronym, not for emphasis,) dubbed SARS-COV-2.

Why then does Sars have so many bacterial epitopes?

Out of nine sites, seven sites showed molecular similarity with 54 antigenic determinants found in twelve pathogenic bacterial species (Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium leprae, Bacillus anthracis, Borrelia burgdorferi, Clostridium perfringens, Clostridium tetani, Helicobacter Pylori, Listeria monocytogenes, Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus pyogenes, Vibrio cholera and Yersinia pestis), two malarial parasites (Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium knowlesi) and influenza virus A.

Most of the bacterial antigens that displayed molecular similarity with antigenic sites in SARS-CoV-2 RBD (receptor binding domain) were toxins and virulent factors. Antigens from Mycobacterium that showed similarity were mainly involved in modulating host cell immune response and ensuring persistence and survival of pathogen in host cells.

Sars-Cov-2 also features epitopes from M. bovis, Nipah, and other pathogens.

BlastP analysis showed high homology of the SARS-CoV-2 envelope protein with 12 consecutive amino acids of the protein LytR C, which is a consensus protein unique to Mycobacteria.

However, the knowledge that heat shock protein (HSP)65 is the main antigen of Mycobacterium bovis BCG prompted us to verify whether sequence similarity existed between HSP65 and SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) and nuclear (N) proteins that could support an antigen-driven immune protection of BCG vaccine. The results of the in silico investigation showed an extensive sequence similarity of HSP65 with both the viral proteins, especially SARS-CoV-2 S, that also involved the regions comprising immunodominant epitopes.

Here is something else you should take seriously: what if the Earth stopped spinning? Scientists have pondered this question, and in heliocentrism there are two conditions which must be met: 1. The iron/nickel core must stop its rotation (run a search with "iron core slowing down") and 2. an external magnetic field of a planet which would slow down the rotation or bring it to a rotational statis. In geocentrism, everything is much simpler: the Sun simply reaches the outer limit for its westward precessional shift (1.5 km/year).

Conversely, plenty of experiments have been done in a vacuum to confirm gravity.

Sure, as a force of pressure at the macro level: the plates are pushed toward one another.

And you were asked to explain how it stays in place next to a flat surface.

FET does not have to deal with the impossibility of having to explain the presence of trillions of tons of water on the outer surface of a sphere.

Gravity on a flat surface works as follows: the gravitons absorb aether through wormholes, the rate of absorption gives the weight of an object. Very simple. That is why it is very important to understand that the only stable, workable model for a wormhole is the aether absorbing wormhole version.

Someone's ability or lack thereof to explain gravity (which is NOT 2 gravitons attracting each other) has no bearing on the shape of Earth.

But it has everything to do with the shape of the Earth. Since you cannot explain how two gravitons attract each other, you are believing in a worthless hypothesis. Without the attractive mechanism, you got nothing.

Are you really lacking the imagination to understand the difficulties of your model? Do I have to explain them to you like I would to a simpleton?

Here are the issues you must face.

How do the atoms of iron and nickel (core) emit gravitons? Was it a one time deal, five billion years ago? If so, how do these gravitons maintain their stability in time, not to mention the ability to function, for such a long time? Conversely, if the Fe and Ni atoms emit gravitons continuously, their mass would decrease over time since those gravitons have mass and your model lacks the wormhole features.

How does a graviton emitted by the Fe core connect to a graviton emitted by an atom of H2O (let's say that of a lake)? How do these gravitons know if a person is standing on a tank or on a mountain, since Newton's law says nothing about density?

In fact, experiments were carried out with a plumb line on the top of the Himalaya range:

"Mountainous masses do not exert the gravitational pull expected by the theory of gravitation. The influence of the largest mass on the earth, the Himalaya, was carefully investigated with plumb line on the Indian side. The plumb line is not deflected as calculated in advance. “The attraction of the mountain-ground thus computed on the theory of gravitation, is considerably greater than is necessary to explain the anomalies observed. This singular conclusion, I confess, at first surprised me very much.” (G. B. Airy)

"Over the oceans, the gravitational pull is greater than over the continents, though according to the theory of gravitation the reverse should be true; the hypothesis of isostasy also is unable to explain this phenomenon. The gravitational pull drops at the coast line of the continents. Furthermore, the distribution of gravitation in the sea often has the peculiarity of being stronger where the water is deeper. “In the whole Gulf and Caribbean region the generalization seems to hold that the deeper the water, the more strongly positive the anomalies.”
As far as observations could establish, the sea tides do not influence the plumb line, which is contrary to what is expected. Observations on reservoirs of water, where the mass of water could be increased and decreased, gave none of the results anticipated on the basis of the theory of gravitation."

