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Title: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on March 21, 2016, 06:58:31 AM

I'll add all of my working to this topic part by part. This will be a database .

This is the song what I like.

My doings are garanties of what will  I do.
Title: Why isis is supporting the curve earth
Post by: wise on March 21, 2016, 07:01:22 AM
This is why isis supporting the curve earth.

This is a news. ( ( (

This is the ISIS money!


As we know that this is the curve earth map!

Compare it:

Curve earth map:


Flat earth map:


This is not a proof or evidence. This is a knowledge lets yourself be sure your side.
Title: Impossible Moon Positions!
Post by: wise on March 21, 2016, 07:09:09 AM
Sometimes moonlight direction don't be to the sun. I have 2 theory for this but this time i'll not talk about these theories. Just show you the NASA lie!

This is a post posted by a NASA troll:

The excellent Vsauce did a video (http://) on this.

His profile is "defender of the NASA". (NASA troll)

This is my answer that anybody can't answer.

This picture from the video on the up.


And this is the answer!


This is the one of the most NASA lies!
Title: Re: All of my working here!
Post by: wise on March 21, 2016, 07:11:41 AM
To be continued tomorrow...
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 22, 2016, 01:47:26 AM
I have a problem is known as "Australia handicap". At last i found a likely explanation seems on this picture.


This explain everything for me. Flat but not completely flat. You can see everywhere on the earth by looking on the top point. Somewhere is flat, but somewhere is not. I thought beforehand that there might be the case like this.

So I'll change my working about world map from 2d to 3d and will publish the results here. This may take a few months.

I hope to prove this map because i like it.  :)
Post by: wise on April 07, 2016, 01:34:47 AM
The Matter: The Europe is completely flat!
Posted on: (
Posted at: 07.04.2016

Hello Mister good guys and mister Nasa trolls.  :)

Today we see "the europe is flat", and "the europe isn't a part of a sphere" with geometric and mathematical ways. (100 %scientific)

First we need some materyals to calculate.

First we look the site which shows directly fliying routes (

And the second site shows us what the measure of the distances between the cities for the sphere earth map. ( You can check the values on the with calculate it by google map. i got it and see as they are same.

We need an autocad program and a little microsoft excel.  :)

So we'll creating a 2d model map to shows the distances depending on flying routes. If the world is a sphere, even if you receive the value is true  first, subsequently take off the map is very inaccurate. But we will fit the values to a 2d drawing and compare with the sphere earth model.

The way we draw:


We are drawing circles that have the value of the flying distances of the cities. And the intersection points show us the place of the next city as you see on the draw.

I calculated it for 5 cities in Europa. Paris as North West, Madrid as South West, Moscow as North East, Istanbul as South east and the Wien as the center of Europe.

we arrive at this shape:


This is a map everyone can draw or check is it true or not. Or as you see that it is drawn by the program of autocad.

This excel file shows the results and whats happened:


The error value of the flat earth map is %0,3 is  lower then the value of the mathematic error limit %0,5. ( %0,3 < %0,5)
The error value of the sphere earth map %0,8 is  higher then the value of the mathematic error limit %0,5. (%0,8 > %0,5)

So the europe is flat.
So the europe isn't a sphere. Accept or not but this is pure science!

Now you throw the first stone the person who has gain the maximum salary from NASA.

Title: Calculating the center and depth of the earth
Post by: wise on April 13, 2016, 03:13:18 AM
Calculating the center and depth of the earth by using a compass.


Control: Using another compass far away to first compass.

Posted to: (


For prove or debunk it somebody need to use a compass on the Antarctica. If it shows about horizontal then the earth has one magnetic pole on the center and there isn't another pole. If it shows the bottom ot the earth then;

If the earth has two magnetic poles and one of them is the "South Pole" ; or the earth is a sphere. Or there is another magnetic case we dont understand it.

Edit. Notice:

This theory depends on the force between charged particles. F= KQq/R^2

Here is;

F= Force
K= a constant
Q= charge of the earth
q= charge of the Compass bar
R= The distance between the center of the earth and the compass.
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: John Davis on April 14, 2016, 02:31:12 PM
Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 18, 2016, 12:39:03 AM
If the sky is a space, then it must be colorless like air.

The popular (fake) science explains the colour of the sky by some nonsences is known as "science".   :o

A clear cloudless day-time sky is blue because molecules in the air scatter blue light from the sun more than they scatter red light. When we look towards the sun at sunset, we see red and orange colours because the blue light has been scattered out and away from the line of sight. (

But this is actually the definition of the color.

Q: What is color?
A: Color is a perception that depends on the response of the human visual system to light and the interaction of light with objects (the stimulus, sometimes referred to as the color stimulus). (

How the Eye Sees Color

Color originates in light. Sunlight, as we perceive it, is colorless. In reality, a rainbow is testimony to the fact that all the colors of the spectrum are present in white light. As illustrated in the diagram below, light goes from the source (the sun) to the object (the apple), and finally to the detector (the eye and brain).

1. All the "invisible" colors of sunlight shine on the apple.

2. The surface of a red apple absorbs all the colored light rays, except for those corresponding to red, and reflects this color to the human eye.

3. The eye receives the reflected red light and sends a message to the brain.

The most technically accurate definition of color is:
"Color is the visual effect that is caused by the spectral composition of the light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by objects." ( (


As we see that the colour is an object actually is a colour which reflected light except other light colour. This is actually same with the colour of the sky and the colour of the sea.

The true colour is the colour which you see on a sunlight in the earth. So it is the colour of the sky.

The definition of the colour is compatible with the blue color of the sky and sea definition .

They are hiding the truth because if they accept the sky is blue, so it can't be a space!

So they are hiding the truth by the way denying the true colours.

The real colour proves the sky has an object has blue colour completely surrounded the earth!

Then the populer science goes to Hollywood like Frankie.  ;D

You see the soil as brown on the sunlight, it is brown.
You see the tree as green on the sunlight, it is green.
You see the building as  grey on the sunlight, it is grey.
You see the lime' as yellow on the sunlight, it is yellow.
You see the apple as red on the sunlight, it is red.
You see the sky as blue on the sunlight, but it is not blue. Lets get out of here idiot! These idiots are not scientists, just satanist idiots trying to hiding the truth!  :-X

Wake up!

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Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 18, 2016, 01:45:19 AM
Hello good peoples.

In this working we'll create the real map by using "average flying distances".


1- Planes loose some times on their route by manevour and other effects.
2- Distance of the cities are consistent within the same continent.
3- There are problems with the distance between the cities on the different continents .


1- Calculating the distances between the popular cities on the same continental.
2- Calculating the average wrong caused by manevour.
3- Correcting the cities on the continental map. (by using Approximate methods)
4- Getting of flights between continents .
5- Correcting the continents to true place. (by using Approximate methods)
6- The publication of results

Istanbul Ataturk _ Paris Charles De Gaulle.
Calculating the true distance:

Direct: 2.239 km

Just getting the planned if 2.235-2.240 kms. The others cancelled.

2.258 km
2.324 km
2.372 km
2.417 km
2.410 km
2.407 km
2.312 km
2.388 km
2.408 km
2.316 km
2.317 km
2.398 km
2.238 km


2.379 km
2.357 km
2.392 km
2.342 km
2.451 km
2.377 km
2.380 km
2.730 km


2.545 km
2.321 km
2.340 km
2.437 km
2.431 km
2.420 km
2.449 km
2.310 km
2.394 km
2.420 km
2.299 km


2.407 km
2.315 km
2.296 km
2.398 km
2.384 km
2.428 km
2.417 km
2.387 km
2.318 km
2.316 km

Istanbul Ataturk to Paris Charles de Gaulle = 2381.07 kms


Istanbul Ataturk to Amsterdam Schiphol   (DireCt: 2.213 km    Planned: 2.212 km)


2.267 km
2.276 km
2.273 km
2.346 km
2.289 km
2.271 km
2.277 km
2.342 km
2.291 km
2.266 km
2.337 km


2.297 km
2.287 km
2.276 km
2.262 km
2.283 km
2.363 km
2.284 km
2.284 km
2.306 km

Istanbul Ataturk to Amsterdam Schiphol = 2293.85 kms


Amsterdam Schiphol to Charles de Gaulle/Roissy Paris (Direkt: 399 km    Planned: 399 km)


429 km
438 km
431 km
429 km
495 km
513 km
518 km
432 km
447 km
432 km
432 km
447 km
434 km

KLM 1229

439 km
454 km
436 km
432 km
465 km
446 km

Amsterdam Schiphol to Charles de Gaulle/Roissy Paris = 449.95 kms

Paris Charles de gaulle to Vienna Int. (Direkt: 1.036 km    Planned: 1.036 km)
1.097 km
1.117 km
1.135 km
1.161 km
1.156 km
1.172 km
1.144 km
1.118 km
1.179 km
1.124 km
 1.327 km
1.221 km
1.118 km
1.151 km
1.115 km

Paris Charles de gaulle to Vienna Int. = 1155.67 kms

Ataturk Int. Vienna Int. (Direkt: 1.253 km    Planlanan: 1.252 km)

1.349 km
1.271 km
1.392 km
1.298 km
1.282 km
1.300 km
1.300 km
1.331 km
1.300 km
1.313 km
1.283 km
1.313 km
 1.334 km
1.269 km
1.286 km
1.267 km
1.265 km
1.303 km
1.321 km
1.345 km
1.319 km
1.306 km

Ataturk Int. Vienna Int. = 1.305.38 kms

Amsterdam To Vienna (direct 961)  KLM airlines


Amsterdam To Vienna 1031.45 kms

Table of results:


Istanbul Ataturk to Amsterdam Schiphol = 2293.85 kms
Amsterdam Schiphol to Charles de Gaulle/Roissy Paris = 449.95 kms
Paris Charles de gaulle to Vienna Int. = 1155.67 kms
Ataturk Int. Vienna Int. = 1305.38 kms
Istanbul Ataturk to Paris Charles de Gaulle = 2381.07 kms
Amsterdam To Vienna 1031.45 kms

Europe is finished yet.


To be continued...
Title: Flat Earth Proof: Rain comes from sky and clouds just an evaporation effect
Post by: wise on April 20, 2016, 10:54:32 PM
Hello mister and misses satans and the others;  :)

Today we see how is rain occurs and why are the clouds occur.

As we know that meteorology knows where is the next rain fall down by looking the clouds. And we think that so the clouds cause the rain. This is not true.

God said us on the various different books that the rain falls down from the sky.

As we surely know that the sky is an ocean that surrounding us. It is reasonable to be in ice to don't fall down . when it melt to water then into rain water .

To understand the mechanism we need to look this image to understand it well.


This image will be change after we discovered there is a water barreer in front of sun.



This image will be change after we discovered there is a water barreer in front of sun.

Sometimes i's a cloudy day but no rain, sometime a few clouds but raining. Because clouds just a mark shows maybe it's raining. The phrase as "rain laden clouds" completely a lie.

Good luck.  :)
Title: Einstein debunked: energy is not conserved :)
Post by: wise on April 21, 2016, 11:18:24 PM
Einstein debunked: energy is not conserved :)


1st Example: Kinetic Energy.

When two bodies move in opposite direction and collide with each other, both of them will stop moving. So there kinetic energy is lost. Satanic physicists will tell you, that the energy has transformed into a kind of blabla-energy like sound or heat. But the value of the blabla-energy that  can be detected is always smaller than the value that the theory would predict. So there is loss of energy. Otherwise you could not transform the blaba-energy back into kinetic energy without a deficit. This is not the case, so the assumption, that there is no loss of energy is not provable and probably wrong.

Take what he calls Newton balance balls.


If you move the first ball, the kinetic energy translates to the next ball, and the kinetic energy is conserved. But if you move the first and the last ball simultanously (let them fall on the other balls), the movement will stop. The kinetic energy thus is not conserved. Satanic physicists will say, it has transformed into babla-energy. But can you see any blabla-energy on the first attemp? No. Therefore the Satanic physicists are wrong.

Exampe 2: The Wave Energy is not conserved:

 Waves of opposite amplitude can be annihilated by interference. Waves are energy.


So there energy gets lost.

Exampe 3: Potential Energy is not conserved:

Although the diagram shows that potential energy turns into kinetic energy, I somehow do not recognize that and say, potential energy turns into 0 + blabla-energy. Since there is no blabla-energy I have proven that the potential energy is getting lost.


I have thoroughly debunked conventional physics. I'm Intikam.

Notice: Thanks to FalseProphet (;u=946164) for translation.  :)

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Title: The mechanism of Creation
Post by: wise on April 22, 2016, 04:34:46 AM
The mechanism of Creation


To making a pair of substance or a paior of an energy with the opposite  from The zero point, is called creation.

in mathemathichal:

0 = +1 -1

Yaratma Tanımı:

Sıfır noktasından karşıtıyla birlikte Bir enerji ya da maddenin çıkartılmasına yaratma denir.


Şöyle düşünelim:

Sıfır: yokluk= 0

0= -1 + 1

Sıfırı bu şekilde ayırırsanız, birbirini nötürleyen iki madde veya iki enerji oluşur.

Yok Olma:

Birbirine denk madde ya da enerji çiftinin sıfır noktasında birleşerek sıfırlanması hadisesidir.


Bir dalga düşünün: +x yönünde V hızıyla ilerliyor. Enerjisi E

Tam ters yönden bir dalga geliyor. Onunda hızı ve ve enerjisi E.

Bu iki dalga tam da karşılaştıklarında nötürleşiyorlar. Birbirlerini nötürleştirecek formda olduklarını düşünebilirsiniz.

Bakın çarpışma sırasında açığa çıkan ses enerjisi ve kayıp enerjileri ihmal edelim, bu iki enerji birbirini nötürlüyor. +1-1=0 oldu.

Dalga enerjisinde ortada parçacık yoktur, sadece dalga olarak aktarım vardır. Bu aktarım durursa enerji yok olur. Bu, varken yok olmanın örneğidir.

Posted at 20 Jul 2011 in another forum ( by me.

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Title: Description of the "disappearance"
Post by: wise on April 22, 2016, 04:35:36 AM
Description of the "disappearance"

In populer science, nothing will imperishable if it is presence, nothing will created is it is imperishable. But actually this is a nonsence!

In the real life this is possible.


To disappearance a pair of substance or a paior of an energy when it encounters the opposite, is called "disappearance".

in mathemathichal:

+1 - 1 = 0

On the graphic:


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Title: Globe Earth Debunk: Why aren't there majority of the clouds on the oceans?
Post by: wise on April 24, 2016, 11:34:56 PM
Globe Earth Debunk: Why aren't there majority of the clouds on the oceans?

Hello mister and misses believers, and the cheap trolls.   :)

Today we see a matter about first matter that "Flat Earth Proof: Rain comes from sky and clouds just an evaporation effect"

We see the truth, so rain comes from the sky, don't come from evaporation caused by high temperature on the oceans. If it's true,

1- Why aren't there majority of the clouds on the oceans?
2- Sometimes a cloudy day it's not raining and sometimes it's raining with a few clouds on a sunny day. These cases show us the clouds aren't the exact cause for occuring the rain.
3- We must see the clouds on the oceans on every day in summer because it such as boiling pans. But we don't ! And sunny days the air in the ocean usually open like the lands.
4- We must see the clouds usually moving from oceans and seas to lands but this situation does not usually occur. Clous move random.

These substances can be increased.


Good luck.  :)

Cloudless rain.


This one is better

Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on May 13, 2016, 01:35:21 AM
As you see that i'm believing that "an eye for en eye, and a tooth, for a tooth". This this requires responding. I'm not Jesus and defend myself as him. So i can't turn my other face.

You know where am i going to.

Best Regards.
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on August 02, 2016, 03:28:18 AM
Why the flying time of Australia to US is shorter than estimated? because there is some "jet streams" at there. One of rounder talked about jet stream caused to be shorter of flying time from west to the east than the east to west route. So we understand what jet streams causes.

So i'll not continue to the working on the map before i learned what jet stream causes first.
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on August 02, 2016, 04:10:03 AM
To save my working from effect of "jet stream", i'll eliminate all of the flyings from west to east. Because west to east flyings are shorter than real time because of jet stream effect. This causes to change almost all distances calculated by flying times.
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on September 23, 2016, 06:29:52 AM
How does tide occur:

FE explains nothing.  FE can't talk as a human.  :)

But i can.

Just answering:

If the moon be near to the earth, it pushes to everything. Because almost everything pushes everthing.

As you see on the shape, with pressure of the moon, the waters move to the edge of the oceans like an overflowing bucket.


Don't forget, in natural world, everything pushes others. (except magnets and other illusion methods.)
Title: Re: All of my workings are here!
Post by: wise on October 17, 2016, 01:25:45 AM
Disproving round earth map by using a compass 30 cent cost.

Keep your childs far to monitor. We don't want they get zero from their geography teacher. :)



I corrected the North for Istanbul shown in Piri reis map which a great Turkish mapper known all around the world is true and the North direction on google map which famous map for round map is false!

I did this prove only with a compass and google map. It was about 30 cent cost!  :D

Title: Sun rises in Lima do earlier than NY proves the earth can't be round
Post by: wise on October 23, 2016, 11:40:54 PM
This is a superstition:




There is a 1 hour difference about time zones between NY and Panama. So according to NY time, sun rising in NY at 7:18 but rises in Lima at 6:38.

As we see that sun rises earlier in Lima than New York by real time, but it seems in the west on about all of round maps.

This don't disprove the earth is a round but proves round earth map is a garbage.

is wrong because:

Now the time for rounders to producing lies: Lets start.  ;D
This is the most unscientific attitude I have ever seen.

2016   Lima      New York                  
January   Sunrise   January   Sunrise                  
            Lima   New York      Lima   Corrected NY   DIFFERENCE
1   05:47:00   1   07:20:00   05:47:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:47:00   07:20:00   -01:33:00
2   05:47:00   2   07:20:00   05:47:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:47:00   07:20:00   -01:33:00
3   05:48:00   3   07:20:00   05:48:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:48:00   07:20:00   -01:32:00
4   05:49:00   4   07:20:00   05:49:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:49:00   07:20:00   -01:31:00
5   05:49:00   5   07:20:00   05:49:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:49:00   07:20:00   -01:31:00
6   05:50:00   6   07:20:00   05:50:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:50:00   07:20:00   -01:30:00
7   05:50:00   7   07:20:00   05:50:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:50:00   07:20:00   -01:30:00
8   05:51:00   8   07:20:00   05:51:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:51:00   07:20:00   -01:29:00
9   05:51:00   9   07:20:00   05:51:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:51:00   07:20:00   -01:29:00
10   05:52:00   10   07:20:00   05:52:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:52:00   07:20:00   -01:28:00
11   05:53:00   11   07:19:00   05:53:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:53:00   07:19:00   -01:26:00
12   05:53:00   12   07:19:00   05:53:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:53:00   07:19:00   -01:26:00
13   05:54:00   13   07:19:00   05:54:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:54:00   07:19:00   -01:25:00
14   05:54:00   14   07:19:00   05:54:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:54:00   07:19:00   -01:25:00
15   05:55:00   15   07:18:00   05:55:00   07:18:00   00:00:00   05:55:00   07:18:00   -01:23:00
16   05:55:00   16   07:18:00   05:55:00   07:18:00   00:00:00   05:55:00   07:18:00   -01:23:00
17   05:56:00   17   07:17:00   05:56:00   07:17:00   00:00:00   05:56:00   07:17:00   -01:21:00
18   05:56:00   18   07:17:00   05:56:00   07:17:00   00:00:00   05:56:00   07:17:00   -01:21:00
19   05:57:00   19   07:16:00   05:57:00   07:16:00   00:00:00   05:57:00   07:16:00   -01:19:00
20   05:57:00   20   07:16:00   05:57:00   07:16:00   00:00:00   05:57:00   07:16:00   -01:19:00
21   05:58:00   21   07:15:00   05:58:00   07:15:00   00:00:00   05:58:00   07:15:00   -01:17:00
22   05:58:00   22   07:15:00   05:58:00   07:15:00   00:00:00   05:58:00   07:15:00   -01:17:00

December   Sunrise   December   Sunrise   Sunrise   Sunrise      Sunrise      
1   05:34:00   1   07:01:00   05:34:00   07:01:00   00:00:00   05:34:00   07:01:00   -01:27:00
2   05:34:00   2   07:02:00   05:34:00   07:02:00   00:00:00   05:34:00   07:02:00   -01:28:00
3   05:34:00   3   07:03:00   05:34:00   07:03:00   00:00:00   05:34:00   07:03:00   -01:29:00
4   05:35:00   4   07:04:00   05:35:00   07:04:00   00:00:00   05:35:00   07:04:00   -01:29:00
5   05:35:00   5   07:05:00   05:35:00   07:05:00   00:00:00   05:35:00   07:05:00   -01:30:00
6   05:35:00   6   07:06:00   05:35:00   07:06:00   00:00:00   05:35:00   07:06:00   -01:31:00
7   05:36:00   7   07:07:00   05:36:00   07:07:00   00:00:00   05:36:00   07:07:00   -01:31:00
8   05:36:00   8   07:08:00   05:36:00   07:08:00   00:00:00   05:36:00   07:08:00   -01:32:00
9   05:36:00   9   07:09:00   05:36:00   07:09:00   00:00:00   05:36:00   07:09:00   -01:33:00
10   05:37:00   10   07:10:00   05:37:00   07:10:00   00:00:00   05:37:00   07:10:00   -01:33:00
11   05:37:00   11   07:10:00   05:37:00   07:10:00   00:00:00   05:37:00   07:10:00   -01:33:00
12   05:37:00   12   07:11:00   05:37:00   07:11:00   00:00:00   05:37:00   07:11:00   -01:34:00
13   05:38:00   13   07:12:00   05:38:00   07:12:00   00:00:00   05:38:00   07:12:00   -01:34:00
14   05:38:00   14   07:13:00   05:38:00   07:13:00   00:00:00   05:38:00   07:13:00   -01:35:00
15   05:39:00   15   07:13:00   05:39:00   07:13:00   00:00:00   05:39:00   07:13:00   -01:34:00
16   05:39:00   16   07:14:00   05:39:00   07:14:00   00:00:00   05:39:00   07:14:00   -01:35:00
17   05:40:00   17   07:15:00   05:40:00   07:15:00   00:00:00   05:40:00   07:15:00   -01:35:00
18   05:40:00   18   07:15:00   05:40:00   07:15:00   00:00:00   05:40:00   07:15:00   -01:35:00
19   05:40:00   19   07:16:00   05:40:00   07:16:00   00:00:00   05:40:00   07:16:00   -01:36:00
20   05:41:00   20   07:16:00   05:41:00   07:16:00   00:00:00   05:41:00   07:16:00   -01:35:00
21   05:41:00   21   07:17:00   05:41:00   07:17:00   00:00:00   05:41:00   07:17:00   -01:36:00
22   05:42:00   22   07:17:00   05:42:00   07:17:00   00:00:00   05:42:00   07:17:00   -01:35:00
23   05:42:00   23   07:18:00   05:42:00   07:18:00   00:00:00   05:42:00   07:18:00   -01:36:00
24   05:43:00   24   07:18:00   05:43:00   07:18:00   00:00:00   05:43:00   07:18:00   -01:35:00
25   05:44:00   25   07:19:00   05:44:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:44:00   07:19:00   -01:35:00
26   05:44:00   26   07:19:00   05:44:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:44:00   07:19:00   -01:35:00
27   05:45:00   27   07:19:00   05:45:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:45:00   07:19:00   -01:34:00
28   05:45:00   28   07:19:00   05:45:00   07:19:00   00:00:00   05:45:00   07:19:00   -01:34:00
29   05:46:00   29   07:20:00   05:46:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:46:00   07:20:00   -01:34:00
30   05:46:00   30   07:20:00   05:46:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:46:00   07:20:00   -01:34:00
31   05:47:00   31   07:20:00   05:47:00   07:20:00   00:00:00   05:47:00   07:20:00   -01:33:00


All of the is examined.

Result; New York is in the more East average 90:24/365 = 15 minutes.

I looked this image and see panama as east.


But now i'm looking the map and see which one is east:


New York is in the east. Operation failed.

Nobody is perfect.
Title: Re: All of my MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on November 20, 2016, 11:24:11 PM
This is flat earth model:


According to this model; we should wait for differences of the -weather "highest and the lowest value of the temperature" of cities on the North, should be lower than south.

because nearest point of the sun and furter point of the sun is higher on the southern circle.

I researched some cities on the northern circle and southern circle; to find out is it differences of the weather on the north for a city in night and day. The results are astonishing.

First i grouped cities by South and north.


Second i  listed them by "near to sea" and far to sea.


The last i listed them by weather differences by night and day.


As we see that the results are compatibled with flat earth model.

The earth is flat.


An extra working about the biggest cities around the world.

Actually this cities are not spesific for this working. Because they haven't our conditions that reveal a significant difference. Notwithstanding we'll use this list for show everybody how us are impartial and objective. But end the working i'll comment the result as the perspective of weather differences and distances fo North.

Choosen cities are:

1   Shanghai(Pudong)
2   Karachi
3   Beijing
4   São Paulo
5   Dhaka
6   Delhi*
7   Lagos
8   Istanbul
9   Tokyo(RJTT)
10   Mumbai
11   Moscow
12   Guangzhou
13   Shenzhen(Shangai)
14   Suzhou
15   Kinshasa
16   Cairo
17   Jakarta
18   Lahore
19   Seoul
20   Mexico City

These cities taken by the list of "world largest cities" :

At the end of the working, we found 3 cities have lowest difference of night and day tempereture that close cities to sea, meanwhile closer cities to North than others.

Cities and distances to center of the North:





















Weather temperature calculations:









































No data



















And the results:




Specific examples.

The places near to sea are not different obviously. Because cities near the seas impressed by the temperate influence of the sea. So we'll choose some cities from North and south circle are far to sea and will examine them by differences of temperature night and day.

First lets all us look to map to find out ideal cities for see the difference obviously.

This is Australia map:

Almost all cities are placed on inshore except one: Alice Springs.


Lets measure it to sea:


About 900 kms.

Now we'll find out other cities has the distance to sea as 900 kms for compare it by objectivity.

Lets find another city in Southern circle:


There are two cities seems like far to sea: Gaborone and Lusaka.

Lets measure them:


Gaborone has about 700 kms distance to sea. So it is not useful for our experiment.

Lets measure the other one:


864 kms. It is closed to 900 kms; so we selected Lusaka as a spesific city for our test.

Now we have two cities in Southern circle are far to sea about 860-900 kms. For compare them we need two other cities in Northern circle.

Lets look to North America.


I drawed there a line has 900 kms lenght for see about where will be stay the city which we can choose.

They seems like two cities to be possible about 900 kms to sea Edmonton and Winnipeg. Lets measure them are they true or not.


We see these two cities on same image that both of them are useful for our test.

On. Now we selected 4 cities that 2 are from south and two are fron north and have distance about 900kms. Now we eliminated the factor of distance to sea.

Although we have 4 cities, we will be picking 2 new cities for North Asia and South America.



Brasilia and Novgorod are useful.

We have 6 cities that 3 from North and 3 from south and all of them are about 900 kms far to sea. We selected all of these cities by online, right here, right now.

Brasilia, Lusaka and Alice Springs from South America, South Africa and Australia which cities are far to sea about 900 kms;

Edmonton, Winnipeg and Novgorod from North America and Asia which cities are far to sea about 900 kms.

Lets do it.

This is final image:


there is a problem on upload site so i used another one.

At the end of the this working, all of 3 cities in the northern circle have lower day and night temperature differences than the cities on the south; which have same distance to the sea.

Novgorod     North   8,25
Edmonton    North   9,00
Winnipeg    North   10,17
Lusaka    South   10,33
Brasilia    South   11,25
Alice Springs    South   15,42

I'll add all of city data later.

Yet i added only data of January.







imgsafe is not a safesite oppositely it's name . I'll change it later to another one. so i did'nt add all of images to it.

Silence is to approve.

@All rights reserved
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on January 15, 2017, 11:23:51 PM
Explanation about real shape of the earth. This is only fact what is hidden from you.

Take care where is the most high points on "world altitude map". Antarctica.  (3nd and 4th shape)


Also explanation about my map version 2 on below.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on January 19, 2017, 02:59:50 AM
Only a part of vacuum holder beats gravity.


As we see that only a part of vacuum holder is pulling up the material and beats the gravity. Also you can beat gravity with basic jumping up. But you can't escape from a vacuum holder by jumping.

But if you listen to popular professors, heard they say about vacuum power as, -10^3 , limit, integral, differentiation so gravity is bigger. Fuck off ! Fuck of bitches!
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on January 20, 2017, 04:09:50 AM
I was forgot to add alternative sysmology here:

Ocean wawes causes  to big earthquakes.

Think about the earth as a ship. It shakes and swashes.

I want to explain how systemworks, under the pretext of this topic.

This the list of countries by has earth Seismic risk.

1.    JAPAN (80)   7.08   6.7188 %
2.    INDONESIA (57)   7.05   4.7646 %
3.    CHILE (52)   7.36   4.5405 %
4.    PAPUA NEW GUINEA (49)   6.91   4.0152 %
5.    MEXICO (36)   7.19   3.0677 %
6.    TURKEY (36)   7.01   2.9942 %
7.    ALASKA (28)   7.55    2.5056 %
8.    CALIFORNIA (30)   7.01   2.4938 %
9.    PERU (27)   7.45   2.3859 %
10.    CHINA (27)   7.38   2.3621 %
11.    VANUATU (28)   6.96   2.3112 %
12.    SOLOMON ISLANDS (23)   7.03   1.9175 %
13.    IRAN (22)   7.09   1.8499 %
14.    SUMATRA (20)   7.77    1.8428 %
15.    RUSSIA (20)   7.43   1.7621 %
16.    GREECE (19)   7.06   1.5902 %
17.    TAIWAN (18)   7.21   1.5392 %
18.    FIJI (18)   6.99   1.4918 %
19.    PHILIPPINES (16)   7.17   1.3601 %
20.    NEW ZEALAND (16)   7.16   1.3589 %

You can find out same list at:

Lets examine the countries in the list one by one, depends on "ship" theory.

First we should thik the earth as a ship that floating in the sea. The sea waves beats to edges. These beats cause to shaking. On the other way, the ship getting water from mediterranian area.

1    JAPAN : Is in the edge of the earth. So  the waves transfer energy by multiplying.
2.    INDONESIA: Is in the edge of the earth.
3.    CHILE : Is in the edge of the earth.
4.    PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Is in the edge of the earth.
5.    MEXICO : Is in the edge of the earth.
6.    TURKEY *: ...    We will examine it later. *
7.    ALASKA (28): Is in the edge of the earth.
8.    CALIFORNIA : Is in the edge of the earth.
9.    PERU (27) Is in the edge of the earth.
10.    CHINA (27) Is in the edge of the earth.
11.    VANUATU Is in the edge of the earth.
12.    SOLOMON ISLANDS Is in the edge of the earth.
13.    IRAN (22)*: ...    We will examine it later. *
14.    SUMATRA (20) Is in the edge of the earth.
15.    RUSSIA (20) Is in the edge of the earth.
16.    GREECE (19)*: ...    We will examine it later. *
17.    TAIWAN (18) Is in the edge of the earth.
18.    FIJI (18) Is in the edge of the earth.
19.    PHILIPPINES Is in the edge of the earth.
20.    NEW ZEALAND Is in the edge of the earth.

Lets examine other 3 countries:

6.    TURKEY
13.    IRAN
16.    GREECE

Since tousends of years Euro-Africa land crashed and got water. Then Mediterranian sea occured. Water is continue the way till that will destroy Greece-Turkey-Iran line. Will make them smaller like center America. In the other say the Turkey side of the ship is sinking in the water.


This is the sismology map that you can use it as an alternative theory.

For perspective of round map:


This map taken from here:

The situation is clear.

Notice: The list contain risk more than 6.5 of earthquakes. Richter scale 1 degrees decreases but power 10 level decreasing. So the less earthquakes are weak as like the sway of the ship; don't effect important.

For example 6.5 richter is 10 level more than 5.5 richter. And 7,5 richter is 100 level more than 5,5.

This shape supports it:

Title: Debunking Brian Cox gravity experiment in vacuum for BBC
Post by: wise on January 24, 2017, 11:06:26 PM
Hello guys,

We are together again with debunking a fucking lie of graviters.

There is a video comparing two objects which one of them heavy and other one is light. One of them is a ball and second one is a down. First they are compered with free falling and ball falled first. They connect it to "air friction". The second test in no air vacuum and they fallen with same time. Is it really? No. We'll learn in another topic that obcejts falling time connected with their weights and gravity is a lie. But first, we should to debunk this fucking experiment.

Lets watch now.

Everything seems like okey ha? Gravity is proven. Is it really? Take a look more carefully.

Come to: 4:16 Catch that picture:


Objects start about same point.

Come to finish line, 4:30


The distances of them aren't changed in fallen time. So they moved together. And this situation proves the gravity. Is it real? No. Come back to 4:14 and move the video slowly again.

Now come to: 4:16 and catch this image:


Where is ball?

Ball is faster and made significant difference in only 1st second.

So the difference of them must increase according to The usual continuation of their movements.

But falls in same time:


Fake. Debunked. I don't accept appeals because everything is clear.

So this man, Brian Cox is a liar, a dishonest, dishonored one !

Proffssor ha professor! Professor of being a son of whore !

PS. Before "real time experiment", there is some "slow motion showings before it but they are all fake and cartoon. Only the experiment in 4:16-4:30 is real time experiment and we proven it is fake. Added to my working sector .

This fake experiment proves how graviters are dishonest, dishonored ones!

images are updated.
Title: True layers of the earth explains : How volcanos occur
Post by: wise on January 31, 2017, 05:07:09 AM
Hi people.

This is the layers of the earth structure.

With this shape, it is more easier to understand tectonic movements.


This the true shape of the layers. There is a lav layer under the solid layer.


There is a balance between powers of:




The layer on the top "solid layer" is balanced with oceans and atmospher together that is not examined on this issue.

If balance of them breaks down by some reasons as "natural disasters" or "human made" factors occured.


Then the balance of "solid-lav" breaks down.

After balance breaks down, upper forces are bigger than downer forces like the up shape. Then lav finds a way to exceed solid layer.


Then volcano occurs.

After lav enough moved up to land, balance occurs again and volcano stops.


This is the true layer of the earth. If you believe, or not.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on February 23, 2017, 10:58:27 PM
It is absolutely. Because everything turns around him according to several religinal books. And everything is turning around North Celestial Pole.

Shoot and gool.  8)


This is nothing about matter.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 05, 2017, 11:49:46 PM
There is insufficient support here. On the other hand, here is a place that controlled opposite and probably in the hand of CIA. In other say, I'm getting dead threatenings insomuch as from moderators.

With this conditions, I decided To transfer this issue a stronger formation. These are a well-known formation in Turkey and the world. We have a meeting on wednesday with this foundation. I prepare a "presentation" in the next 2 days. I hope the meeting will be positive and this fact Will be much stronger with them. I hope.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 09, 2017, 12:13:20 PM
The meeting with some of the anticapitalist muslims was completely a fiasco. I do not want to talk about them anymore. I'll back here with my workings next a few days.
Title: The growing number of flat earth researchers (result of research)
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:34:52 AM
As you know that, youtube isin't work in my computer rarely. This is one of that rarely times. So I'll use google video search for that research.


We need to know how many videos created in different times to compare themselves for understand the growing.

We are searching the term of "flat earth proof" (in quotation marks)

1- It is for "today only", it is 15 pages videos created. A page is 10 videos. So today about 150 videos generated.


2- Now go to 1 year ago The results are two pages. This shows about 20 videos are created in a day in 1 year earlier from today.


3- Now go to 2 years ago. There is only 4 results. (not page, just number of 4)


4- Now go to 3 years ago. There is only one video created in a day before 3 years from today.


5- If we are lucky, maybe find a video created in a day in 4 years ago. Ovvv we are lucky. We find 2 videos created in a day in 4 years ago.


6- Now go to the 5 years ago. There is one video again.


7- Lets go to 6 years ago as time travelers.  8) There is no videos. Google find out some videos without using quotation marks. But our  result is zero.


So try to look one week in that time range to understand the rate.


We find out a video created 6 years ago and in a week. So we'll get 1/7 videos average per day, instead of zero.

8- Lets go to 7 years ago as a last try:


There is no result again. Google find out some results again without using quotation marks. So we use 1 month in a year 7 years ago.


Now it finds 8 results per month. So we'll get 8/30, instead of zero.


Now we can draw the graphics.

2017 - average 150 videos created per day.

2016 - 20

2015- 4

2014 - 1

2013 - 2

2012 -1

2011 - 1/7 = 0,14

2010 - 8/30 = 0,26

For make the diagram longer, I gont to the year of 2000 and find out zero videos created.

2000 - 0,00

This is the result chart and graphic.


And this is only the graphic showing the growing rate of flat earth  researchers.


Past a few days, a friend said he meeted with another flat earth believer in front of a bar. This is the explanation why that occurs.

It is not a chance. The movement is now till big that can't stoppable.

Look to the graphic and don't afraid from it. It is just growing of the "real science". Actually this shows who is in true side and which side is going to win!


Friendly you should accept that, game over.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:41:51 AM
Intikam the ruthless said: ↑
As we see that its verifying the gravitional effect. So its pre-accepted effect is exist by gravitation. We need something "prove the effect caused by mass gravition". Nevertheless your post is the closest answer what I search for, thank you in advance.

And the moderator says:

What you're looking for doesn't exist. There is no way to prove that something is caused by something else. We can only gather evidence in support of our theories. We can never prove them.

Thread locked.

This is an evidence why there isin't gravitation. Also Even if physicists do not know the solution, there is no gravitation.  8)
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:43:58 AM
You can't send a radio broadcast wave to Turkey from USA in any way in a round earth.

But you can send a radio broadcast signal to Turkey from USA with a strong source in a flat earth.

So this is an evidence which theory is reliable.



There is several experiments about radio waves taken from Turkey which sended from USA. The main argument about this is "clouds transmit the radio waves" but this is a nonsence. So this experiment proves the earth is flat.
Title: Debunking gravity with 10$ cost of two bowling and football balls
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:50:21 AM
Debunking gravity with 10$ cost of two bowling and football balls

A football ball:


W= 410-420 grams.
C= 68-70 cms.

A bowling ball:


W= 7,2 kgs.
C= 68-70 cms.

When these objects fall, they falls in same time by theorically. What is your answer? Same time isin't it?

But practically they don't fall in same time.


The bowling ball falls first. Because it is heavier.

Theorically: g1=g2=9,80 so,...  ::)

For you better understand this issue, lets look to another example:


A baloon and a bowling ball. Now which one falls first? You say exatly bowling ball. Because baloon is lighter or about equal the weight of air. Perhaps it goes to up, instead of falling.

