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Just thought I'd put in my two sense. I hear the Coriolis effect used as evidence of a spinning earth. I thought the Coriolis effect was related to magnetism but a globe with a north pole at the top shouldn't change the direction of clouds and spirals in the south. It must be related to something else. Modern science admits that the earth is "pear shaped" or has more mass on the bottom, despite relatively little exposed land mass. Perhaps the effect is more dependent on contour of the earth such as in this model:
not all toilets or tornadoes spin in that direction, the same as the flow of rivers go one way as opposed to the other, but many seem to prefer one way. The cloud rotation I think has more to do with heat and again the contour of the land.

I don't believe the earth could be spinning regardless if it were flat or round. the idea that it's spins faster at the poles than at the equator in a sphere is what for me proves that it is either not spinning or both flat and fixed. How could someone whose body was used to going 1,000 mph since the day they were born take a trip south or north without having the change in speed wreck havoc on their insides? If less g force makes astronauts weaker, does that mean people toward the poles are stronger than those at the equator? Wouldn't the increase in force from traveling from the pole to the equator make pilots pass out? I could go on, but I digress.

 the video is from ayers rock. " class="bbc_link" target="_blank"> maybe I didn't post the right link says you can see the southern cross from 26 degrees N, which includes southern TX.

Can you see Polaris in Australia?

thanks for your reply razor the puzzle to me is that you shouldn't be able to see both Polaris and the Southern Cross in the same sky, or the southern cross from the north but apparently one can despite the enormous bulge of a round earth. I'm sure I'll hear an excuse about refraction or something. I personally believe in a geocentric, small universe, and just recently have been finding some compelling evidence for a flat earth (it looks flat no matter how high you go).
I think what we may be seeing in the south is a retrograde motion of the stars. That's what it looks like in the time lapse video to me. We see the sun and milky way go down, and then the stars appear to lift and go clockwise in the sky. If we were spinning in the same direction everything should appear to spin away in the same direction but it doesn't. I'll have to think about this some more. In the words of Plato, I'm not less glad to be refuted than to do it, since I deem it the greater blessing...

response to omega that pic from tazmania surely is facing south at the pole star. All I can find is some evidence that those pictures are created. - here's an admission that the picture is created using stacked images and another site talks about star trails made using photoshop.  but I definitely have to give you credit for pointing that out.
What I mean by the milky way following the ecliptic is that it follows the direction of the setting sun. This is all against a backdrop of stars that appear to rotate around then north pole. Yes I understand the sun slowly moves against this background but in a night's time it looks fixed. This timelapse video looks to me like I am looking up at a spinning overturned bowl that wobbles, not stars flying past as if on a merry-go-round.
how to find southern cross in northern latittudes: and this is during may/june during the spring solstice when a round belly of the earth should block it out.
thankyou for pointing out that octans is not in the crux, it is just outside of it. I just don't understand that if the Big Dipper whorls around Polaris, why doesn't the Milky Way look like a swirl. A ballerina spinning on her toe would see a smudge on the floor whirl into a circle, just like paint on a potter's wheel.

Thanks for giving me something to chew on.

reply to alpha
if the sigma octans is supposed to be the southern pole star, why don't the stars in the milky way bend around it in a ring? if you were to move that southern planisphere, you would see the same movement of the milky way as you would in the north. if you are supposed to be on the bottom of a spinning ball, that the world should look like its spinning in quite small concentric circles toward the south pole, correct? but we don't see that. We see the milky way glide across. Just because they made sigma octans the middle doesn't mean its the south pole because it doesn't act like a south pole. I can show you a map with north america looking bigger than south america which is wrong. but we use it everywhere in the US and "modern" world.

reply to anton...
FE'ers are actually in the majority - along with the word of the Bible, Koran, Hindu, Chinese, Aborigine, Native American, etc. etc. Modern science is a control freak ruled by the elites. It is a brainwashed, materialistic teenager insulting his parents and ancestors. He'll wake up to reality the hard way, but eventually he will have to accept what has been known since the dawn of creation. You are not an accident. You live in a world designed for you, so you can grow and learn truth. Your fellow man, past and present are a part of you, not against you. good luck in your journey.

its human nature to find like minded individuals. I don't understand why anyone would come on a forum opposed to them and consistently insult or try to correct them. Asking honest questions and getting an honest answer and saying thank you is one. To continue to ask the same questions and ignore the response and then insult those giving their time and energy sounds like a coordinated effort to see exactly how much we do know and understand and try to derail anyone of the fence.