It is assumed that the gravitational field is stationary (as opposed to the e/m field which rotates with the Earth): this is one of the main tenets of heliocentrism. How then do the gravitons from the core connect to the gravitons of the ocean waves, or objects moving on the surface? And still there is no attractive mechanism: how would two gravitons attract each other?

So you have nothing at all, your delusions are not even a joke.

We have plenty of observations that Earth is round.

It might surprise you to find out that there is no curvature across the English Channel, lake Ontario, lake Michigan. Still you have to explain the attractive mechanism, how do those bodies of water stay curved on the outer surface of a sphere?

Not when there are already experimental observations of this attractive force.

There ain't any. The Cavendish experiment has been performed in vacuum by Dr. Steve Lamoreaux: the movement is totally due to the pressure applied to the plates by the ether.

You were asked to explain how trillions of billions of liters of water stay in place next to the outer surface of a sphere. Your answer:

No, it hasn't. You tried, and failed miserably.
And notice how you are doing the very thing you accuse me of, dodging.
Is it because you remember last time you failed?

You are not only dodging the issue, but making a fool of yourself: you are unable to explain how a single atom of iron (or nickel) can attract an atom of water on the surface. Pitiful and dreadful. You are unable to offer any kind of meaningful explanation.

Now stop spamming the same pathetic BS and deal with the issue.

I have proven to you that all particles must have a wormhole in the center. All such particles are quantum entangled. The only model which is stable is the aether absorbing version. Since you cannot explain how two objects attract each other, much less to offer a wormhole model, you are out of options and choices. Until and unless you are able to explain how two gravitons attract each other, the earth is flat.

Telluric currents (ether, gravitational/electromagnetic waves) propagate like this, in double helix/torsion fashion:

Blue wave - gravitational wave (gravitons or dextrorotatory subquarks or electrons)

Red wave - electromagnetic wave (positrons, antigravitons, laevorotatory subquarks)

Here is the incorrect diagram:

One of the rather "bad examples" of ubiquitous errors in electrodynamics is the conventional illustration of a so-called planar EM wavefront moving through space."

Dr. Robert H. Romer, former Editor of the American Journal of Physics, also chastised the diagram shown above, purporting to illustrate the transverse plane wave traveling through 3-space. In endnote 24 of his noteworthy editorial, Dr. Romer takes that diagram to task as follows:

"…that dreadful diagram purporting to show the electric and magnetic fields of a plane wave, as a function of position (and/or time?) that besmirch the pages of almost every introductory book. …it is a horrible diagram. 'Misleading' would be too kind a word; 'wrong' is more accurate." "…perhaps then, for historical interest, [we should] find out how that diagram came to contaminate our literature in the first place."

In order to harness the energy of these double helix waves, one has to interrupt the normal linear flow and cause them to form a torus/spherical field (torsion field) where these waves will attain a ball lightning shape:

This can be achieved using several methods: acoustic levitation, high electrical tension (Biefeld-Brown effect), very high speed rotation (DePalma-Schauberger effect), implosion of the atom (from the normal state of matter to the baryon quantum state).

Here is the research and results done by Dr. Salvatore Cesar Pais in the field of double torsion physics:

The Gertsenshtein-Zel'dovich effect can be used to create electron-positron pairs torsion fields (dextrorotatory subquarks-laevorotatory subquarks) out of the ether wave lattice. This torsion field will then act as a shield against the normal flow/propagation of ether waves (gravitational and electromagnetic), forming an invisible ball lightning sphere around the spacecraft.

Craft using an inertial mass reduction device

High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator

Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais
Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division

Both patents are very well written and documented (rivalising with the best patents published by N. Tesla or by T. Townsend Brown). (Gravitational Wave Generator via Tokamak Physics) (Gravitational Wave (GW) Radiation Pattern at the Focus of a High-Frequency GW (HFGW) Generator and Aerospace Applications) (HFGW/laser plasma interaction) (Electromagnetic and gravitational radiation from the coherent oscillation of electron-positron pairs and fields)

"The patent application for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device” was just published on September 26 after being lodged on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy back on March 22, 2019. The inventor is Dr. Salvator Pais, who works at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division and has previously lodged other patents on behalf of the Navy:"

(Craft using an inertial mass reduction device)
(High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator)

At present there are few envisioned fusion reactors/devices that come in a small, compact package (ranging from 0.3 to 2 meters in diameter) and typically they use different versions of plasma magnetic confinement. Three such devices are the Lockheed Martin (LM) Skunk Works Compact Fusion Reactor (LM-CFR), the EMC2 Polywell fusion concept, and the Princeton Field-Reversed Configuration (PFRC) machine. These devices feature short plasma confinement times, possible plasma instabilities with the scaling of size, and it is questionable whether they have the ability of achieving the break-even fusion condition, let alone a self-sustained plasma burn leading to ignition.