So we understand that there is a relevant with weight and falling time.

repeat it: There is a relevant with weight and fallen time.

What was g?

g= 9,80. So where is the factor Considering whe weight of object? Absent.

because 9,80 is an "ampirical" value and not relevant with a formula.

You can apply any formula on it what you want, but not gravity.
Title: Antarctica documentary is debunked which claims debunked the flat earth
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:54:21 AM
Antarctica documentary is debunked which claims debunked the flat earth

Video is fake.

The son of whores who in the video and  in the classroom both is debunked.

In this video, there is several mistakes but I want to show you one.

Come to 4:04

For a while, sun is disappearing behind the lamb at about 4:04-4:05. Slow motion play that or repeat, till you catch the point.


Now move forward.

4:07 and 4:08 again, sun is disappearing behind the pillar.


Compare the Apparent size of sun with lamb, pillar and sun.


With a bit comparing proves the video is fake. Perspective or something can be discussable. My decision will not  changed.

This video proves they are producing more lies in vain, so how they are in histerical panic.

PS: If I understand true, the owner of the channel "Flat Earth Guru" isin't a flat earthher. Just a bastard is making fun with FE.
Title: The experiment of roof
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:56:30 AM
The experiment of Roof:

A man or woman can easy done this test to proof the earth is flat or not who has a barometer and nivo. Or you can test the curvature of the earth.

We pre accept as the  pressure is uniformly distributed. So same altitude has same pressure of air. With using this feature, we can calculate the curvature isin't exist. By this way.


- A barometer
- A nivo
- A meter (or a jalon)


Find out two buildings have about same high and altitude. Buildings near to Beach is compatibled for this. Choose two buildings has same number of multiples. Buildings should be at least 1 kilometre away from themselves.

Measure with a barometer on the roof of someone. Measure with a barometer on the roof of other. Find a point you can look with a nivo from one roof to the other one. measure the air pressure on that point. Mark the point as exact on a bar marked with meter. Go to the other roof. Find out same air pressure value by reading barometer. Mark it too. Create nivo to the that point.

Take care the spirit level to be true. This is the most important point.


Look from the marked point of second roof to the marked point of the first one. Depends on "world curvature calculator" you should to read 8 centimeters more. If there is no any curvature, you should to see first marked point.

Basic, exact and deadly.

With a shape: Like this:


Edit: Drawing is edited.
Title: The meaning of life: "Why are we exist and why God created us?"
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 04:59:11 AM
The meaning of life: "Why are we exist and why God created us?"

Hello unnaturals,

This is İntikam who makes you natural.  :o

I know everybody wonders why are we exist and why is the God created us. On the other way, atheists don'a ask this question because they are already believing we are here caused by a little chance. unbalanceds are aside, we will talk about "naked facts".

For more understand the issue, we need some pre-knowledge.


1- There is only one God decides everything.

2- For a reason, God Constantly creates.

3- He just thinks about his own good (selfish)

This number, namely number 3 or God's be selfish can be discussable. For Not to discuss it, I want to write a summary about it: "God must be selfish to continue to his sovereignty". "continue to his sovereignty" is a fact, so selfish is a fact too.

Accept these three clauses as pre-true. Now we can understand the issue.


1- God is Constantly creating new earths: We haven't any exclusive features. So, they must be several earths like our earth and It must be all life-like humanoid creatures.

2- Human and other humanoid creatures Are the parts of the God.

3- God constantly replicates himself to increase and consolidate his sovereignty.

4- Human is one of the material used by God's increase and consolidate operation.

Result and why are we exist:

Life began with one person and now there are 8 billion people in the world.

This means, God copied himself 8 billion times from created Adam to today.

So, we are created because we are copies of God and he grown himself by us.

So, what will be end of our lifes?

Firstly, I think three ways to continue.

(After life possibilities)

1- Directly collected by God: This theory depends on God creates humanoids and when they arrived enough number collects them all to himself. This situation compatibled with his sayings: "All of you will return to me".

2- There is heaven and hell. So, bads will go to cancellation by sending to hell, and heaven is another world. This theory compatibled with his sayings: "all of you will meet my justice".

3- All of Goods will senden to another world by selected two pairs as man and woman to another world. They will start to copy there from 2 to at least 8 billion.

Why is the life started with Adam and why haven't he a wife by start:

Because number of men will go to heaven more than women. So some earths will start with man and woman pairs and some of them will start with only a man. Our world start with only a man and probably Adam were already single in his Previous life.

Ladies and Gentlemen; You have learned to the "naked facts" and You are naturalized.
Title: A vehicle which can pass the atmospher and floors of the sky
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 05:12:06 AM
A vehicle which can pass the atmospher and floors of the sky++
This is the vehicle which can pass the sky floors.

The nearest sky has water of a material as liquid.

So we need a rocket for arrive the first sky. Then we need a submarine to pass it.

After first floor passed, we need a second rocket for get away from it.

So it must be a vehicle like that, will launched from earth and for passing to first floor.


Ready? get launch!  8)
Title: Why don't we believe to gravity?
Post by: wise on March 14, 2017, 11:56:25 PM
Question: Why do you flat earth believers not believe to gravity, is it a belief or do you have any strong scientific argument?


We have a strong argument for do that.

Firstly all of us accept that something pulls or pushing everything down and there is an accelerate as 9,80 m/s^2. This is Measurable and repeatable. So this is a scientific value of free falling.

But we are refuting the power of "mass gravitation" and the formula of "gravitional force".

In nature, nothing pulls each other. You can not generalize something you can not sample locally. Or a physical law must be demonstrated in the laboratory environment. There is no proof about proving mass gravity in nature or in laboratory.

We can claim several formulas that give the value of 9,80 that corrects free falling accelerate. For example: "Sky is pushing everything by the accelerate of 9,80 m/s^2". This is a formula. We can correct it by measurement on a free falling object. We observed and corrected it. So can we accept "sky pushing force" instead of mass gravity? We can't by mentality but we can by theorically. Yes, this is theorically possible. We just need to prove the sky pushing force in the laboratory environment. But don't worry, it is also mass gravity isin't proved in the laboratory environment. So if the other theori is a "law", this theory should be accepted by sciences as a law. If this one isin't, the other one is isin't too.

As you see that, We are not bigoted, backward-headed and conservative men. Oppositely We are more open-minded. different views should be taken into account. And those who call themselves scientists are the most extremely bigots. Because they force us to believe as they believe. Even so we act as more scientific than them all.

This is testable:

Ask two someone as ideas about gravity, one of them is flat earth believer and one of them is gravity believer.

When you ask it to a flat earth believer, he asks you for a proof of gravity.

But When you ask it to a gravity believer (or fake scientist, so called proffessor), he starts to blame you with how are you a bigot, uncultured, uneducated, ignorant and even so a terrorist. This is the main difference of a gravity believer and flat earth believer. They are constantly blaming us but this does not make us small. On the contrary, we are getting stronger day by day. Because we are on true and we act with that confidence. They know they are doing it wrong and are aggressive for this reason.
Title: Mars is flat ! It has only one side ! Watch and learn...
Post by: wise on March 15, 2017, 03:33:37 AM
As we know that Mars is an object in the sky. We see the only one side of the moon because it has already only one side. I thinked that it perhaps Mars has only one side and flat. So we should to see everytime same visual while looking to the Mars with a telescope. This is my obversation, Detected shape of the Mars. According to almost all instutues Mars has a Distinctive shape. Wherever you look it, almost see same shape. There is a few different shapes but I think they are fake, because almost all others has same shapes. I'll bring here some photos, videos and with their sources. Compare them.


This picture taken by NASA site:


Look to this picture carefully. Because you'll see it several times which photos and videos taken at different times.

That photo taken in 2001-06-26.





This photo taken an image from a news in TV.


To understand shape, I'll give you a hint is characteristic in almost all Mars visuals:


I called a part of Mars as "main Land seems like India". You should see that land in almost all of Mars footages.


This image from the date of 2001-07-21 



Did you see that this image that from  2001-07-21   is completely same with the image taken in 2001-06-26.


This is an Hubble image that fake. We understand it because it seems like rotated a bit, but there is some blurres probably aims for hiding the mistakes.




This is another NASA image again and we can see India again. But this image is fake too.




This is the summary of Mars photos taken by Hubble at different times.


As we see that 3 of them are completely same and the others are completely different. Mars is everytime same but there is some lie here.



This is an multimedia photo NASA claim it is taken in year of 2016, may 12; but it is completely same image taken in 2001.



Compare it:

This image from 2001 NASA footage:


And this is 2016 NASA footage (smurfed)


The earth turned and rotated around sun; the Mars spinned and rotated several times. But somehow mars seems like as same shape an in same angle.

This image shows them together in same frame.


As we see that Mars did not moved, rotated and spinned. Just some of icebergs occurred or melted.


We understand the issue.

There is a main land that I called it "India" is exist all of the Mars footages. Mars isin't rotating, spinning or moving to anywhere. Its completely stable.

For be sure about it, take a look to amateur obversations:

Amateur 1

We should to see the India so this video is real.

Amateur 2

This video turned 180 degrees upside to down and marked as correct.

Amateur 3

We have india and this video is corrected too.


Either Mars isin't moving, rotating, spinning; or it is flat. Although the first one have some truths, the second one seems like more meaningfull.

This video has nothing about this issue:

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 20, 2017, 01:45:06 PM
This is a breaking point for movement!


And this is nothing about ShaQ!

Title: Calculating the number of believers (as of April 2017, 30 millions)
Post by: wise on April 06, 2017, 01:27:28 AM
We don't know the ecaxt value of believers in the world. Actually there is no a valid method to detect it. But we can use some method of estimation.

In a work, we detected number of believers as 500.000 by using the method of "number of videos".

This time, we'll use the method of "comparing searchings".

It is meaning full There is a relevant between a belief and its number of searching. Also Education and welfare status affect to number of searchings. So We can not say it is exactly right. But may give approximate approximation to reality.

First We'll use the number of searching of main beliefs:

According to wiki, the populations of some beliefs:


(religion / in millions)

Christianity 2,200
Islam 1,703
Hinduism 1,100
Buddhism 488
Sikhism 23
Judaism 17
Flat earth ? (we are trying to calculate this)

Now we search on google by direct name of this religions:

Religions: search by term:

Jesus 890.000.000
Bible 458.000.000
christ 424.000.000

Islam 455.000.000
muhammed 60.000.000
mohammad 160.000.000
محمد. 780.000.000  محمد.
quran 118.000.000

Hinduism 25.000.000
Hindu 168.000.000

Buddism 56.800.000
Buddha 167.000.000
Buda 55.100.000
Dharma 48.500.000

Sikhism 4.480.000

Judaism 36.400.000

Flat earth  9.330.000

As we see that some of religions Identified with someone. The searching of Jesus is more than Christ or bible. And name of the mohammad by arabic is more than islam, quran and others. So I'll get these names instead of a religion. And we'll calculate a rate by "Number of search / number of believer)

Term / Number of search / Number of Believer / Reverse ratio

1- jesus 890.000.000 /  (X 2,47)
2- Ar.Mohammad 780.000.000 / 1.703.000.000  (x 2,18)
3- Hindu 168.000.000 / (x 6,54)
4- Buddha 167.000.000 / 488.000.000 (x 2,92)
5- Sikhism 4.480.000 / 23.000.000 (x 5,13)
6- Judaism 36.400.000 / 17.000.000 (x 0,46)

The possible reason of difference of judaism than others means other Abrahamic people interest with judaism. This is understandable.

We see that generally there is a relevant with number of believers and  number of terms. It is usually changing by 2 to 7 times.

Even if the number searching of judaism misleading, we use it too by to be unbiased.

Now we'll estimate number of flat earth believers by using the ratios of the religions/terms:

1- (x2,47) 9.330.000 = 23 045 000
2- (x2,18) 9.330.000 = 20 339 000
3- (x6,54) 9.330.000 = 61 018 000 (max)
4- (x 2,92) 9.330.000 = 27 243 000
5- (x 5,13) 9.330.000 = 47 863 000
6- (x 0,46) 9.330.000 = 4 291 800 (min)

So; number of believers should be between 4 millions to 61 millions.

As an average value, we can accept the number of believers as 30 633 000 as of April 2017. I know this is amazing, but statistics do not lie.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 09, 2017, 07:51:02 AM
If the earth is a round, the cities in southern hemisphere should have less ping times than this ones:

The distance from Auckland to Johannesburg about 12k kms. (in a round map)


The distance from Auckland to Paris about 18k kms. (in a  roundmap)


The distance from Auckland to Paris is less than the distance from Auckland to Johannesburg in a flat map.


So both can't be true. Which one you think?


Surely; According to ping times, the distance from Auckland to Paris is less than the distance from Auckland to Johannesburg. Also from Sao Paolo to Paris is closer than the distance of Sao Paolo to Johannesburg.

Because the earth is,... you know.  ;)
Title: 13 month calendar: The erased rules of the God
Post by: wise on April 10, 2017, 01:57:29 AM

There was 13 month and one of them was forbidden month. In the time by time, One of the months, probably the "forbidden month" was erased.

Month starts in March 21. March is the meaning of starting. You run the car by pushing to march. The army takes action by command of the march. Usually the march is a start. In eastern culture, March 21 is considered the first day of the year.  The last "cemre" (an atmospheric event) falls and the summer begins in the march 21.

And the february is the last month of the year. If you pay attention, bissextile day of the year is always added to the month of february. Because it is the last one as traditionally.

The months should be 28 days as reality then; 28x13= 364 days and +1 forbid day= 365 days occurs for a year.

I searched for the internet for a 13 month historical calendar. These are my best founds:

13 Months of the Jewish Year

The "first month" of the Jewish calendar is the month of Nissan, in the spring, when Passover occurs. However, the Jewish New Year is in Tishri, the seventh month, and that is when the year number is increased. This concept of different starting points for a year is not as strange as it might seem at first glance. The American "new year" starts in January, but the new "school year" starts in September, and many businesses have "fiscal years" that start at various times of the year. Similarly, the Jewish calendar has different starting points for different purposes.

The 13 month Jewish calendar has the following months:

Month / Length / Gregorian Equivalent

Nissan   30 days   March-April
Iyar   29 days   April-May
Sivan   30 days   May-June
Tammuz   29 days   June-July
Av   30 days   July-August
Elul   29 days   August-September
Tishri   30 days   September-October
Heshvan   29 or 30 days   October-November
Kislev   30 or 29 days   November-December
Tevet   29 days   December-January
Shevat   30 days   January-February
Adar   29 or 30 days   February-March
Adar II   29 days   March-April


As we see that a year is longer than 365 days. Year starts with Nissan (March april). This calendar overlaps with our theory year should start with March 21.

Egypian and Ethiopenian calendars contain 13 months.

Egyptian   Ethiopian   Start Date (regular)   Start Date (leap year)
Thuout   Meskerem   11 Sept   12 Sept
Paopi   Tikemet   11 Oct   12 Oct
Athor   Hidar   10 Nov   11 Nov
Khoiak   Tahesas   10 Dec   11 Dec
Tobi   Tir   9 Jan   10 Jan
Mekhir   Yekatit   8 Feb   9 Feb
Fameno or Baramhat   Megabit   10 Mar   -
Farmou or Baramouda   Miyaza   9 Apr   -
Pakhon   Ginbot   9 May   -
Paony   Sene   8 Jun   -
Epep   Hamle   8 Jul   -
Mesori   Nehase   7 Aug   -
Nasie   Pagume   6 Sep

There is a suggest for "fixed calendar".


But I did not like it because doesn't start with March 21.

Viking Calendar has 13 months.

Norse Season   Norse Month (English)   Time period   Norse Month (Icelandic)   Comments
Winter   Slaughter Month   14. October – 13. November   Gormánuğur   
Winter   İlir/Jólnir: One of Odin’s, the “Allfather’s” names   14. November – 13. December   İlir   Christmas month
Winter   Bone Marrow Sucking   14. December – 12. January   Mörsugur   ”Mör”: Bone marrow or fat. Important to survive Scandinavian winters.
Winter   Black Frost   13. January – 11. February   Şorri   Norse mythical winter figure, son of “Snow”. Also men’s month
Winter   Daughter of Şorri   12. February – 13. March   Gói, góa, gjø   Women’s month
Winter   One-Month   14. March – 13. April   Einmánuğur   Men’s month
Summer   Cockoo’s Month/ Unknown mythical figure   14. April – 13. May   Gaukmánuğur/ Harpa   Women’s month
Summer   Unknown woman mythical figure’s name   14. May – 12. June   Skerpla   
Summer   Sun’s Month   13. June – 12. July   Sólmánuğur   
Summer   Haymaking Month/ Worm’s month   13. July – 14. August   Heyannir/ Ormamánuğur   
Summer   Two-Months/ Corn Cutting Month   15. August – 14. September   Tvímánuğur/ Kornskurğarmánuğur   
Summer   Autumn Month   15. September – 13. October   Haustmánuğur   
?   Late Month      Silğimánuğur   The 13th month

As we see that the "erased month" seems like clearly. "Silğimánuğur" . It is after 13 October and before 14 october. So we can think the other months are expanded to erase it. We historically knows that Vikings and Turks have a relationship by historically. "Silğimánuğur" means in Turkish: "silgi"+"man"+"uğur". means "eraser+man+luck". My estimate is that month were thinkied as bad luck and erased. It is possible big flood of the earth were occurred on that month. Anyway.

In jewish calendar the "erased month" seems like Adar (February-march) and according to Viking calendar it seems like "Silğimánuğur" October-November. So which one is true?

We should continue our researches in this regard.
Title: Project cancelled
Post by: wise on April 11, 2017, 12:29:22 AM
This project is cancelled by myself. I apologize for this. We will continue here with a different project.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: gotham on April 11, 2017, 01:33:48 PM

I do hope you were not pressured into cancelling the project.  Something like that could have a  profound impact on civilization.

Keep up the great work!

question: do people from Turkey and Romania have a good relationship and in general get along with each other OK?
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 11, 2017, 11:30:04 PM

I do hope you were not pressured into cancelling the project.  Something like that could have a  profound impact on civilization.

Keep up the great work!

question: do people from Turkey and Romania have a good relationship and in general get along with each other OK?

There may be trouble with God.  As you know, our dialogue is good with him and I do not want to lose it. But the situation may change if God gives a clear permit of this. Additionally it is ethically wrong. I do not want to elaborate further anymore. Thanks for your understanding.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 12, 2017, 12:38:38 AM
As we know that, an idiot, Einstein suggested the speed of light as an upper limit. In theorically, nothing can move faster than it. But pratically, we exceed it by internet data transfers. I have done a bit of  complicated work in this regard before. Now all we together will do a basic work to understand the issue. All of us will exceed the spped of light together.

I'll do that for once and you can check it by yourself, for this test and for your city.

This is the command:

Click Windows+s

type to command line that: ping -t

You should get a result like that:


In our example, our data went and returned in 12 ms.

Actually this is the half of our speed. request gone and request returned.

Now we'll look the distance between our computer and google.

This is ip location finder site:

I found the place of that server. Type there the adress of google which one written on our command line.


Okey that ip adress located in California, USA.

Now open a online map and measure the distance from your computer and destination computer:

First find out the destination:


How interesting, google computer located a placed neighbor with NASA. What a chance!  ;)

Now click to "measure and find your own city".


In my example, it is 10 810 kms.

Now we can calculate the speed of ping.

A ping works with data send and response.

So total distance is: 10810 x2 = 21 620 kms (I know they appeal this one)
Total time: 12 ms.

Speed of the sent data: 21620 kms / 12 ms = 1.801 kms/ms

Is it familiar ?

Same with universal data transfer speed that we calculated before.


We calculated it before 1.831 km/ms and now corrected as 1.801 kms/ms.

This is not our issue

The universal data speed we calculated now as 1.801 kms/ms = 1.801.000 km/s = 6c

The speed of the light upper limit theory is collapsed!

You can pass upper limit of the light by your own experience. Do it and feel good.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 12, 2017, 02:53:38 AM
One part of the problem is God's behaviour and the other part is ethical. I'm waiting for Hannibal's proof. If the proof can not be shown, the first part of problem is going out. And I declare him to be an infidel.

He says that no one else can be immortal except the devil. I am still waiting for a proof from him about the word of "only".
Title: The evidence of relationship between google and NASA
Post by: wise on April 12, 2017, 03:53:24 AM
I wonder where is the google founded.


Founded in Menlo Park, Kaliforniya, USA

Center is Mountain View, Kaliforniya, USA

I'm sure everybody wonder Where is this Menlo Park, Where is Mountain View in California and what is its neighbours?


3 in same frame: Place where google founded, place where center of the google and NASA Ames research center.

I know you wonder about what does Ames do?

It does not seem very active. The biggest successes are this aircraft.


Let's take a closer look at it.


It's a trivial airplane. With that you can only take photos from the air. And its needed a website for publish these photos. Unnecessary work. Who does it take time?

Wait? What?  8)

PS: Anyway.  8)
Post by: wise on April 12, 2017, 02:20:40 PM
Ethical problem is solved. I found a solution Preventing ethically problems. (I know some of you undestand nothing)

He did not show us an acceptable reason except insults.

But I know better arguments for defend his thesis: God said that "her canlı ölümü tadacaktır". (Every soul (or creature) will taste the die)

I accept that in the doomsday we'll die. So actually there is no infinitive immortality. Anyway. There is a poll about this issue here:  (
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: gotham on April 12, 2017, 06:42:47 PM
I am happy to hear the ethical problem is solved.  One of my concerns with the project was whether the transition would require anything resembling the undead before reaching final status. That is why I inquired about how well Romanians are liked.  I happen to have some Romanian blood in me derived from the region including Transylvania. 

Unfortunately for me, I actually have a fear of vampires when it makes more sense that I would understand them better.  You are lucky to have a very high IQ and can make sense of such complex issues.  If people involved with the project had issues with Romanians, I feared they could sense my fear and intentionally upset the necessary process leaving me in some transition if I was lucky enough to become involved. 

I have met people that claim to be vampires.  Some of them are so different, with an air of mystery and calmness, that one can imagine they know things that we don't. 

If the decision is to go forward with the project, I wish you great results and rewards.         
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 13, 2017, 04:00:07 AM
I am happy to hear the ethical problem is solved.  One of my concerns with the project was whether the transition would require anything resembling the undead before reaching final status. That is why I inquired about how well Romanians are liked.  I happen to have some Romanian blood in me derived from the region including Transylvania. 

Unfortunately for me, I actually have a fear of vampires when it makes more sense that I would understand them better.  You are lucky to have a very high IQ and can make sense of such complex issues.  If people involved with the project had issues with Romanians, I feared they could sense my fear and intentionally upset the necessary process leaving me in some transition if I was lucky enough to become involved. 

I have met people that claim to be vampires.  Some of them are so different, with an air of mystery and calmness, that one can imagine they know things that we don't. 

If the decision is to go forward with the project, I wish you great results and rewards.         

I will add a person free from "society" in order to give equal chance to everyone in this matter. A few goals in this are secret. Main objective "equal opportunity". A person must not lose a right by himself be a poor. Or everyone should have a chance. This is necessary for me to don't feel regret later. Another reason is that "society" will work as a "trustee" in this business. Even though they may regard it as a "commission", there may be those who do not give a value the money, and they may want to be in this business. As I mentioned there, this first job is delaying the second one. Because "flat earth" is an important project   and an "outrageous" behavior that to delaying the world's "flat earth" project for  "immortality" project. Some things are important than money, and yes it is also important to be immortal. But not important than flat earth project. If it to be;I should have done this before a long time. I have postponed it until this day. Because there are more important things such as FEP.

In this respect, you have the same chance as the other "flat earth believers" and "moderators". We can talk more easily in this matter if the proposal comes. I am currently talking on an idea that is not entirely a proposal. Maybe an offer will not come and it will be completely canceled. But I know that a lot of people will want to make use of it "without paying money," but "as if they are giving money".  dishonests, Bandits, awakes, and  self-awakes will perhaps try to deceive. This will require 100%, maybe 200%, maybe 1.000% security when the process starts or when an offer comes in. Do I have the capacity to do this? Yeah. even so They will try it .

PS: (Notice to illu) As a last words; I want to say, "why did I need to do that? This project were already in my mind but why now?

This is a message. Shortly;

I arrived here and said we'll win that war. After that, Events developed into our favor. The movement entered an inevitable ascension process. They Tried various methods to prevent this, but it did not work. When the person who is the head of them dies, "they were sure that something went wrong". As a message, they will understand that. He seems to have died but he did not actually "completely dead". The message is complete. Then I said that "they'll try to ww3 as a last chance, but it will not work to stop us"..

Now the process is going to ww3. It was tried Against China and Russia seperately, now the conditions are forcing in Korea. So there will be chaos in the world and "maybe" chances to stop this project. I told them they would not make it. Because it is "God's decision". Now it has passed a new opportunity to eliminate this project: immortality. This changes all the equations you have. Think of it as a new card. If they play ww3 card, we have the card of immortality. I often saw that they did not give up on the mistakes they made. Usually they always kept the error. They never regretted. For this reason, I think they will try ww3 even if they know they will lose. That's why I play my card. I can withdraw if they give up. But as I said, they generally do not give up much. This is the definitive solution. They will lose the "whole" of their advantages that they definitely have.

We'll see life with will living.

All we are living the process by online.

thanks for your best wishes.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 14, 2017, 06:41:56 AM
I developed a solution. Even if the customer does not come out, I can gradually complete this training myself. And I can make the experiments illegal. And it's free. Meanwhile, technology is evolving and No need to install a facility. When technology is sufficiently developed, so much money is not needed. . This possibility makes chances equal with immortals. Completely equal. Apparently they will launch it from Korea. I do not bluff, but I think they assume that I will not do it.

They are crazy. How long can I stay calm? And if that is possible, why not make 20 people immortal and remove the illuminati family from the middle? Do you have any obstacles to doing this? God is already with us. What do these fools think of themselves?

They will be the reason why everything is destroyed. And I will not regret it. Because God said "thou shall not kill," and these killers are constantly killing. They do not listen to God's word. I directly intervene directly, they do not listen to that. They have be headed for a fall .
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on May 08, 2017, 12:05:10 AM
Horizon is actually a basic term shows your distance of view. But generally it has been confused on if it explains something disappearing under a round earth, or a distance your eyes can see.

You can use a binacular to see an airplane:


But your distance of view is everytime limited. For understand this issue, take a look to the "world curvature calculator".

Planes fly average altitude of 30.000-40.000 feets and we should see them to a distance. But what should be that distance:


As we see that, if horizon caused by earth curvature, or we should to continue to see the plane about 230 miles distance.

But generally we see it about 20 kms. By a good binaculars, my estimate we can see it more, but it is cleart that distance isin't 230 miles or any hundred of kms.

This means, we can't see the airplanes flying in the London with using a binaculars in Paris.

As a result, for calculating the "true horizon", follow an airplane from the point near you till it dissapeared by using a good binaculars. get the speed of airplane as 1000 kms/h, follow it till it disappeared. Note the time. Time (x) speed is "true horizon".

Horizon in the land level is less then the air. Because atmospheric stringency is stronger in the land level than the air. This causes shrinken the horizon. Horizons of aircraft flying at different altitudes can be calculated and checked for ground level vehicles like ships.

Title: The map in your hand proves the earth is flat
Post by: wise on May 15, 2017, 06:18:44 AM
Title: ...
Post by: wise on July 08, 2017, 11:59:24 PM
Title: ISS failed to gravity
Post by: wise on July 12, 2017, 04:32:53 AM
ISS failed to gravity.

This is an ordinary proof video published by another FE believer. Just watch it one time:

Now lets come to the moment of: 2:20

Now lets play video on the speed of 1/4 or lower if possible.

1- See to the this picture:


2- Now we see a working on the top left side:


3- Something is moving down. Still everything is ok.


4- Another object suddenly appeared as falling:


5- Continue to falling.


6- Its almost disappeared.



7- Lets combine the screen of object in different times.


8- Lets determine the falling direction as follow:


You can also check control this falling direction by play-stop-backward-play-stop-...

9- This is general gravity direction that always to the inside of the horizon, whatever perspective to be.


10- So lets see the falling direction and gravity direction on same frames.


Falling direction is different to the gravity direction. ISS failed to gravity.

Title: There is no magnetic pole on maps!
Post by: wise on July 13, 2017, 01:58:29 AM
Hello friends.

Today we'll see that companies made the maps how don't consider the magnetic pole.

In terms of flight safety, measures must be taken for the magnetic pole. Navigation to the zone where the magnetic pole is located is distorted, compasses do not work correctly. for this reason, magnetic pole should be hidden in terms of flight safety.

Our claim is there is no a different magnetic pole. but The geographic pole, the magnetic pole, and the center of the earth are the same things. This is our claim.

Lets test together that; A measure has been taken to which area in terms of flight safety.

Lets find out where is magnetic pole.

We can find out from that link:

For 2017, the coordinates are: 80.5N   72.8W

Lets see the coordinate on google map:


This is that place. This is magnetic pole of the year. You can control it by looking to web adress. We are looking that location from 200 kms.

Okey. Lets encircle it.


Now we are looking it from 50 kms. We encircled that area and can't see any measures In terms of flight safety. This coordinate seem as an ordinary coordinate and any plane may lose his way here. It is clear that those who prepare the map do not consider this coordinate as a magnetic pole.

lets look to the geoghraphic north:


This is the coordinate of (90; x). In the other say, this is the North Pole. According to round earthers, this is only "Geographic pole". Anyway.

Lets try to encircle it:


As we see that, there is no measurement lines in that area. Possible it made for getting measures In terms of flight safety.

Lets zoom out to see the borders of "secured area".


This is a 900 km square area completely secured. We see a part of measurements on the map. Because in this circle, there is no measurement and out of the circle, you can see the measurement. This area is blacked,  for getting measures In terms of flight safety.

So google map accepts the North Geographic pole as North Magnetic Pole are same. Like how we believe to.

Title: Real story of the earth!
Post by: wise on July 14, 2017, 02:11:36 AM
I don't know before this but I can clearly say everything started in the Pole.

This is the center of the earth, or "Rupes Nigra et altifsima".


In many of these sources, is defined as "a crystal mountain".

This is an antique object that  "The Vault of Heaven and the Pillars of Hercules".


Now. Lets work a bit on them:

We figured out there is some regular circles according to Hercules antique. So we drawn some circler to the map on Arctic map:


Now it turned to Arctic- Mo continent map. (lost continents). MO means in Turkish BC (before christ), and eskimo means in TUrkish if like that: "eski-mo". (old mo). And Mongols means Mo-oguls (sons of Mo). This is the continental all of humans came from before its downed and collapsed to the ocean.

We can think that collapse as Noah's Flood. Mean time, this maybe same event that Bilge Kagan was talking about, who saved the Turks from that flood:

"ey türk;
üstte gök çökmedikçe, altta yer delinmedikçe, senin ilini ve töreni kim bozabilir. titre ve kendine dön."

(Before the sky is collapsed, before the land is puncture, who can defead you from your land?)



How funny fake history saying this monument just before 1300 years. How is it possible. Look it, it seems like almost old as Pyramids of Egypt.


Lets combine it with real map of the earth. This is the world map:


Lets combine it with "Old map of the world before flood of Noah".


Now we can commentate the before and later of nowaday.

There is a mountain on the center is known as "Rupes Nigra et altifsima"

The second circle is the continent of Mo, which the place human first lived on. So What is the meaning of "Aden?". I have no idea about it.

The third circle is, inside Antarctica, this is our well know lands.

We can figure out 4th circle by only see an ancient map contains outside of Antarctica:


Now try to combine it with the last type of "real world map".



Now we can commend on this map, what happened and what will happen to the earth?


1- "Rupes Nigra et altifsima" time:

The first human life started in "Rupes Nigra et altifsima". This information may be incompatible with religious texts. It is thought that ADEM first lived in heaven. Rupes Nigra et altifsima is also described as a "heaven". There is an interesting similarity between "heaven" and "heaven". First heaven means paradise that Adam first lived in. And the second heaven is the meaning of the sky. And Rupes Nigra et altifsima defined as a mountain which on the sky.  It can be different. I do not think we should "absolutely trust" religious texts. There may be misunderstandings.But there is a harmony here.

2- Noah's time

After the first sin, Adam and Eva recovered from the heaven of "Rupes Nigra et altifsima". After that, they sent to Mo continent. God told about this event as: "I distinguish them from one another".

And seperated the Mo continent to four part. (Arctic continents seperated with seas).


As the number of people increases, as the technology improves, the surrounding ice melts. First of all,  "Turks and/or Mongols left the Mo continent". Mongols and Turks Genetically don't similar to each other. But they talk a language that came from same origin. Because they were two people were living in same continent and were talking same language.

Bilge Kagan (Wise Kagan) was the greatest King the world ever seen. He wrote that: "I fed the all hungry men, I made dress all the naked people.".

In this time, The land began to flood by water. On the other side, was slowly sinking into the water. Wise kagan decided to move his people beyond the ice wall. The glaciers had already begun to melt, thinned and seemed to be able to move to the other side. All Turks, Mongols and other minorities like Europeans Immigrated in this period by great ships.

Rambling people like "redskins" started to immigration after saw Wise kagan's movement By local and primitive means. The redskins lived on two different continents. Those who were on the beaches who saw the continent of Mu, abandoned the understanding and the continental state when they saw that the ships were moving and the water was swollen. But a considerable part of these people could not emigrate.

At the time of these events, God had not yet told Noah that he should "emigrate". When Wise kagan and mongolians arrived to China and Mongolia, and redskins arrived to America. Minority groups have been dispersed in Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

After the other continents were well under water, God informed Noah that "it is time to leave now."

This arctic map shows main inigration directions from MO Continent:


When Noah left the Mo Continent;

Asia was occupied by Turks and Mongols.

Europe and Africa was occupied by minorities.

North America was occupied by redskins.

There was only a possible place remain to settle: Middle east.


Human before Noah and Bilge Kagan lived in Mo continent.

Human after Noah and Bilge kagan lived in current continents.

Noah's flood covered all of Mo continent and now that place under the water average thousands of meters.

This is the Escape directions from Mo continent, before and during Noah's flood.


And this is complete route of Noah. Directly, 0 degrees to South with a good working compass.


There is about 5.000 kms distance from Mo continent to Middle east, about Turkey. If you know total travel time of Noah, you can find out the speed of Noah's ark.

Okey, I found some sources saying he passed 40 days on water.

So we can calculate the average spped of Noah's ark and understand the possible tecnology of it:

5.000 kms / 40 days = 125 kms/per day.

16 hours for per day seems like meaningfull.


125kms/day / 16 hours= 7,81 kms/h.

This is the average speed of Noah's ark.

I found a good video about this issue.

I did not planned but I think I re-discovered "Agartha". It deserves an alone working for it. Another important issue is Noah's route. I think before this working nobody awared of this path. I must choose one of these two issues to continue. For now, I'm thinking continue with Agartha but I'm open to proposals about this choice. For this reason, this working is stopped at this point.
Title: Sun distance: Why do we make mistake while calculate it?
Post by: wise on July 15, 2017, 02:49:44 AM
I pause on the topic of "Agartha" to clarify my thoughts and do some more research. In this time, I'm working on distance of sun.

This is the shape shows why do we make mistake:


We must consider refractive index of dome-atmospher and dome-environment of sun. So we need consider two different indexes.

I'll make some calculations to try to find refractive index related sun and will share if I find Consistent and logical results.

Title: Creators are living with us!
Post by: wise on July 15, 2017, 06:01:05 AM
This is the message shows you whats going on.

On our last working, we arrived a result as there is a hidden center on the earth:


We understand that there was a big flood on Mo continent and it dipped to the ocean, and Noah and Wise King and others king left that continents. Okey. Now.

It is impossible to shrinking of Rupes Nigra et Altifsima, because it already on the air. (!)

And we know the lost Kingdom Agartha should be inner center of the earth. Wait, what? The earth is flat and nowhere as inside it. Just water. Recent researches showed us that the temperature does not change while going to the deeper on the earth. On the other side, we know there is water inside earth. So; there is only one possibility remain:

"Agartha is Rupes Nigra et Altifsima".

They are controlling everything. They are alive and around us. I decided this decision.

This darkening doesn't mean anythnig else more meaningfull:


This is their land. They are using Electromagnetic shield for defend themselves. They are more advanced than us by Technologically. So it is easy to hide themselves from us.

Area 51's function maybe is they are making cooperation with Americans, also Russians. because these are nearest place to them. It is possible They are using the Area 51 to intervene among people.

It explains why everything is being tried to hide from us. They are just hiding themselves. And for this purpose they are ready to pay any kind of payment. Maybe their kingdom is not big enough to take all the people in the world. And they do not want people to occupy their kingdoms for the next flood. or something else.

I will try to understand them after that.

1- Do they really exist?
2- What are their purposes?

Title: Mu=Lemuria=Agartha
Post by: wise on July 15, 2017, 03:29:42 PM
First we should see some old maps and workings:


We see 4 islands on the center. Today we can't see those things.

Another old map and we see a mountain in the center. Today we can't see this mountain.

Take care to the top of the map, upside of Russia and Canada. Our 4 islands are over there!


This is another map. This map created with the mentality of round earth, but our 4 central islands still seems like good.


This is an old North America map and 2 of 4 islands seems like there.


And this map clearly show us our 4 main islands at the top.


This map a bit different and shows our 4 islands as a continental.


Another map shows 4 central islands.


And the other one, copy of one of them.


Other some maps show us those 4 central islands.
Daisy-shaped 4 islands.


We see corner of one of them.


Another one.


An asia map shows 2 of 4 islands. Perhaps there are others on the other side of map.



These two maps a few similar and a few different. Their common point is there is 4 islands at the top.


And a perfect other one.


A map has the shape of hearth. But our 4 islands still over there.


Another one.


As we see that, a lot of maps are showing us there are or there was 4 islands are constitutive of a central circle.


Now we should understand these islands:

This map showing us these 4 islands.


If you follow my workings, you should remember this one. These are our 4 main islands. Meet them.


So, what is in the center of them?

Agartha, or Menu.

We can not see the center mountain clearly after that on maps. But we have some estimations. After that we will act on the prediction.


This is a map overlaps a bit to my main estimation.


Depends on some religious maps:


We see 7 layer sky and 7 layer land in this religious drawing.


We see Agartha as a pyramide mountain in this drawing.


This drawing shows Agartha as a column.


Agartha, 4 main islands and whole world.


Agartha as a reverse pyramide mountain, with controlling sun and moon.


Agartha and 4 main islands with living human on them.


Another 7 floors of heaven and land.


Agartha as a reverse pyramide again in the hollow earth.


Now. We understand that different religions and some historical sources talking about 4 central islands and a central mountain In a harmonious way.

