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Flat Earth Debate / Re: What About The ISS?
« on: June 28, 2015, 08:39:16 AM »
If you think this photo is not fake why don't you just show us the earth from space this will be ultimately proof.

Proof enough?
Gezz earth seems close at 400km . ::)
Thunderbirds TV Show Intro: " class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

400km as compared to a 25000km earth is incredibly close!  It is 16/1000 of the total circumference of the earth.  If the earth were a 10yard ball (360") this would be 5.7" above the surface. 

As far as the Thunderbirds, seems a bit random but was an interesting show when I saw reruns as a kid.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Flat Earth Sunsets
« on: June 27, 2015, 12:40:47 PM »
the sinking ships, buildings and sun is the same illusion.

That doesn't change the fact that the Sun doesn't shrink near sunset, even if the laws of geometry were as drunk as flat Earth theory suggests.
the law of geometry can kiss my ass, try to explain it by flat earth method why the sun is not shrinking or f*ck off from flat earth community.

Modestman, did you even watch the video that was posted?  That was a pure attempt to show what would happen were the earth flat.  I allowed both models of the sun to proceed to 300,000km and neither of them exhibited any behavior that would replicate what we see on earth.  If you have a better explanation of the video and why it doesn't show what we actually see, I would love to hear it.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Flat Earth Sunsets
« on: June 27, 2015, 06:59:27 AM »
Something the guy in the video neglected is that in flat Earth theory the Sun goes around in a circle above the Earth, so at the time of sunrise the Sun would be north-east of you and at sunset it would be north-west of you. 

I intentionally neglected the sun's described motion in flat earth theory with the intention of showing a very exaggerated distance of solar travel through the sky.  The sun in this video travels from directly overhead to a point 300,000km distant.  No model I have seen shows such distances traveled by the sun, and at this distance, the sun still has not met the horizon.  I am planning a model that accurately depicts what an observer should see in the full model of flat earth theory. 

That is the biggest weakness that I have not ever seen addressed.  All videos of solar motion for flat earth theory show how the light moves across the earth but the never attempt to show what an individual would see from the surface.  I think it is because they know that their model doesn't match what we observe!

This doesn't mean that they would ever set, it's just another flaw in flat Earth theory.  Another big one is the southern stars.  The south celestial pole is only viable south of the equator and it's always south of the observer.  Imagine that on a flat Earth map.

That video has inspired me to make some more animations proving round Earth.  I have made a few short ones in the past, and I know how to use Blender very well.  I could also provide the .blend file to anyone who doubted that my animation is not deceiving or anything.

I would love to see what you come up with for your models.  Additionally, my model is available for any that would like to review it as well.

Flat Earth Debate / Re: Satellites
« on: June 26, 2015, 06:13:49 PM »
Also, here is a fun fact.  Building upon what Rayzor said, it is impossible for an asteroid to ever hit the Earth.  Anyone want to venture why?

Let's see if I can guess, because they are a government conspiracy?  Asteroids don't exist! Am I close? No? 

Why don't you tell us why it is impossible.

Tried this type of explanation already.  It just confused them.

HAHAHA, this absolutely killed me!  I am really curious to see what responses come back as well.  Relative motion can be a bit of a bear to fully get your head around, especially if you don't want to believe it exists.

Flat Earth Debate / Flat Earth Sunsets
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:56:57 PM »
Hello Everyone,

Been lurking here for a few days and find the debate quite interesting.  I am open to many ideas and philosophies and Flat Earth is definitely intriguing.  In making a full disclaimer, I am firmly in the Round Earth camp.  I have been looking at the FE explanations for sunset and cannot reconcile them with what I can observationally know to be true.  If the sun is a 32km sphere 3000km in the sky, no matter the gyrations you make, it will not come to intersect the horizon.  The Laws of Perspective that I see quoted on here make no observational sense in this regard either.  I have made the video linked here that shows how one should expect the sun to behave on a flat earth.  I am interested to hear what you all RE and FE alike believe about this video.

The criteria are simple, I am not worrying about the specific path of the sun, but merely if the sun moves across the sky a given distance, will it intersect the horizon on a flat earth.  Some specs about the video, the ground plane is a 400,000km square.  There are 2 suns, a disc sun of 32km diameter, and a sphere sun of 32km diameter.  Both suns are 3000km above the ground plane.  The camera is 2meters off of the surface of the plane and will track the suns to a distance of 300,000km.  I am very interested in your comments and refutation of what I show.

" class="bbc_link" target="_blank">

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