The plasma compression fusion device utilizes controlled motion of electrically charged matter via accelerated vibration and/or accelerated spin subjected to smooth yet rapid acceleration-deceleration-acceleration transients, in order to generate extremely high energy/high intensity electromagnetic fields. These fields not only confine the plasma core but also greatly compress it (by inducing a high energy negative potential well) so as to produce a high power density plasma burn, leading to ignition."

Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais
Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division

"It is claimed in the patent application that this plasma compression fusion device is capable of producing power in the gigawatt (1 billion watts) to terawatt (1 trillion watts) range and above with input power only in the kilowatt (1,000 watts) to megawatt (1,000,000 watts) range."

In a significant breakthrough, Dr. Salvatore Pais' paper on double torsion technology applied to portable fusion devices has been published by a major and prestigious mainstream scientific journal.

The Plasma Compression Fusion Device—Enabling Nuclear Fusion Ignition
Publisher: IEEE

November 2019 (Vol 47, Issue 11), IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

The plasma compression fusion device (PCFD) generates the energy gain by plasma compression-induced nuclear fusion. This concept has the capability of maximizing the product of plasma pressure and energy confinement time to maximize the energy gain, and thus give rise to fusion ignition conditions. The preferred embodiment of this original concept uses a hollow cross-duct configuration of circular cross section in which the concentrated magnetic energy flux from two pairs of opposing curved-headed counter-spinning conical structures (possibly made from an alloy of tungsten with high capacitance) whose outer surfaces are electrically charged compresses a gaseous mixture of fusion fuel into a plasma, heated to extreme temperatures and pressures.

The PCFD concept can produce power in the gigawatt to terawatt range (and higher) with input power in the kilowatt to megawatt range.

Dr. Pais' other major paper was also published in a mainstream scientific journal:

Let us remember that the tokamak plasma device will release 1014 positrons (laevorotatory subquarks) from the ether lattice:

Dr. Menahem Simhony has researched the existence of the electron-positron lattice:

Further research, the existence of the electron-positron double torsion wave structure, has been conducted by Dr. F. Tombe:

Gertsenshtein-Zel'dovich effect:

Li effect:

High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Induced Nuclear Fusion;%20HFGW%20Nuclear%20Fusion.pdf

The electrodynamic Hamiltonian of a particle in ZPF (zero point energy field/ether) was obtained for the first time in 1994, and was published in the Physical Review A:

Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force
Bernhard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, and H. E. Puthoff
Phys. Rev. A 49, 678

Under the hypothesis that ordinary matter is ultimately made of subelementary constitutive primary charged entities or "partons" bound in the manner of traditional elementary Planck oscillators (a timehonored classical technique), it is shown that a heretofore uninvestigated Lorentz force (specifically, the magnetic component of the Lorentz force) arises in any accelerated reference frame from the interaction of the partons with the vacuum electromagnetic zero-point field (ZPF).

Partons are Feynman's particles which make up protons and neutrons ahd have fractional charges.

Partons are positrons:

What world’s Navy has s tactical advantage, can get ships on station faster, have better targeting and radar systems, is more efficient in the use of fuel because they treat the world as flat?

You really don't want to get into that one with me, because then you'd have to explain this:

Again, I don't need a mechanism to explain this fundamental force.

You absolutely need a mechanism, because otherwise your claim that it is "attractive" ain't worth nothing at all. Your dodging the issue means very clearly that you do not have a mechanism at all.

Please inform your readers as to how four trillion billion litters of water stay in place next to the outer surface of a disk.

This request has been in place for many years now. You are totally unable to offer an explanation as to how an atom of iron will attract an atom of H2O at the surface of the sphere. You got nothing other than wild fantasies.

There is NOTHING in quantum mechanics which indicates all particles are quantum entangled.

I told you need to update your knowledge of quantum physics.


Holographic Schwinger effect and the geometry of entanglement

Julian Sonner, a senior postdoc in MIT’s Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Center for Theoretical Physics, has published his results in the journal Physical Review Letters, where it appears together with a related paper by Kristan Jensen of the University of Victoria and Andreas Karch of the University of Washington.