I do thank you though. While I feel I waste my time responding, I can be assured that someone who was questioning has more answers, and it encourages me to do better research. In fact, it only helps convince me more that we have a journey together in this world cup, and in the end we will laugh and be better sports about it.

reply to neutral 22:
just google Polaris star trails Tazmania or however far south you want to go and find the time stamp. Just look at the course of star trails from anywhere in the world at any time. there are no stars revolving around the south pole, period. but as for compasses, I think what is interesting is that your compass actually searches for south. Our north pole is actually the south pole. I apologize for being off topic but I think that is because it is the lowest point on our plane (the land masses gravitate toward it while the mile+ ice shelf encircle the world). There is no actual south pole in antarctica. They take you to a point and compasses show that it is off. Just too many things "off" with the round earth picture that keep needing explaining away. I think the best way to determine FE is to fly over Antartica. We can go to the moon but apparently its too cold for planes to fly over Antartica.

reply to neutral 22 as stated there are no two rings, just Polaris. This is evident on a star chart and with star trails all over the world. So I will reiterate a final time: the so called southern pole star is in the southern cross which is in the milky way. If you watch the milky way (I'm betting you can pick it out on a clear night), it follows the same ecliptic as the sun and moon as if everything is fixed. You would think the sun and moon would appear to travel differently as the moon is also moving counterclockwise around us according to modern science, and we are moving around the sun, but no, they look perfectly stuck along with the stars.

watch this video from

If you're in the southern hemisphere you shouldn't be able to see polaris hidden below the horizon. Conversely, if you are in the north you shouldn't be able to the southern cross. I've posted evidence attesting that indeed you can see northern constellations and southern constellations from either hemisphere, and still only Polaris is circled or "ringed" by the stars. Why would our northern axis be fixed to a star quadrillion miles away while our southern axis followed a constellation that is apparently in our galaxy and follows the path of our solar system? All traveling unfathomable mph's, tilting, wobbling, and yet the stars and ecliptic paths remain the exact same, year after year?

a lie gets tangled the more it's woven, but depending on how entrenched the belief (or how unfathomable the alternative), it appears that the perpetual lies are still accepted. but when you start from the ground up, believing what you see instead of what you are told, the truth makes complete and simple sense. Occham's razor. Good luck on your journey.

reply to neutral22: at 26 degrees N latitude you can see the Southern Cross any time of the year according to Earth Sky
that was just from a quick look up.

If you continue south from the Equator, fewer and fewer of the northern stars are visible and more and more of the southern stars are circumpolar... 
how can you verify this? here is a picture from Tazmania of Polaris, clearly circumpolar.

if you pick up a star chart (a physical one you hold in your hand) it is shaped like a flat disc and is completely accurate. There is no southern pole star (it's supposedly Sigma Octans, which is very dim, newly discovered, and not fixed). The southern cross travels around the earth with the milky way while only Polaris is fixed. That is the layout from where ever you stand on earth it is just if you face north rather than south, the stars rotate one way as opposed to the other. I can find the southern cross even in Texas which is not in the southern hemisphere. How can that be if it supposed to be under my horizon?  There are no two maps for southern and northern constellations, no more than there are two maps for the southern and northern parts of the earth. parts of the same map. The aborigines in Australia (who have a keen sense of the stars being in the vast desert) know the world to be a flat disc as well. But what mainstream modern science "tells" you versus what thousands of years of ancestry "knows" are two different things. What gets me, is that our dead ancestors don't benefit from a lie, while the elites of today who control the narrative, do. I hope that answers your question.

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