Now we can determine the earth system.


How are you Agarthanians?  What do you think to do now 8)

This is for you Agarthanians:


I am waiting for you. eha, what a caurage!  Maybe you should to try to defeat, or maybe this is the end of the road. Who knows, except God? You do?

You should to remember me. If you do not, let me remind you one more time, Mister and Misses Agarthorakis. If you do not, I'll come to you with millions. No way remain to out. 8)

Edit: Agartharians known as Lemurians in popular conspiracy researchers. Lemuria is also known as "Mu" continent that I quoted it as (mo) continent. All same.

Mu continent isin't placed in Atlantic. This is perhaps their start a hare tactic of hiding their real land. The earth is not a round so it is important where they stay. They should be in the center for a lot of reasons. Thinking to them in Atlantic just a stupid idea. Amateour researchers should left that stupidity.

Maians = Muians. They are one of left Mo people, they left Agartha with same time with Noah and Wise King, that I showed their left route in one of the map, left and gone back to Lemuria/Agartha/Mu.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on July 16, 2017, 04:47:22 AM
As a parallel working to Lemuria, I'm working to issue of "refractive index of the sunlight". I found an altitude min 170 ms and max 1700 kms range for sun altitude. This is the basic image shows the method of calculting the refractive index of the sunlight:


I'm thinking to take altitude of sun as a pre acceptance 200 kms. Thinking to calculate a refractive index of the sunlight for this value. Considering this value, we can calculate all of cities with this value. Are the results are consistent or not? After that, I'll repeat that working for 600, 1000, 1400 and 1800 kms altitude for sun. The more consistent value is the closest result to the altitude of the sun. The altitude can be calculated "exactly" by repeating this operation as Consecutive repetition.

Now. This should be a little wait. We should turn the matter of Lemuria, the lost continent.
Title: Lemurians = Illuminati
Post by: wise on July 16, 2017, 06:07:25 AM

This is a different looking to the center of the earth. Did you see where is Atlantis? Its a part of center islands.

Okey. Take a look  to this Lemuria:


These are some drawings about Lemuria:










As we see that, there is a crystal pyramid in the center.

Like these:











All of these pyramids have 4 corners. They have several similarities that examined several times.

These pyramids, and this one is talking about same thing:


Agarthanians, Lemurians, Murians, Mayans, Pharaoh's race, Chinian Royal family, The power control America, Russia, UK and other; are same.

This is what we well know:


If you remember, I said you illuminati means immortality. And I said I have that knowledge but they are a lot. And I'm not one of them. As we know that, Turks came from Mu continent. But we were the rebels, till to Erdoghan.

What are they trying to? They were using us as slaves, after big flood, they lost the control. Now they are trying to get the whole world under the control and make everybody slaves again.

This is partly End of my mission. Good luck!
Title: Lemurians is GENIE !
Post by: wise on July 16, 2017, 10:57:22 AM
First of all I have to specify that I did not plan this end. But things have improved in this way. And I have to complete it here.

As a result writing, I'm posting this message as a finish of this issue.

We arrived a result of; Lemurians, Agarthanians, Atlantis people, and the dominant power of whole world is same: Illuminati. Now we'll find out who are they. And are they real or not? I have to complete this work for my own safety, because the information stored is "risk". On the other hand, in the future, I have to close this subject with this message in order not to deal with same problem  anymore. You'll understand why am I talking like this, soon.


All of them are same.

This is categorized human race.


Agarthanians are at the top of the list. They are almost light. And human, they are almost mud. And the transitional forms. It seems like meaningless at first looking a light and a mud's relationship. But is it really?

After a while I was thinking on it with my powerfull 181 IQ, and I made all of my effort and discovered something similar: Genies! (Jinns)

This is the reason of why will I write a post like this first and the last time. Because I don't want to deal with them because of some superstitions.

First I'll make an "alternative scientific explanation" about why mud and fire don't so different.

Lava. The source of fire. And after a lava been cold, turns to a mud. So fire is heat lava and mud is cold lava. They have a difference of temperature only. Main material (lava) is same. So in same temperature, a relationship is possible. (May God save us all from this, please)

I'll write some religinal texts are talking about a Genie which made by fire and a human made by mud between a relationship is possible! And some religinal texts says us Genies are around us, inside us!

While they were going out, a man who was demon-possessed and could not talk was brought to Jesus. And when the demon was driven out, the man who had been mute spoke. The crowd was amazed and said, “Nothing like this has ever been seen in Israel.” Matt ) :32-33

In this verse, demon means Genie and we see him inside a man, so they are around us.

Mark 7:29-30
And he said to her, For this saying go your way; the evil spirit has gone out of your daughter.   
And she went away to her house, and saw the child on the bed, and the evil spirit gone out.

In this verse, evil spirit means Genie again. We see Genies how entering inside a human in these two examples.

And these verses from Torah show us how these "Genies" are superior things:

They sacrificed their sons    and their daughters to false gods. (Genies)
38 They shed innocent blood,    the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,     and the land was desecrated by their blood.
39 They defiled themselves by what they did;    by their deeds they prostituted themselves.

In this verse, people sacrificed their children to Genies. What kind of a creature can force human a wrong something like that?

Take a look to quran:

“ I have only created jinn and man that they may serve me.” (C 51: V 56)

“And the jinn He created from, a smokeless flame of fire.” (C 55: V 15)

“And indeed: We created man from dried (sounding) clay and altered mud. And the jinn, We created aforetime from the smokeless flame of fire.”(C15: V 26-27)

As we see that, jinns and Agartharians are about made by same material. And they compared with human.

“Say: If the mankind and the jinn gathered to produce the like of this Quraan, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they helped one another.” (C 17: V 88)

“And (remember) when We said to the angels: “Prostrate yourselves unto Adam(Alayhim us Salaam) Peace be upon them..” So they prostrated themselves except Iblis (Satan). He was one of the Jinn; he disobeyed the command of his Lord. (C 18: V 50)

As we see that, satan is one of the Jinns.

In them are women limiting [their] glances, untouched before them by man or jinni - Quran 55:56

As we see that, these Strange things are nothing but genies (demons).

Normally they are forbidden to marry people. They Are normally created to serve people. But they did not obey people, instead of making it, They raped people, and there  interim races ocurred. Scientifically they are more advanced than us. It is difficult to fight them. But of course we will not obey. God's help is ours. And their horny ones will be gone to hell.

O people of jinn and mankind, if you are able to pass beyond the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass. You will not pass except by God's authority. quran 55:33

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except the aim of they to worship Me. quran 51:56

They will say, "We exonerate You! You are our benefactor, not they are. Rather, they used to worship the jinns; most of them were believers in them." quran 34:41

May God damns bad ones of them and may help good ones of them against to evil ones of them. This is my best that I can do.

End of the information.

Falak and Nas requered.  8)

Title: Calculating Sun Altitude
Post by: wise on July 17, 2017, 12:30:08 AM
As we know that, there is a refractive index of a sunlight causes the mistakes.

But we know sun light isin't undeviating when at top. So, we should compare the places nearest to sun and taking the sunlight from top.

This is first attemp:


For this first time, sun is at the top of the sea and the cities are far to sun. But after about 1 hour, he'll go top of the middle east and we'll easy find a lot of cities getting sun light by top. Then we'll calculate the altitude of the sun as correctly.

We'll repeat that calculation by following cities which bottom of the sun as a control.

Now the sun was at here:

( Over Oman.

I chosen two cities getting sun middle of them:



Bilad Sur and Khaluf from Oman.

These two cities are pefrectly getting sun middle of them by the sun direction. (Look to the sun directions of the cities)

Now lets calculate:


Google says they have 275,51 kms distance. Although google map is wrong, this distance mistake can't be so much wrong and doesn't change result a lot.

Second attemp:

Not the sun moved to the west and new cities are available:

Al Anfaj and As Sulayyil from Saudi Arabia are selected:



As we see that, they are almost took the sun to the middle of themselves.

This is the distance of themselves:


Firstly I made a calculation mistake caused by formula and now corrected.

And this is the final chart:


There is a few difference remain. That difference caused by 1-we can not get the cities and sun perfectly on the same line 2- we don't considered the sunlight refraction index. 3- google map mistakes.

At last, I think I found a consistent result.

We'll repeat this calculation selected cities which getting the sun middle of them as a control operation, hour by hour.

I'm going to dinner. After eating we will continue with the new 2 cities.

Sun is going to unmanned area (entered Sahara desert) and it is impossible find near cities for now.

Although sun is going out, I find two cities about in the same line with sun. The sun is not in the middle of these, but outside of the line. However, I changed formula by considering this situation. Sun is a few far so miskakes are increased. This try will work to understand mistakes of the calculations:



Kokka and Wawa from Sudan. If you take care, sun is on the north west north and west north west of them. Not same but near.

This is the distance:


And this is the final chart:


If you take care, when the angle of altitude of the sun going far from 90 degrees, differences are increase.

The sun is now on the Chad and we have good alternatives. I find two cities perfectly getting sun middle of them with on a line.

This one and this one:





Final chart after 4th try: (with column names)


It seems like converges a Consistent result.

Notice: I'm using the formula of for inside; Distance= F10*1/((1/TAN(I10))+(1/TAN(J10))) , for outside: =F9*1/((1/TAN(J9))-(1/TAN(I9)))

You can use your own working by using this formula but don't forget to convert degrees to radians.

Two cities came with getting sun with same direction from outside of them:



They are so so close willages and I'm getting risk by chosing them. But I chosed them because they were getting sunlight with a perfect altitude angle. (89+ degrees)



6th sacrifices are...


They are located from South to North direction so I waited till the time sun comes on same line with them:



And the result seems like satisfactory.


7th heroetic cities:




Final chart after 7th try:


New cities:





There is enough data in our hand.

Now we can get an average value for altitude of sun, and depend on that value, we can find out the refraction index of sunlight.

For that, we must pre accept a distance as an altitude of sun:


7118 kms as an average value of sun altitude, or 4422 miles.

Now we'll calculate altitude of sun depends on different range and sun angles. will try to find out the refraction index depends on distance.

After all, we'll estimate the real distance of the sun depends on "time o'clock".  :o

Used data:

                     IF SUN STAYS >>   (INSIDE) OR   (OUTSIDE)   << IF SUN STAYS    
sun location   CITY 1   CITY2   DISTANCE   ALFA   BETA   ALFA(RADYAN)   BETA(RADYAN)   H(ALTITUDE)         
inside   BILAD SUR   KHALUF   275.51   89.17   88.37   1.556310094   1.54234746   6415.60         
inside   AL AFLAJ   AS SULAYYIL   246.80   88.75   89.33   1.548979711   1.559102621   7364.02         
outside   WAWA   KOKKA   53.65   86.98   86.61   1.518087383   1.511629665      8281.89      
inside   Tomma Burkau   Tommi   333.07   87.57   89.45   1.528384826   1.561197016   6400.69         
outside   Djado   Chirfa   8.80   89.15   89.09   1.555961028   1.554913831      8401.40      
outside   Assamakka   In Guezzam   25.74   88.25   88.46   1.540253065   1.543918256      7017.03      
outside   tessalit   Aguelhok   88.00   88.34   89.09   1.541823861   1.554913831      6719.23      
inside   toudenni   Araouane   421.05   88.42   87.78   1.543220125   1.532050017   6346.00         
                     AVERAGE   7118.23         


We'll check this result with a very high distance: From 5000 kms far cities, is that from Turkey and Sri Lanka.


Time will be valid a bit soon.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on July 17, 2017, 01:01:52 PM
At last working, we arrived a result of:


About 7118 km as average.

In this working, we are making same experiment with far cities for calculating average mistakes:

This time, I got experienced, I made my working more carefully. For example, I take care the line should be almost flat line. Because I'm waiting a mistake and want to calculate it, so I don't want to deal with another mistake.

Now sun in America.

These are chosen cities and their distances.











And this is final chart of control cities:


The values are:


4th value seems like different.

With 4th value, the average altitude of the sun is: 6410 kms. / or 3983 miles

Without 4th  ,  the average altitude of the sun is: 6317 kms./ or 3925 miles

As a result, there is no refraction index affect inside cities. Just a bit carefull made everything meaningfull.

But there is still a problem, why do we don't see the sun after it far away. So;

The refraction index of the sun works different. Inside of the cities it doesn't affect but when its on the outside, it starts to work. This is probably relevant with directions. Anyway, we'll look whats happening while two cities and sun in same line but sun is on the outer side.


18.07.2017 edit:

Now we'll control this formula, is it valid for so far cities. I chosen two cities so far to themselves about 5000 kms:


This is the reason of why are we waiting for:


Okey we waitid till enough:


This working waw made by online and I don't know is this result will correct our theory or not. I need to open the excel chart.


The result is perfectly meaningfull.

The last try:


It is almost 10.000 kms distance from a city to the other one. If we find a meaningfull result for this time again, we'll accept that the average of the altitude as a real altitude of the sun.

If it is not, maybe a new formula valid for far distances.

There is about 1 hour remain to sun's touchdown to the line.



For the first time, we arrived an irrevelant result. There can be many reasons for this.  The highest probability is a second or third degree function depending on the distance. There is another possibility, we select cities as one of them is close and the other one is far to the sun. Even if this value is incompatible with the others, we will not throw it away. We will use it in the future.
Title: shared to 450 000 followers!
Post by: wise on July 18, 2017, 10:22:05 AM

Title: Trump Cuts Covert CIA Arming of Moderate anti-Assad Rebels in Syria
Post by: wise on July 19, 2017, 11:27:10 PM
Covert program to be terminated, Washington Post reports, evidence of waning U.S. leverage in Syria and strengthening Trump-Russia ties
read more:

Just a right move in right time. Americans are doing the right job for the first time. But they have still bases in Syria.

Perhaps, should we trust to Trump again?

Maybe the earth is not so flat, I'm confused for now.  ???  :-X
Title: Man is created by fire !
Post by: wise on July 25, 2017, 06:41:42 AM
"Then the Lord God formed a man[c] from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being."  genesis 2:7

"So when I have proportioned him and breathed into him of My [created] soul, then fall down to him in prostration.
So the angels prostrated - all of them entirely.
Except Iblees (satan); he was arrogant and became among the disbelievers.
[ Allah ] said, "O Iblees, what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with My hands? Were you arrogant [then], or were you [already] among the haughty?"
He said, "I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay."
[ Allah ] said, "Then get out of Paradise, for indeed, you are expelled."  quran 38: 71-77

1- The volcano exploded.
2- Lava flows on the earth.
3- Lava starts to cool down.
4- Lava turns into a mountain.
5- Mountains melt and turn to soil.
6- Human beings are created from soil.

As a result, Human created by fire. There is only difference by evil is, human is created by fire with added by water.

So when the devil jumps into the water, will he become a man?
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on August 04, 2017, 06:14:55 AM
USA started to blame Assad again. So this made me more and more motivated.

I'm preparing a working to definitely defines the refractive index of sunlight and distance. With this working, we will learn all of daily parameters about sun moving.

Meanwhile, I sent a lot of documents about chemtrails and the role of the USA in chemtrails attack in Turkey, to a Turkish institution. I am currently in full swing and motivated to work on this issue in soon. Very soon turkey airspace  will be closed to "unknown source aircrafts". I'll do everything about this issue. This is an answer to the accusation of Asad and the continuation of the US project.

You'll see who wins in very soon; Godly me or satanic CIA.
Title: NASA lie is caught at cheating on global warming !
Post by: wise on August 11, 2017, 07:05:22 AM
Hello Guys,
Today we see how NASA is lying us, or they are just ignorant.
This is two NASA maps showing (so called) global warming:

You see the world weather at 1997 and 2017.



(source (

As you see that, all of the world is warming up year from 1997 to 2017. And we can calculate an average value of it:

5 degress santigrad in (2016-1884). so every year weather should change 5deg/132years = 0,038 degrees.

I calculated the year of 1997 to 2017 so temperatures should be change 0,038x20 years= 0,76 degrees. It is more than half and about 1 degrees.

And if you look to the map, all over the world is warmed up. But this is not true. Because with a bit detailed working, we can find that some of world cities are cooling down while some of them are warming up; oppositely NASA's fake/cgi atmospheric nonsence.


As we see that, 4 of selected cities are cooled since 1997 to 2017, and 4 other are warmed. But if you look to the NASA map, you see all of the cities warmed. This is a hoax.

Nasa is manipulating the weather statistics for just making its chemtrails experiments  by freely.

Trump made true while abolish the climate changing agreement. The global warming nothing but just a hoax.


There was 4 cities more but I did not finished this working. Because I have two reasons. One, 8 cities are enough to understand the issue. And the second reason is I'm going to Antalya to holiday 2 weeks and I don't know can I work this issue or not.

Anyway. See you after holiday.
Title: discover a chemtrails by online
Post by: wise on September 05, 2017, 02:14:55 PM
You can discover your own chemtrails online, if you lucky and careful.


1- Open the site of flightradar24 or any other radar site.

2-  Find out planes which have no information. Hint: Generally small planes.

3- Follow its route. If the route is meaningless, there is a high possibility it is a chemtrails plane.

Now, lets find our first chemtrails plane:

I opened an online radar site and found a small plane near my city; Istanbul.


We see a plane, small and has no information. Falcon planes are useful for this job. Not so small and not big. As we see that, the route of the plane is a nonsence. This is possible of tour flight, making a touristy traveling around istanbul.

But these photos are saying this is not true. This one:


And this one is saying:


that plane is coming from Paris, directly coming from Paris as a line route, and after arrived Istanbul, the plane started to drawing meaningless circles.

Lets look to the first picture again:


As we understand that, plane has two task. First task is "chemicalization" to "Ahmetbey", and second task is chemicalization to "Silivri-Catalca-Buyukcekmece". If you remember, Silivri lived a disaster of hail storm a month ago.

Anyway. Be awake and live longer. Do not let them kill you on the sly.

In this regard, our works will continue  in the Turkish public. You should do this works in your own country. For the future of yourself and your children.


This is a plane I interested at this morning.


It is almost impossible an airplane is starting to lift off from sea. But this plane seems like lift off from sea. So it is a chemtrails plane and chemicalization to Thessaloniki / Greece.


And this one is chemicalization to Perth country side in Australia.

And another "Singapore air force" plane is bombarding to Australia by drawing zigzag.

Title: The results of chemtrails (1)
Post by: wise on September 06, 2017, 05:19:11 AM
Chemtrails cause some ills like cancer, asthma, infertility, heart attack. it affects people's health negatively and prevents population growth. because of it also causes bladder cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.

In our last study, we saw a lot of chamtrails applied in Australia. there was also evidence suggesting that a company with a singapore affiliation might have realized it. for this reason, we can think that these studies are less in Singapore and more applied in Australia. now we will do something like this today. we will compare the population growth in Australia and Singapore. let's see, maybe it overlaps with our thoughts.

This is the graphic of Australia population.


And this other one is signapore population.


Lets do mathematics.  :)

Australian population increase ratio for 10 years is: (24,13 - 21,02) / 21,02  = % 14,80

Singapore population increase ratio for 10 years is: (5,6 - 4,59) / 4,59 = %22

On the other say, singapore's population is increasing more than Australia about %48. Bingo. 

I want to explain what that %48 means. This means, while an Aussia woman breeding a baby; a Singapore woman breeding 1,5 baby. While an Aussia woman breeding two babies; a Singapore woman breeding 3 babies. I think this is more understandable. 

Lets remember what causes this result:


Singapore airforce is spreading chemicals on the Australian people aim to stop to the grown. This is not a problem for me, because I already don't like Aussies.  8)
Title: Chemtrails (Turkce)
Post by: wise on September 06, 2017, 11:53:32 PM
I found an interesting plane flying over Sacramento /CA.

The owner is talking about "daily sprey". This is either paranoia or there is a pilot as "psicopath". Ok lets search that psico pylot:

My estimate is that plane is this plane.


DH8B. Direct link:

It is a very long time for an education flight and route is meaningfull for a chemtrails working.

Okey I found a Turkish video about chemtrails , I glad to see it.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on September 13, 2017, 05:25:31 AM
I liked his talkings about chemtrails, like a priest style. He deserve to talk in the biggest church in the US. :)

Oh I'm not alone, there are several liked his talkings.

Title: Did argos project aimed to make a hole in the dome?
Post by: wise on September 17, 2017, 01:36:44 PM
Did argos project aimed to make a hole in the dome? This is the question of the day.

Short Brief:

Operation ARGUS, Report of Chief, AFSWP to ARPA.

It seems most of people were thinking that project is a nonsence, but actually, it did not.

Edit: they really tried this.

Title: Newest rule received
Post by: wise on September 21, 2017, 05:13:09 AM
"Thou shall not die."
Title: Anonymous is a controlled opposition
Post by: wise on September 24, 2017, 02:32:09 AM
I write what I think about this group aimed it should to be here.

They are clearly a controlled opposition. because they talk about a lot of things. but they do not research the shape of the world, such as shape, moon landing hoax. in fact, these lies will lead to a better understanding of many ongoing lie in the world. but they keep away from this subject.


They have the duty of misleading the public and drawing attention to themselves. they are not reliable at all. they are not in any way of friendly. treating them as friends can only be the product of the Stockholm syndrome.
Title: Whats actually happened to jet which downed?
Post by: wise on September 24, 2017, 08:16:25 AM
Top secret content. Only can be learned by moderation for "oldest version."

Instead of content, I'm putting these. These two videos seem like have no relevance with the content but actually they have.

For christs:

For muslims:

Title: Game Syria and Ukraina aim to entrall and put world off their stroke out Yemen
Post by: wise on September 25, 2017, 12:21:55 AM
I keep going post here while they have to opened by another sections. Because there is rough stuff continue in other sections.

If you look at international news, two countries will attract your attention: Syria, Ukraine.

Lets remember whats happened in Syria:

NATO backed ISIS, FSA, YPG and Turkish backed troops made a lot of massacre in Syria, aim to down Beshar Al Assad, who seems like a gentleman.

You see the latest situation of Syria. I marked areas as owned by which groups.


As a result, a new country as "Kurdistan" seems like will be created, despite of all of so called objections made by prominent countries.

On the other hand the ukraine war is still killing people.


I want to show you something as, this picture:


For a better comparison, I showed the situation today and 1 year past on the picture.

The thing that draws our attention here is that in one year nothing has changed. But hundreds of people dead in same period. Is it a real war, or a show?

we see these two subjects every day: "Putin and Trump discussed about Syria and Ukraine". "Tillerson and Lavrov to meet on Syria and Ukraine problems".

"Assad's chemical atack on somewhere", "Israel strikes to Damascus, Hama,...", "an independent Kurdistan or referendum should be canceled.". the subjects are generally like this.

On the other hand, there is a country is known as Yemen and no one care them:


something is drawing our attention immediately. yemen divided into 4 pieces. The Suuds occupied the half. And the other half divided two by Sunnis and shiites. Tens of people die every day. no one is questioning the chemical weapons used. No one is talking about barrel bombs. No one speaks of sarin gas. No one speaks of genocide. there is no mention of the rights of the people of the yemen by Russia or USA.


While USA and Russia are discussing a lot of issues, neither these two country , nor media talk about whats going on Yemen?

some parts of yemen are told that "stone age" is back. Do you see the news in the media about this? no. America sells weapons cost of $ 150 billion to Saudi. who does not object and why?

the saudies occupied half of yemen, "contrary to international law". where is international law? what does the united nations security council do?
The saudies is doing genocide every day in yemen. "Where are human rights organizations?"we will tell it. Despite of  all of them in silence, but we will not be quiet.

"he is a mute evil who be quiet against an unjustice". (Who does not punish evil, invites it.)

"God whispers quietly to us, he does not force us to do things, but it is Satan that talks loudly and fights to get our attention"
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on September 25, 2017, 01:32:14 AM
I was thinking Abrahams broken all of stone gods. apparently some of them remained. which of religion is this ceremony ?


Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: Son of Orospu on September 25, 2017, 06:59:03 AM
Thank you for sharing your advanced workings with us, brother. 
Title: Flat earth vs NASA on google trends
Post by: wise on September 25, 2017, 07:03:52 AM
In January 2004, the interest to NASA was 100 and the interest to flat earth was zero. (100 to 0)


In September 2017, the interest to NASA  is 11 and  the interest to flat earth is 1. (1 in 11)


In February 2017, the interest to Flat earth was at the maximum value. (2 in 17)


I think something is coming...

Title: Viva Estonia! Analyzing popularity of flat earth in google trends by countries
Post by: wise on September 26, 2017, 12:46:55 AM
google trends gives us the popularity of issues. it doesn't show direct number of clicks, but we can understand more info by comparing the issues.

First we compared NASA and flat earth for 13 years and found this:


This is the interest in September 2017 and 1 to 11. (about 9%). But this knowledge is deficient. Because in countries which don't talk English, another queries typed. For example this is "düz dünya" (flat earth) in Turkish. So we should examine contries by one by to understand real rate of interest.

"flat earth ve nasa" comparing only valid in the countries which talk English: Mainly USA, UK, Australia.

We should "monde diroit vs nasa" for compare them in France.

We can use the term of "flache erde" if we want compare it in Germany.

First I want compare these three term for see situation in France, Germany and Turkey which most populous countries in Europe.


This is the determination point of October 2016. While the interest to flat earth in Turkey 5, it is 53 in France and 31 in Germany. So we can easy say that there is almost no interest in Turkey to flat earth issue.


And this is the situation in same countries in September 2017. As we see that, the interest in Turkey has increased very quickly in last one year.

One year past, the interest in Turkey was 10% of interest in France, now it is 2 times more. So the interest in Turkey increased 20 times more than interest in France. it was a huge success and we had to identify it.

If we add there a "flat earth" term, see whats happen:


Flat earth term is used in whole world and now its 49. While it is 49, monde droid (french) and flache erde (1), Turkey is resisting with a big 3. We can clearly say that the interest in Turkey almost taken off in last one year!

Now we'll add there a NASA. Lets see what happens:


Turkey, France and Germany disappeared and only flat earth English is resisting with 2 to 21.

But this result is missleading. Because while "flat earth" only used by English talking countries, whole world using the term of NASA. And for example, only about 150 million people talks Turkish in whole world but 7,5 billion people calls NASA as NASA. So we should compare NASA and flat earth in per countries by their own language. This will be give us a more reliable result.

In USA, "flat earth" term used for flat earth. So we can compare "NASA and flat earth" in USA. Lets do it. To understand the using countries, we first compare NASA and flat earth term directly in another language.


As we see that, NASA is ahead 21 to zero. But if we compare these terms in Turkey, situation changes immediately.


It is turned to "5 to 9". Not bad. As we see that, in Turkey, flat earth is a popular discussing matter nowadays. If we look to the graphic more carefully, a lift off day seems like earlier days of September when Tolgay Demir (a politican) said the earth is flat. But we now see that flat earth idea is trying to hold to interest on it. Yeah, we are doing everything possible to hold flat earth popular in Turkey.  :)

Now compare them in French.


Now only in France.


I encircled the difference of the earlier one for you understand what changed. The changing is first one contain whole world and this one contain only France.

As we see that, the interest in France is not so strong, but not so bad. (1 to 10)

Now lets go to Germany. The first graphic is "flat earth language of German" vs NASA in whole world. And the second one  is flat earth vs NASA in Germany.

Flach erde vs NASA is zero to 21 in whole world.


But it is situation is Germany.


2 to 37. This is bad, yeah this is bad. We understand Germans don't interest the idea of flat earth. Maybe it caused by they are NAZI residues who created NASA. Hmm, possible.  ::)

Anyway. Lets look to English talking countries. Flat earth vs NASA.

flat earth vs NASA generally like , 2 to 21.


But this is not real. If we compare them in English talking countries, the result immediately changes.

In UK:


In UK, flat earth vs NASA is 6 to 22. It is good.


In USA, it is 2 to 22. This is no good. I want to examine some nations in USA and want to understand which nations are most supporting us:

In Maryland, there is centers and this is the nation which has most interest to NASA and interest to FE is worst by comparing to NASA. (6 to 100)


We can think people in Maryland as small evils.

And this one is Minnesota, and the rate is in there, 9 to 40. This is the best in USA.


I want to examine Minnesota more detailed. This is the graphic in Minnesota.


As we see that, the public interest in Minnesota is not lifted up, and not changed a lot. There is a general interest on flat earth in Minnesota.

I want to show you a post:

(http://[quote author=swampboy 34 link=topic=64532.msg1744562#msg1744562 date=1451763415]
So the big question is that with Minnesota and North Dakota being two of our flastest states.

Corrected, Minnesota is the flastest city in USA. there is several reasons for this. we can examine this later.

This is interest in Australi:


8 to 40 in Australia. worst than Minnesota but better than USA and mostly nations in USA, also better than UK. But there is no place yet we see like Turkey as (5 to 9)

I think there is a problem because I was thinking the interest to flat earth should be a bit more in Australia. Lets determine which nations is best and worst.

This is the worst one: Northern Territory. zero to 60. (0 to 60) Maybe there is a missing data, I don't know.


And this is the best one. Queensland: 17 to 64. It is even better than Minnesota.


And I want to show you best countries about interest to flat earth.

This is Estonia.



It seems a heated discussion continues in Estonia. National interest to flat earth theory increases and decreases compared by NASA.

General rate in Estonia is 11 to 18. Almost same with interest in Turkey. (11 to 18 vs 5 to 9)

In March 2017, the interest to flat earth was at the maximum point: (flat earth 36 to NASA 10)


I want to see which city the interest in maximum in Estonia.


In the city of "tartu", the interest to flat earth is in maximum rate. (77 to 95)

And this is the term of flat earth don't contain the language of Estonian. We don't understand the reason but in the map, Estonia seems like have more flat earth interest than NASA.

In total, term flat earth leading to term NASA with 3 to zero.


if there were a common parliament in the world and the parties were be NASA and flat earth, we could seat in the parliament by present our strongest candidates in Estonia.

Viva Estonia!
Title: UPDATE: World interest list by countries about flat earth ! Viva iceland!
Post by: wise on September 26, 2017, 02:18:03 AM

Country: rate of (flat earth/NASA rate) = %  (NASA=100)

1- Iceland: 12/9= 133%
2- Russia : 6/9= 67%
3- Turkey: 5/9= 56%
4- Estonia: 13/30 = 43%
5- UK: 6/22= 27%
6- Australia: 8/40 = 20%
7- Brasil: 8/41= 20%
8- Canada: 3/15= 20%
9- Norway: 6/31= 19%
10- China : 9/50 = 18%
11- Saudi Arabia: 11/63= 17%
12- Iran: 6/35=17%
13- Sweden: 6/53 = 11%
14- France : 1/10 = 10%
15- USA: 9%
16- Germany: 3/39 = 8%

Additional reference data:
For china:
For Russia:
For Brasil:
For Saudi Arabia:
For Sweden:
For Norway:
For Canada:
For Iran:
For Iceland:

An additional information about Turkey.

I'm living in ıstanbul and I think some of you wonder about situation in Turkey more detailed. Lets look at this graphic. This graphic shows the interest ot people who interested to NASA or flat earth in Turkey.


In Turkey, most queries made as "flat earth" in English instead of its Turkish version, made in İstanbul, which me living city.  :)

And not a surprise 100% of queries about "flat earth" contain an additional query about "flat earth society". What a chance!  ;D

UPDATE 1: Added iceland to the top of the list!
Title: Explanation about my studies
Post by: wise on September 26, 2017, 06:11:35 AM
I know a lot of you now think that I have reduced scientific studies. If you noticed I do not do map development anymore.

Surely, there is a reason for this. I have been in an intensive research and publicity activity on this subject for about 5 years. for a year and a half, we are carrying out these works together with the society  together or separately. although we can not be coordinated, we are trying to move towards the same goal. I have said before that I have reduced these efforts. I even stopped it sometime. Surely, there is a reason for this.

We have to stop and look back and look at what we have done. so it will help us take the right step for our next steps. it was the mostly right thing to do scientific research until this day. but it is not after this day anymore. I am here, and before that I made my movements always "strategic". tactical moves will save the day, but the strategy must be adhered to. and this strategy should be a winning strategy. Up to this point, two strategies were applied here: 1- scientific research, 2-presentation. because we were both numerically and arguably behind our competitors. but today these differences is no longer important.

it is rarely discussed in the media all over the world. and at least  one of 10 people are aware of this. in some countries it has risen to the level of one in three. if you look at the issues discussed, you can see that those who defend the flat world are hardly defeated in any debate. or they can only be defeated by "cheating". but almost everyone has learned a lot of things well. so I do not think it is necessary to do research or publicity from now on. at least not as "mandatory" as the old.

after that we need to develop new strategies for development. our current work should be mind exercise in developing our new strategy.

Right now we need the basic thing to attract people here. 1 of 4 people in whole world who searched for "flat earth", at the same time searched for "flat earth society". Our main problem is attract people here, and to be an attraction centre. A lot of work I've done proves that over a hundred million people are interested and exploring this subject. But we can not attract people to here. as far as I can see they are usually following the formations on facebook. Another problem, those who want to be famous or trendy in this regard are offering their own formation as a "flat earth society". this situation causes countless "flat earth society" appearances and confusion. Unfortunately, we can attract very few of these mixed-minded people. we need to reach them and get them to the right information. but we can fulfill our responsibility in this way.

And strategically, we should to feed them as information who started to wonder about this issue. I will not bring the issue to the wiki. it is just a small part of the problem. The mistake in the wiki is due to the differences of opinion between us. Correction depends on john's acceptation. but as I said, this is not the point. we need to show ourselves to the people who have reached the numbers of hundreds of millions. No problem with google search. It is the first place researches in turkey. Possible in other countries too. Our problem is a man who search the name of "flat earth society" and found it on google, why did not click the link. Our problem is this. the site looks simple and useful in general. I do not understand what the problem is. Maybe we need counseling. John needs to consult those who understand "site design" or site advertising. what is not making this site attractive. do we need to hire a belly dancer on the main page? So let's do it.

Let's discuss things like that and develop a strategy for a while. but if NASA supporters come up with new arguments in the future, we can get into the topic of scientific research again. this is not necessary at this stage. scientifically these points can be emphasized, from which it can be "fought" without losing. No need to go further, no one will give us an oscar. We need to research as much as we need, develop strategy as much as we need. We do that, yeah. Let's do this
Title: I am getting threatening by FETÖ
Post by: wise on September 27, 2017, 04:55:05 AM
FETÖ is attacking me by making a cheat.

The danger is escaped.

Title: Ideal countries for Settlements
Post by: wise on October 04, 2017, 11:41:14 PM
I'm making this working to show you a viable countries.

This working depends on a result of weekly works on chemtrails and cancer.

ideal countries for future settlements:

Ideal countries for future settlements, meanwhile have minimal chemtrails, meanwhile have minimal cancer and hearth attack risk. For example, China and Russia airspace haven't chemplains and that countries meanwhile isin't in the world cancer list. Afrika so. The worst countries are generally Europe and Australia.


Ideal countries for Future Settlements:

1- China: China isin't in the cancer list, and there is no chemplains. Meanwhile there is a hard communist regime and Nobody dares to do such a thing.

2- Africa: None of African countries is in the world cancer list; meanwhile there is no suspicious flight in whole Africa. Africa is ideal for future settlements.

3- Russia: Russia isin't in the cancer list and rarely some suspicious planes are seemed near to Moscow. Meanwhile, Russia is a chemtrails production center and this event is bringing a bit risk for Russia. As a result, Russia is safe, but there is a risk for future. So Russia is in the 3rd place in best countries for settlements.

The worst countries for future Settlements

1- Europe: All countries are under high chemtrails attack in Europe. Chinian and Russian airplanes are working in Europe for make them cancer. Meanwhile France is a chemtrails production center and this event is making Frances in the 3rd in the top world cancer list. As a result, Europe is the worst place for a healty living.

2- Australia: Australia seems like in 3rd place in world cancer list. But there is two countries before it both from Europe and we can think them as in same country: EU. In Australie, although people have high rank of incoming money, although Australia is a green continent and has almost best green space per person by comparison with whole world, although Aussies are generally conscious people; the company of "Royal Fliying doctors" and some other "fly-by-night companies", constantly spreading chemtrails to Australian air. And this event  is  surprisingly making Australia world 2nd worst liveable place. I'm sorry for Aussies  but they have constantly been genocided.

3- USA and Canada: USA is both the chemtrails producer and a laboratuary test them on their own people! they can actually do these experiments on their political enemies. for example, like how the Chinese and the Russians do. but maybe even from their fears, americans do these experiments on their own people, not on China or the Russians. interesting. This event is placing them in the third position on the list.

4- Israel: Israel is actually a country producing chemtrails. But their land is small and whatever they do is their people may affected by chemtrails. in short, there is no room for them to escape ChemTrails.

5- French colonies: As a politics, France is making genocide in its whole  colonies, such as New Caledonia and French Polenesia.

As a source, I'm posting world cancer list, this is parallel to world chemtrails list and hearth attack risk. If you want to live a safe life, you should stay far to these countries as follow:

Title: if meteor or soyuz shotd!
Post by: wise on October 18, 2017, 05:39:46 AM
This is the video shows a launching rocket going to bring some materials to ISS from Kazakistan, Russia. Because of they can't escape from earth dome, rocket goes with a parallel route and seemed in Dubai. Ahaha you faker!

Watch them one after another, have fun!

You think: (Baikonur Cosmodrome)

Oh yeah, dance dance! Tecno tecno!

In fact (Dubai). It seems a few closer than space, huh?

Oh yeah, meteor shoted, oh yeah! Surely!

"Innocent Arab saw the satellite!"  :)

Why did this problem occur:

Because Dubai is in the south of the Bykonour but in a bit west. Rocket route a bit mistakenly passed through Dubai. Look at the map as follow:


Everything is clear. 10 degrees mistaken caused to caught in Dubai. Or maybe it is true direction because google map is already wrong. Anyway. In this case, we understand that Iranians and Pakistanians are idiot. Because rocket hasen't a chance to go through south without passing Iran or Pakistan. We understand Afganistanians, there is a war at there and those people have no chance to follow whats happening. But Iranians and Pakistanians have. One possibility remains, they are idiots!

Is the route of ISS north to south, or west to east, or like this?


Meteor shot! Wow! Meteor shot! Innocent Arab saw the fake space rocket.  ;D

Meteor shot! Wow! Meteor shot!

And now, fakery transform to "ISIS".