The tangled web that is gravity

He found that what emerged was a wormhole connecting the two entangled quarks, implying that the creation of quarks simultaneously creates a wormhole. More fundamentally, he says, gravity itself may be a result of entanglement. What’s more, the universe’s geometry as described by classical gravity may be a consequence of entanglement—pairs of particles strung together by tunneling wormholes.

Is everything made of black holes?

A Scenario for Strong Gravity in Particle Physics

At the Planck scale it may well be impossible to disentangle black holes from elementary particles.

G. ‘t Hooft, On the quantum structure of a black hole, Nucl. Phys. B256 , 727 (1985)

We suggest that the behavior of these extreme dilaton black holes….can reasonably be interpreted as the holes doing their best to behave like normal elementary particles.

All particles may be varying forms of stabilized black holes.

Quantum entanglement is not possible without wormholes:

GR cannot explain quantum entanglement/wormholes:

A traversable wormhole requires scalar fields/ether in order to function.

Photons (bosons in ether quantum mechanics) are linked by wormholes.


Since the particles so produced are formed from a singlet state (the vacuum) they
are necessarily entangled with one another, no matter what the actual nature of the particles, may they be electrons and positrons as in the original case, or quarks and
anti-quarks and even charged W bosons, as we shall consider in this Letter.

Alternatively we could stick with the original interpretation of pair-produced W bosons, and phrase the argument of [1] in terms of such entangled states of W± bosons.

Holographic Schwinger Effect

We study tunneling pair creation of W-Bosons by an external electric field.

"Classically, there are no traversable wormholes. This is a consequence of topological censorship, which says that if the null energy condition is satisfied, any causal curve that starts and ends at infinity can be continuously deformed to a causal curve that stays in the asymptotic region. However, it has recently been shown that quantum matter fields can provide enough negative energy to allow some wormholes to become traversable."

The team mixed rubidium metal with nitrogen gas, and heated it up to 176.9 °C (350.3 °F). At that temperature, the metal vaporizes, causing free rubidium atoms to float around the chamber. There they become entangled with each other, and the team can measure that entanglement by shining a laser through the gas.

The researchers observed as many as 15 trillion entangled atoms in the gas, which they say is about 100 times more than any other experiment.

“If we stop the measurement, the entanglement remains for about one millisecond, which means that 1,000 times per second a new batch of 15 trillion atoms is being entangled,” says Jia Kong, first author of the study. “And you must think that 1 ms is a very long time for the atoms, long enough for about 50 random collisions to occur. This clearly shows that the entanglement is not destroyed by these random events. This is maybe the most surprising result of the work.”

Absolutely all particles are linked by quantum entanglement. As such, these particles have a gray wormhole in the center permitting absorption/emission. The only stable, workable model of a wormhole is the aether absorbing version.

I have just proven that you live in a world of fantasy where you have no real knowledge of the latest discoveries which have been made in quantum physics.

The idea of a flat Earth is an outdated concept which has been disproven beyond any sane doubt.

Then surely you'd be able to inform your readers as to how four trillion billion liters of water stay in place next to the outer surface of a sphere. What? You have no mechanism? Then you got nothing at all.

This is a mathematical model. This does NOT prove its existence.

Please update your knowledge on quantum mechanics. It has been proven that all particles are quantum entangled. All such particles must have a wormhole in the center (gray wormhole, both absorbing and emitting). This has been proven without a doubt. Now, what is the only workable, stable wormhole model? Yes, the only stable model is the one where aether is being absorbed. I challenge anyone here to find a wormhole model which would work without aether being absorbed. Therefore, there is no attractive mechanism.


This is a flat earth forum, not a physics forum

Flat earth theory is the highest form of physics.

Absolute, irrefutable mathematical proof of the existence of a stable gray wormhole model which absorbs aether:

Ether flow through a drainhole: A particle model in general relativity
Journal of Mathematical Physics. 14: 104–118

Direct proof that magnetic monopoles absorb (and emit) aether. Since all particles have a gray wormhole, gravitons/antigravitons also absorb/emit aether. There is no attractive mechanism.

Since you do not have a mechanism for an attractive force, you can make no claims whatsoever. This is not tinder, but a physics forum, where you must back up your statements by proofs. Where is the attractive mechanism? There is none. No one, including yourself, can explain how two gravitons would attract each other. Or how two magnetic monopoles would attract one another. Ask any high flying theoretical physicist to explain the "attractive" nature of gravity and he won't be able to do so. Sorry, no mechanism, no claims will be accepted coming from you.

I am in a much better position, since I have the mechanism to explain the absorption flux of particles/aether.

Here is where science stands right now: all particles are quantum entangled, and are connected by wormholes through a hyperspace (including gravitons). There is only one kind of wormhole: it has to absorb/emit aether.