If you believe, or not. Shot downed meteor did it.  :)

Its clearly seen in this video its not burning or some parts downed. Its clearly moving like an aircraft, parallel to land. It is going to Antarctica.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on October 23, 2017, 05:49:25 AM
Mistakenly posted.
Title: Disproving ball map with flying times of 3 cities on about same latitude
Post by: wise on November 15, 2017, 12:26:39 PM
Disproving ball map with flying times of 3 cities on about same latitude

I chosed 3 cities are on about same latitude: Beijing, San Fransisco and Istanbul. The distances are these cities like that:




San Fransisco to Istanbul (West to East) Minimum flying time (estimated): 12:11:00


Link of this route:

Istanbul to San Francisco (East to West). Minimum flying time (estimated): 13:03:00


Link of this route:

San Francisco - Beijing (East to West). Minimum flying time (estimated): 12:12:00


San Francisco - Beijing (West to East). Minimum flying time (estimated): 10:12:00


Istanbul - Beijing (East to West). Minimum flying time (estimated): 09:54:00


Istanbul - Beijing (Reverse direction). Minimum flying time (estimated): 08:35:00


Average speeds related to the distances:

854 , 848, 763

Final chart:


We clearly see that the distance from Istanbul to Beijing actually more than estimated.

If we pre accept the speed on this direction with others, route should be like this:

1- 852 kms/h is the average speed of the other directions.
2- Average flying time of Istanbul to Beijing is: 09:14:00
3- Real distance from Istanbul to Beijing is: 09:14 x 852 = (9+14/60)x852= 7867 kms.
4- Distance from Istanbul to Beijing related to google map: 7.055 kms.
5- Average map mistake:

(7867 - 7055) / 7055 * 100 = %11

Result of this study:

Ball map is %11 mistaken.

Ball map is disproven one more time. The earth is flat.
Title: FE Politics
Post by: wise on December 03, 2017, 11:23:28 PM
The Flat Earth Society became a political argument. The interest on flat earth grown as need to be considered. in previous months and in previous years the flat earth theory was low enough to be ignored.


The interest to "flat earth" was 1/15 to 2/14 related to interest to NASA in recent months.

But for last month the interest to flat earth increased to 5/14 related to NASA.


Especially after the congress of flat earth the interest is growing day by day. The result suggests that such congresses should continue to be organized.

On the other hand, it seems Flat Earth Society and other formations became important as political arguments. if we make a simple math, 5/(14+5)= 26% is an important ratio. This can make a party to government in many countries have many parties like Germany, Israel, Turkey, UK, ... etc.

This situation suggests that Flat Earth politics should now be directed for the further stages.

We need a town that support the theory. this can be done in large and rich countries.

an announcement can be made to the believers of the flat world in that country: gather in that town the name of... (smallest ones are useful)

the first election will be won in that town after the believers of the plain world are gathered in a single town. the institutions in this town should be rearranged to support research. congresses are held, and straight world scientists are run in establishments that will be established in that town. so this town will become a research base. it will also make it easier to get involved to the media.

we know that many of this proposition will be ridiculed by many. But I hope that someones will find this suggest as useful. For example, this is useful in Australia (because they are rich), USA (because they are populous), Norway (because they are rich),... etc. this method is not useful in non-rich countries. Because there are moving, finding new jobs and economic problems in non rich countries. this method is generally useful in many countries  in Europe.

Retired people can do it easily in whole world, including non rich ones.
Title: True Australia !
Post by: wise on December 05, 2017, 11:22:29 PM
Hello everybody.

As all we know that, Australia has owned human knowledge after about all of other continents. there used to be primitive people here, like rab'inoz. The British brought here civilization. Of course, they did the massacre. Anyway. Because of they had the civilization too late, so they may have the wrong map. because there is no satellite and all of the maps are just "estimated". Perhaps, Australia map should has more errors than other.

In this working, we'll try to answer these questions of: "is it really Australian map so wrong", and "if the map of Australia wrong, what are the true distances". Ok.


1- All airplanes try to fly shortest distance.
2- In whole world, same type of airplanes flights with same speed between cities have same distances.
3- The distances in USA are true.
4- The distances in AUS are wrong.

For example, if an  Airbus332 flies a distance for 2 hours in America from west to east direction, it should fly same distance in Australia west to east in same time as 2 hours.

Ok. Lets do it.

This is the map of USA. Lets look it and choose 3 cities. I chosed the big ones we know Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.


Now look for 3 cities in Australia.


I chosen Darwin, Perth and Sydney in Australia.


Now time to find same type of airplanes flight these cities.

This is the flight chart of Perth to Sydney and there is a lot of A332, and a few A320 and B738.


This is the flight chart of flights between Los Angeles and New York:


there is a lot of A320's, and a few B752 and A321's.

It is seem that A32* is the common airplane. Because they are almost same types as A320, 321 and 323 have two motors and about same speed. So we may get A320x as common airplane type.


1- We'll get all the statistics in USA about flights between 3 cities and calculate an average speed depends on distances in USA
2- We'll get all the statistics in AUS about flights between 3 cities and calculate average distances depends on speed which are calculated in USA.
3- We'll show the mistakes on the map of Australia and type true distances between cities.

for easy operation we'll get all the flights from west to east.



Chosen flights (first 5 A32x types):

The shortest flight time of these 5 airplanes:


Average flight time from Los Angeles to New York with A32x= 4:48
Distance from Los Angeles to New York (preaccepted as true) = 3936 kms.


Average speed from Los Angeles to New York with an Airbus 320 types= 3936 kms / 4:48 hours= 820 kms/h.


We have 4 airplanes so use these ones:



The shortest flight times of these 4 airplanes:


Average flight time from Los Angeles to Chicago with A32x= 3:33
Distance from Los Angeles to Chicago (preaccepted as true) = 2802 kms.


Average speed from Los Angeles to Chicago with an Airbus 320 types= 2802 kms / 3:33 hours= 789 kms/h.



There is no flights with Airbus320's between Chicago and New York. These flights are unclassified.


From Los Angeles to New York: 820 kms/h
From Los Angeles to Chicago: 789 kms/h

Average speed: 805 kms/h





The shortest flight times of these 5 airplanes:


Average flight time from Perth  to Sydney with A32x= 3:55
Calculating The true distance from Perth to Sydney= 805 kms/h x 3:55 = 3.158 kms.

Distance on the map (wrong distance from Perth to Sydney) = 3.290 kms.

Average mistake on the ball map: (3.290-3.158)/3.158 = 4% (Real distance of Perth to Sydney is shorter than shown on the map)



There is only one aircraft flights between these two cities.

The shortest flight time: 3:30
Calculating The true distance from Perth to Darwin= 805 kms/h x 3:30 = 2.817 kms.

Distance on the map (wrong distance from Perth to Darwin) = 2.653 kms.

Average mistake on the ball map: (2.653-2.817)/2.817 = -6% (Real distance of Perth to Darwin is longer than shown on the map)


There is only one airplane between these two cities, again.


The shortest flight time: 4:14
Calculating The true distance from Darwin to Sydney= 805 kms/h x 4:14 = 3.408 kms.

Distance on the map (wrong distance from Darwin to Sydney) = 3.149 kms.

Average mistake on the ball map: (3.149-3.408)/3.408 = -8% (Real distance of Darwin to Sydney is longer than shown on the map)

Control by using Melbourne as 4th city:

We estimate west to east about +4% mistaken on the map.

The distance on the map between Perth to Melbourne is: 2.721 kms.

We estimated it as %4 mistaken so it should be about  2.616 kms.

Now we will look for is the calculated distance will be closer to 2.721 on the map or close to 2.16 as we estimated.

Perth to Melbourne flights:



The shortest flight times of these 5 airplanes:


Average flight time from Perth  to Melbourne with A32x= 3:13
Calculating The true distance from Perth to Melbourne= 805 kms/h x  =  2.589 kms.

Distance on the map (wrong distance from Perth to Sydney) = 2.721 kms.

Distance we predicted as: 2.616 kms.

Difference from ball map: (2.589-2.721)/2.589= -5%
Difference from model we predicted: (2.589-2.616)/2.589= -1%

We predicted more true than the map.


Lets type the true distances in Australia:

City to City / Distance on the map (False distance) / True distance

Perth - Sydney : 3.290 / 3.158

Perth - Melbourne : 2.721 / 2.589

Perth - Darwin : 2.653 / 2.817

Darwin - Sydney : 3.149 / 3.408

As a result, actually Australia is shorter and fatter.

I want to show it in the map as follow:


This is the final map of Australia seems 8% increased by the way from North to south and shrinked %4 from west to the east.

The real shape of the Australia (more true than map in your hand)


This method maybe not perfect. But we should consider that the map of Australia is a nonsence and should be corrected. I'll check it by different ways depends on flying times, although some rounder infidels deny the method. As all we know that, they deny everything what true.
Title: May Matthew Boylan be messiah?
Post by: wise on December 06, 2017, 03:03:40 AM
This is the whole point. Matthew Boylan(ex NASA artist) may be a messiah. Don't blame him for his history, don't forget that micheal Jackson was working for illuminati but warned whole world about it, before killed. Anyway.

I agreed with his talking about shape of the earth:

I agreed with his talkings about chemtrails:

I agreed with his general style, talking style, ..etc. Perhaps, he may be a leader.

PS: Sure I don't believe him as be messiah but he has more chance than Eric Dubay the gay for to be messiah. Perhaps, maybe Matt is messiah and Eric is antichrist, who can know? This is a bit related with our power of "imagination".

PS: link is corrected
Title: Calculating real distances between cities
Post by: wise on December 28, 2017, 05:49:48 AM
We are working on issue of mapping in HERE (

We calculated the average speeds of aircraft like this:

A306   Airbus A300F4-600 722 kms Corrected as 722kmh
A318   Airbus A318 557 kmh  corrected as 627 kmh
A319   Airbus A319 652 kmhcorrected as 627 kmh
A320   Airbus A320 663 kmhcorrected as 627 kmh
A321   Airbus A321 599 kmh  corrected as 627 kmh
A330   Airbus A330 706 kmh corrected as 687 kmh
A332   Airbus A330-200 779 kmhcorrected as 687 kmh
A333   Airbus A330-300 575 kmh corrected as 687 kmh
A343   Airbus A340-300 767 kmhcorrected as 759 kmh
A346   Airbus A340-600 751 kmh corrected as 759 kmh
A359   Airbus A350-900 810 kmh corrected as 810 kmh
A388   Airbus A380-800 815 kmh Corrected as 815 kmh

B712   Boeing 717-200 579 kmh corrected as 574 kmh
B733   Boeing 737-300 611 kmhcorrected as 574 kmh
B734   Boeing 737-400 572 kmhcorrected as 574 kmh
B735   Boeing 737-500  533 kmh    corrected as 574 kmh
B737   Boeing 737-700 584 kmh corrected as 615 kmh
B738   Boeing 737-800 736kmh corrected as 677 kmh
B739   Boeing 737-900 680 kmh corrected as 677 kmh
B744 Boeing 747-400    807kmh Corrected as 807 kmh
B748   Boeing 747-8 765 kmh  Corrected as 811 kmh
B752   Boeing 757-200 688 kmh corrected as 707 kmh
B763   Boeing 767-300 726 kmh  corrected as 707 kmh
B764   Boeing 767-400 780 kmh  corrected as 757 kmh
B772   Boeing 777-200 733 kmh  corrected as 757 kmh
B773   Boeing 777-300 794 kmh  Corrected as 789 kmh
B77L   Boeing 777-200LR/F 835 kmh  Corrected as 811 kmh
B77W    Boeing 777-300ER 783 kmh  Corrected as 789 kmh
B788/B789   Boeing 787-9 833 kmh  Corrected as 811 kmh

You may use this datas for controll distances in whole world, depend on flights between them. For example:

An example of calculating a distance from two airports:

Example airports:

Sydney to Beijing:


We need to see same types in two links:

There is 3 types of aircraft in this route:

A333, A332 and B77W.



Average: 11:36



Average: 11:20

Average of times: 11:28

Average distance: 11:28x687kmh = 7878kms.

For this aircraft, average mistake is much.



Average: 11:29



Average: 11:14

Average of times: 11:21

Average distance: 11:21 x 687kmh= 7786 kms



Average: 10:40



Average: 10:29

Average of times: 10:35

Average distance: 10:35x 789kmh= 8350 kms.

Our calculations:

7878 kms.
7786 kms.
8350 kms.


Average mistakes on aircrafts:

Mistake of A332: 7878 / 7974-% = 1%
Mistake of A333: 7786 / 7974 -%= 2%
Mistake of B77W: 8350 / 7974-%= 5%

Google claims: 8975kms.

Google map mistakes: 8975/ 7974-%= 13%

I hope now everyone understand how our system is working good and how is round map is nothing but a bullshit!

You can help me by doing this work among the cities whose you want; and publish the calculations as upper example.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on January 10, 2018, 12:26:03 AM
This one deserves to be published in here:

Hello guys, believers and rubbishes.

As all of us very well know that, the round earth hoaxers are deceiving the world by claiming Russia as bigger, but China and India as smaller. With this working we'll see how they manipulate the science for deceiving people.

In fact, magnetic inclination is a correctance of round earth fake map. For example, the lines of magnetic inclination means real latitudes of real map. So we can use magnetic inclination lines as latitude and estimate the real size of countries, at least as by one size.

Ok. Lets look to the world map and see how Russia is big and China is small.


Alternative link (

Now lets see which magnetic latitudes encircle to Russia and China.


Alternative link (if link dies) (

In fact, Russia seems reach to more south from the points of east and west but these points are narrow and we considered the general lenght. Ok. Russia has average 18 degrees latitudes as size.

Now lets look to China:


Alternative img:

China has average 38 degrees latitudes as size.

If we want to compare them, we should to draw them around a circle. If the earth was a curve, the result not could change so much.

Russia starts with 3 degreees latitude (90-87) to 20 degrees latitude (90-69,5)
China starts with 20 degrees latitude (the point Russia finishes) to 59 degrees latitude.

We'll preaccept Russia arrives about half of circle in the middle and China arrives half of Russia by horizontally.

Lets draw them on around a circle:


Same shape:


Lets calculate their size in comparison with themselves:

The area of Russia: (1/2)xπx(40²-6²)/4= 614 unit²
The area of China= (1/4)xπx(118²-40²)/4= 2.418 unit²

China is bigger than Russia = 2.418/614= 3,93 times.

We may agree it as China is 4 times bigger than Russia.

Now it is meaningfull why China is 1,4 billion and Russia is 144 millions.

China is bigger than Russia 10 times by population and 4 times by areal size. If we consider most part of Russia as how cold is, now it is meaningfull.

Yours faithfully.

PS: Bbjections of brutal deniers will not be taken into consideration.


Title: Flight site trick methods
Post by: wise on January 14, 2018, 10:17:02 PM
Hello guys,

We'll prove now how a flight  manipulates flight time and this event causes hiding real distances.

Flight sites use raw data and cooked data together. Direct distances are use raw and flight times on first page raw data, and in the history as cooked data. But there is a hypocrisy on some routes.

I want to give you two spesific perfect example:

This is a raw data and cooked data in a route between London and Istanbul.


As we clearly see that, there is about 30 mins time correctance used in this flight for all datas in the chart. This correctance contains delayed times, lift off and landing times.

Another one in same route:


In this route, average 26 mins time correctance used for every flights. This is about 15% of flight time.

This is the corrected" best flight time: 2:55. And this data is corrected from 3:26. So it is corrected 31 mins.

This data come from here and here:

Now, lets look to one of the manipulated flight:

Flights between Los Angeles-Beijing


I marked the best flight time and it is just 11 mins corrected.

This data comes from here and here:

There is just 11 mins time correctance. This is about 2% of all flight time.

As we clearly see that, there is a correctance difference between routes Istanbul-London and Los Angeles-Beijing. 15% time correctance is used almost all of the flight paths in Europe. But this correctance doesn't used in suspicious routes likes Beijing-Los Angeles route.

This is a hoax. This hoax causes people think about this route longer than its real size. But this is not real.

it could also be an error. it could be chance. but I do not believe in chance, so accept it as a trick.

We need to fix this trick soon.

PS: There is a possibility this trick caused by website, or aircraft company, or aircrafts themselves. I preaccepted it as website's trick but also agreed there was a possibility another mistake. But this mistake cause we understand wrong on shape of the earth. This mistake causes to help NASA deceiving people to round earth hoax.

God damn who helps NASA lies.
Title: Debunking the route: Sao Paolo to Johannesburg
Post by: wise on January 16, 2018, 04:35:38 AM
I'm talking assertively.

I examined more than 10.000 flights and could not see a route is a nonsence like this:

This is a chart of aircraft data, shows an A333 aircraft arrives to Johannesburg coming from Sao Paolo in about 8:30 hours.


And this is another one, A B763 flight on same route; but average 10:30 hours. About 1:30-2:00 hours more.


Don't tell a fable like "air conditions"," political problems", "intensivity in airports,",... etc. Because first one goes everytime about 8:30 and the second one everytime goes with 10:30 hours. But this is theorically impossible. Because A333 isin't a faster aircraft than B763 one.


This chart is occurred after examined about 10.000 flights. B763 is a faster aircraft than A333. And such a difference is impossible. This is a hoax. This is a completely hoax.


Fraud! Hoax!.

On the other hand, there is already no reason for a Porteguese talking Brasilian what aims in the South Africa? Shit! Only to try to disprove the flat earth theory, a bunch of 50 Brasilian constantly travelling between Sao Paolo and Johannesburg, with an impossible flight time!

Good! Very goo!

Now, the time for rounders, cry like babies!

"But we had to deceive everybody, why do you put a spanner in the works.

Cry rounder, cry!
Title: Winds blow opposite in Sao Paolo
Post by: wise on January 19, 2018, 12:46:00 AM
Hello guys,

As we know that, the best lie of ball heads is; "west to east flights take less time because there is winds". In south or north, always the flight time of "west to east" is shorter than "east to west" direction.

For example;

When you travel from NY to London; it takes about 6 hours; but if you want to turn from London to NY, it takes at least 7:30 hours; 1,5 hours more. Another example but in Southern circle; If you want to travel from Jakarta to Sydney, (west to east), it takes about 6:45-7:15 hours, but if you want to return from Sydney to Jakarta, it takes 7-7:30, about half an hour more. So as a general rule, in the ball mentality, you run everytime more while running from east to west, because of winds.

But this general rule isin't reliable in Sao Paolo. If you want to go to Bogota(west) from Sao Paolo(east) , you spend less time than opposite route:


El Dorado (Bogota) to Sao Paolo 6 hour with a B763.

Lets try to travel in opposite route:


We returned from same aircraft but this time east to the west, but spend about 1/2 hour less.

To see which one is in the west, take a short look to the (so callaed) map:


In theorically, Sao Paolo should be in the east and Bogota was in the west. Maybe we made a mistake. Lets try another aircraft.

This A332


I marked flights from Sao Paolo to Bogota; the best flight is 5:06 and it runs generally between 5:00-5:30 hours. Okey. Lets look to the opposite:


It runs around 5:30 and as a best flight there is a 5:27. This "west to east flight time" is 20 minutes more than "east to west route".

I claimed these differences only are caused by map mistakes.

But ball heads are claming these are not mistakes and caused by generally winds.

According to ball heads, winds are blowing from opposite direction in Sao Paolo.

I know, I know, they will come and tell us fables from 500 years, like air traffic, mountains,.. bla bla...
Title: Are Aussies idiot?
Post by: wise on January 22, 2018, 12:42:41 AM
Either Aussies are idiot, or this map isin't true:

According to google map, Perth to New Delhi distance is just 7.800kms.


If both ball and google map is true and there is just 7.800 kms between these cities, so a direct flight exist in this route. Because rich Aussies go almost everywhere in the world from Chile to Johannesburg with one flight. Both about 10.000kms and Aussies fly there with only one aircraft. So lets look to find out a flight to the biggest city near to Australia:


Oh shit, flight site can't show us a direct flight.

In fact, it could be possible a flight about 8:30 hours total time. (7.800kms with a aircraft has 900kms average speed)

Lets select one of them:

Fly from Perth to New Delhi indirect with Dubai. (???)


Are all Aussies idiot? Why don't you appeal it? "Hey! We may fly directly to New Delhi in 9 hours, why you bring us to Dubai, a further city?".

Lets control it:


10:30 for fly to Dubai from Perth. Are you idiot? It was possible there was a flight between them in time of 8:30. Why don't you appeal it? I think rich Aussies have a lot of time for travel.

Oh, this is not all. After that, there is a one flight more to arrive to New Delhi:


+3 hours for Dubai-New Delhi route.

Total travel time:

10:30+3:00=13:30 hours. It means about 12.000kms path. Come on, why do you do that, if this path is exist?



In short, either instead of travel in 8:30 hours to New Delhi, Aussies are idiot till choose a path about 5 hours more, 13:30 hours or this map is nothing but a nonsence.

Now the time for rounders:

cry rounder cry! Ready steady rounder! Go! Go cry!

PS: If you select a path indirect on Singapore: the company offers you a 10:30 hours total travel time, not less. There is still 2 hours remained time to the reality.
Title: Disproving google in 3 mins
Post by: wise on January 22, 2018, 04:43:48 AM

We have a joker point in our map: Honolulu.  :) Honolulu, ie Hawai is about one of the nearest city to the center of the earth, according to our flat projection:


In this projection, Honolulu seems near to North America, North East Asia and Australia. (Australia doesn't seemed in the screen but perhaps a bit more upper)

These are flights from Honolulu to whole world. As we see that, everyone from whole world want to travel this perfect place, but South American's hasen't that chance.


This is a nonsence if the map was like this:


But why? Why central and south Americans don't want to go Howai. It is a perfect city! Cmonn! There is also a flight from Manila!

Distance from Manila, 8.500kms, and this flight is esixt!


But with just only 7.00kms from Guatemala.


Either Guatemalan, Panaman , Costarican and other central and south American's are poor people, or they did not heard the name of famous Hawai.

Come on man, beatifull girls are awating for you. Ahahah, ahahah! You unlucky bitch! You have a problem with Hawai like this:


Oh oh oh! There is North America as an obstacle on the way! So you only can go to Hawai from South America indirect from Mexico or North America! If you don't believe, try to find a flight to Hawai! Your only chance is a flight over North America!

Title: Why is Qantas doing this?
Post by: wise on January 23, 2018, 05:28:09 AM
I joined an online flight site sells online ticket. They are selling tickets of more than 500 flight companies. After I wanted a ticket to Johannesburg, and Santiago, they offered me indirect flights, instead of direct flight. If it was exist, why did not offer me a direct one?


Total travel time from Sydney to Johannesburg is over 30:00 hours!!


Total travel time to Santiago is about 21:00 hours!

So, where is your Qantas flights that they are actually selling?


Yeah man, Qantas (opposite: SatanQ) airlines go in 13 hours to Johannesburg, but you can't buy this ticket!

You can also travel to the moon with NASA airlines like the route as follow. And you can return from moon with Qantas, makes your dreams to reality!


But neither NASA, nor Qantas aren't selling this ticket!

Oh shit, you shitmakers! Why did not you add this online ticket site to your lies! Give them 10.000$ per month and they will enjoy to joining your liar gang!

Now the time for lie producers: "Produce lie for people"!!

Title: A dishonest lie to stupid Aussies! + Whole maps are wrong including flat ones!
Post by: wise on January 24, 2018, 11:19:25 AM
Only a bunch of stupid country people may believe this lie:

Port Moresby actually is in the North but magnetically east!  ;D

Ball heads are deceiving Sydney people with talking like this:

"Port Moresby is in the North but magnetic west. Why they produce this lie? Because there is not enough room in their map for place to Australia. Australia should move more east, but there is no room. For that, they narrowed whole Ocenia. Port Moresby actually is in the west of Australia. But there is no room for Port Moresby. So that, they placed it to North of Australia, and created a "so called magnetic map" shows Moresby as west!

In reality, Port Moresby is in the westt of Australia.

In ball heads mentality, Port Moresby is in geographic north but magnetic west. What a nonsence.

Only idiots believe this lie.

There is no idiots remained in this small world; you ball heads!

This is magnetic inclanation map.


If you take care, Port Moresby is about in the North side of Sydney in this fake/ball map.

But magnetic map deceives Australian as: "Actually it is in the North, but your compass shows it on west".

This flat map projections depend on ball map so these are wrong too:




Ball map is already wrong.

Ahahah only new official flat earth society map is true:


I'm sure that you think why they do that? Why they need to do such a thing. Because they know you are stupid enough to believe them!
Title: Google! Stop to lie!
Post by: wise on January 28, 2018, 10:36:40 PM
According to our flat projection, Iqaluit stays about 1.300kms north of the Rejkavik.


And according to google, these two cities are in the same latitude.


So, their weather conditions may be near if google true. Because both are sea side cities has same altitude. And in same latitudes. They must be near.

Ok. Lets look to weather.

This is Rejklavik.


Average 0 degrees celcius.

And this is Iqaluit, which city that google claims on same latitude with Rejkavik:


This is deadly cold man. They can't be on same latitude. Google, stop to lying the people!
Title: Geomagnetic HOAX!
Post by: wise on January 31, 2018, 05:32:05 AM
As a term,

Magnetic pole is: the region of a magnet toward which the lines of magnetic induction converge (south pole) or from which the lines of induction diverge (north pole)

Geographic pole is Two end's of the axis's in the ball/fake/hoax map.

Geomagnetic pole is:  point where the imaginary dipole of the Earth's magnetic field intersect with the Earth's surface (varies from the axis of rotation by approximately 11 degrees).

As we see that, Geomagnetic pole is imaginary and Geographic pole is a pre accepted point. They have no real scientific evidences about themselves.

But magnetic pole is consist, stable and reliable. It always stays at same place and everytime a compass shows magnetic pole!

In the following image, you see both Magnetic Pole, Geomagnetic Pole and Geographic poles together.


In this picture,

The "so called scientists" talk about pole that constantly changes, is the "geomagnetic Pole". And the Geographic pole means nothing but just a preacceptation by creators of the fake/ball map.


Also the south magnetic pole is a hoax and never observed.

The only fact of these three is "North Magnetic Pole". This is both magnetic pole and the Geographic pole of the different type of flat maps.

Google! Give up the evil!
Title: Google is caught at manipulating their so called map !
Post by: wise on February 20, 2018, 12:44:24 AM
Hello guys.

We are together again, in a discussable issue.

Google is saying lie the distances through Seoul. It is faking up the distances through Seoul, in the aim of prove their map as true. But they say lie! Now, we'll see how they say lie:

This is the distance between Seoul and Honolulu:


7312kms. And the distance between airports is: 7362kms.

This is the speed of aircraft chart, shows the average speeds depend on distance:


As we see that, the fastest aircraft is A388 has the top speed of 913 kmh for 9000kms. I'm getting it till 920kms for far distances. This is the maximum average speed for any type of aircraft. But there is a problem. Two slower aircraft has more than 1.000km/h according to google maps.

This one:


Running this distance in 7:15.

And the other one:


Running in 7:11 same distance.

lets calculate the average speeds of these aircrafts, according to this flight times:

7362kms/7:11= 1.025kmh. This is technically impossible. There is no aircraft in the air can achieve a speed of 1.000 kms as average. If somebody claim it, says lie. Both aircraft companies are reliable ones, depend on several flights. So, google says lie about this distance!

Another one:

Beijing and Harbin distances according to google, just about 900kms.


Harbin is about 900kms far to Seoul. And;


Beijing to Seoul is a bit more than 900kms too. With average speed of 800kmh it should be possible a 1:10-1:20 flight times. But in fact:


The best flight time for an aircraft is 1:43;

and ;


This is the second best aircrafts including all aircrafts and runs this route more than 1:37 hours. This is its best time.

Is that's all? No.

According to google, Harbin is a bit closer than Beijing to Seoul. Lets look the flight between it:


This aircraft runs from Harbin to Seoul more than 2 hours. As an average, it seems far 30 minutes than Beijing. And there is another one:


This one can't fly under 2:00 hours too.

So that, we understand that in fact, the distance from Harbin and Beijing through Seoul are more and more longer than google's claim. On the other hand, oppositely google's claim, Harbin is more far to Seoul than Beijing! (30 minutes difference in 2 hours. This is a serious difference)

So that;

We may invite google to stop lie!

Google! Stop to say lie!

Google! Stop to deceive the public!

Google! Give up the evilness!

Google! Give up the evilness!
Title: Penguins can fly!
Post by: wise on February 22, 2018, 05:24:37 AM
Hello flying men and women!

We are together with a conspiracy again.

As we know that, penguins have  wings, but can't fly. But this knowledge is not true. I mean, it is true, they have wings but it is not true their can't fly.

ok. So how.

In philosophically, God doesn't create anything in vain. This is the base of the main idea under this reality but we'll not depend on this virtual idea.


Penguins are created with wings, we know it.


We see them sometimes jump well but never flying.


They jump well but why can't they fly. In other say, can they fly?

The answer is hidden in two effects:

1- Aerodynamics
2- Density of air.

Penguins have good aerodynamics and seems possible to fly. But their wings are small and can't let them to fly. But they can fly if the air may be heavy enough to hold them in the air.

The keywrod is: density.

Humans, animals , including penguins can swim, because we are lighter weight than water as density. But we can't fly, because we are heavier than the air. technical description of the subject can be made more. But I want to cut the explanation here for don't to be like Sandokhan.

As a result;

When the air becomes till enough weight to hold a penguin in the air; then penguins can fly well. This is possible only in the outside places of the Antarctica, that human never explored; but one of the living area of penguins! If human can arrive there, human can fly too, if the air as heavy as hold a human in the air. 

In other say,

Penguins are flying but we can't arrive that places observe it. It is possible only if we place a camera to a penguin when they start to "great walking" to the outside of the Antarctica. But if a seal eats this penguin, this method doesn't work.

I show you the areas let penguins to fly.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 02, 2018, 05:55:01 AM
Experiment for understood the tides:

testing if the moon pulls or pushes while it becomes closer.

1- Weight out a prominent object while tides occurred. it is important that it is close.
2- Weight out same object in some of remained times.
3- Compare them.

a) If the weight of object under closer moon is heavier than the weight of other times, so the earth is flat.
b) If the weight of object under closer moon is less than the weight of other times, so the earth is round

At least, you may decide one of the difference as which one is true.

Good luck.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 04, 2018, 05:16:37 AM
Because of NASA backed terrorist organization FETÖ has hacked my computer at home one more time, so I could not worked at this weekend. I'm trying to solve the problem by format my computer once again. They have not a bit afraid to God/Allah/Yahova, oppositely their claim, it is proven. They are Godless more than atheists.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 06, 2018, 11:50:32 PM
There is a president fights against with all her power in Estonia: Kersti Kaljulaid. Link (

And there is the world most liar is known as Brian Cox. Debunked by us numereous time. One of them stays here: Link (

You see two of the the world most liars in same screen.


Holy family. Mother and son!

I took this things seem like woman on the black list. Because Estonia is the most important country for us; and as I said, flat earth theory grown till enough to be a political argument. So that, we may follow politics and support who supports the flat earth theory. We may fight against who fight against flat earth theory.

You learned a holy family. Mother and son. But this is not holy family in the meaning of you know. In this family, father is devil. So this family is,

mother, son and devil.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 12, 2018, 11:55:06 PM
I take a break from forum writings and workings for a while. this is not a complete resign, but a temporary withdrawal. briefly, I want to summarize how this process is gone to happen. we all know very well that we are really a minority here as believers. the rest are either unbelievers, ordinary curious people, sabotager NASA employees, double-sided players, and most of all secret/public agents. there have been some positive developments in favor of believers in the recent period. the first of which is the removal of discrimination against believers. we used to get more and more punishment in earlier periods. these have diminished. Apart from this, the reduction of bad reputation of the community in public should also be the result of a positive PR work.

On the contrary to these, many sabotage and blocking efforts are underway. At the beginning of all, sabotage of NASA-supported formations continues. there is an effort to hide these sabotages here, even if they are some of the sabotagers, or cooperate with them. where there is general debate, people say that everything is natural, that everyone is free, that they can go where they want, they can talk about what they want, and they have a full freedom of thought in the world. But the fact is contrary of it. we live the sabotages online.

at the beginning of these sabotages are the funding of NASA's offspring in different countries and the recording and blocking of believers. They deny this reality, but we live this. at least as a precaution against this, we have wanted management to be given up from recording the ip recordings. but unfortunately management did not take it into account.

members are being recorded here. Believers are being recorded. and are targeted by some clicks are backed by NASA. while the larger communities outside work much more, The flat earth society is making no headway and can not go too far, thanks to a habit of hindering their members. we have mentioned these issues before. the community must walk in front of the public. but in many ways we are more behind the rest of the believers in the world.

they are now trying to explain the working principles of the world as a whole. the sun and the moon-return principles, which is the caused by this power, they think about in this regard. the most general idea is that the earth's magnetic field causes the moon and the sun to move. on the other side are the effects of the sea within this structure. it is aimed to illuminate the working principles as a whole by simulating the earth as a battery or a vehicle. if we have to look at the most discussed topics of the community in this process; we find some topics related with "is the earth really flat", "tidal formations", "gravity" etc., and so on. we can think of the society as being about 100 years behind the rest of the believers in the world. this is a relative concept.

if we need to sort out the reasons for this, we can see that managers who are part of Cointelpro at the beginning show the maximum effort for the community not to progress. as a result of the is not being development of the community, its not support for different researches and its integration with other societies; it emerges as a self-contained, a non-open structure to the public. we can observe this situation by looking at this forum. The general view of the forum seems like 100 years old. It is the technology of the forefront seems 50 years old, by considering forum is integrated with other social media tools. The managers list seems remained from palaeolithic age. we remain alone as believers in this regard. every effort to integrate with the rest of the world ends without success because of the disinterest of the CoinTelpro management and the blocking of the NASA-backed gangs around us.

I believe that under these circumstances, the forum can not perform its functions at the moment.I  believe there are not appropriate conditions for this. for these reasons, I have to stop my workings for a while, until the necessary conditions are met or until the threats around me decrease.

provided that the necessary conditions are met, I will continue to work from where I left off. In this process, you can follow the "fake workings" of trolls that you are familiar with.

Best regards.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 13, 2018, 01:22:47 AM
This is our separation song.

Post by: wise on March 24, 2018, 01:46:35 PM

Free or forced falling:

We know there is a hypocritism in the globist theory about free falling. In the theory, the acceleration is indepent from the mass. But whenever an object lighter than the air falls, the theory collapses and turns to a mode considering the difference of masses. This is because, the general gravity formula is nothing but a hoax. In this working, we'll show how the formula of free falling is simple and no relevant something such as gravity hoax.

Free or forced falling in flat earth:

1- When two different objects goes inside themselves, the light one comes up by naturally.
2- the acceleration of a falling object is directly proportional to the difference in the weight of the objects moving within each other.
3- According to 1 and 2, the acceleration formula is:

a= K* (m1-m2)/m1

in this formula;

a= acceleration of heavier object.
K= constant
m1= heavier object
m2= lighter object; or environment which the falling object falls in. generally air or water.

This formula is valid in the air, water or in a vacuum space.

K can be calculated by numereous examples.

Calculating the constant of K

a=9,81 m/s^2 for general objects. So; we can calculate the K.

the mass of the air is: 1,225 kg/m3

An heavy object, iron has 7850 kg/m3


9,81= K*(7850-1,225)/7850
K= 9,811


Formula turns to:

a= 9,811* ((m1-m2)/m1)^n

This formula is valid in the air, water, any liquids or gases and in the vacuum space.

There is a possibility of n to be different than 1. But we have not enough experiment let us calculate the n value. But as a good approach, 1 is fair enough for n value.


universal free or forced falling formula;

a= 9,811* (m1-m2)/m1
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on March 25, 2018, 12:26:44 PM

The steps of complete the free falling theory in flat earth:


Free falling accelerate in the air, any gases, water or any liquids is:

a= K* (m1-m2)/m1


When two object touch each other, perform themselves a force relevant with their masses.

F1= k*m1
F2= k*m2

Net force on m1 mass is:

Fnet = F1-F2

accelerate is dividing force to the mass. So that;

accelerate: a = (F1-F2)/m1

= (k*m1-k*m2)/m1

>> a=k*(m1-m2)/m1


In this formula, k is calculated as 9,811 by many examples.


Any objects falls in the air:

Iron free falls in the air: a= 9,811*(7850-1,225)/7850= 9,81 m/s^2
Water/or human free falls in the air: a= 9,811*(1000-1,225)/1000= 9,799m/s^2
Any object equal to mass of air: a=9,811*(1,225-1,225)/1,225=0 (stops in the air)
An helium ballon (the weight of plastic material is neglected) a= 9,811*(0,169-1,225)/0,169= -61,30m/s^2 (to upward)

Helium actually has the potential to move up much faster. but this speed will decrease as the balloon plastic material aggravates the balloon.

Any objects falls in the water:

Iron free falls in the water: a=9,811*(7850-1000)/7850= 8,56 m/s^2
Human free falls in the water: a= 9,811*(990-1000)/990= - 0.10 m/s^2
-0,10 means 10 decimeter upward per a second. This is not so much. So that, a person's swimming or sinking in water is proportional to the body mass index; water ripple or water stream.
Wood free falls in the water: a=9,811*(550-1000)/550= -8,03m/s^2 (a wood never shrinks in the water)

The steps of theory, proof and examples is completed.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on April 10, 2018, 01:05:29 AM

Calculating the gravity G constant and disproving the gravity:

We'll use for it a burst of weather ballon. This is our source of the video, as a proof.

In 1:57, balloon starts to burst. After that, with a bit air resistance, we may agree the object as free falling.

Lets notice the time-altitude values:

Before corrections:

Time from 0 (will be corrected from 1:57) / altitude as feets (will be corrected as meters)
1:57 112.466
2:07 110535
2:17 108659
2:27 106802
2:37 104933
2:47 103020

There was some advertisements on the video. But I chosed it for trust it better than a free video. Because there may be legal problems with no-advertising videos. I hope there is probably no legal problem with that.

Lets start to calculate:

Time  (x-1:57) as seconds / Distance (112.466-y) as feets

0- 0
10- 1931
20- 3807
30- 5664
40- 7533
50- 9446

Time gap / distance gap

Time gap (seconds) /distance gap (converted to meters)
10 secs -588 mt
10 secs- 571 mt
10 secs- 566 mt
10 secs- 570 mt
10 secs- 583 mt

Where is accelerate? There is no accelerate after 10 seconds.

If we calculate the average top speed we find a value as 57,6 m/sn. This is the stable speed of this falling object. There is no more accelerate after 10 seconds.

We'll continue to examine the free falling objects.
Title: We want the button of delete
Post by: wise on April 21, 2018, 07:37:58 AM
Where is the button provides us delete the post? Absent. Somebody are treating like we are slaves here. We're not.
Title: South of South Africa isn't South of Africa!
Post by: wise on April 22, 2018, 02:27:01 PM
I want to explain it with map. It is easier for me than writing.


In google maps, South of South Africa, ie South of Cape town seems south of Africa. But it doesn't.