Here is the bibliography for the various types of wormholes and why they cannot constitute a workable model, with one exception: aether wormholes.

Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet wormholes

EGB wormhole model: dilaton and electrovacuum.

The EdGB is unstable.

The electrovacuum has huge issues with it as well.
The causality constraints of higher curvature models were studied, and it was shown in
particular that a theory such as EGB has to be supplemented with massive higher-spin fields in order to be free of causality problems. Causal structure of Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet (EGB) theory has also been studied in [29,30], where different notions closely connected to causality are studied in detail, such as the relation between Killing horizons and characteristic hypersurfaces, hyperbolicity in the near horizon regions.

Kaluza-Klein wormholes

Aether compactification of the Kaluza-Klein dimensions: (Planck plasma) (Kaluza-Klein particles, Planck ether, two consecutive messages)

Kaluza-Klein wormholes must use ether.

Conformal Weyl gravity wormholes

Weyl ether:

Palatini f(R,T) wormholes

Cartan wormholes

We also discuss wormhole throats in the presence of fully antisymmetric torsion and find that the energy condition violations cannot be dumped into the torsion degrees of freedom.

The Cartan torsion theory is a dynamical degenerate case of the more general Poincare gauge theory of gravity. The NEC would always have to be violated for such a specific torsion even in the more general Poincare gauge theory of gravity.

The resulting forces from the Einstein-Cartain torsion theory are some 27 orders of magnitude smaller than the gravitational effects of GR. Further, the EC theory applies to static field geometries around rotating objects.

Dynamical Ricci torsion is some 21 to 22 orders of magnitude larger than EC torsion.

Ricci flow wormholes

Spacetime foam = zero point energy = ether

Holographic Schwinger effect and the geometry of entanglement

Julian Sonner, a senior postdoc in MIT’s Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Center for Theoretical Physics, has published his results in the journal Physical Review Letters, where it appears together with a related paper by Kristan Jensen of the University of Victoria and Andreas Karch of the University of Washington.

The tangled web that is gravity

He found that what emerged was a wormhole connecting the two entangled quarks, implying that the creation of quarks simultaneously creates a wormhole. More fundamentally, he says, gravity itself may be a result of entanglement. What’s more, the universe’s geometry as described by classical gravity may be a consequence of entanglement—pairs of particles strung together by tunneling wormholes.

"We suggest that this constitutes a holographically dual realization of the creation of a Wheeler wormhole."

The Wheeler-Morris-Thorne model IS an Ellis wormhole.

The metric presented by Morris and Thorne already appears in 1973 in the work published by H.G. Ellis.

In fact, this model is called the Ellis-Bronnikov-Morris-Thorne wormhole model.

Negative energy = ether

The deepest connection between gravity and quantum entanglement:

“The universality of the gravitational interaction comes directly from the universality of entanglement- it is not possible to have stress-energy that doesn’t source the gravitational field because it is not possible to have degrees of freedom that don’t contribute to entanglement entropy.”

Universality of Gravity from Entanglement

I can back up my claims immediately: only an aether absorbing wormhole model is correct.

Dr. H.G. Ellis introduced the concept of the ETHER DRAINHOLE for the first time in 1969 (see also the wikipedia pages for the "Ellis drainhole" and the "Ellis wormhole").

Ether flow through a drainhole: A particle model in general relativity
Journal of Mathematical Physics. 14: 104–118

Since the derivation of the field equations was very rigorous, the reviewers had no choice but to accept the publication, in a mainstream journal, of the concept of an ether drainhole.

Magnetic monopoles and gravitons (or antigravitons) are absorbing and emitting bosons/photons and aether, there is no attractive mechanism.


By that logic, bulletproof vests are ineffective for cops.

Wrong answer (not to mention not very bright).

The correct analogy would be to have the bullets rain down on cops from the atmosphere, continuously.

Since the pathogenic agent comes from the atmosphere, exactly as it happened back in 1918, masks are absolutely useless (just as they were back then). You need a hazmat suit for 100% protection.

No R0 factor can explain how the Wuhan variant was replaced, in less than two weeks, worldwide, by D614G (March of 2020). No R0 factor can explain how the exotic variants (B.1.117, B.1.351, P.1) had emerged all over eastern Europe, simultaneously, without any travel history, in March of 2021.

So much valuable time was wasted in 2020 for absolutely nothing: had clarithromycin been used as a treatment for Covid-19, the pandemic would have been over in under one month by March.

In fact Pfizer did test azithromycin with splendid results: (March 2020)

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