According to my map and outer world workings, south of Lesotho is the south of Africa. Ie here:



We know magnetic declination as "a correctance to the globe map mistakes". For example, if somewhere is north of the place you stay on; but stays in north east on the google map; so globists claim the magnetic declination in your city as "north east". Then you think the northern place in fact north east, but you have a compass mistake caused by magnetic declination. Anyway.

Now we check it. If south of Africa is south of Lesotho, so there must be a significant magnetic declination.

Lets determine the soutmost point of Africa:


Magnetic declination in south of cape town is 26 degrees 42



Magnetic declination in south of Lesotho is 27 degrees 40 minutes.

So, we can determine the southmost point depend on these numbers.

We pre agree the magnetic declination as 27 degrees as an average value. After that we'll draw lines on the map as 27 degrees. Then we'll draw the vertical lines to these lines. Which one stays south, it is really southern point. Ok. lets do it.

Follow the graph:


The southernmost point of Africa is 750 kms far to South of South Africa, ie south of cape town; but only 150 kms far to the point of South of Lesotho.


South of South Africa isn't the south of the Africa, but south east of Africa (east London) is.
Title: Former NASA officer in confession as the earth is actually flat !
Post by: wise on April 26, 2018, 06:59:41 AM
Don't be fooled anymore. Join us, come oon. Don't help them to hiding the God.

Don't be fooled, be smart. Listen him, he were one of you. You can do same thing. Come on, lets do it.

He has saved her soul now. Thank you brother, wellcome.
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on May 03, 2018, 02:00:14 AM
This is not one of my working. But I'm laughting this video since 10 minutes. Video stories about hair hoax in ISS. But the end of the video, there is an "AYGAZ" scene, that Aygaz is a well known tube brand in Turkey, sells tubes with pickups. So "Aygaz pickups" is a well known term in Turkey. That scene was awesome.

It is funny. It is the example of how a flat earth proof video must be. We need funny videos like this. With one word, awesome! Special thanks "Astro Not".

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on May 10, 2018, 12:19:44 AM

Filling a coffee cup in a spinnig world:


Everything is clear and simple. So you can't fill your coffee cup without a deflection, if the earth spins. Only a globist can object this truth.

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on May 11, 2018, 08:32:40 AM
I am leaving now from this forum. I want to share the reasons that affect this decision.

First of all I want you to know that I have given this decision earlier. I have not been able to apply this decision for some reasons. at the beginning of these reasons, there is not an idea in my mind for a different habit because of being in this forum for a long time and being a habit. Actually I still have not an idea about something that I can put instead of it. you already know what is effective in the decision I have given earlier. To summarize briefly;

No suggestions have been taken into consideration. there is no trust in management. I can not take any contribution to my projects from society. we can not get access to the wiki and there is still some misinformation in it. malicious attacks are just watching by the administration...

The structure of the administration were already wrong. And we can see that there is no goal of improving as a final edits. still  there is not  a flat earth believer in management. we do not have any reason to trust this management.

I would like to say what I meant by "believer" here in terms of not having misunderstanding. In my opinion, we are 3 here. Me, gump and shifter. Hoppy and gotham were believers too but they are not so active. The rest of others are project player. in summary, we can say that there is a negative discrimination against believers, that racism has been committed and hate crime has been committed.

On the other hand, Although we have warned  many times, the prointel society still keeps our IP records. I gave an example in this regard. I explained that the case we experienced with the terrorist organization FETO supported by NASA and that  governor forgave them at the end. I have repeatedly stated that IP records must not be kept for our personal safety. But unfortunately we never got what we wanted.

We can see that it is not proportional to the risk we take and the result we have achieved. I believe that I should not continue in the forum under these circumstances.

I have no idea what to do when I leave the forum. so the best is that they forced me to get away. I can achieve it. and I will do that.

I am leaving the forum because of the reasons I have mentioned above.

I thank gump and shifter who gave me support during the time I wrote on the forum.

The earth is flat. Neither outside, nor inside s.o.b'es can't change this truth!

God bless you.
Title: NASA/ISS has took step backward from claiming a fake sat IMG
Post by: wise on August 25, 2018, 09:55:19 AM
It has been  a common victory in the name of "Flat Earth Society" Turkish team. This is not one of my working. But I was a part of it. I proud has been a part of it.

Issue: NASA/ISS has took step backward from claiming a fake sat IMG

I have announced the ISS's mistake here at 3 August, 2018.

This is a photo claimed by NASA from ISS as "a lake in Everest" in instagram.


When I open this topic, link was still valid:

As we see that, NASA from ISS reporting the view of a Lake in Evererst/Himalayas with a lake surrounded by ices.

But if you take care the commends, someones claim it as Lake Van in Turkey, that we very well know lake in Turkey.


Lets compare them:

ISS Himalayas photo vs Turkey Lake Van photo:


I've marked some similar points but in fact, there is numereous. Because they are already same place.

If you take care, more than half comments are talking about its being Lake Van in Turkey, but although all of objections, NASA still is holding this image on instagram and still continues to faking the world.

Shame on you mister NASA!

It has been reported by Doğukan Özkan, who the president of Turkish Flat Earth Society:

At the end of this fight, ISS has corrected his mistake by a thanks to social media users/Doğukan Özkan the Turkish flat earth team.

Also Doğukan has specially thanked all the supporters.

Issue in most known main news bulletin in Turkey:

Issue in most known newspaper in Turkey by Doğukans's presentation:

it is important to us that the victory we have contributed is victorious. but they will say, "This is not a victory." but they will say, "Even if this victory is not important". No, it is a victory and it is important for us. they said, "We made a mistake." this will open the way to the they say "we made mistakes" in other matters in the future.

Thanks for everybody who has supported this fight.
Title: Endless zeta function
Post by: wise on September 01, 2018, 12:56:03 AM
When I see a working contains zeta function, I feel like this:


Zorro will come and will make the earth to flat.

I know this does not seem a technical working. In fact, it is as. Because this post will strenghten your view on some flat earth theories that you never understood.

Now you have understood what zeta function actually means. At least, you have understood you don't understood it. You understood that, you don't understood it, because it is wanted that you don't understand it.
Title: Alternative red while sunrising and sunsetting
Post by: wise on September 02, 2018, 02:12:35 AM
If we assume that the world continues beyond antarctica that many of us believe this; so; it may be:

The color of outside world is red or something like this.

When sun rising, or sun setting, it is important its distance to the outer world. If it stays near while rising or setting, the outer areas illuminated by sun are reflected on the dome. And their red colour seem on the dome.

This alternative theory must be controlled according to whether the sun has sunk and where the places of rising are near or far from the outer world.

Indian cities and one other are eliminated. Selected cities:

bapatla beach india 20 july 2018, sun rising
stayton oregon 9 agu 2018, 6:50am sun rising
oklahoma, sun setting, 20 agu 2018
oslo, september sunset
yeysk, krasnodar, sunset 24 july 2018
antalya, 19.08.2018, sun rising
luanda, sunset, 28 feb 2018
melbourne, 18 march 2015, sunset
andes mountain, chile, sun rising,24 june 2009
dockland campus, london, 2 march 2018 sun rising


We'll match the distances of the sun between estimated outer world to sunrising photos. But before do that, we need some extrem cities to be examined. Extrem examples make our work more meaningfull.

To be continued...

Ranking from closer to further.

Measurements show distance from sun to outer line (pre agreed dome line) from the point of view.

In other say, these numbers are not distance between city and sun. These numbers distance of sun and dome point where is background of the sound according to point of view. (for more information look the autocad drawings above)

Luanda   4051
Oslo   7319
London   7715
Krasnodar   7998
Oregon   8270
Oklahoma   8973
Melbourne   9891
Antalya   10322
Bapatla   11122
Andes mountains   12157


Luanda   4051

Oslo   7319

London   7715

Krasnodar   7998

Oregon   8270

Oklahoma   8973

Melbourne   9891

Antalya   10322

Bapatla   11122

Andes mountains   12157


To be continued...

I will continue in this post by change it...
Title: Challenge to all globists! Sun never rise from east at equinox in equatoral city
Post by: wise on September 03, 2018, 08:16:18 AM
In globitch theory, 21 march and 23 september that the equinox as we know that, sun rises from direct east and sets from direct west.

But this is theorically impossible according to all type of flat maps, including myself.


Observe the sun rising in an equatoral city at an equinox, that september 23 coming soon, and prove you can observe sun rising from direct east.

I claim you can not do that.

Lie: sun rises from east in equatoral cities in equinox.
Truth: sun risrs from "north-east" in equatoral cities at aquinox. Sun rays only come vertical when noon, and never else.


Claim: If you are a gbobist, if you are not a troll, shil or bot; so after research this, you will become a flat earth believer.

Good luck!

We can do a "demo challenge" in cities we are living.


1- You (any rounder) will use the sunrise direction by taking them from most known from all of us "time and date sunrise/sunset" chart for both cities "your home city" , and my home city (istanbul).

2- I'll use the sun rising direction depends on drawing line in a flat map to the place where sun seem on any online sun viewer web site, including also sunanddate too.

3- We'll both taken videos of sun rising in predicted morning. Video has to either start or end with using a compass prove the direction.

4- Comparing resultd and declaring the winner.

Challenge to you all insistent rounders! (Including admins and mods)

I dare to you all you fierce rounders!

Go! Free your soul! Enlighten your future!

The earth is flat!

And now, zeta time!

Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: Son of Orospu on September 03, 2018, 08:18:29 AM
Title: Re: All of my ADVANCED MASTER workings are here!
Post by: wise on September 05, 2018, 03:04:07 AM

Reported because of disrespecting. This is a believer subforum, not the children playground. Gtfoh!
Title: We are more over 760 millions!
Post by: wise on September 12, 2018, 09:32:51 AM
September 2018 search details:

محمد. 624.000.000  محمد.
Hindu 159.000.000
judaism 45.900.000
flat earth 368.000.000

Compare with October 2017

Jesus 868.000.000 to ↑
محمد. 648.000.000 to 624.000.000  محمد. ↓
Hindu 169.000.000 t0 159.000.000 ↓
Judaism 52.000.000  to 45.900.000 ↓
flat earth 11.100.000 to 368.000.000 ↑↑↑↑↑

calculating number of believers:

We'll use same method that we always use.

Number of Jesus believers:
Search to jesus:
Search to flat earth: 368.000.000
Number of flat earth believers by using ratio: x 368.000.000 / = 763.775.585

It was 40 million at October 2017

Number of flat earth believers have increased about 20 times in a year and arrived about 10% of world population, that we verified it by different sources and methods.
Title: Technic Opening the gate to inner / upper worlds whose magnetically hidden
Post by: wise on September 29, 2018, 12:06:53 PM
Hints and requirements:

1- magnetically hidden gate depends on the goal is to create a space that is invisible and indistinguishable by twisting the space time curve.
2- dielectric substances are not affected by magnetic field.
3- the material passing the magnetically hidden wall is lost according to the other side.
4- The communication should be constantly switched on. otherwise the connection is lost. If the connection is lost once, it is impossible to re-establish and return.

Now, thinks on. I am switching your power buttons to: "on".


1- There is a place with a magnetic wall in the middle of the earth, hidden by a magnetic field.

2- People, ships and aircrafts can not see this place. Vanishers see the opposite side, when they try to observe this hidden area.

3- Aircrafts and ships turn around this gap, because of the twisted space-time by magnetic field.

4- For determine this space, observers have to use materials and methods reveal the magnetic field.

The mechanism of how a magnetically hidden object had been hidden, of obversations.


We'll learn how we can overrun this mechanism soon.

Finding the place magnetically hidden

You can not observe it by your naked eyes, because even light has been bended in this magnetic area.


We'll use the shooting technic to find it.

We'll use both a steel bullet and another bullet has non magnetic materials and steel together. We'll find both existance and borders of the area by using this test.

I gave the following drawing as an example, but the path of bullets may be different.

This methid depends on magnetic and non magnetic material's act different in a magnetic area.


In this drawing, we see a steel and half steel bullets how act in a magnetic and in an ordinary areas. As a result, bullet will fall to the expected area in all ecperiments, because the total forces act it equal to zero. But steel object additionally affected by magnetic area and its path is different than a half magnetic object.

If you do not understand the issue, so do not write anything here.

How system works

Ship has to exist and it has to two cannons can fire parallel each other.

It can be used different type of bullets, instead of a bullet contain wood parts. A speed one and a slow one; a big and a small one; a new and an old one can be used. Different type of bullets follow different paths.

The important point is following the path of the bullets. It has to been follow to see if they move parallel path or nor. Observe by naked eyes or radar in the ship can be used.

How works: fire and move place you fire. Fire again and move again. By this way, all areas around northern ocean has to been scanned.

Good luck.
Title: Calculating the diameter of the moon
Post by: wise on October 03, 2018, 05:46:47 AM
Calculating the diameter of the moon

The answer is, comparing the craters on the moon with diameter of the moon.  :o

Firstly, lets look at craters on the moon.


Most of the theories depend on these craters are fallen meteors; ie in fact, according to flat earth theory, they are fallen stars.

So, all we need compare their apparent size to moon's apparent size. By arriving a ration, we can calculate their diameter by using ratio and comparing moon's actual size.

lets do it.  :)


I have marked 4 craters. One of them is the biggest one; another one is a big one, another one is an average one, and two small others.

I have measured the biggest one as 1/10 of the diameter of the moon.

According to viki the diameter of the moon is 32 miles, ie 50kms. I want to use this value, although I think it may be smaller as 25 kms. Anyways.

Diameter of The biggest star: 1/10 x50kms= 5kms.

The biggest star is 5 kms diameter. Average stars are 1~2 kms.

Smallest one about 1000 times smaller than moon.

The smallest stars about: 50kms x 1/1000 = 50 metres.

The diameter of the stars are between 50 metres ~ 5 kilometres.

Soon... "The sun is not a firing ball"

And now... zeta function time for newbies!

Title: 633.475.177 believers October 2018
Post by: wise on October 14, 2018, 06:47:27 AM
October 2018 search results

Jesus 1.410.000.000 
محمد. 777.000.000  محمد.   
Hindu 256.000.000
judaism 53.900.000
flat earth 406.000.000
nasa 334.000.000

calculating number of believers in October 2018

We'll use same method that we always use.

Number of Jesus believers:
Search to jesus: 1.410.000.000
Search to flat earth: 406.000.000

Number of flat earth believers by using ratio: x 406.000.000 / 1.410.000.000 = 633.475.177
Number of nasa believers by using ratio: x 334.000.000 / 1.410.000.000= 521.134.751

Number of believers was 763.775.585 in September 2018.

In other say, number of believers have 17% decreased in one month.

We did not examine the NASA believers in past month, so that we can not compare changing the number of NASA believers.

A short look to interest in google trends

Google trends can not give us a number of believer. But it, like its name, gives us an idea about the "trend" in the world.

According to "web search":
Flat earth:17
NASA: 77

According to "Youtube search)
Flat Earth: 76
NASA: 53

In short;

Number of believers of the flat earth in October 2018 is 633.475.177, by decreasing 17% compared to September 2018.

We have to focus on this decreasing reality, what has caused it. Perhaps we have to focus more research instead of playing game.
Title: Sun is neither a firing nor a spinning ball !
Post by: wise on October 14, 2018, 06:51:03 AM
As I have promised; son is not a firing ball!

I want to inform the public, without using a beta, zeta or tetra function. Lets do it!  8)

This is sun spots under zoom of nikon P900 took by different photographers. Lets examine them one by one!


We see two sun photos taken in different times. Sounds like sun has been rotated. Is it really so? Lets turn the right one by opposite of clock rotation.

Same shape, same sun spots.

Ok lets find another one:


We see two spots close themselves. I want to measure their distance themselves, to edge and the center. I'll take the distance between two spots as "one" (1) and show others with comparing its lenght.


We have found one to edge as 3,5 and the centered one to center is 3,5 too, when we agree distance between two spots is 1.

Lets look some other photos:


We found same measurements.

Now, what thats mean

If sun was a firing ball like this CGI created by a national space ageny;


Nothing can stay in a black color under the 5000 celcius sentigrad "plasma" if it was really so.

On the other hand, we could not observe same sun spots have same distance to the edge, if it was spinning.

So the sun is

Neither a spinning ball, nor a firing ball.

Best regards. Now the time you know:

Zeta time!

Title: Calculating the distance of disappearing for a ship in "horizon"
Post by: wise on October 18, 2018, 01:19:14 AM
The angular size can be calculated by an arctan formula:


When a ship moves further away, its appearent size decreases related the distance. And D (height) stays same.

When there is a wave, it incases the ship when their apparent size becomes equal.


If we take a wave has d heigh and l distance from observation point, so it turns to:


Apparent sizes have to be equal:


Now we can work on an example:

A ship has 10 metres high
A wave far us 100 metre and it has a high of 1 metre


The distance of ship disappearing behind a wave:

Our formula was:

D/L = d/l


10 metres / X = 1 / 100 metres.

So ship disappears in a thousand metres.

If ship becomes 20 metres high, it disappears a 2.000 metres far.

If we use a highness, for example we are also have a high, it increases our sight range by itself. We'll examine this situation later.

PS: This working has been created after examine zorbakim's working as a base and support if it.

Calculating the maximum sight range:

Our eyes are not perfect so we are limited with a sight range. We can not notice objects have apparent size smaller than 0,0005°.

As a solve the problem of wave, we can use a high place. Whether if waves arrive 5 metres high, we can solve it by stay on an object more than 5 metres. But we can solve the problem we have not perfect eyes.

With a binoculars or not, our sight range is limited with our eye limit as follow shape:


One rod cells do not provide a sensitivity. We need a bunch of rod cells for aware the object. I take it as 10. More close estimate can be calculated by obversations. Anyways.

We can calculate our minimum sight range as:

1°/2000 cells , and it is equal to 0,0005°

So we can calculate the maximum distance we can observe of an object have 10 metres high.

D/L = tan a

10 metres / L? = tan 0.0005

>> so

L= 10/tan 0,0005 = 114591 metres
L= 114 kms.

It is related with sensitivity of your eye. Distance of it with binoculars is related with sensitivity of binoculars.

I wish you best luck with zeta function!

Title: Re: All of my ZETA workings are here!
Post by: wise on October 18, 2018, 04:24:25 AM

We'll calculate the sensitivity of human eye depends on apparent limit values. We'll use the disappearing the aircrafts and ships by using videos.

Soon... very soon...
Title: Re: All of my ZETA workings are here!
Post by: wise on October 19, 2018, 12:52:24 PM
Today we'll see an example about what appearent size causes:


This is the reason of why we can not see the other side of a small wave, although we are on a high has enough high.

If raniboz stays on a mountain has 1.000 metres high, even so he can not see a ship behind a 2 metres sea wave! We'll do its theoric calculations soon.

Till that time, I wish you best luck with zeta!

Title: Why can't a 1,65mt man see the high buildings?
Post by: wise on October 20, 2018, 09:09:23 PM
Why can't a 1,65mt high man  see the high buildings from inside or near a sea?

This is our formula:


We'll see some examples today.

1st example:


2nd example:


And we'll see a globist hoax how works in 3rd example. Look and learn how a globist fraudulent manipulates the appearent size issue and tries to deceive the believers. What a shame!

First examine the 3rd exampe:


We clearly see that it is impossible to see a 100 metres building for a short man like rabinoz. Lets watch the video if it shows same event or a different example?


Look what he says: "debunking the flat earth again" (I did not remember a time flat earth has been debunked. And this one is a dishonesty too)

Lets continue:


As we clearly see that, observer is not enough high. So that waves obstructs his risght range.

Nikon P900 debunks flat earth (again)... by MCtheEmcee1
But look from 0:15 on, with two large ships and far better visibility.
The closer ship is a little closer than the horizon but the container ship has all of the hull and most of the containers hidden behind the ocean.

There is no way that waves can be hiding that ship. Look at these two screenshots:

There are no waves there obscuring the view!

Then you claim "Another point, refractive index of water. Air is heavy near sea level."

But no again.
That is totally incorrect! Water might be much heavier that air but water vapour is lighter that air and has a lower refractive index.
So humid air is both lighter and has a lower refractive index than dry air.

For comparison at various levels of humidity (for red light):
R.H. %     Ref Index
    0        1.0002729
  50        1.0002725
100        1.0002434 

So, no the humid air over water does not refract light more than dry air.
I do wish you flat-earthers would stop making silly excuses for such obvious evidence of water curving over the Globe!

Look. Did you see this? Video as how I have exampled; higher than sea level but not higher than sea waves.

What a pity globist anger.

And this goes to all the angry globirds!

Title: Sun is not the source of light!
Post by: wise on October 21, 2018, 11:48:52 AM
Genesis 1

3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning—the first day.

14 And God said, “Let there be lights in the vault of the sky to separate the day from the night, and let them serve as signs to mark sacred times, and days and years, 15 and let them be lights in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth.” And it was so. 16 God made two great lights—the greater light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night. He also made the stars. 17 God set them in the vault of the sky to give light on the earth, 18 to govern the day and the night, and to separate light from darkness. And God saw that it was good. 19 And there was evening, and there was morning—the fourth day.

As we see that, philosopically the light has been created before the sun. Nothing can born before its source. First reason borns after it causes something as a result.

So that, light is the reason, and sun is the result.

Do you remember this?


If you pay attention, the direction of the light on the moon is not through the sun. Close it, but not definitely itself.

Lets examine:


As we clearly see that source of light is close to sun, but not through it.

So that, sun is not the source of light. We'll see soon, why is the center of the light and source of the light are different in a flat model.

Title: Sun is not the source of light! 2
Post by: wise on October 23, 2018, 08:49:05 AM
Sun is not the source of light! - Round 2


We'll see why is not far away.


Fair, easy to understand, repeatable by everbody everday.

Actually I had to open this either information or believers subforum. But I want to show you all that how angry globirds can be funny, with their comedy reactions against this conclusive evidence.

Good luck. :)
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on October 23, 2018, 11:46:47 PM
Sun is not the source of light - Round 3

Look at image carefuly and find the mistakes:


This is not a mistake made by a cgi animation, or a freemason conspiracy to globe earth. This is what you can see outside sometimes if the source of light and sun stays far locations. This is local sun, your own sun. Examine the photo again as follow:


Where is perspective? We are talking on true directions: north, south, east and west.

So how can you deny the flat earth reality?

Did you heard anything about sun?

Let there be light and there was light. No mention the sun but first day ended. Sun has created at 4th day, after 3 day of light born.

Say good bye evil liars, say hello to flat earth science!
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on October 24, 2018, 01:26:37 AM
Sun is not the source of the light!  Round 4

Lets look these belt highway a parallel side road.


What a beatiful sunny day. What will wise do with this?  :)

Lets look at trees on the left side. Where does the sun through?


Through road, true? Opposite of the shadow.

Put another way, lets look at right side objects:


Owowow. Wait a minute. These objects say the sun direction through vertical the road.

Lets combine the direction on our first image.


So? "How can you still deny the earts being flat?"  :o
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on October 24, 2018, 02:51:55 AM
Sun is not the source of light Round 5














Denial denial... more evidences, more proofs but more denial...
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on October 28, 2018, 01:06:27 PM

No defence has came to this proof.

Zeta bless you.

Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on December 29, 2018, 08:42:01 PM
This is why we deny flights about Australia. We do not deny it because of it does not fit our map. We deny it because it contradict everything we have agreed as science. This is a simple drawing shows difference of flights from Australia to southhern places and whole flights.

Title: Angular size isn't a linear function
Post by: wise on January 04, 2019, 05:58:32 PM
Angular size isn't a linear function but a second order function limits our perspective.

I want to show you first its mentality.


In this example, you see an object has a high of 1 metre. When you stay a high as 2 metre, theorically you can see the C point. But this theory collapsed. It is collapsed "now".

If you think the distance as so long, as equal your sight limit, so you can understand the issue.

I'll take 100kms as our sight limit. Actually it is smaller than it, depend on sensitivity of our eyes or tool we use; but even so I'll take it as 100kms.

I've calculated it as 114 kms earlier; as follow.

Calculating the maximum sight range:

Our eyes are not perfect so we are limited with a sight range. We can not notice objects have apparent size smaller than 0,00005°.

As a solve the problem of wave, we can use a high place. Whether if waves arrive 5 metres high, we can solve it by stay on an object more than 5 metres. But we can solve the problem we have not perfect eyes.

With a binoculars or not, our sight range is limited with our eye limit as follow shape:


One rod cells do not provide a sensitivity. We need a bunch of rod cells for aware the object. I take it as 10. More close estimate can be calculated by obversations. Anyways.

We can calculate our minimum sight range as:

1°/2000 cells , and it is equal to 0,0005°

So we can calculate the maximum distance we can observe of an object have 10 metres high.

D/L = tan a

10 metres / L? = tan 0.0005

>> so

L= 10/tan 0,0005 = 114591 metres
L= 114 kms.

It is related with sensitivity if your eye. Distance of it with binoculars is related with sensitivity if binoculars.

Now, lets turn to our problem again:


There is an object stays half of it.

If we see the angular size as object equal to 1 metre, so we can see the C object. But we practically know that the angular size of object are so so small after a short while. The angular size of objects practically changes like the following diagram.


If we compare overlaps our sight angle and angular sizes, so we can understand that we can not see a 1 metre hight object behing a 1 metre object whether if we stay a point higher than it after a distance.

So; where is the problem caused from?




We can see that these functions aren't equal in following diagram:


Actually these are more than a second order  function , but it is enough we take them as second order functions.

If we conclude the topic, so because of the angular size of object decreases as a second order function but the geometric angle that limits us is in the form of a straight line; so that we can not see an object behind the other one has equal or less high; although we stay a high enough point.

Best regards.

Zeta bless you.

Post by: wise on January 06, 2019, 03:57:45 AM
I'm offering a test for save the Qantas from many claims those claim whether are they killing the passangers or not?


1- Following an online flight site shows all flights, as follow.


2- A flat earth believer in Sydney, another one in Santiago, Chile.

3- Two cameras, one camera to each one with a good zoom capability.

Thats all.


1- Mark Qantas flight from Sydney to Santiago.


I marked the flight from Sydney to Perth because Santiago was not exist in this time. Take it as Santiago.

2- Click on flight details.


3- Mark take off and landing times.

4- Inform two teammates with the list of the other flights.

Like this:


In this chart, we have aimed QFA566, so we will take the camera VOZ546, UAE414 then it has to be QFA566 after these two. If it absent, so QFA566 will not take off after other two so this flight is a lie.

5- Believer in Sydney with camera has to be at there in time of 13:57 and start to record.

6- Believer in Santiago will wait the time of 11:48 then start to record before a few minutes from it landed.

That's all.

We do not have to travel Santiago from Sydney, but can determine its existance or absence just with two believers have camera in those cities.

But we have do this experiment randomly sometimes. Because Qantas may try to deceive us by playing numbers and aircrafts. To prevent it we'll randomly chose the flights.

If you see Qantas is landing in any flight website, so take camera and run to a close place to airport and take camera if it exist or not.

Who volunteers are please PM me.

Lets call to account the Qantas for lying! After we prove they say lie, will open a remedial action to Qantas for deceive people.

Lets do it. Lets make the flat earth society great again!

Mister Zeta never forgive!

Title: Be awafe of JIHADISTS!
Post by: wise on January 07, 2019, 11:23:01 PM
Most of people think jihadist are only fights in battle. But this is not true.

Some of flat earth believers are religinal persons and a few of them are muslims. In this regard, there is a potential dangereous around and I want to warn our members, friends about these jihadists.


There is a term in islam that I think most of you heard it earlier, as "jihad".

Jihad is two way in islam:

1- Scientific jihad: Aims to teach other people something. With this way tries to convert everybody to islam.
2- Phsical jihad: Aims to fight others till they accept the islam.

We define both category men as "jihadist". In this regard, there is not a difference between a scientific jihadist and phsical jihadist, categorically.

Scientific jihadist and Phsical jihadist can turn themselves when required. If a Scientific jihadist decides its way does not work, so he can change his way to phsical jihad. Opposite is generally impossible, because Phsical jihadist are generally low educated and low IQ'ed men can not turn a scientific jihadist. But if a Scientific jihadist turns a phsical jihadist so it can come back because of they are actually educated and have high IQ, oppositely other phsical jihadists. So;

During the Scientific jihadist talks about islam, quran and traditions, he is harmless. But you can not trust him at all. Because there is always a possiblity his turning the Phsical jihadist and cut your head. this may occur suddenly. and until one day a very kind, charming person can suddenly turn into a monster.

In short, if you see somebody talks about quran, islam and traditions; so it is useful you pay attention about him. I'm not saying all scientific jihadists turn a phsical jihadist a day, but be aware that there is this possiblity.

Trust wise and stay alive.
Title: QNFEE is debunked by wise, the flat earth society
Post by: wise on January 08, 2019, 05:00:50 AM
There is a flat earth channel is known as Qnfee. I've mentioned it sometimes. He has great videos about shadows anomalities that we saw many times. You can see its many videos mentioned about shadows.

I still trust his videos about stars but I think after examined this video most of you will understand me why his founded anomalities are disproven.

This is one of the videos we talk about.

He is critising other flat earthers by saying "idiots", "fraudents",... etc. According to QNFEE, everybody is dishonest but he is the only honest flat earther. Is it really so?


He is pointing an important point; sun is behind of clouds, so the shadows can not be behind of the clouds. Logical. So there is an anomaly here, right? What a great researcher!


All clouds have shadows. But only videos of QNFEE all clouds have shadows.


Shadows of an airplane in wrong side.


Another one.

But we generally do not see these shadows. But only QNFEE catches them, right? So what is going on?


Right here! he is recording clouds behind of a windows. glass in the window creates a  shadow effect . that is, whether a plane has a shadow or not, a fake shadow is formed due to the structure of the glass. all illusion is based on this trick.

Mister Zeta never forgive, whether if you are a flat earth believer or not!

Title: Simulation theory -1
Post by: wise on January 20, 2019, 12:10:36 PM
Simulation theory with its proof of light and shadows.

We see a sun causes shadows. But if we would have two suns close themselves, so what these suns cause. How they can prove the earth's being a simulation.

And also, proof of we are living in a simulation and all we are different.

I've write this here as a note, will continue from this issue...

Title: Simulation theory proof - 2
Post by: wise on January 21, 2019, 12:51:21 AM

I've chosed the following image for examination. Because it represants how shadow of sun works.


In this view, we see how shadow of sun works. It works as it at ground level, like the following shape. I'll simplify it wor you get.


This is about how shadows of the sun works. Whereever your observation point be, but shadow of the sun is always opposite of the direction of the sun according your point of view, as explained in the drawing.

Now we will expand the subject a little and add a second, imaginary sun.

I've marked the shadow directions as following shape:


In here, we have to examine the angles of shadows, and our angle with two suns.

First, the angle of shadows:


135 degrees.

Now, examine the angle of suns to point of view:


About 90 degrees. So, shadows have to create an angle 90 degrees, but they have 135 degrees, because of caused point of view. If we would examined the furthes car, the directions of shadows of those two cars arrive throuth about 180 degrees opposite.

90 degrees ≠ isn't equal to 135 degrees. So that, our sun causes wrong shadows, that we've examined it earlier. It causes a shadow as line, but it has to be cause different direction.

Simulation theory has been proven. This sun and its shadow can not be real. The earth is created as 2D shape and somebody gave it some datas contain 3D knowledge. But it does not work for shadows of the sun. Damn cheap materials!

Now, why are we different?

I'm here, as a smart man, like thousands of people in the world, can get my explanation. But there are numerically more than us people outside will not get this explanation and do not aware of this fact. This, real* sun shadow is not convincing for me. But it perhaps convincing for almost the rest of the world.

Sun shadows work wrong but it is convincing for others, because if it was otherwise, this time we would be convinced but other almost everybody would not be convinced. Therefore, this sun shadow mistake has been created for convince the large majority, but not for us. So this world is created for large majority. Inother say, this world is created for idiots, not for us. I don't know why we are here.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.

Title: Jesus or Joshua. Same or different? Where is his / are their graveyard/s?
Post by: wise on February 06, 2019, 03:21:33 AM
We know he has dead, resurrected and gone. So, we have to have a graveyard shows where he dead, right? In this working, we'll search this place and hopefully, will find it.  :)

Turkey, is a country related with the earlier times of christianity more than you think.

First I want to mention the Iznik (Nicea) counsil. You can find out English sources by search it as (Nicea counsil, 325) To understand Turkey's relationship, first you have to know about this counsil. Counsil has been gathere by accession of 2048 Bishops. After first sounsil, Constantin has created a second one contains 318 Bishops.

In short, christians was under pressure and persecution during past 300 years in Rome (Istanbul). But after Constantin becomes the king, since he like the christianity and turns a christian then tries to correct somethings wrong.

First we have to read the opening speech of Constantin, the King of Rome in Iznik counsil. Constantin, Iznik, AC 325.

"My friends, being in such a togetherness and fellowship with you all was my greatest prayer. As I see you all together, I owe my thanks to our Lord of Kings for being in consensus and accepting my prayers. Now, since the tyrants and tyrants' war against God is abolished by the power of God, our rescuer, let us not allow our envious and evil enemies to destroy our peace and abundance with their heresies! For me, the division of the Church of God is far worse than any cruel war or worldly torment!" Emperor Constantin, Nicea (near Istanbul) AC,325

There are many resources available about this study. I want to share some notes from the result statement.

"Everything is created the reason of him, and he has descended from heavens to save us". Okay.

"He has took a body by holy sould and virgin Mary". Okay.

"He has crucified for us by order of Pontius Pilatus, then dead and buried".

As how religional texts write, he has resurrected 3 days after. There is no doubt about this.

We are believing the holly soul came from God

Anyways. Those are actually not so wrong according to islamic perspective too. But some claims Jesu's being son of God what we deny. Because according to islam, God is so, denies every kind of equalition near him, does not likes someone are seemed like him, so and so. Anyways. Lets look what quran writes about this counsil.

Okay. We're passing this discussing and focusing on the issue of; Joshuas. How many Joshua is there?

Son of nun?

Son of Mary?

Are they same?

Just a remind, who is the Joshua:

"After the death of Moses the servant of the Lord, the Lord said to Joshua son of Nun, Moses’ aide: 2 “Moses my servant is dead. Now then, you and all these people, get ready to cross the Jordan River into the land I am about to give to them—to the Israelites. (Joshua 1,2)"

Joshua is the son of Nun, and king of Israel. Now;

I want to show you Jesu's denying being the king of Israel, and his dying is directly related with people think he claim being the king of Israel. We'll came a very interesting point. Lets continue to watch:

John: 18:29 - 18:37

29 So Pilate came out to them and asked, “What charges are you bringing against this man?”

30 “If he were not a criminal,” they replied, “we would not have handed him over to you.”

31 Pilate said, “Take him yourselves and judge him by your own law.”

“But we have no right to execute anyone,” they objected. 32 This took place to fulfill what Jesus had said about the kind of death he was going to die.

33 Pilate then went back inside the palace, summoned Jesus and asked him, “Are you the king of the Jews?”

34 “Is that your own idea,” Jesus asked, “or did others talk to you about me?”

35 “Am I a Jew?” Pilate replied. “Your own people and chief priests handed you over to me. What is it you have done?”

36 Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.”

37 “You are a king, then!” said Pilate.

Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.”

As we clearly see that, this is not the Joshua who was the leader of Israel. This is not the King of Israel. But people has confused him with Joshua the prophet, the leader of Israel. Because we have two men has sama name.

because of people have confused about them; so have decided Jesus is "false prophet" so that decided to kill him.

Now we'll see their graveyards.

This one is Joshua, the King of Israel, son of Nun's graveyard. Gaziantep, Turkey.


The writings on it: (Saint Joshua, prophet, and one more person together someone else)

Continue to examine his grave:

Introduction in entrance:


I want to translate: Saint Joshua is from Israilian family and nephew of the Saint Moses the prophet...many writings.. and the last part about his neighborhour, Pirsefa. According to writings, this is a martyr lived in the time of prophet Mohammad. After Pirsefa is dead, Saint Omar the groom of Mohammad has transferred his body from Arabia to digged him here and said "now you are the neighbor of a prophet". This is the story written in this tablet.

And this is another Joshua grave in Jordan:


Another Joshua monument, this one in Israel:


so far we saw 3 joshua tombs.

And the last one is Istanbul, beykoz.

I think that any one of them could be joshua's tomb, but this one should be joshua's tomb, which is jesus, because it resembles a more important structure that has a mystic environment compared to other prophets.








There are some inner tombs in monument other than Joshua's. Generally some servants were working in this monument. Yes, they are many workers at there. But these groups are quite different. Actually, mystereus.


This is not a type of islamic or christ type. These are really interesting seem like came from middle age some. These are more than an ordinary human graves, like for governors. In my opinion, some leaders of this region may preferred to rest near to Saint Joshua, seems logical to me.

Look at this:


The left one seems an islamic thomb stone. A high one, seems an important man. It can be. so what are others? They are tomb stones too. But what is this? A bird? Two things seem Are the hairpins in a woman's hair, or the eyes of a bird?


I see an alone king, or someone who people respect him like respecting to a king there. And you?


1) This working is published here:

2) I've gone there for once, a few months ago. I felt his spirituality was helping me. But I was thinking him being Saint Joshua, the son of Nun, but not the Jesus.  I'm plannig to visit him again but this time with a thinking with the possiblity him being the Joshua in the meaning of Jesus.

3) If you decide to visit a day, I want to warn you about dressing. For women, please close your hairs inside the cemetery. Otherwise seems badly. Nobody can blame you if you don't use any veiling, because Turkey is a seculer country. Even so it is one of the proprieties to visiting religional places in Turkey.

If I have to talk about general environment, so I can say that. Graveyard is in a forest, the highest hill of the Beykoz. It sees his Istanbul Bosphorus clearly, as you aware of the above photographes. There are some places to eat around because it is considered as a touristic place. A few local markets where you can buy tourist items are available at the entrance of the cemetery. you must go to the nearest place, center of Beykoz for the hotel. Since the facility is located in the forest, hiking can be done. but I'm not sure if it's forbidden. Since I've gone there with crowd includes childs I did not try it. But maybe trying it with one friend may be an interesting hiking.

Damn, barbed wires.


barbed wires mean it is forbid to enter the forest but I'm sure there may be some entrances because there are villages around. It perhaps to prevent tourists enter the forest. So we are not? We are not tourist, we are local, right? ;)
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on February 06, 2019, 05:25:36 AM
A new video shows how Brian Cox has caught while escaping the questions and is a hoax

A clear evidence.

This post published here:
Title: Saint Joshua visitings, Beykoz Istanbul
Post by: wise on February 06, 2019, 11:07:50 PM
I did not took at camera the Joshua visiting. But there are some people did it. I don't know these people. Just I want to say, the place isn't good for hiking. Because I saw some military persons around the barbed wires with a military writing, so that I think the forest is meanwhile a military area.

A woman with her familiy, in Saint Joshua Hill., Beykoz.

This motor biker runs around and finishes atop Yusa, entrance of mausoleum. A very new one. As we see that, we can go there with our cars without any park problem. Everywhere is free to park and resting. And many places for eating. If your car is comfortable, you can park here and spend the night too. There is nothing around other than Joshua, his visitors and employees in this facility and employees around the facility. 99% Safe place.

And another visitor.

He may be really the Joshua the nephew of Moses, or may be Joshua the christ. As a result he seems an important man and visiting him maybe gives you a spiritual energy. At least, I felt that energy when I visited it last time. One and last. But I recommend everybody who close to visit that place. calm, peaceful, relaxed and mystical.

No, I am not working in advertisement office of Saint Joshua mausoleum, if you wonder.  8)
Title: Why did China become the leader?
Post by: wise on February 12, 2019, 12:24:45 AM
This process is the result of the American policies.

I've no longer believe USA's trying to bring anything good for any country. Their political analysts and politicians even say this. they make internal turmoil in other countries and are destroying democracy in those countries. and in the meantime, millions of people die. The US works like a company and the only goal is to seize the resources in those countries. Will they be more happy when they take over the world? or is it technically possible to do so? I do not think so.

There is still a concept called "common sense" in the world. Americans thought meanwhile they were buying the common sense in the earth when they bought leaders around the world. but this is an illusion. There is a concept called spirituality in the world. There is a concept called "morality" in the world, which Americans do not have.

in terms of an American, "being demonic" is something to be praised. But this term is a shame in the rest of the world. therefore, when America continues its satanic policies in the rest of the world, this situation is receiving negative reactions in the rest of the world.

while America was terrorizing the rest of the world, she thought the world would never react, because she had the leaders under control. however, in other countries, such as France, peoples can force presidents to change policy. presidents, even if democracy is not exist around, they have to do sooner or later what people want. peoples see America's policy of supporting terrorism and leading the world into chaos. and in the rest of the world peoples are forcing their presidents to move away from America. this is an issue that I also stand beside. I think we should get closer with Russia and China. this is not only a built-in turkey thoughts, these thoughts have dominated the whole of Europe. it doesn't matter whether or not the American-controlled media is writing or not writing. People know everything through social media.

People in the entire world  do not want to see America be the leader anymore in the world. therefore, in the rest of the world, countries are going to be united against the America. This is an economic reaction for now, but it will soon be the key to the complete collapse of America.

We are not opposite of America. We are not opponent of American people. We are still resisting the American politics which is still trying to kill all of us. And I think we have came the end of American dreaming film. This is not a film in which the rest of the world is willingly involved. But there's nothing else to do. and America never tended to give up its stupid policies.

Title: God+wise vs Superior creator race!
Post by: wise on March 10, 2019, 08:45:41 AM
As far as I get, we have simulated by a superior race. I want to talk about it a few. I'll tell a short story of humanity as far as I get. This will be a start, and then we'll enlarge the issue according to outside or inside discussings and new ideas.

According to simulation theory, the world's creators have not to be God. They can somebody else like human, or a superior race have an ability to create a virtual world. This is possible and easy.
We are praying. So, if we consider the simulation theory; so have we to pray to creators of the world whose are following us behing the monitor; or real God can hear us from everywhere.

In my opinion, there are some creators doing it, but even so we have to pray the God.

So; what is religional books, what are prophets. I want to start from here.

First we have to remember that our creators are a superior race whose are created by God. We do not understand this from the religious texts we read. we understand this, using our logic. must be a god and he must be one. perhaps this information is processed in this way our genetics, we think so, I'm not sure. but then our already existing consciousness says that there must be a god, if our consciousness is not trying to deceive us. This is already the strongest possibility.  I will start with the issue of there is a God and those who created us are superior race. all other possibilities are one in billion.

Then the superior race may be the race of Adam. This is not actually our race. I know you're having a momentary shock. however, logic and science suggest that this should be the case. there are a few strong reasons of this.

At the beginning of these reasons, the life of Adam is 10 times more than the average person. and his children lived so. they are a separate race, we have to accept this way. even the most advanced medical and technological advances show that the human being, who has lived for more than 100 years, is no longer a normal human function. that is, if you are also fully natural, if you create yourself an environment like that of Adam, you cannot exceed a certain number of years since it is the limit of cell renewal.

In fact, the main factor that determines the life span of a person is the number of cell regeneration. the capabilities of the human race are limited to certain numbers. the cell that passes this number dies. Since the cells begin to die, man has to die for a reason. this happens either in the bankrupt of an organ, or in the case of cancer or a heart attack. In fact, the cell renewal has stopped for human death began. this usually begins before the age of 100. It doesn't seem wise to accept that Adam who lived a thousand years is our relative.

In many sacred texts put forward that, different races live on earth and fight between them before mankind. From this point on, we can easily solve that Adam is one of these races and that he created us.

The basic principles laid down in all the sacred texts are the same. but at the same time, there is an environment in which man can break these rules. in principle, there is complete justice in the world, but in practice we cannot observe this situation.

therefore holy texts take the word of God as the source. but in all, the superior race that created this world made changes in its own view. I want to give a simple and well known example about it.

"Thou shall not kill". How many religional text mentioned this one? All of them. But we have to. When do we have to? When it is required. But the main order is simple, has not an additional knowledge. Because this is God's word. But conditions are not God's word. If God said you "Thou shall not kill" then you can not do it, even you want to do it. Because? Because it is God's order. Your power is lack in low to overcome it.

"Thou shall not kill". Okay. You are a lion, what you have to? You have to kill. Oh, they are not human, you say. In fact, all they are God's creatures are under same orders. Anyways. We are killing aminals for meal. We are constantly killing meal. What's happened to "Thou shall not kill"?. Oh, we have excuse. God does not mean animals. Okay. We are on war with terrorists, we are killing them. Oh, they are terrorists, we can kill them too. Okay. Syrian and Yemen people are not terrorists but we are killing them too. Wait, we have national interests. Do you see the problem? There are an excuse everytime. We are enlarging our excuse to by-passing the God's orders. He says it simple: "Thou shall not kill". It contains everything. But we are doing, because we have to. So that, this order is a general order but we are living on a customized world. I mean, God's order for real creatures, we are creatures too, but not so real as much as we think.

There is theoretically fairness in the world, isn't it? What does fairness include? Everything. if you did something correctly, the result should be correct. but our life is not like that. events that develop entirely outside of you decide whether you will be successful or not. Even if you comply with all traffic rules, someone who does not comply with the traffic rules may end your life. I think there's a lack of justice here.

See our leaders. like a joke. in a just world, the people capable of solving the problems of the world should have been leaders. thus, they solve all the problems of their own people and lived in peace with other peoples. but not so. whose has a bigger gun than the others, the person becomes the leader. in a just world, all of the leaders should be professors. these are the people who are in accordance with the character described by God in the texts. people who are constantly fighting, insulting people, people who are not the tyrannical people. God has not described it this way. hence, none of the present leaders are leaders described by God or chosed by God. but they are chosen by the race that created this world. This is the reason for their election. so they are barbarous, cruel, murderous, ugly people, unlike the recipe of God. none of these leaders has the character described by God.  only one of these leaders would be, if not all, but only one of them described by God, would have influenced all other leaders, and in the world again, the justice of God would prevail.

There are some rules in this world. this world has justice. but this order and this justice cannot be founded by God. believing that this order was created by God will be an insult to God. because it is missing and the wrong job. it is clear that this world is wrong, can not belong to God. God speaks of the world in sacred texts, but does not mention here. I don't know where it is, but I think it's not the world. because there is a problem with the scientific laws that this world is focusing on. There are inconsistencies.

Therefore, our prayers are unlikely to be accepted. Because it's about what the other person on the screen wants to give you. if he does not love you, even if you do all the religious requirements, our prayer will not be accepted. but if he wants to help you, even if you are the world's most cruel, evil, retarded person, he will raise you to the top, because he wants it so.

I believe that, despite all things, God has accepted my prayers, and that he has helped me despite the traitor. Under these circumstances, one thing is certain that sooner or later they will pay God to account for the wrong things they do in this world. for now. as I mentioned in my previous writings, in the eyes of those who created this world, we are no more valuable than the letter a in the word file. however, we will next know how much we have a value in terms of God.

I'm not afraid of false gods! Make the world fair and Stop being cruel to people!

I. Wrote this. at. March 10, 2019 Sunday. With God's help. The victory will be God's and his followers'!
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on March 13, 2019, 04:39:44 AM
I have awared that even Jim Carrey has became a simulation believer. This video is actually belonging to a Turkish youtuber, but most part of them are belonging to Jim Carrey. And I, I prefer you listen him. He is really affective on his theories, and definitely talking convincible. I recommend listen its parts only contain when Jim Carrey talk. Just 8 minutes.

Title: Proving the simulation 3
Post by: wise on March 20, 2019, 06:52:32 AM



In first image, we see the sun and sun shadows depends on sun rays. But however the sun distance to be, but sun shadows always the opposite of the sun rays direction depends on our point of view.

But when we turn the plan view in 2th and 3th images, we can clearly see that the directions of the shadows "have to be different".

Since they could be different, but they are the same; the earth is simulated as a 2d view.

Sun shadows in the earth are definitly created in a 2d environment. I mean, this is more than a flat earth. Everything is on a screen. The dimention of the depth is just an illusion.
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: John Davis on March 27, 2019, 10:53:32 PM
Yeah, a lot of that is nonsense and you have shown little.
Title: What is life? Why is life exist?
Post by: wise on March 30, 2019, 11:42:36 AM
We certainly don't know where and why we exist. most likely we are in matrix and most likely we are infinite.

because the theory of continuity requires it. the probability of extinction at any time of the time and the rest possiblity is close to zero. is something exists in a time it always exists. I called this as continuity theory. we are exist, so we have always been. we will not know what will happen in the future. But we have to know that we'll exist again.

The shape of the world does not matter. Here it is a flat world planned to give a round feeling. the next one can be the opposite.

we have aware dthis difference it is because we are allowed to discover this difference. this is perhaps a scene that our rules set ourselves. We may have decided what we would be after death. the problem is that we don't remember it.

the reason why we perceive this life as real is because we have tried endless times in such worlds in infinite time. So these random variables increase reality. the subjects that we have discovered in this world and which reduce reality are not included in the next world set-up. problems such as water pressure in the water, a straight line in the flat world, such as impossible to observe problems may not take place in the next world. What I mean is that although this world is a fake, past experiences has also been used for  to be realistic. but there are still mistakes.

the fact that everything is realistic and for a moment we must remember our own real histories puts forward that, we want to forget something in past. The body may die. but the soul is immortal. The spirit came from God and will returned to God. in other respects, in fact, the soul is god. because it is part of it. The soul is an independent soul when separated from the god, but when it comes back it becomes part of God again. in this case it means you will be god again. In other words, we are all part of God. not from a bodily point of view, but from a spiritual point of view. then the body will die, our soul will join the god.

So what do we want to forget? I remember a bit. I think I'm coming from a powerful piece of memory. Yes I have something and I want to forget it. so everything needs to be realistic and immersive. because as we think about it, we fear that it can become stronger.

I remember a bit. Because my memory was better, and I started thinking before. But you can do that too. Just focus and try to remember. But don't forget that. If we are here to forget, then why are we trying to remember?

I told : it increases the bitter reality. but the constant pain becomes torture and leads to questioning the truth. When the facts are tried to be questioned, this time the reality begins to decrease. I think we'll have to fix this one next time.
Title: 24 hours sun in Everest
Post by: wise on April 03, 2019, 12:34:38 AM
We know, according to the flat earth theory, we have to see sun in Everest more time than other places. Because it is higher lets us to see it more. In my opinion, night sun can be get as "moon", since it has less light. According to my calculations, 1/6 of daylight is sunlight. And the remained part is daylight. Actually, the sunlight has to be equal to moon light, just reverse of it. Lets examine, is it seeming so, or not.

As we very well know that, so we can see sun during 24 hours if we on a high mountain. In this video you'll see sun at the night sky.

As all smart people very well know that sun shines and creates shadows, but it produces about 1/6 of daylight. It may be 1/5 to 1/10. So that it has a weak light. Without daylight it can not lighten all the sky, but can do it a part of it.


You can clearly see the stars behind the sun. Because it is night, so that light of the sun is not enough to close the stars.

Another example.

You see how sun is weak.


Another image from same video. We see how the sun is shining in the night.


This is another image captured by following video:


If you don't see the sun for the first time, you know it's the sun. clearly the sun is rising, but the night does not change.

When night falls, generally moon stays already at some places in upside of the sky. But we clearly see that something rising. It is not moon, it is sun.

When I told this, somebody told me where is the moon then? This is a good question, if this is the sun so where is the moon. In my opinion, we have to first put forward if this really sun or not, then we have focus on where is the moon.

Remember paramount. There is a subliminal message here. Daylight, and stars together.

As how we have started the hint of UN logo for flat earth, I think paramount logo is another hint for 24 hours sunlight in Everest.

Title: Function of heat and light in a place
Post by: wise on April 20, 2019, 05:30:55 AM
This will be an opening about this issue, for to continue from here.


1) Heat in a place = function (distance of the sun) + function (distance to the center of the daylight)+ function (distance to the sea) + function (altitude of the place)+ function (moon phase and position)

2) Light in a place = function2 (distance of the sun) + function2 (distance to the center of the daylight)+ function2 (distance to the sea)+ function2 (altitude of the place)+function (moon phase and position)

First function can be determined by examining the temperatures in different cities in different seasons, times and dates; but the second function needs advanced examinations.

We'll examine to find out the first formula soon.

Zeta bless you.

Title: Function of heat in any place -1
Post by: wise on April 22, 2019, 05:38:34 AM
This working is cancelled. (We slaves have not a right to delete the post, thanks to John T. Davis)
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on April 24, 2019, 03:13:43 AM
This project is cancelled. (We slaves have not a right to delete the post, thanks to John T. Davis)
Title: Day/night model
Post by: wise on April 24, 2019, 06:18:15 AM
Wise's The day and night model.

Day and night are independent from sun. Sun is a different thing stays about center of the daylight, but not fully. Daylight is independent from sunlight. They are completely different things. Daylight generally goes in front of sunlight. Because the affect area of sunlight is smaller than it. In summer, since sun stays closer to center of the earth, then sunlight goes in front of daylight those places close to the center.

Title: Weather Forecast Laws in Flat Earth Theory
Post by: wise on April 26, 2019, 06:53:51 AM
A pre-working

Title: Russian interpreters
Post by: wise on June 02, 2019, 02:26:18 PM
Is there anybody fully encrypt this website?

This is a website contains many conspiracies. I have awared this website when I looking at zorbakim's posts. Heavenly Breeze has suggested him to examine this website then I have awared it.

This is a Russian web site. Honestly I did not mostly understand the posts here. I understand some of them and the part I get was impressive. There are topics I disagree with; like the centrifugal force proposal, instead of gravity. There are some topics attracted me like conspiracy about Michael Jackson, and matrix.

There were only 5 visitors when I browsed. I believe that this site will be much more interesting if it would be in English.

Title: Ufo
Post by: wise on June 08, 2019, 02:59:53 AM
I would like to express some of my views on UFO. as foreword I must say that I do not have a definite judgment about the ufo as exist or none exist. this is due to the fact that evidences of them and counter-evidences appear to be seems like equivalent.

however, I want to express my opinion about ufos as predicted them exist. if you accept the presence of gravity, then it will be difficult for you to understand the ufo. but if you put the gravity aside and accept that it is the atmosphere that causes weight, the solution is easier.

Theory: In order for an object to remain stationary in the air, nothing should touch it.

Proof (depends on none gravitional model)

when no other object touches an airborne object, the total force on the object is zero. this causes the object to remain stationary.

Test conditions and application difficulties

the object that remains stationary in the air must form a space around it by pushing the air in all directions. however, different congestion exists between different layers of air. this will cause the object to take excessive force in some directions during propulsion of air. that is, pushing the air in a way causes more force to be generated in one direction and causes it to move in the other direction. to prevent this, the object must rotate continuously and balance the internal forces.

there should be a layer with a second space to prevent the observer involved during the movement of the object from being affected. accordingly, no matter how much the object rotates, no matter how it moves, the observers inside it will not feel the movement of the object in any way because the outside environment is a space and the object will remain relatively constant with respect to this space.

I can make technical drawings of the exterior and interior of this device if there is a need.
Title: Mechanism of volcano; Hawai and Ocenia are sinking; Mu continent (1)
Post by: wise on June 15, 2019, 01:09:19 PM
I've told this topic in a different way before. I will now take this issue from a different angle.

this is the general representation of the layers that the ground has.


You can find different representation about this matter but generally has same layers as air, soil and lava. It can be discussable whether water stays under lava or not. this is our opinion that because of the presence of pillars, there may be some water under it and some should not be water. therefore, the presence of water beneath the lava layer is a more general view in that it represents both options. There is a solid wall formed by the cooling of the lava between the lava layer and the water. this means that the lava solidifies where it comes into contact with water in different places and forms an indoor pool.

in other words, soil is actually located in an indoor pool surrounded by lava.

volcano formation in this indoor pool is as follows.

The volcano has a chimney. This chimney has a width, height and volume. lands sink in water for any reason. With the effect of this sinking, the lava is sprayed from the chimney in an amount equal to the weight of the sinking land. Like the following presentation:


Soil starts to pressure the lava. There are many reasons for this and these can be examined. where essentially, when you place a weight on the closed container, an equal amount of the material desires to go up. Like this:


Let us make a simple example about the material that will be released by volcanic eruption if an indoor pool land is submerged. ordinary conditions will be used to make the example realistic.


width of the pool; 100 kms
length of the pool: 100 kms,
sinking amount of the pool: 1 centimeter
The diameter of the chimney: 100 meters. Let's calculate how many meters the lava will spray.


The volume sinked: 100 000 mt x 100 000 mt x 0,01 mt = 100 000 000 m³.

The volome of lava will be erupted: 100 000 000 m³

chimney area: π x 100 = 314 m².

all of this lava does not explode at the same time. Assuming that the lava moves 10 meters per second, let's calculate how many hours the volcano will explode.

chimney area: π x 100 = 314 m².

lava explode per second: 314 m² x 10 meters/second = 3 140 meters / second.

Total lava will be erupted: 100 000 000 m³.

Total time spends for lava has to be erupted: 100 000 000 m³. / 3 140 meters/second = 31 800 seconds = 530 minutes = 9 hours.

Inother say, a volcano explodes about 9 hours according to upside conditions.

So what's happening in Hawaii?


In fact, the island of Hawaiiwes the highest place of the mu continent. In other words, the roof of the Mu continent is the island of Hawaii.

To be continued...
Title: Sun setting in flat earth
Post by: wise on June 19, 2019, 03:21:51 AM
This work has published in legally

I want to mention with macarios, because events have started with his perfect drawing depends on globularist theory. I started this article with this quote and thus honored him.

Let's see if this works:

In a globe earth, it works like this. But in a flat earth has a dome it may be like this, or with a bit difference:


Sunlight works like this in air-water-air system. it enters into a different environment twice and breaks twice. so the sun appears downside than its own. however, in the flat earth this will still remain above the horizon. at least up to the width of the dome. for this, the architecture of the dome must be present as a variable.

In optics, there is an angle called a critical angle. If the light coming to the lens exceeds the critical angle, then the light will not break, it will reflect on the environment where it comes from. Let see what is the critical angle in optic:


I want to check it from a source, whether if I have true predicted it or may be I am wrong. I found this one:


Glass, ice or water does same thing to light beams when they meet with the atmoflat. Sounds true.

I want to rotate it till represent our earth system:


E represents eye of Macarios looking at sun.
R: Real sun position
V: As we see that macarios sees sun under its real position.

The beam entering the less dense environment from the more dense environment breaks away. when this value reaches a critical angle, the light no longer breaks and reflects back the environment, as follow.


1) Light comes a smaller angle than critical angle. Then it breaks by going further.
2) Light comes with critical angle, neither breaks, nor reflects; follows the common line. (setting)
3) Light comes with an angle higher than critical angle, does not enter the environment and reflects.

Lets see it with 3 sun positions to get how sun setting.


1) We see sun at afternoon position. Actually it stays more upside but we see it further and down side.
2) Although sun at the visible position, we see it as setting, although actually it is not. Because sun rays arrive the critical angle.
3) After critical angle passed, sun rays no more arrive the observe point, they just refrect to the flat earth dome.

The critical angle can be calculated by considering the positions where the sun rises and sets, and then the refractive index coefficient of the dome can be calculated by replacing this critical angle in the snell law. It may be done next sometime or other.


This is short of system mechanism. I am repeating it with the level as low as till most globularist can get it.


I hope this topic will eliminate the questions "how the sun is setting" many people who ask.

You may watch this video to get the issue of critical angle. You should to save this video as soon as possible because NASA inside us can delete this video, like everytime they do.

I've chosed this image to get the angle. This is a simple example of water-air critical angle experiment.

( (

I've rotated the image upside down. The upside is water like our dome and sun, and we are at the bottom like this image. It represents our "solar system". Solar system, ahaha.  ;D

It seems water-air intersection has about 45 degrees critical angle if I see it as true. It comes with 45 degrees to air then breaks. The angle downside seems last beam as 30 degrees is the last beam we see can not mean many things. It is because the experiment conditions. If we have more light sources the gap fills with other lights. But the last light come from light source, starts to reflect after becomes 45 degrees.

I did not use a protractor, it may be a few less or more.

Feel free to repeat same experiment in your home by using flash light. Be careful don't fall down flash light to water, then it bursts, then may harm you.

Everybody can repeat our scientific experiments. Because a scientific experiment has to be fair and repeatable by everybody. This is what we defend and globularist -so called- scientists deny. Because they are making some experiments only they can do, and depends on their magical experiment they put forward something. You see, theory, proof with experiment, is how easy in a flat earth. No need to magic like Foucault pendulum, or miraculous experiments by nasa in a stuffy environment, or magics like that. if you can do an experiment yourself, if you can confirm yourself that all the conditions are fair, that experiment is reliable; although whatever so called scientists claim the opposite.

if desired, this study can be placed in a scientific framework such as "theory, proof and experiment". I wanted it to appear "improvised" in this way.

PS: when comparing this Proof to the globularist theory, note the following:

* when the sun is at its peak it is closer to the actual place. however, as the clock progresses, it will appear lower than the actual location. this is proof that the so-called globularist theory cannot cover up. Watches given as the sunrise are often faulty. It is daylight, but the sun has set. because we can see the sun lower than it is, we cannot see its real place. The determination of the day time does not depend on the position of the sun, but on the position of the daylight. daylight is shaped like a wide ring around the sun. When the sun passes the critical angle and disappears, the day still is bright because daylight is still above the critical line. daylight slowly fades through the critical angle. and the night begins when the last daylight exceeds the critical angle. all of these are the issues that the globularist theory cannot account for, or explain them with "air is bright because light hits and reflects back to the clouds", describing the theories at kindergarten level as scientific evidence.
Title: How are ships skylining?
Post by: wise on June 28, 2019, 05:45:20 AM
There are some objections on this...  :)
Title: Proving the simulation 4
Post by: wise on July 01, 2019, 12:19:11 AM
Your eyes are doing something that they shouldn't, and you can't explain it by the laws of nature. This is a program, you first need to understand it.

You see a train rays here. Look at it. Look at it more and more.


The train rails in the closest location to us were far from each other. and where it is moving away from us, rays begins to approach each other visually. the following example is more enlightening:


If we draw the formed shape, the shape of the rails is simply as follows.


These rails have both left and right.

We see the right side as follow:


If we add the right side to the figure, we should see it like this according to upside visuals.


but we can never see it like this. When we look from the front we see as follow:


That you see when you look across:


In fact, since angular size is inverse trigonometric function similar to a second order parabole. the figure we should to see is:


At this point the brain acts like a computer. or our eye works within a program. either one of them is valid. As a result we see two paralel lines when look at it from front side.


Such a situation is theoretically impossible, hence our brains are deceiving us. This proves that our brains work for simulation, not for us. in other words, our brain is part of the simulation.

When you combine the 3 images above, the following figure appears:


When you look at zone 1 (to the left), you see zone 2 and zone 3 as blurred. because your brain cannot connect these two parts. If you look at zone 2, you are looking straight. however, this time, regions 1 and 3 are blurred because your brain cannot merge it straight.

you can view both the left side, the right side and the center only with a wide-angle camera. but this time the reality disappears.


In fact, this is the picture closest to what we should to see. however, since the objects should actually be flat, they will not be reality.

our brain knows that this rail is straight, so whatever side you look at it depicts it as a straight line. in other words, the information that the object we are looking at is flat is transmitted to our brain. therefore, we do not see what we are looking at, we see the actual form of the object, because this information is instantly transmitted to our brain by the program.


This is proof that we live in a simulation.

Originally posted: HERE (
Post by: wise on July 05, 2019, 05:34:03 AM

You can repeat this experience whenever you want. Simple to use. Open google maps, chose a point in a street, then look at left, front and right.

We are looking all these 3 ways.

Left (

Front (

Right (

Let's choose straight lines from which we can reference. The stones around the green field look smooth. Lets do it.


You see the lines are approaching eachother.


Lines are completely paralel in front line.


Lines to right are aproaching eachother.

in fact, it is impossible for this image to be real. because the straight lines at right and left coming with angle cannot continue parallel in the middle. namely.


at this point, our brain is playing a game for us and wherever we look, it shows us the line there straight. for example, let's choose two points here.


Then our brain draws a line from start point to end point. Because it knows its being straight.


Since the angular size is the inverse trigonometric function, the shape we should see should be similar to this.


As shown in the above examples, our brain plays games, showing what is impossible to see in reality, the actual state of the object. However, what he had to show us was not the real feature of the object, but the visual feature.
Title: Examples of simulate earth 2
Post by: wise on July 06, 2019, 01:50:04 PM
Since people wants the technical details of "how the program earth is fooling us", so I'll give some understandable examples and make simple mathematics that everybody can understand.

Today we are in Washington, District of Columbia and looking to Nordstrom Rack Downtown DC; Adress: 1990 K St NW.


Pay attention the car and paving stone; I marked them to prove them as benchmark. I have marked a bulding with red "X", we'll compare it with hext.


Same car and same paving stone as benchmark still there. you can check that the work is completely objective by going to the same address in google maps. no zoom / resize operation was performed. Even so, the car in second photo seems biggers.

I've used same observe point, just turned to right.

virtuel scale we'll use:


Lets test:


About 13 virtual centimeters from front.


8,5 virtual centinemters from second photo.

As we see that, we saw the building in first photo bigger  than second photo. On the contrary, the car in second photo was bigger than the same car in first photo. this is proof that no zoom is made in the photo. If the second image was compressed, the vehicle would also shrinked. on the contrary the vehicle has grown.

Pay attention our observe point is same. We have just changed the focus point.

So; how could this be? It's simple. What we see is not real. When we focus on the opposite building and see the building on the right, the size of the building on the right is displayed in relation to the building we are focusing on.

Let's put forward the logic of this process. To better understand this, we will look at a long rectangle in my math example. this will be the equivalent of the building example.


I've chosed a rectangle has 1 unit width, we are looking it from a distance 1 unit. I'm simplfying the example as far as possible. Now, lets partitate it to parts have 1 unit width and lengh.


Of course, this real image is NOT what we see. We are trying to get which shape of it we should to see.

In order to see a flat object as straight, the three points on a line you select must be linear.


In this shape, the equaliotion of angles a, b and c should be linear. Lets calculate them one by one:



angular size of a and b is same. Inother say, we see them as equal. Interesting.


So, Visual sides of a, b and c are:

18,435  ; 18,435  ; 15,255.

This is what we should to see:


I think the engineers who compute the world because of the property of the tangent function are in a dilemma. therefore, they have developed such a solution.

I should to look at this in more detail on weekdays when I have more opportunities. in the meantime, you can read and check how this happens again. maybe I'm making a mistake somewhere. Or maybe you are in cave of globularism and can't see the truth, who knows.

PS: these corrections can be used to correct the next world simulation, but all rights belong to me, permission must be obtained.

PS: Explanation proves the mathematic has been added:


When we have focused the right side, then the left bulding takes scale from right side. Then  it becomes bigger, like car in photos.


When we focus the closer bulding object A, then object B takes scale from front side. Then it becomes bigger, like the right building. In order to see that the process is a correction of the tangent function, we need to make a few technical calculations and prove it.

Short of events:



These photos overlaps with our theories about angular size depends on properties of tangen function. Inother say, this is categorically a "scientific proof", because proved by both calculation and reality by overlapping without any cheating; and repeatable by everybody.

Easy to repeat : Take a camera. stand against any large object. Take a picture from the front. Take the photo again so that the front facade is visible with turn slightly to the right as in this example. According to the "real world" theory, you must see the same thing because your distance and angle to the object are the same. but you will not see the same thing, because the world is not real, because it is simulation.

What is clear is that you see the object you are focusing on correctly. and the other object gets scale based on the object you're focused on. The basic knowledge here is that the building is flat. that is, the two information transmitted to you is contradicting:

1) tangent function visual. you should see the building as curve.
2) the object is flat in reality, you should see the building flat.

Result: Reality and visual are contradicting.

At this point, the simulation programmers expect that you will not see the error in the tangent function (intelligent people are in the minority hence programmers have ignored them/us. They know we cant convince low IQ'ed majority globers), but instead show us an irrational image that you cannot see to ensure that you see the building correctly.

In other words, as we have proved before, this world is not created for intelligent people. therefore, they cannot understand that the world is flat or simulation.

For clever people, this article clearly proves that the simulation is. however, globularists with a low level of intelligence will again pretend to not understand it. because they simply don't have enough intelligence till to understand it.

PS: Many smart people like me not to do important tasks v. is a sign of its being a simulation. Hence I'll continue to work better and better till everybody agree its being simulation.

I still believe that those who do this simulation should concentrate on their own work instead of dealing with me. blocking me is not a success. if you couldn't match the tangent function to reality, you failed. maybe too much money, power, and getting what I want can make me think give it up. Till that time, die failed, stupid, ignorant geo engineers!

You are dealing with men has high IQ level instead of help them, and then starting to cry because they reveal your being unsuccesfull. Am I the one who made the mistake here, or ...?

It seems like a tablet game to me more than a real world. Even not a computer game, but like a tablet game, tablet.

Title: Mu people, inuviks and Mongol invation
Post by: wise on July 16, 2019, 04:37:34 AM

According to different researchers, the Inuits lived in a land of the Bering Strait. Approximately 1000 years ago, as a result of the rise of sea level then land was inundated, the Inuit began to migrate to the eastern tip of Alaska and Asia. we will accept this date as a decisive date and shape the other dates accordingly. Inuvist represent some of Mu continent people. Because we call them as eskimo. Eskimo means in Turkish old-mo. Inother say, they stay their old lands.


Turks arrival of today's Turkey date has been the war in 1071. it was said to have happened because of scarcity in central asia.

The founder of Ottoman Empire; Osman Gazi.



Date about 1200's.




wise khan monument placed at 735. Writings on it: 'Unless the blue sky collapses on the top and the  ground sinks, who can disrupt your province'

from these words we see the current conditions of wise khan under consciousness. there has been the following event: "the sky was drilled and heavy rainfall. the ground has sunk."


Found by Kublay Khan, grandson of Chengiz Khan; 1206.



Unknown. The arrival to Europe due to the Chinese, 1200 years.



It is thought to have been made by Uighurs. Uighur State date: 744-840.


Created at 1000.


I think so far there has been a shape of history in our mind.

As wise khan mentioned, a continent, extreme rains caused by the puncture of the sky and the continent sank because of the weight then the Mu people left the continent. All these people were slant eyed.

these migrating people left the continent under the leadership of wise khan himself. date around 700s. This people have identified China as its target region and for this purpose first settled in Mongolia. up to this time, the people of china looked like the white race. At this stage, Turks and Hungarians began to migrate to the west.

On the one hand, while the Mongols occupied the main continent, on the other hand, as the Turks and Hungarians advanced to the west, their race broke down and began to resemble Europeans. after that date, the assimilated chinese race was formed. Europeans learned gunpowder from the Chinese. and this caused the hungarians and the Turks to lose power.

Let us now try to determine the boundaries of the continent of Mu and the routes of migration. we know that the Mu continent sinks into the water, and that today's America breaks from the mainland of Europe-Africa, moving into the void and moving towards the setting of the sinking continent. One place remains for Mu continent: Pacific ocean.

The word "Hawai" in Turkish means "aerial". (look at havai, this link ( this island was the highest point on the continent of mu. hence the continent mu includes the hawai island.


Okay. Now we should to examine the place of Mu continent. we will use sea altitude maps for this. somewhere the ocean suddenly deepens. deepening places should be the boundaries of the continent. we will then calculate the approximate population of the cities of the mu continent using traces under the sea. this will give us information about the population of the mu continent.



the people of this continent have produced high technology. has a high level of civilization. we can understand this by observing the islands that are artificially created around the continent.


The resort is planned as an artificial island and around the artificial lake. It has stayed inside ocean after water has rose.

Some others:


old ruin on marea island:


I think this facility is clearly the hotel that serves those who come on holiday to this island. of course these can only be newly manufactured decors. we can't be sure of that. They seem natural to me.


Another artificial lake:



Artificial lakes which have been planned dozens of resorts. these are no jokes. all planned so perfectly to be natural. Lets zoom one of them:


Lets calculate its areal size.


This is really great. It is 1.243,28 km² inother say, 1.243.000 decares, inother say m². This pool can accommodate 1 million people at the same time.

the cities of people who need such large pools should be large and crowded. Let's examine the cities.


First we have to take a look about any city on the planet to compare and find the populatin in cities of Mu. roads connect cities. therefore, there should usually be a city at each intersection. some intersections can also be only random intersections. We also see significant cities on the map. we will compare them with the size of known cities to calculate their population.


Istanbul; 1134km² , 15 millions. So, 13.000 people per km².


Shangai; 3.340km², 26,3 millions. So; 7.870 people per km².


New York, 983 km², 8,6 millions. So; 8.700 people per km².


Cities we can get 10.000 people per km² as an average value.

Lets go the cities in Mu continent.



City A has 67.551 km² areal size; equal to population: 67.551x10.000= 670 millions.

We are talking about a city has 670 millions population. This is more than the population in USA.



City B has 60.666 km² areal size; equal to population: 60.666x10.000= 607 millions.



City C1 has 42.470 km² areal size; equal to population: 425 millions.

I've defined a city C2 because they are close themselves. It is a city close to the Isla Isabela


City C2 has 24.815 km² areal size; equal to population: 248 millions.

City C's area has 673 millions population as total.

City D


D is very crowded and untidy. There are dozens of cities together. it makes sense to multiply the population of one by 10.

City D has 73.733 km² areal size; equal to population: 737 millions.

Total population of the region around D may be about 7,7 billions.

And Bonus; City E

This city is located North west of Easter island.


City E has 339.100 km² areal size; equal to population: 3,3 billions.

If we compare the size of cities with the size of today's cities, we see that they are up to 100 times more by comparing largest city with Tokyo. we can calculate the total population of the mu continent considering this ratio according to the world population.

Wecan clearly see the roads from big cities to today' French Polinesia the holiday zone. The average distance is 3000 kilometers.


7,3 billion x100 = 330 billion as a distant estimate of the population of Mu continent.

Here we can see that the Mu continent is much more crowded than the present world.

therefore, it is obvious that they are more advanced than today. But what could be the reason why the continent sank?

possible technical reasons for the sinking of the continent:

1- Great battles
2- Heavy structures
3- Disruption of natural balance
4- Compelling deformation of the earth

1- Great battles
wars can cause earthquakes and fault fractures in general. but they cannot permanently change the static balance.

2- Heavy structures
We do not know how large the inhabitants built the structures, whether these structures are big enough to disrupt the balance of the world. we only know that if the building material has been moved to a location, it must have been reduced elsewhere. therefore, we cannot expect them to cause static balance degradation.

3- Disruption of natural balance
increase in precipitation for some reason may cause sudden load increase as it will increase snow load. wise khan's "sky-rupture" event may be proof or reason for this. we can think this as the loser side of a nuclear war fires on the dome as punishment to the other country and causes the whole continent to sink together with that country. I don't think there will be a great war in such a developed world, but maybe there has been a terrorist attack.

4- Compelling deformation of the earth

artificial islands and artificial mountains may have permanently changed the static balance of the world. this is theoretically possible. Similar to the snow load, if you build a lake in a high place and bring water from the sea, you add a permanent weight there.

Saving the Mu

two of the reasons for sinking mentioned above came to the fore.

Disruption of natural balance
Compelling deformation of the earth

I believe that the problem of natural equilibrium is solved. if not, heavy rains and snowings would have continued. today we do not see this situation. but glaciers still exist in the Arctic from that time.

To solve the problem of compelling deformation of the earth, it is necessary to restore these islands and lakes to their natural state. I'm not sure that draining the waters over existing artificial lakes will solve the problem. because the water present on the continent can prevent the continent from rising. But;

considering that the continent is now very limited to sink into water, throwing water out of these lakes can solve the problem to a large extent. Let's calculate the amount of water in one of the hundreds of artificial lakes here:


Areal size of Makemo artificial lake is 720 km². we don't know the water depth here, but we can think of 10 meters as an average number.

Total water volume in the lake: 720,000,000 m² * 10m = 7,200,000,000 m³

The total volume of water only in this artifical lake is 7 billion of tons. if you do this for all other islands, then the amount of the load will be trillions of tons.

Assuming that we will build a facility and discharge 100 meters³ of water per second; the total time required to discharge this water:

7,200,000,000m³ / 100 m³/s = 72,000,000 seconds = 833 days.

of course, the groundwater connections, if any, must be closed to prevent the return of water during this process. further, pouring a thin concrete watertight layer on the inner wall of the lake may be effective in preventing the ingress of water.


this process can be applied on all islands at the same time. In order to discharge water on an island, a facility can be established within 2 years and can be discharged in 3 years.

1- for this purpose, the groundwater connections must be fully fixed and filled with waterproof materials. - 2 years.
2- establishment of this evacuation facility - 2 years.
3- drainage of water and concreting. 3 + 2 years.
4- Standby time: 1 year.

As can be seen here, the mu continent can be restored within 10 years at an adequate cost.
Title: vanishing ship behind wave
Post by: wise on July 18, 2019, 12:38:20 AM
First we have to determine what you think you to see and what you see in fact.


You think you see the ship on a straight line. whereas it actually moves on a curve starting from the tip of the foot and extending to the skyline.

The eye has a detection sensitivity. we cannot see after a certain sensitivity. Let's do a test to measure this sensitivity.

Get remember this page:


we are unable to read the most down words on this paper. however, this is not due to the sensitivity of the eye, but the sensitivity of the computer screen. To measure it yourself, move away from an A4 sheet with a lettering and try to read it. then measure the distance from which you can no longer read the text. you can measure the sensitivity of your eye using the relation between this distance and the font size.

I did this experiment for you. I have opened a book. The words on it was 2 milimetres. I have began to move away from the book. When I came to a distance of 3 meters, I realized that I could not read the articles anymore.

Lets calculate sensitivity of my, an average human eye:

Distance to paper: 3 metres.
Highness of word: 2 mm.

Sensitivity of eye: 2mm. / (3m. x 1000) = 0,0007.

This value is also the distance we can no longer see on the skyline of an object approaching the skyline. What we need to do for this is to correct the skyline angle which should be 90 degrees with this value.

90 degrees - 90*0,0007 = 89,94 °  (for wave)
90 degrees + 90*0,0007 = 90,06 °  (for ship)

We understand that we cannot see the sensitivity of 0.06 degrees. with it, we can compute a common angle where we cannot distinguish between wave and ship. this will increase both values. in other words, we will assume that we can now see a distance from which we cannot notice two objects.

Corrected values. We can not distinguish wave and skyline whenever they are in angularly:

89,97 °  (for wave)
90,03 °  (for ship)

in other words, when an object reaches a horizontal angle of 89.94°, we now see it contiguous with the skyline.

Lets calculate distances for wave and ship seperately where we see them adjacent to skyline:

Calculating distance we see 1 metre wave adjacent to skyline

α +  β= arctan (L/2) + arctan (1/L) = 89,97°

>> L ~= 2000 metres.

After 2000 meters, we can no longer distinguish waves from other objects in the skyline. This value can be calculated differently according to your eye sensitivity.

Calculating distance we see 5 metres ship adjacent to skyline

α +  β= arctan (L/2) + arctan (1/L) = 90,03°

>> L ~= 4000 metres.

If we can not see this ship has 5 meter highness after 4 kms anymore because of we can not to distinguish it with a 1 meter wave in 2 kms distance.

Since our horizontal vision sensitivity has disappeared earlier, we now see both objects horizontally, so the ship begins to disappear behind the wave.

If you want to see the ship, even so you can use a camera has zoom property. but this is limited by the sensitivity of the camera. no matter how powerful a camera you have, the sensitivity will decrease at some point and you will see the ship disappearing behind the waves. this is not because the world is spherical, but because your angle of vision is limited to the tangent function and your sensitivity to observation is limited. As shown in the example, a tool can help you increase your visual sight. in this case, you can see that the object that just disappeared behind the waves is still in place.

in short, seeing a distant object is about property of seeing, it has nothing to do with the fact that the object is really visible.

Post by: wise on July 20, 2019, 10:22:20 AM
I want to share working of cikljamas for day of hoax anniversary as respect for labor. There are many unfair in the earth against believers. I hope we'll be stronger one day, and justice will ask for pay account for their evilness.

First off : Apollo was not a hoax, but a straight up con of epic proportions.

Secondly : feel free to watch the best documentary ever uploaded on youtube about APOLLO - HOAX OF THE CENTURY (pay attention : download it, and reupload it on your channels, as soon as you can, since youtube is shutting my channel down) :








Moon landing propaganda is like software code being installed on people's brains. And it's purpose is to utterly warp a person's perception of their reality and their senses, to the point that they are likely to believe all manner of nonsense because once you accept that men have gone to the moon, a feat which I'm not even convinced will ever be within the realms of possibility seeing as there isn't even any evidence the moon is actually this rock in space that humans can fly to and land on, but once you accept this garbage you are much more likely to accept other totally unproven "facts" from these deceivers. Suddenly you have people believing unquestioningly the universe started with a big bang explosion from absolutely nothing that happened 14 billion years ago (impossible to know what happened 50,000 years ago let alone 14 BILLION, talk about total insanity) or that people evolved from bacteria in the ocean, all utter nonsense that can never ever be demonstrated, tested or proven in any way. Just math equations and computer models that are entirely made up. But once a person accepts just one of their mind warping propaganda programs, they inevitably end up believing them all.

I think the apollo missions play a big part in how people form their beliefs about the world and the universe so much so that accepting them as hoax would cause their worldviews to collapse and I don’t think most people today are ready to face that kind of a fundamental change in their lives. It changes everything. The apollo missions are nasa’s way of proving to people that they got all the answers and that everything is the way they claim it is because they’re the only ones that have been out there. Now you have billions of people in the world who believe in them and their doctrine and anyone who disagrees with them is portrayed as an insane paranoid conspiracy theorist. The technique used by narcissists to destroy the credibility of their victims.

Simple OFFICIAL science debunks the moon landing. - It's called Van Allen Belt, the radiation would kill everyone and all electronics. The materials used aluminum, nickel/iron, and titanium would have all melted due to the extreme radiation and temperatures.
How could they survive the radiation and high temperature, WITH THAT SUITE. i think that a bunch of fan could never handle that, cause that (include all things on back pack) will broken and become unusable on such a hot temperatures...Just how... is it calculated to know the temperature on the moon? Being the moon is some 1/4 million miles away? The temps calculated for the earth are not always accurate, let-alone to tell us the temps on the moons surface are such.  Are they shooting a beam to the moon such as one checking the temp of his steak on the grill? A 1/4 million miles away. Forgive—a thermometer was stuck in the soil upon arrival.

Our measurments show that the maximum radiation level as of 1958 is equivalent to between 10 and 100 roentgens per hour, depending on the still-undetermined proportion of protons to electrons. Since a human being exposed for two days to even 10 roentgens would have only an even chance of survival, the radiation belts obviously present an obstacle to space flight. Unless some practical way can be found to shield space-travelers against the effects of the radiation, manned space rockets can best take off through the radiation-free zone over the poles. A "space station" must orbit below 400 miles or beyond 30 000 miles from the earth. We are now planning a satellite flight that will test the efficacy of various methods of shielding. The hazard of space-travelers may not even end even when they have passed the terrestrial radiation belts... James Van Allen

Do tell where all the O2 was kept for them to breathe, for a scuba divers tank will only last for about an hour without complicated rebreather technology. Surly there was no such device then. -Two astronots breathing 02 from the time they left earth, to the time they returned to earth about seven days just where was all this 02 stored? A SCUBA divers tank which holds 80 cubit feet of air would calculate to 13,440 cubic feet of air needed for roughly 7 days just for two people. The air locks between the lunar rover and the outside, none. NONE!!! Fantasy the lot.

In1986 I was a 2nd Lt. and a newly minted, USAF officer and aviator, flying C-130s. One of my first operational missions was to fly some troops to Andrews AFB. We stayed in D.C. for two days. On one day, we wemt to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. When I saw the LEM and especially when I saw the lunar rover exhibit, a life size mock-up, I told one of my crewmates, another 2nd Lt., copilot, that this is b.s., no way they landed the LEM with that rover. After seeing that exhibit, I started questioning the veracity of the lunar landings. Most professional aviators do not have the balls to even question the lunar missions, let alone say that they were fake. Look at 911, any active aviator who questions 911 will be grounded. Few will say a thing when they know the Pentagon strike was a virtual impossibility. John Basilone

Blazing Saddles, Boyz in the Hood, Star Wars, and Back to the Future are just a few of the hundreds of films collected in the Library of Congress. But we’re to believe NASA can’t preserve the telemetry data from the moon missions. Hahahahahah!!!
Don’t get me wrong. Those are all great films but I believe the significance of the moon data  may be just a tad bit more important. I guess it’s hard to hold on to something that never existed.

"The only bird who can talk is the Parrot and he didn't fly very well.. There are great ideas left undiscovered to those who can peel away one of truths most protective layers."
- Neil Armstrong --------- Don't be a parrot people..



One other guy (below one other similar video) left this very interesting comment :

No... Rockets do not make what they push against to work. It's fluid does not matter if it's water... Or air... It works the exact same way...its like saying that a submarine makes the water that the propeller pushes against while it's on land.. people will agree that the submarine would not move..The same exact thing will happen to a rocket in space.. That is the dumbest and most idiotic wrong explanation of how rockets work that is even possible. Because space is as close of a perfect vacuum there is is impossible to have thrust... Saying that a rocket pushes off it's own gas from combustion is ludicrous... It's no different than saying that you can blow hard enough into a vacuum cleaner and make positive pressure... A vacuum cleaner is a very extremely small fraction of the vacuum of space....just like a vacuum cleaner will suck the air right out of your lungs... Space will do the same exact thing to a rocket... Only many many many many many many many many times quicker and the molecules will go in every direction evenly making thrust  impossible ....using small box like this moron... You release pressure into the box and after the box gets to 0 pressure... The rocket.. "can"...will apply force to the container until there is enough pressure to prevent this from happening then it will push off of its own gasses inside the box... This does absolutely nothing but prove that you should not listen to anything this idiot says at all... ever... until he admits this experiment is flawed and invalid.  If he does not at least do that... Then he is purposely deceiving people....personally I think he is deceiving people. I work with pressures and vacuums every single day I work and I guarantee that there is not a single person on this planet that can prove what I said was incorrect or untrue.  He does not have a vacuum pump that is able to take the gasses out of that chamber as fast as its being put in... Like it would be in space....he pulled a vacuum and closed a valve taking the vacuum pump ..."space" out of the experiment....invalid experiment... And he got the wrong conclusion because the experiment was invalid...

In his next response he said this :

You still did not say that I was wrong... So what the fuck was the point of your comment because I don't see one... you are a troll that somehow benifits off of the deceptions of the government...if u can't prove me wrong... Than go fuck yourself ...if you can prove wrong me then do it....are you telling me you do not know how things move through water...because thats all you need to understand  for proof rockets do not work in a vacuum... It's really that simple....will a submarine move that is on land that makes  the water that the propeller pushes against even if there was no friction between the submarine and ground... You are telling people that the submarine would move... research articles for what... How things move through water?...the only person that is not being logical is you... And also... What was your point of throwing in the GPS reference... Is that the only counter argument you have against what I said...are you saying that rockets work in space because the GPS loses reception in a tunnel... Damn you are desperate for a counter argument if u  threw that in there...who ever gave you a high school diploma needs to be fired... That's if you didn't drop out... Which I think is most likely

Finally, look what happens when you fly over the target :

Two days ago i uploaded video by the name YOUTUBE IS SHUTTING DOWN MY CHANNEL, and after a few hours they shut that video, too, so feel free to acquaint yourself with their fake excuse by reading just a few excerpts from my "hate speech" video :

I made this collage of screenshots on this guy's request :
Title: Mu is still sinking! Tonga is going deeper!
Post by: wise on July 21, 2019, 03:04:13 PM
First we have to take a look where was Mu, and the motion ot continents. This is it.


1- South America broke off from Africa, moved west.
2- North America broke off from Europe, moved west.
3- Australia and close islands broke off from Indo-China and moved south east.
4- Japan and close islands broke off from China and moved south.

on the map we can see these movements and their results by looking at contour curves and city tracks.

Basic theories in review:

1- If there are cities and deep road traces in an area, it belongs to the old continent.
2- If the water level in a region shoaly, it belongs to the new continent. If there are islands in front of it, these islands belongs to same region and occurred by broken off from it.
3- If there is a sudden change in depth in an area, they are the places where the continents collide.

we can see other criterias over time.

Lets examine one by one intersection lines:



There are two different type of meeting in this region.

1- There was a collision in the Alaska region and America stopped in this region.
2- the california region did not stop and climbed over the mu continent. You can see that a city that should belong to mu continent is under the california region in below map.




At least one city stayed under Chile. there was also a collision in this region and at the same time a part of mu continent was stayed under south america.



Here it is clear that without a collision, Australia rises directly above the mu continent and destroys 2 cities.


There is an interesting region in the east of Australia. this place hasn't completed its sinking yet.


this region is more at risk than  the old mu continent and indonesia, . (Indonesia will be examined later).

news from one of these islands, Tonga. if you look at the map you will see that it looks as if it is on the edge of the cliff. it really is this so. According to those who live there it will be under the sea in 100 years. I'm not that pessimistic, but we don't know.

According to this news, the island is underwater because of climate change. So, where even 1 cm of water does not rise where we live, does the climate change in a single oceania? No. that region is sinking into the water. That's the reason. If you look at the map and the photos of the city, you can see that the ocean has entered the city.



this and countless islands like this will disappear in 100 years. and "they" will shamelessly say "because of global warming". Is that the truth? Truth is what you've read now.
Title: Prove globe map' being fake by yourself!
Post by: wise on July 22, 2019, 06:25:10 AM
Hello Mr and Mrs believers. Today we'll see how globularist map is rubbish and flat earth map works perfectly.

We have a numerical flat earth map here ( We'll use it and any of globularist map for this working.

According to numerical map, all Spain and Portugal stays east side of London. Here:


But according to globalist map, oppositely London stays east of Spain and naturally Portugal, here:


We see London stays about same longtitude with Valencia, an east central city of Spain; and stays east of Madrid, whole Spain and all of the Portugal. So which one is true?

Let me tell you my experience first. some sites host online camera applications. I used one of them. This morning I looked at two beaches in Spain and UK. The places I looked at were:


these two cities appear to be about the same longitude and there is little time difference between them. now I've looked at online cameras in both cities. This is UK, Weston Super Mare:


UK city: The weather has begun to brighten, but the sun has not yet risen. Soon the sun will rise.

Now city in Spain:


Sun seemingly rose. people filled the beach. we can imagine that this city lived 2-3 hours ahead of the other.

why was this caused?

Our digital flat world map contains tens of thousands of flight data and contains real data. and this map is similar in appearance to the global european map. in other continents, the global map varies according to the sphere world model, whereas in Europe this is not the case. In Europe, there is no possibility of manipulation since all measurements are well known. therefore the global world map uses the values ​​of the flat world map for europe. When the global world map does not involve manipulation, the north direction appears to be in the wrong direction. that is, this means:


Since globularist map uses datas of flat map, its North direction is same with flat earth map, ie a bit North east. Hence, Spain is actually is in same longtitude with about Germany, but not with UK.

Do this to debunk the global world map by yourself.

1- See any sunrise time in Spain or Portugal with any sunrise in the morning in UK.
2- See sun rising times of both then be sure sun rising time in UK city seems earlier.
3- be online at that hour and use the online cameras to see which city is rising earlier than the sun.

If you cannot use online cameras, you can also prove this by talking to two friends in the UK and Lisbon. All you need to wake them up at their morning time then ask them to took the sunrise a camera and send you online.


Sun rising time in Benidor, Spain.


Benidor is GMT+2, sun rises at GMT +4:53 after GMT correction.


Weston Super Mare is GMT +1, sun rises at +4:21 after GMT correction.

Inother say, according to globularist theory sun rises in Weston Super Mare (UK) before rises in Benidor (SPAIN). Because of this event globularist theory defends:


Since globularist theoriticans they are in the liable to showing everything curve, they did it here too. But this time it worked their own disadvantage. if the sun were rise close timings in these cities, we could understand it. but clearly, according to the globularist theory, the Sun of Weston Super Mare, which should have arisen half an hour before, arises hours after the city of Benidor in actually.

Congratulations! You have proved global map's being a hoax only by yourself. This is proof. There is a clear, logical explanation and can be repeated by everyone.

Bye bye globularist hoax! I'll write it on that map because we have proved its being a rubbish right now!

Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on July 23, 2019, 11:34:50 PM

Why is not London using same time zone with Madrid and Paris, but  with Lisbon?

And Why is not Madrid using same time zone with London, but Berlin?

Because of this:



Because north has been represented as wrong direction in globalist hoax maps.

Title: Gravity debunked by CERN professor!
Post by: wise on August 03, 2019, 12:00:47 AM
Newton was wrong: Scientists dismiss Newton's theory of gravity and warn Einstein is next

NEWTON is rightly regarded as the greatest scientist of all time. However, groundbreaking black hole research has now disproved Newton’s theory of gravity – and even Albert Einstein’s theories are “starting to fray around the edges”, a scientist has warned.

Author: By TOM FISH
PUBLISHED: 06:01, Fri, Aug 2, 2019 | UPDATED: 06:39, Fri, Aug 2, 2019

More than 100 years after Albert Einstein published his iconic theory of general relativity, it is beginning to show signs of age. Now, following the most comprehensive test of general relativity yet near the monstrous black hole at the centre of our galaxy, University of California’s Professor Andrea Ghez has announced Einstein’s theory of general relativity still holds up – for now. Professor Ghez said: ”Einstein’s right, at least for now. We can absolutely rule out Newton’s law of gravity. “Our observations are consistent with Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

“However, his theory is definitely showing vulnerability.

Einstein's right, at least for now. We can absolutely rule out Newton's law of gravity

Professor Andrea Ghez

“It cannot fully explain gravity inside a black hole, and at some point we will need to move beyond Einstein’s theory to a more comprehensive theory of gravity that explains what a black hole is.”

German-born theoretical physicist Einstein is, alongside Max Planck, considered one of the two pillars of modern physics.

His 1915 theory of general relativity holds that what we perceive as the force of gravity arises from the curvature of space-time.


Isaac Newton: The latest black hole study has conclusively ruled out Newton's theory of gravity (Image: Nicolle R. Fuller/National Science Foundation)


Isaac Newton: Although regarded as a genius polymath, Newton's theory of gravity is outdated (Image: Getty)

Read more:

Turkish flat earther mentioned  this debunk: Doğukan Özkan: 
Another Turkish flat earther mentioned globalist terror in flat earth society (out of issue)

Rest in peace, newzelander.  :'(
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on August 21, 2019, 01:15:50 AM
... Maybe not so...  :)
Title: To precipitate the capitalist system with one punch!
Post by: wise on August 26, 2019, 04:02:32 AM
... You are not ready for this yet...
Title: To precipitate the capitalist system with one punch!
Post by: wise on August 28, 2019, 08:18:01 AM
Since there is leaking in the forum, I've decided to explain this method, that I have gave up to explain it earlier. Israel central Bank has announced they have decided to improve their resources, it means to me they have leaked the method, hence I've announce the method for equalize the chances with others.

To precipitate the capitalist system with one punch!

capitalist system is based on money. this money must have an equivalent, otherwise it will cause inflation. inflation is getting happened by either system failure, corruption or indirect tax. therefore, inflation will not occur as long as the equivalent of the existing money is present in a system. This equivalent may be immovable or gold or other moneys.

in fact, the system can be made completely unusable, but for now I will only describe how this system can be easily exploited and  precipitated.

What was the amount of money in a system? the immovables and gold and other national currencies owned by the central bank.

1- Create a central bank in any country, which its currency accepted by other countries. Smallest countries is best. Because it is easy to buy them.

2- Take tax temporarily or print up enough money to cause 10% inflation. this inflation will not occur again.

3- Buy gold from the outside with your money.

4- Put this gold to central bank.

5- coin new money equal to amount of gold you have deposited to your central bank.

6- Buy new gold with the money you have printed yet. It has equalent in your system so that it does not cause the inflation.

7- You can buy houses in your own country and countries completely free by using same method. this is why capital wants free countries. because only then can they buy anything they want.

8- By repeating this method infinty you can buy the whole world.

I explained this method and now that there is no separation of weak country or strong country. all countries are equal as long as their currencies are accepted by others. all systems are based on trust.

we trusted the Americans. now they have to give each individual of our people $ 100,000 to get rid of this crisis. otherwise we will begin to implement this method. It will start to demolish the system. And the first countries will be down the countries which has benefited from it. I think USA is at the top of the list. Ahahaha.

People say how am I wise? Actually I am not wise but they are. So, tell me, did you ever think this? Did you aware of this problem in capitalist system? Hah. So please, respect the wisdom.
Title: BUILDING TILL INFINITY - To precipitate the capitalist system 2
Post by: wise on August 29, 2019, 06:15:26 AM

In this method, you make a mortgage on one of the immovables registered in the system and put the mortgage in the safe as money equivalent. you produce as much money as the amount of the mortgage. that is, the equivalent of the money you produce is a money that is present in your safe as a building. with this money you buy, or produce, a new building. you buy or produce the building again mortgage and mortgage document you put in the bank vault. and with this method you can build buildings at any height you want anywhere in the world. countries such as Dubai, Qatar and Hong Kong did not magically prosper. these methods are especially applied in qatar and dubaide. they did not because they were oil-rich, but because they discovered the weaknesses of the system.

from this method you can understand that: Actually, construction of buildings are free. When you build a building, you save it to the treasure. it remains on the treasury's immovable list as long as it is purchased by someone registered in your country, and therefore has the right to generate money equivalent to that building. in other words, the moment a contractor builds a building, he can get the money from the treasury exactly as much as the price of the building.

When banks provide loans, they mortgage the building. and the total value of the building from the central bank. because the central bank receives the right to print money as much as the building registered in the system. On the one hand, the bank receives the building money from the central bank for mortgage and on the other hand receives money from the customer. When the mortgage expires, the money has been used sufficiently and the building has begun to age, which will reduce the value of the building.

therefore, as long as the value of the mortgage in the central bank decreases, it receives it back from the bank. and during this time the customer continues to pay his money. When the customer finishes paying his money to the bank, the bank completes his payment to the central bank. the only bank making a profit here is the central bank. as long as the building is not sold to foreigners, or within the country, it earns as much as its current value.

This is the logic of the mortgage system. The only winner of the mortgage system is the central bank.

a real government does not receive interest from home citizens for a home loan, nor does it even take back the entire loan. half or less of it is enough.

for example;

A newly built house, worth $ 1,000,000. You used a $ 1,000,000 loan from the bank and your home was mortgaged. The bank receives the money from central bank you will pay to the seller from in return for the mortgage made and pays to the seller. the money spent by the bank is zero. It has took the money from central bank and payed the seller. The central bank produces and puts on the market $ 1,000,000 for the $ 1,000,000 mortgage that the bank has given to itself, and this is the money it gives to the bank. Central bank has no loss or earnings from this business. It took a paper has 1.000.000$ and created and payed the bank same cash.

you are the only person who is in loss from the moment you start paying the bank. in other words, even if you do not pay the bank at all, neither the bank from which you borrowed nor the central bank will suffer any damage.

Hence, you do not have to pay anything to bank at all infact.

I think everyone understood the issue. Short link to original here (
Post by: wise on September 02, 2019, 04:31:31 AM
Just two posts above you can see, and then they have sent me a message.

I was at Bursa at weekend.

It was like this:


The text I saw on cinemaximum's wall. the letter "o" in the first word and the letter "st" in the second word are written in different colors. When you remove these letters "hell 'ranger" expression appears. in other words, "hell's ranger". So, is cinemaximum hell's ranger?

[Hello stranger with hell's ranger means: "Hell's ranges wellcomes you"]This is for foreigners.

I guess the NNWO gives a subliminal message with this, they have created the heaven and hell scenario, kerberos and other angels. Because Malls are their center hearthquartes of trade.

Maybe they just wanted to scare me. maybe they're sending a warning message. We had to meet in a way. Am I not the Messiah? I don't think so. But If they target me, I have to defend me to save people. If they don't target me, I'm gonna have to save people again. I think the good front and the bad front have emerged spontaneously.

I am not stranger. I just seem stranger to them. I'm undoubtedly older than them.

Wouldn't it be better for everyone if they gave me the "$ 100 million" I needed for my project instead of calling me "stranger" or "native"? I've already proved money has not a value in fact, right? only two articles. and NNWO has started to use shopping centers as wall of their pos messages. hehehe. Is it that hard for them?

they killed anyone and everything they suspect as risk. they are still killing people with great speed. But when they meet me, they send me a message using the cinema wall. And then they say, "You are not the Messiah." Yeah, I don't think so. I don't think I'm the messiah. Why can't you treat me like you treat just like other people?

What holds you to behave me that you claim an ordinary even a silly man other than you behave others? You behave me special then claim I am not special. you gonna scare me with cartoon heroes?

If your rental toy is there again, I can come next week. It was the only funny thing ;D

I did not afraid of your rental toy, but it scared of me, an ordinary human. It represents you but I know you are not as funky as it represents you. I'm waiting for your new messages. Michael's waiting too.

Its my turn again:

You are calling me as stranger, right? It actually means you have not dealed with me at all. So, he* accidentally tried to kill me. then the other one accidentally tried it, and he no longer exists. and the others tried it by mistake, and they were forgiven. You've done all kinds of evil that you can do what's trapping me, I've warned you many times.

I've warned you to not deal with me! And now, while with many of my weapons pointing at you, you say "Hello stranger". Is that credible? definitely not. I want a fair and impartial deal.
Title: Disproving moon reflecting sunlight in a minute
Post by: wise on September 14, 2019, 09:50:17 AM
The light of the sun, which is 300 million kilometers away, travels along a straight line. then the light diffuses when it hits the moon with the sphere shape. Only a small part of the 3500 kilometers in diameter the moon will reflect the light to the world which 384 thousand kilometers away. it is impossible for these areas to be visible, as the rest of it will reflect light to areas outside the world. If the moon reflects only the light of the sun, it should work this way. therefore the moon must have its own light and be distributed evenly.

I'll show it on the drawing later.
Title: Disproving moon reflecting sunlight in a minute II
Post by: wise on September 16, 2019, 04:17:11 AM
To show you how moon reflecting sunlight through earth I've drawn the sun , earth, moon system.


in fact, all three objects are here. they do not appear because of to be very small compared to the distance. I also showed the sun's rays coming out of the sun and going to both the upper and lower parts of the moon.

This is view of 4 sun rays comes from sun and goes through moon. Upside to upside, upside to downside, downside to upside, downside to downside.


the angle to the top and bottom of the moon is approximately the same because of the distance is long. therefore, the 4 lines appear to be 2 lines. in fact, there are 4 lines in this drawing.

And this is the moon side of sun rays:


We see the angles of sun rays are still have about same angle but we can  differenciate and count them. 3 objects in the figure are close to the ideal for the about a full moon. According to the sun's rays the position of the earth and the moon is as follows:


Now, Apart from the sun rays, we have to see the part of the moon from earth as follow:


this is approximately the same as the region at the time of the full moon. therefore, we should be able to see a region near the full moon. Lets examine what sun rays do. Can they reach us, or can they not!

Since the rays coming from the sun come at about the same angle, let's send the sun's rays to the areas on the face of the moon facing the sun and examine the behavior of those rays.

This is sun rays before we examine:


When the rays strike an object, they are reflected evenly with the right angle of the angle from which they come from the object. in other words, symmetry occurs according to the perpendicular direction of the object. I think it would be better if I showed it the drawing.


Let's combine this with the region we have to see from the world. I'll use only reflected sunlight for simplify.


I've marked the reflected sun rays which have been eliminated in first attemp. Because their light literally goes to outer space, but not through earth, we never can see here by using sun rays. Inother say, we never can see sun rays reflected from there:


Only this place remained can be visible, lets extend them to see whether it cuts the seing line to out or not.


Even these centered reflected sun rays can not arrive to the earth. But we can accept these rays the visible "atmost".

In short, this place only the place can be visible from earth using the sun rays:


Full moon can be seen from earth, theorically:


in short, if we think of the moon as a mirror, the sun it will show to the world will only have a small spot on it. and this figure will be the largest moon image you can see. in other words, full moon is impossible; if the light of the moon was the reflected light of the sun.

I'm sorry to break your full moon romance. but that reflected light you see is definitely not sunlight.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.

Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on September 30, 2019, 05:32:43 AM
We have no right of deleting posts in this section since two years. That is opposite of human rights, free speech and free give up rights.
Title: Proving the simulation
Post by: wise on September 30, 2019, 06:02:20 AM
I was not me when you were you.
You were not you when I was me.
I was not you, when you were me.
You were not me when I was you.
Fucking philosophers.
Title: "Fake Sun" Shadow
Post by: wise on October 08, 2019, 04:36:45 AM
Sun is fake!

There is another photo here. You can check this place a way here. (,-78.4769377,3a,90y,77.34h,79.19t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sJv9obJ7Ib96ioL6LIyTh1Q!2e0!7i13312!8i6656) A street from Quito, Equator.


What do you see here? A sunny street, a few people and cars. What else? Okay. Lets add there a virtual sun represents sun which represented at eye level for a better estimation. We see that all shdows are coming from our virtual sun.


As a last, I've compared the shadow of pole and man's shadow. We clearly see that shadow of the pole is vertical to road direction, but man's shadow is parallel to the road direction.


Whether the distance of the sun would not 150 million kilometers away, but if it were 150 kilometers, these shadows would still have to be in the same direction. however, as can be seen from the figure, there is clearly a difference of almost ninety degrees. this indicates that the sun is on a flat screen, where we show it to create shadows. In other words, this image is two-dimensional, not three-dimensional.

Another simulation victory.
Title: Debunking the sun
Post by: wise on October 08, 2019, 05:32:35 AM
There is another perfect example.

I have worked about for months whether the shadows caused by the sun really look different or because of the perspective. and I found this most definite example.

You can repeat all my workings like this one, to visit the page image located click here (,-78.4768519,3a,43.7y,111.05h,58.15t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-1OyDMxFCWpob_2y6v3f3A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656).

Look at the photo.


there are gaps in the door and light is leaking from this gap.


It seems that the direction of light in left an right come from the gap are different. Let's use the paving stones to make sure of that.


Lets count the stones.


As we see that, the left shadow has 7 degree to paving stones and the other one has 28 degrees to paving stones.

How is it possible? How. is. it. possible. ?

One more time, the sun seems as fake.
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on November 04, 2019, 03:44:04 AM
They will find something to say like everytime they do. How can they deny the fact of shadows prove simulation other than closing their eyes?

Look at angles of shadows, how they clearly have different directions.


Post by: wise on December 26, 2019, 04:38:27 AM
Usage of chlorofluorocarbons is prohibited. my opinion is that it is not forbidden to react with ozone and damage it.

I studied a little bit to investigate the truth of what I said. I investigated the changes in the air of some fluorine compounds. there are organizations that do this. Of course, they are interested in the change from year to year. but the "monthly" changes I'm interested in. accordingly, I expect a decrease in fluoride compounds in the summer.

Fluoride is in many forms in the air. I have chosen the most common ones from the list in data below.


1)  CFC-115 Selected place: Italy

We see a list below includes measurements from many cities:


I want to chose cities belong to Europe. because in Europe I know which months are summer and which are winter. in fact, of course, I know others. in the south, it would be the opposite of ours. Anyway I don't want to deal calculating it. I've chosed Italy in this list.


exactly as I wanted, seasonal. I have marked important data for us here.
Jan2017: 8.59 (winter)
Apr2017: 8.55 (spring)
July2017: 8.56 (summer)
Oct2017: 8.60 (autumn)

we see that the CFC15 ratio is the highest in winter and autumn.


This source directly says which CFC we should examine.  ;D

Ok. CFC13.

2)  CFC-13 Selected place: Italy

The most common CFC is this gas according to source.


Jan17: 3,15
Apr17: 3,17
July17: 3,19
Oct17: 3,27

here we see that the lowest concentration is in January and the highest concentration is in October.

here we see that it is not actually as mentioned in the source, the amount of cfc115 is more than cfc13. then we must examine all of them one by one. I continue the first list.

3- CFC-114 Selected place: Italy.


I always choose the same months here. so we can calculate the total cfc amount in the same months.

Jan17: 16,33
Apr17: 16,28
July17: 16,25
Oct17: 16,33

we see that the CFC114 ratio is the highest in winter and autumn.

4)  HCFC 141b Selected place: Italy.


Jan17: 26,07
Apr17: 26,30
July17: 25,64
Oct17: 25,75

we see that the CFC141b ratio is the highest in spring and winter.

5)  CFC 142b Selected place: Italy.


Jan17: 23,79
Apr17: 23,80
July17: 23,60
Oct17: 23,20

6)  HCFC 22 Selected place: Italy.


Jan17: 251,74
Apr17: 250,45
July17: 251,39
Oct17: 253,20

7) CFC113Selected place: Italy.


Jan17: 71,39
Apr17: 71,33
July17: 70,90
Oct17: 70,87

8)  CFC 12 Selected place: Italy.


Jan17: 514,97
Apr17: 513,31
July17: 511,82
Oct17: 512,42

9)  CFC 11 Selected place: Italy.


Jan17: 231,67
Apr17: 230,78
July17: 230,04
Oct17: 230,75

The studies we have done so far show that the smaller number of cfc's is the highest. this is probably because they have been discovered before. so in the remaining time I will only examine the cfc's  have small number ones.

10)  HFC 23 Selected place: Switzerland.


Jan17: 29,95
Apr17: 30,4
July17: 30,74
Oct17: 30,97

11)  HFC 32 Selected place: Switzerland.


Jan17: 16,81
Apr17: 17,59
July17: 18,79
Oct17: 19,14
Jan18: 19,48

12)  PFC14
Selected place: Italy


Jan17: 83,63
Apr17: 84,03
July17: 84,22
Oct17: 84,39
Jan18: 84,49

January - June ratios

CFC-115 8,56-8,59= -0,03 (increase)
CFC-13 3,15-3,19= -0,04 (increase)
CFC-114 16,33-16,25=0,08 (decrease)
HCFC 141b 26,07-25,64=0,43 (decrease)
CFC 142b 23,79-23,60= 0,19 (decrease)
HCFC 22 251,74-251,39=0,35 (decrease)
CFC113 71,39-70,90=0,49 (decrease)
CFC 12 514,97-511,82=3,15 (decrease)
CFC 11 231,67-230,04=1,63 (decrease)
HFC 2329,95-30,74= -0,79 (increase)
HFC 3216,81-18,79= -1,98 (increase)
PFC14 83,63-84,22= -0,59 (increase)

As a result, chlorofluorocarbon gases decreased 7 times and increased 5 times in July. if we calculate an average figure;

Total amount of CFC: 1.278,06
Total amount of decrease: 4,07

Inother say;

Total amount of CFC decreases in July as ratio 0,3%.

Inother say,

Total amount of CFC increases in the months of winter.

Remember what they said: chlorofluoro carbon gases are thrown into the atmosphere with products used, and so the ozone layer is punctured, isn't it?

Air conditioners, refrigirators and many products in the factory is used with this gas. we use air conditioners and refrigerators in the summer months. factories also work harder in the summer. hence, the amount of these gases should have increased in the summer if they were telling the truth. however, this study reveals that the presence of these gases in the atmosphere decreased by 0.3% in the summer months. therefore, the ozone layer cannot be caused by the release of these gases into the atmosphere.

As we mentioned in the previous article, these gases come with the moon and move away with the sun and make the effect of refrigeration to the world.

In other words, not because the change in air temperature is near or far from the sun; It is caused by gases moving together with the sun and the moon.

Make a comparison as follows. you buy half a liter of gas in your home air conditioner and bring your room to a temperature of 20 degrees for 5 years, although it is 40 degrees outside. how does he do it? electrically? no. The only task of electricity is to slowly release the gas. These magical gases that do this have a very, very low temperature of -200 degrees. they have a deep freezing effect wherever they are.
Title: Double Slit Experiment
Post by: wise on January 19, 2020, 10:49:15 PM
Young's Double Slit Experiment

In 1801 Thomas Young carried out an experiment in which the wave nature of light was
demonstrated. Short of experiment:


The  wavelet envisioned  by Huygen’s  in diffraction  phenomenon  is re-interpreted  as a  Polarized Wave (PW) after passing through slit/hole/or biaxial crystals which removed the electric field component from the Electromagnetic Radiation  (EM-R), the  resulted wave is what is known  as the Conical Diffraction  (CD) beam,  the  PW  is originated  from  the  Circular  Magnetic  Field  (CMF)  produced  by accelerated  electrons, integrated  with the  Electric Field  (EF) during the Flip-Flop  (F-F) mechanism  producing EM-R; hence the passing of light through a single hole/slit/biaxial crystals, resulted in a PW which reproduced as rings on the monitor screen in  single wave diffraction, while the interference of  two such PW  in double  slits experiment, produced constructive or  destructive interference forming patches on the  monitor screen;  and the  perceived electron diffraction is an enter of two CMF from an accelerated electron into two slits then emerged to interfere constructively or destructively, and appears as patches, in addition to the electron which entered and emerged from the slit with the intense CMF, the paper finally  derived the origin of Planck’ constant (h) for the second time; the logical interpretation of double slits diffraction will restore the common sense in the physical world, distorted by the pilot wave.


Now imagine shining a light (of a single colour, that is, of a single wavelength) at a wall with two slits (where the distance between the slits is roughly the same as the light's wavelength). In the image below, we show the light wave and the wall from the top. The blue lines represent the peaks of the wave. As the wave passes though both slits, it essentially splits into two new waves, each spreading out from one of the slits. These two waves then interfere with each other. At some points, where a peak meets a trough, they will cancel each other out. And at others, where peak meets peak (that's where the blue curves cross in the diagram), they will reinforce each other. Places where the waves reinforce each other give the brightest light. When the light meets a second wall placed behind the first, you will see a stripy pattern, called an interference pattern. The bright stripes come from the waves reinforcing each other.


Here is a picture of a real interference pattern. There are more stripes because the picture captures more detail than our diagram. (For the sake of correctness, we should say that the image also shows a diffraction pattern, which you would get from a single slit, but we won't go into this here, and you don't need to think about it.)


Now let's go into the quantum realm. Imagine firing electrons at our wall with the two slits, but block one of those slits off for the moment. You'll find that some of the electrons will pass through the open slit and strike the second wall just as tennis balls would: the spots they arrive at form a strip roughly the same shape as the slit.

Now open the second slit. You'd expect two rectangular strips on the second wall, as with the tennis balls, but what you actually see is very different: the spots where electrons hit build up to replicate the interference pattern from a wave.


Here is an image of a real double slit experiment with electrons. The individual pictures show the pattern you get on the second wall as more and more electrons are fired. The result is a stripy interference pattern.


How can this be?

One possibility might be that the electrons somehow interfere with each other, so they don't arrive in the same places they would if they were alone. However, the interference pattern remains even when you fire the electrons one by one, so that they have no chance of interfering. Strangely, each individual electron contributes one dot to an overall pattern that looks like the interference pattern of a wave.

Could it be that each electrons somehow splits, passes through both slits at once, interferes with itself, and then recombines to meet the second screen as a single, localised particle?

To find out, you might place a detector by the slits, to see which slit an electron passes through. And that's the really weird bit. If you do that, then the pattern on the detector screen turns into the particle pattern of two strips, as seen in the first picture above! The interference pattern disappears. Somehow, the very act of looking makes sure that the electrons travel like well-behaved little tennis balls. It's as if they knew they were being spied on and decided not to be caught in the act of performing weird quantum shenanigans.

What does the experiment tell us? It suggests that what we call "particles", such as electrons, somehow combine characteristics of particles and characteristics of waves. That's the famous wave particle duality of quantum mechanics. It also suggests that the act of observing, of measuring, a quantum system has a profound effect on the system. The question of exactly how that happens constitutes the measurement problem of quantum mechanics.

Source-1 ( Source-2 ( Source-3 (

What do we think about it? (My comment)

This experiment simply shows us that electrons behave like matter when they under observation, and behave like waves on their own. In fact, we have seen a similar subject on the effect of the observer on the picture.

An object's observation projection on the observer, that is, while the angular should actually have an inverse arctangent function, that is, a second degree parabola, we were seeing that object in its true form. if the object is straight, we see it straight. but we see the part we see straight, the rest acts like a wave and creates interference. If we try to combine the part of the object we are looking at and the part that we are not looking at, a meaningless image will appear.

That is, this experiment coincides with the observation we made on our own in nature.

Something behaves like a wave until we observe it. the wave is a type of energy. the same thing behaves like matter after we start seeing it. matter is another type of energy.

That is, by looking at an object, we transform it into another form. Considering that our observation is temporary and the state that we do not observe is permanent, as a result electrons are type of energy, not substance. Therefore, the world is energy, not substance. however, the part we observe turns into matter and acts like matter.

This issue can be taken further, but I do not want to continue for now as the philosophy of the business will outweigh. I added this here to review later and attract people's attention to this topic. Best regards.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.

Title: 440hz Conspiracy
Post by: wise on January 21, 2020, 05:55:32 AM
At the urging of singers, the French government made the tuning A = 435 Hz officially standard in France in 1859, and many orchestras and Opera houses in Europe adopted this standard. In Britain, however, the French standard was interpreted in an erroneous way (it was understood as being relative to a certain temperature), due to which British orchestras commonly tuned to A = 439 Hz.

In 1939, there was an international conference held in London that resulted in a recommendation to use A = 440 Hz, as a compromise between the various tuning systems used at the time, some of which reached beyond 450 Hz. This recommendation was further supported by the fact that the BBC required their orchestras to tune to 440 Hz instead of 439 Hz because 439 is a prime number, and the corresponding frequency was hard to generate electronically with standard electronic clocks. Eventually, in 1955, the standard A = 440 Hz was adopted by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). One of Sources (

The problem is that the 432hz is close to the human natural frequency and sounds better. I want to mention water sound image differences between 432hz and 440hz.


which of these do you see more clearly? The left one, right? actually hearing is a different type of seeing. What distinguishes seeing and hearing is that they have different frequencies. we classify sounds as hz, images are classified as hz too. This continues as mhz, ghz, thz... All these are categorised with Hertz units, whether sound of image. therefore, the image equivalent of a sound is actually the real image of that sound. or the sound equivalent of an image is actually the sound of that image. In other words, if you can see a picture of a sound properly, you will also hear that sound properly.

From the picture above, we can conclude that the 432hz sound is clearer than the 440hz sound.

So, why does cause to it? lets examine the natural frequency of human body. Everything in the earth has a frequency, because of everything related with energy and waves and it has a frequency. So, human body has the following resonance frequencies:


As we have seen, the natural frequency of the human body is less than 100Hz.

Another working:


It seems frequences are different but average frequency is less than 100hz one more time. Many studies reveal that the frequency of 80 hz is the average frequency of human body.

We cannot hear sounds lower than 20hz and higher than 20khz. the important thing is that the sound can be heard clearly. louder sounds cause noise. As seen in the picture above, we have a hard time distinguishing the tones of this sound. and that means straining the brain.

This situation also is related our being more active or ready to sleep. Frequency of brain waves change with activity as follow:


we see that the sleeping brain waves drop to a much lower frequency. This is why we listen to lower frequency music when we are tired, ready to sleep. however, in environments where our brain is more active, while driving fast in car, we listen to sounds at higher frequencies in noisy and moving environments because this frequency is more compatible with the current frequency of our brain.

The frequency determined by iso is a general frequency and the conditions are not considered. but we have to do this. As we usually work in calm environments in the office, the 440hz music we listen to is not compatible with the frequency of our brains and is disturbing. The 432hz frequency and even slightly lower frequencies if possible are more compatible for us.

In my opinion, it should change the iso frequency standard, and set a new frequency range to cover the frequencies that vary according to the current environment.

I suggest you to listen to two songs of the same artist. the first is 440hz, the second is 432hz. Both are beatufl songs make you relax. Both are good. Listen both and decide which one is more clear and understandable. Like the photo in the beginning of the article, right?



As a result, 432hz sound is more compatibled with human body than 440hz. Let's make the world beatiful.

Title: Who is Syrians?
Post by: wise on March 03, 2020, 12:24:26 AM
People have no idea about Syrians and therefore I want to enlighten you a little more.

Syrian society is a multicultural people based on Assyrian civilization.
75% of the population are Sunni Muslims, 10% are Nusayri, 10% are Christian and 3% are Druse. 65% of Sunni Muslims are Arab, the rest are from other races. in this respect, compared with 98% of the population consisting of Muslims in Turkey they are more open and has a more composite structure. There are also church organizations that have been standing in Syria for thousands of years, and they have been standing since the time of Jesus. there are even regions where Jesus' mother tongue Aramaic is used as the official language.
The Syrian people in this composition feel close themselves to western civilization more than Turkish civilization.
If you need to compare, during the Iraq war numbers exceeding one million Iraqis people moved to Turkey and then  majority returned back to Irak. Because neither Sunni Arab and Kurdish groups that they felt themselves not belong to Turkey or Europe. They returned to Iraq because they were not happy.
The Syrian people are not like that. Even in Erdogan secular regime, is feeling restless even in this country and trying to move to Europe, where they feel closer to their own culture. This is why they do not mingle with the Turkish people. They don't do this themselves. they clearly feel closer to German, French and Italian cultures. I am sure they find even Greek culture primitive.
These people flee from the barbarians who have occupied their country, and Europe turns them its back. A huge mistake!
Perhaps they thought of such a way to move west as the new generation apostles-followers. maybe everything is a fiction created by themselve and they have preferred this way. This is not a joke. This is the people universalized christianity with moving north to Turkey-Rome-Europe path. They are real follovers, original followers. Maybe the time is all we meet them. Who knows?
Treat them well. Then that you may meet Jesus maybe still lives among them or relatives of Jesus! This is not a joke either, both is possible.

Syrians have some "Core Concepts". Those concepts are


In this respect, Syrians are not a people who love to fight. Because they do not like to fight, their countries have been occupied throughout history and numerous civilizations have come and gone.


Syria is the name that was given to the region by the Greeks and Romans and probably derives from the Babylonian suri. Arabs traditionally referred to Syria and a large, vaguely defined surrounding area as Sham, which translates as "the northern region," "the north," "Syria," or "Damascus." Arabs continued to refer to the area as Sham up until the twentieth century. That name still is used to refer to the entire area of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and the West Bank and has become a symbol of Arab unity.

Location and Geography.

Syria borders Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Israel and Jordan to the south, and Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west. It is 71,000 square miles (183,900 square kilometers) in area.


Importance of Syrian Heritage
Syria is home to some of the oldest, most advanced civilisations in the world. The area saw our evolution – for example, at Latamne, which is between 800 – 500,000 years old, stone tools and possibly even early hearths were identified – hundreds of thousands of years before modern humans existed (120,000 years ago). 10,000 years ago, the first crops and cattle were domesticated: the subsequent settlement gave rise to the first city states, such as Ebla and Mari. Writing developed there, and the creation of literary epics, art, sculpture, and the expansion of trade soon followed.

Located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the land that would become modern Syria faced the rise of the great Southern empires emerging from Ur, Bablyon, Assur, Akkad and Sumer. From the East came the Persians, the Mongols, and the Arabs; from the North the Hittites; and from the West, the Greeks, the Romans the Byzantines, and eventually the Crusading forces of the Kings of Europe. Nomadic tribes, known from the Christian Bible, such as the Canaanites and Arameans, came, conquered, and settled. Syria was ultimately absorbed into the Ottoman Empire, passed to French control after World War I, and finally achieved independence following World War II.


Religion, too, left its mark. Abraham, father of the Jewish nation, pastured sheep on the hill of Aleppo and gave the city its Arabic name – Halab. The Christian story of the conversion of Saul to Paul the Apostle occurred in Damascus, and in 2010 mass was still held in the house he reputedly inhabited almost 2,000 years ago. The head of the John the Baptist, cousin of Jesus, is said to be enshrined in the Great Mosque in Damascus. The village Maloula is amongst the last places in the world where Aramaic, the language spoken at the time of Jesus, can still be heard – part of a living, breathing, spoken history. Khalid ibn al-Walid, companion to the Prophet Muhammad, founder of Islam, is buried in Homs in his namesake mosque. Muhammad’s successors left a legacy of beautiful mosques: several are now part of World Heritage sites.

Daily life and social customs

The family is the heart of Syrian social life. Frequent visits and exchanges of invitations for meals among family members are integral to daily living. Although formally arranged marriages are becoming less frequent, parents ordinarily wield decisive authority in approving or rejecting a match. Marriage to members of one’s religion are the norm; Muslim men may marry non-Muslim women, although the reverse is prohibited; interdenominational marriages among Christians are legal but require permission from both denominations. Neighbourly relations and friendships among members of different religions are common in Syrian cities.

A visible expression of Syria’s cultural eclecticism is demonstrated in its range of clothing styles: while some women choose the latest European fashions, others are completely veiled; older men in traditional black baggy trousers contrast with youths sporting Western styles.

Syrian Muslims observe the major religious holidays of Ramadan, ʿĪd al-Fiṭr (“Festival of Breaking Fast,” marking the end of Ramadan) and ʿĪd al-Aḍḥā (“Festival of the Sacrifice,” marking the culmination of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca). Syrian Christians freely celebrate the holidays of the Christian tradition, including Christmas and Easter.




A bazaar in Damascus:

Let's talk a little briefly about these civilizations.


The history of Syria begins with the history of humanity and continues with the famous Canaan country in the Mesopotamian period. Syria is more than half of Canaan Country with today's Israel and Lebanon.

then we see that the country was captured by the mitanni kingdom. in this process he left the country of Canaan. But Damascus still is a part of Canaan.

It is seen that the country was divided into four parts between 1500 BC and 1000 BC. Moab, Mesopotamia, Phoenicians, and Neo Hittite Kingdoms.

The country was occupied by Persians for the next 500 years.

After the Pers, their countries were captured by the Seleucid Kingdom instead. 300 years passed in this way.

During the Roman empire, they came under Roman rule first and then completely. this period is about 700 years in total, between BC200 and CE500.

We see that they were included in the country of the caliph during the caliphate.

They were included in the Ayyubis during the period of the Ayyubis taking control the places of caliphate. 750-1215 CE

Later they were seized from time to time by the Mamelukes and Karakoyunlu states, till Ottoman comes. 1215-1453

They lived under the Ottoman empire for the next nearly 450 years till 1914 Ottoman Empire collapsed.

They lived together with Egypt for a long time until 1960, as a semi-independent state under the control of the British.

They gained their independence in the 1960s and lived comfortabled for about 50 years for the first time in human history .

With the events that started in 2011, the situation between 2012 and 2016 is approximately as follows.
Here the black region is occupied by the American Zionist ISIS.

We see many different groups supported by many countries between 2016-2018. Those groups cooperated countries are named here the USA, Turkey, France, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah (Lebanon), Israel and Lafarge Company State*.

In the ongoing wars since 2018, we see that the Syrian Army and Kurdish groups have achieved control in the majority of the country. here in the region with two different colors under control by Turkey , and in the area shown in black and seem to southern controlled under USA base. Apressure by Iran and Russia pressure to  Turkey and the USA to abandon this place of power is maintained, recently. however, the United States and its allies like "ISIS, Hayat Tahrir Sham, Jais al İslam, blabla groups" have declared that they will not leave this region until the last moment to they will try their chance to realize American Zionist policies.

Number of Syrians in Turkey in nearly 5 million still unhappy and they were trying to cross Europe to leave this country.

What happened actually:

A camp in Turkey:

What westerners expect the Syrians are coming:

An unhappy Syrian actually:

Syrian Immigrants:


7- https: Open sources
8- wikileaks
Title: Source of Coronavirus found: Experimental Global project disasters
Post by: wise on March 05, 2020, 12:37:05 AM
this content had to be changed for some reason. I would like to emphasize here that the freedom of the press and the right of the public to receive information are sacred. There are claims that coronavirus is a project tried in Wuhan as part of an international research. These claims need to be investigated. Anyone who wants can research this himself. That's all I can say.
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 1
Post by: wise on March 16, 2020, 05:07:43 AM
In both cases, the moon has an effect on the gases in the world, since it has a gravitational effect according to the global theory and acts together with the gas layer around it according to the flat earth theory. According to the global theory, while the gases that are more affected by the gravitational effect of the moon are pulling up during the approach of the moon, the gases moving with the moon will increase according to the flat earth theory. In this and a few articles from now, this situation and its effects will be examined.


In this way, we see that the gas cloud, the majority of which is left behind by the earth's movement, surrounds the moon. this happens when the moon is opposite the earth's orbital movement. accordingly, the moon has an atmosphere of about 2 hours a day.

The opposite is also true. that is, the amount of gas will change as the moon approaches the earth and moves away.

After this basic information, we can now approach the issue from our own point of view.


The observer in the picture is under the influence of the moonlight. This observer is under three main effects due to the position of the moon:

1- Changing gases due to the position of the moon. (suitable for both theories)

2- Moonlight  (suitable for both theories)

3- Magnetic affect  (suitable for both theories)

Now we will investigate what is the exchange of these gases and the change of light and its effects.

Since we don't have a gas measurement facility light effect analysis table, let's try to find it on the internet with secondary methods.

We will use a method like follow for this.

1- There are some studies showing the change of atmosphere gases over time. Considering the position of the moon during these studies, we will link the changes between these studies with the change of the position of the moon. In this way, we can calculate the effect of the change in the position of the moon on the gases.

2- Using the research on the effects of light of different colors on the objects, we will then compare the effects of the colors of the moon at different times to reveal the effect of the moon at what position and in what color.

3- Another research is the effect of the magnetic effect of the moon on objects and the human body and should be examined. It is obvious that the magnetic effect will increase when the moon is closer. what we need to do here is to consider the studies examining the psychological and physical changes of people in the magnetic field.

In this first study, we tried to set goals and methods. This is not an easy matter, so it requires serious work. I hope it will be a nice work that people will benefit from.

To Be Continued...

Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 2
Post by: wise on March 17, 2020, 02:59:53 AM
We need to examine the secondary effects of the movements of the moon too. Those effects are:

- Temperature changes
- Pressure change
- Humidity change
- Density, weight

So, we have seven factors can affect a human body because of moon movements:

1- Gases
2- Moonlight
3- Magnetism
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

If we think about it so we can find more effects. For now this group is enough to examinated.


First we choose a website gives us air pollution. We'll try it first.


In this image, we see the air quality varies with time. In Turkish time 11:28, the air quality in Edirne is 76. Now I'll look at the position of the moon at the moment.


In that time, moon is 387.893 kms distance.

We have a first per: (air quality/distance) = (77% / 387.893kms) (*1)

In first image, the air quality were 76% ten minutes ago. It means 11:28-10 minutes = 11:18

So, in that time 11:18 the air quality seems 76. We need to look at moon distance when time 11:18 in Edirne.


Second per: (76%,  387.857 kms) (2*)

30 minutes ago , the air quality was 81. It is a worse air. Lets look at the moon distance:

30 minutes ago means 11:28-30mins= 10:58. We'll look this.


Third per: (81% , 387.784kms) (3*)

1 week ago it was a peak point. I want to chose this one. 1 week ago it was 95 air quality as a worst value in Edirne. It means 10.03.2020 11:28 local time. Here it is:


357.135. This is really a close distance and the air quality is worst.

Fourth per: (95% , 357.135kms) (4*)

Lets graph it: (pollution / moon distance)


In this graph, we clearly see that air quality is going worse when moon coming closer. Inother say, when moon goes further then air quality starts to be fine.

We should examine other cities for a better scientific method.

I want to chose somewhere in USA. This is Houston, one of the worst cities considering air pollution in the world.


It is now 328, but it was 172 one week ago. Can the moon affect it so much like this? We are still using online time.

I am still using online time, just correcting the minutes, because I don't want to deal with time converting.

In that time, moon distance to Houston is: 388.165 kms


First per: (328%, 388.165kms)

A day ago, it was 176%. Lets go that time:


Second per: (176%, 382.706 kms)

A week ago, it was 172% pollute.


Third per: (172%, 357.146kms)

Lets make a graph it:


This is opposite of Edirne. In this graph, air pollution increases when moon goes further.

No need to continue to this stage. As far as we see that there is no direct corelation between moon distance and air pollution.

First one is eliminated.

The Affects Will be Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : On the line.
3- Magnetism
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

PS: I am not giving the source which ones I have use, because when we share our sources then NASA agents among us start to pressure on those companies and force them to manipulate the datas. You can find a news here how NASA manipulates the datas.

We don't manipulate it, otherwise I would use only datas which fits with my own thoughts. I was thinking it was a relationship with air pollution, but statistics tell opposite, then I use it. Because I am fair, I am not NASA.

We'll continue with moonlight tomorrow...
Title: JD stopped Moon
Post by: wise on March 18, 2020, 12:06:24 AM
There are coronavirus measures in our office. Institude management do not want us work in office. Hence I have not many time to login. Even so I will continue here on occasion.
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 3
Post by: wise on March 19, 2020, 06:37:05 AM
The Affects Will be Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : On the line.
3- Magnetism
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

We have examined gases and decided there is no relationship between Moon movement and gase change on human body, according to some sources.

Lets examine the second step, the color of the moon.

First we need to learn the color of moon. Lets ask it to Devil google.

According to google: "The surface of the moon is covered by a dust that is light to dark grey. See pictures of this dust on astronauts suits. The color of the moon from Earth is light yellow to white depending on how close it is to the horizon. The higher it is in the sky the more white the color."

So it is a kind of grey yellow, like the image as follow:


We can call it as "dirty yellow".

So we need to examine the affects of light yellow and grey together on human mood.

"Strong, bright colors and neon colors can have a powerful effect on emotions. Colors like bright red, bright yellow and neon green can feel energizing and make you feel more alert, but can also be irritating on the eyes. These colors will grab your attention and stand out from their surroundings." source (

Yellow and white seem good. Black is bad. Lets examine the grey itself: "Grey Color Meaning:
In color psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance. Its color meaning likely comes from being the shade between white and black. However, grey does carry some negative connotations, particularly when it comes to depression and loss. Its absence of color makes it dull" source (

therefore, gray color causes "emotion of depression and loss". Let's remember that yellow was energy.

This is what we decide: What happens if energy, depression and loss emotions mix.

It is obvious that due to the energy of the yellow color, the moonlight will increase the existing emotions. it also causes the feeling of loss and depression, making these feelings more energetic. Interpretation of this mood to occur:

Since the person feels intensely in loss and depression and an energy inside forces him to activate, he will react negatively with the feeling of loss to balance this depression.

To summarize, the person who is constantly exposed to the gray-yellow moon color will react energetically with a depressed mood, and these behaviors will be negative.

This is a behave a depressive energetic man can do:


Because he is depressed, he is in a place that should not be, and because he is energetic, he is on the move. Harmful reactions can be expected from such a person to himself or to others.

As a result; moonlight is a negative thing.

So far we have examined two affects of the moon:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

We'll continue with magnetism soon...
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 4
Post by: wise on March 21, 2020, 07:33:24 AM
The Affects Will be Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

3. Magnetism

A lot of metal exist into the moon's content and these metals are in motion. This metal that is in motion shows a magnet effect and affects people. During the approach of the moon, the magnetic effect it creates will increase and when it moves away, this magnetic effect will decrease.

The particle move in the horizontal direction and enters a magnetic field "B" in the vertical direction  follows a spiral trajectory as in the figure.


we know that the earth's magnetic field in the vertical direction ensures that everything in the sky rotates. what we need to pay attention to here is that the moon and the sun are coming closer from time to time. therefore, the environment in which the moon is located should be an environment that limits vertical movement. this is due to the shape of the dome. shown here as a cone is intended to simplify the way it is understood.


The source of this movement is that it moves over the earth, which is the magnetic field.

The moon, which is a charged particle, has a magnetic effect on the human which is a charged particle, since we are also composed of many elements. We can simplify this effect as follows:


I think everyone knows what's in this formula. in fact, the world exerts a force on us as a charged particle. but we don't feel it because this force is constant. but the moon approaches and moves away during its spiral movement, changes the magnetic forces affect us. we can find out how much this effect is from the force formula.

According to globalist theory, The moon is 363.100 kms at least and atmost 405.690kms distant . we know these lengths are purely imaginary. however, these lengths are proportionally correct since they are calculated considering their apparent size. Inother say, we can accept the ratio of farmost distance of the moon / nearest distance = 1,12.

If we write and divide them into each other in the formula, q1, q2 and k are simplified because they are constant and we have the following formula:

F1/F2 = d2² / d1²

Here is the ratio of the effect of the moon at close range to the effect of the moon at long distance: 1,12²= 1,25.

The movement of the moon increases the magnetic effect by at least 25%. The moon also creates a magnetic field, but I don't want to make the subject more confused and confuse you.

What we need to know here is that the moon has a magnetic effect on us, and this effect increases and decreases.

I want to ask google simple "how a magnetic field affect human body", and to examine the result: "Low-frequency magnetic fields induce circulating currents within the human body. The strength of these currents depends on the intensity of the outside magnetic field. If sufficiently large, these currents could cause stimulation of nerves and muscles or affect other biological processes." source (

And there is a picture explanatory:


According to Alexandre Legros, a medical biophysicist at the Lawson Health Research Institute and Western University in London, Ontario and a UTIC scientist, the smallest magnetic field that has reliably been shown to trigger a response in humans is around 10,000 to 20,000 microtesla. But crucially, to produce the effect, the field cannot be static like Earth’s magnetic field; rather, it must change directions over time. When these strong, direction-shifting magnetic fields get directed at a human, small electrical currents begin to pulse through the body. Above that threshold, the currents can stimulate super-sensitive cells in the retina, known as graded potential neurons, giving the illusion of a white light flickering even when the affected person is in darkness; these visual manifestations are known as magnetophosphenes. source (

According to this definition, the moon, which is a moving particle, should have more or less an effect on human. this effect is generally negative. The influence of the moon moves our ions faster or slower than it should be, our body struggles to balance this, and we feel tense. consequently, the magnetic effect of the moon makes the person nervous. it can also trigger halisations, as we understand from the above article, causing us to see some lights that do not actually exist. also, although not mentioned here, it reduces reality because it bends the space time curve. this strengthens the hallucinating perception that starts in the eyes.

This effect may increase with factors such as open air, full moon, closer and larger moon.

consequently, the moon has a magnetic effect and this effect is negative.

The Affects Will be Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

We'll continue with how moon's temperature affect human body soon...
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 5
Post by: wise on March 23, 2020, 12:56:16 AM

The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:
1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature
5- Pressure
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

Temperature Effect

As the sun approaches the temperature increases, while the temperature decreases when the moon approaches. There are many studies I have done on this subject, you can examine them. Here the effect of the decrease in temperature will be examined as the moon approaches.

Due to light refraction, objects are never observed where they actually are. Where the objects appear when the weather is hot or cold are shown by Dr. Faulkner as follows. I would especially to point out that Dr. Faulkner is a globalist.


From here we clearly see that changes in air temperature cause objects to appear in different places. This is actually a condition that enhances the hallucination effect. However, the air temperature varies more rapidly due different reasons than the change caused by the movement of the moon.

Therefore, this effect is relatively small, among other things. however, there are four different situations here.

1- If the weather has started to cool down and the moon is approaching at the same time causes cool down the temperature, the position of the moon will increase the visual illusion.
2- If the air temperature is decreasing and the moon is moving away at the same time, the position of the moon reduces the visual illusion.
3- If the moon is approaching while the air temperature rises, the position of the moon reduces visual illusion.
4- If the moon is moving away while the air temperature rises, the position of the moon increases visual illusion.

Here, we have examined the effect of the situation when the moon is approaching and moving away, when the air temperature increases and decreases. Half of these effects increase visual illusion while the other half increase reality. In general, the moon has a negative effect in cold weather, while the moon has a positive effect in hot weather considering temperature affect the visual reality.

The temperature effect of the moon is also the effect of cold weather on human mood. However, temperature, a fundamental feature of weather, is proven to affect mood. An increase in temperature can cause aggressiveness and irritability while a decrease in temperature leads to depression or low moods. Mood is our response to our bodily condition and adaptation that is challenged by temperature.

We see that the temperature effect of the movement of the moon causes depression. but it doesn't do it alone. Along with the effects that cause the air temperature to drop in general, the moon supports and strengthens these effects.

Consequently, the moon is a good thing in hot weather in terms of temperature effect and reduces aggressiveness and irritability. In cold weather, the moon will fuel depression and low mood. When we see the moon, the night is usually cold, so the effect of the moon in general is negative. This has a positive effect only on a hot night of a very hot summer day.

The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:
1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : On the line.
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

We'll continue with how moon's Pressure affect human body soon...
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 6
Post by: wise on March 24, 2020, 05:50:49 AM
The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:
1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : On the line.
6- Humidity
7- Density, Weight

5- Pressure

My reviews at different locations on different dates reveal that the pressure curve increases and decreases regionally and cannot be associated with the moon position only. pressure maps look like this.


Even if we assume that the moon is close to one of these locations, in this case, there is not enough data that we can establish a connection. For these reasons, I have to decide that the moon has no influence on this subject, since I cannot attain concrete data that at least at this stage of meteorology science affects the pressure curve of the moon.

As a result, according to datas we have, there are no connection between moon's pressure affect and earth's pressure graphs. Perhaps there is a connection but not important for this working. Result, no connection.

The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:
1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : Eliminated. No connection.
6- Humidity: On the line.
7- Density, Weight

We'll continue with how moon affect on human body considering humidity soon...
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 7
Post by: wise on March 26, 2020, 05:30:34 AM
The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:
1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : Eliminated. No connection.
6- Humidity: On the line.
7- Density, Weight

5 of effects we have examined so far. And now the nex one.

6- Humidity

Humidity is a factor that increases material permeability. We feel more hot when it hot and more cold when it cold in humid weather. The weather is clear when we see the moon. hence the humidity is low. This means that we will feel the hot and cold effects of the air less.

Exceptionally, if the moon is seen in partly cloudy weather even though it is closed weather, then the moon has an effect that increases the cold effect in humid weather.

In a cloud like this if you still see the moon even so; the effect of humidity becomes most dangereous option. In this case, if the weather is hot, for example, this is a summer day, the effect of the moon reduces the effect of moisture, and if you see this on a cold night, humidity has a negative effect. consequently, the moon appearing in a cold and cloudy weather is unfavorable in terms of moisture effect, otherwise it has no effect.

I think there is no need to examine the effect of feeling cold air on the human body. This is a direct physical effect, not a psychological one.

The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:
1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : Eliminated. No connection.
6- Humidity: Usually has no effect. Exceptionally the moon appearing in a cold and cloudy weather has negative affect phsically.
7- Density, Weight: On the line

We'll continue with how moon affect on human body considering density or weight soon as a last.
Title: Re: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 8
Post by: wise on March 27, 2020, 06:44:22 AM

The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : Eliminated. No connection.
6- Humidity: Usually has no effect. Exceptionally the moon appearing in a cold and cloudy weather has negative affect phsically.
7- Density, Weight: On the line

7- Density, Weight

"If the earth was a sphere and gravitation was true, the effect of the moon on the weight would be: When the moon is on the same side of the earth as you, your weight will be minimized and when it is on the opposite side your weight will be maximized".

The opposite is true, since the earth is flat and the moon creates a pressure effect rather than gravity. Ie;

When the moon has been appearanced, your weight will be maximized and when it is on the far side your weight will be minimized.

So; our weight is at the highest value at full moon. however, this effect is an indirect effect from a long distance and it is negligible compared to the above effects.

we will note it this way.

The Affects Has Been Examined Considering Moon Affect on Human Body so Far:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : Eliminated. No connection.
6- Humidity: Usually has no effect. Exceptionally the moon appearing in a cold and cloudy weather has negative affect phsically.
7- Density, Weight: Moon increases human weight insignificantly.

Consequently, the lunar effects on man can be summarized as follows:

In terms of gases, pressure, density and weight, moon has not effect or has an unimportant effect.

In terms of moonlight, magnetism, temperature and humidity, moon has important effect on human body, phsically or in terms of mood.

We will examine the result of mutual interaction of these effects in next working.
Title: Break time! corona scam!
Post by: wise on March 29, 2020, 06:29:23 AM
Before we continue with the issue I want to give a coronavirus break and let you listen David Icke.

You were afraid and worried about corona until you read this article. Now, after this video, you will start to think that what is actually described is not as described. Your fear will subside, it will be replaced by doubts and questions.

I strongly guess the coronavirus issue is a scam. I have many arguments for this. David briefly summarizes this. I will be content with this for now. Lets listen David.

And that the long version, if you have time to listen in this beatiful sunday that you are in home probably.  ^-^ This one from a month ago, a good prediction.

It was sunny days in a row in Turkey when I told we have not a corona case. After one or two days, it was raining and corona came. Inother say, it came with rain. What we use firstly in corona patients that, ventolin. We use ventolin generally after chamtrails. Inother say, coronavirus not a virus but a part of chemtrails.

Inother say, chemtrails come then coronavirus come. It is not a real virus, it is the classic affect of chemtrails.
Title: Coronavirus & Chemtrails relationship
Post by: wise on March 30, 2020, 02:11:14 AM
As I announced earlier, I think coronavirus is not a virus, but a disease that spreads with chemtrails. I think this is because the aspiration drugs used for coronavirus are the same as those used after chemtrail. The company that did this previously earned $ 20 billion annually. I think with this global epidemic, their earnings have risen to $ 100 billion a year.

The event that caught my attention especially for Istanbul was that the weather was good when there were no cases. then it started to rain and the coronavirus started. moreover, the smell of rain was the usual "chemtrails" smell. As someone who researches and knows the subject, I hope you will not be surprised by I know smell of chemtrails.

Here I will start a study investigating the link between questionable chemtrails planes, precipitation and coronavirus cases in countries. and this will be done. I will kick their ass.
Title: Physical Effects Of The Movements Of The Moon - 9 - Final Case
Post by: wise on March 30, 2020, 06:47:57 AM

We have Examined the possible affects and listed them as follow:

1- Gases : Eliminated. No connection.
2- Moonlight : Makes a man energetically depressive. Negative affect.
3- Magnetism: Makes a man nervous. causes hallucination. Negative affect.
4- Temperature: Reduces aggressiviness in hot weather, positively but rarely; increases depression in cold weather negatively generally.
5- Pressure : Eliminated. No connection.
6- Humidity: Usually has no effect. Exceptionally the moon appearing in a cold and cloudy weather has negative affect phsically.
7- Density, Weight: Moon increases human weight insignificantly.

Then we have decided the following statements:

In terms of gases, pressure, density and weight, moon has not effect or has an unimportant effect.

In terms of moonlight, magnetism, temperature and humidity, moon has important effect on human body, phsically or in terms of mood.

So, we will examine how moonlight, magnetism, temperature and humidity affect together.

All affects have been counted: Being energetically depressive, being nerveus and see hallucinations, reducing agressivity and increasing depression, phsically negative affect.

These effects have different effects depends on different weather and moon appearance. Lets examine and determine the result of those affects in different cases.

Moon Generally:

Makes a man energetically depressive, nerveus and causes hallucinations.

A person under these effects has negative thoughts under the sense of loss. the smallest effect causes hallucinations and triggers anger. On the other hand, depending on the extent of the external influence and the state of the halisation, it can be affected by an event that does not exist at all, and expresses this anger with meaningless reactions, and  can harm itself and or those around it.

This effect is at the highest level when the moon is big and bright in the full moon state, the weather is bright and the night is cold.

Full Moon at Hot Night

Makes a man depressive, nerveus and causes hallucinations, but reduces agressivity.

If there are full moon in hot summer nights, this month is less harmful than others. the person is subjected to halisation, is depressed, anger, but this anger is limited. A hot airflow that reduces the effect of the moon can take the anger out. however, depending on the variable weather, if a cold wind blows at any time during the night, this wind will increase the negative effects and trigger the general effects of the moon.

Full Moon in Partly Cloudy Weather after a Rainy Day

Makes a man energetically depressive, nerveus, causes hallucinations and causes phsically inconvenience.

In general, the moon does not appear in closed weather. however, if it does, its effect is in its worst form. because in such a situation, besides the negative effects of the moon, the effects caused by the air being closed are also added. In such a situation, the person experiences one of the worst situations physically and mentally.

On the one hand, the person feels physically uncomfortable, on the other hand, he is depressed, irritable and hallucinating.

Probably you have never seen a moon as follow before this thread, or maybe you have rarely saw this:




you haven't seen this before, because if you had seen it, you probably wouldn't have survived. When you see a month like this, do the following:

1) If you are at home, close the curtains and do not go out during the night.

2) If you are traveling with the vehicle, get out of the vehicle, enter a closed place and do not continue the journey until the moonset.

3) If you are in an open place, move to a closed place where you cannot see the moon.

4) If you are going to travel by ship or plane, be careful not to be in the air or in the sea during the full moon days. Remember, pilots and captains are human and are exposed to the negative effects of the moon. you will deliver your life to them. So, their mood are important for you.

Remember, just closing the curtains will save you from the light effect, but a wall must be between you and the moon to get rid of the magnetic effect.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.

Title: Chemtrails Coronavirus Warning!
Post by: wise on March 31, 2020, 12:13:13 PM
Should I have to correct all the evilness in the earth? Meh!

I constantly calm myself and postpone the study so as not to make a detailed study on this subject. This is a first and last warning to chem-corona makers!

If I should to shortify events, I just want to show you how it is a deception, and then show you the reality.

If you remember, when this incident started in China, doctors suddenly fell down and died while working in the hospital. people suddenly fell and died on the streets like zombies. because the aim was to attract the attention of the world. but when the disease comes west, people are no longer suddenly dying. I searched for those first videos, but I couldn't find them, they hide the videos because it was scam. If anyone can find it, please share it. Today we know that the patient must experience high fever and shortness of breath. In this case, the patient is tested. that is, these symptoms are symptoms of the disease. a person does not go to work with high fever, a doctor with shortness of breath necessarily notices it, does not work. He doesn't suddenly die like a fool. such a thing never happened outside of China. the goal there was to attract attention. it was completely a lie. All the videos sent from wuhan were fiction and lie.

It is also interesting to choose Italy after that. Since it is a famous place known to all, it was aimed at maintaining and increasing the world public interest.

I understood that this was a scam but I wasn't sure how they did it. I have serious marks on this issue today.

Firstly there were no cases in my country, the weather was good. The rain started that day and the first cases were announced. then the weather was not nice.

and now, this week is said to be critical and we should not go out for anything. the air smells  chemtrails sharply for a few days. I can even see small bubbles flying in the air. these occur when the chemical substances form bubbles with the turbulence that occurs during chemtrails. the air is completely closed.

In addition, the same drugs used for shortness of breath are used. A nebulizator, ventolin, pulmicort, etc... these are the same materials required by the use of the same chemtrails planted in rains during mid seasons.

All of the above evidence shows that the global epidemic is not actually an outbreak, but people are asked to concentrate on the outbreak, thus aiming to distract people from the enemy chemtrails we know very well.

I can explain more about this. country, country, I can give the numbers of the planes that do this to the addresses of their pilots. I can share the name and address information of the managers of companies that do this.

Don't test my patience! Put an end to this nonsense!
Title: Why are we flat earthers unlike others?
Post by: wise on May 02, 2020, 03:31:28 PM
After years of experience on flat earth and globe earth believers and methods of globalist main stream, I have a conclusion about why we are whether or not flat earthers. I will summarize it here, without using a translator. Because I want to tell it with my own words.

Many times we have see the evidences of Hitler used a special drink to convince people. I determine this as "convincing drink". In years, globalist main stream has strenghten this drink. They have used it generally for political purposes, and continued to use for convince people earth's being a globe.

People whose affected by this drink believe earth's being a globe without questioning. The question here is, why did not we affected by that drink?

Answer is hidden in the question actually. Their poisoneus drink can not affect us, because our body is as strong as defend it.

I, for one, have a very strong stomach, so much so that, If I would eat a stone, my body would used vitamins in it but not affected by its poison. I think it's due to the structure of stomach acids. I have also received treatment before. my stomach acids were said to be too much than normal. but my body is like this. so when I eat things that will poison other people, it just makes me some gas.

I think others have similar stories. All these years of experience show me that the bodies of other believers are also resistant to poison, and the "persuasive drug" that causes ordinary people to be convinced in no way affects us.

therefore, others may think that we need treatment because we are not like them. but the opposite is true. they are whose needing the treatment.

After this stage, we have to do: we have to establish a laboratory. We must find the "persuasive substance" by taking blood samples from the most angry globalists. we need to study it separately and develop a treatment method that will make it passive. and with that we can save the rest of the world.
Title: Coronavirus, Made in Bill Gates !
Post by: wise on May 26, 2020, 07:01:52 AM
I have give up the idea of China did it by themselves.

Gates has planned it, because he has already the idea of de population the world. He has good relationship with the head of WHO, Geberesice! Hence, they have planned and applied, is my opinion about how coronavirus happened.

In this regard, whose will suggest to vaccinate people to prevent coronavirus, are slaves of Bill Gates and servers of depopulation the world. May God damn him.

Here is the thread about it:

In 2010's, Bill Gates told that the number of world population should be decreased by using vaccination, National Health Systems, and organizations like WHO. He has told it four times, at least I found a video detected him four times. Perhaps it is more and more nowadays. Here the video is:

And then, an Italian parliamenter has told coronavirus is caused after suggestions of Bill Gates. This is what I get from her talkings, and may be a bit different; here it is:

Nowadays you can find it in my signature but it generally lasts after a while.

gates foundation is a legal foundation that works on human health. however, as can be seen from the conversations above, their sincerity in this matter can be discussed.

According to Donald Trump's longtime confidant Roger Stone, Bill Gates created coronavirus to microchip people. This idea seems logical. Here the news is:

The fact that From the very beginning of the epidemic, the world health organization has tried to spread and not prevent the outbreak.

When Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus became president of WHO in 2017, he became prominent for their good relationship with the foundation of Gates and personally with Bill Gates.

He did so at the very beginning of the epidemic, saying that corona viruses are not transmitted from person to person and that there is no need for travel restrictions with China. Obviously in this business, WHO tried to spread the outbreak directly.

When we put all this data together, it turns out that Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the world population, is planning and implementing this pandemic with the doctors who believe in himself, Glaxo and the WHO.

the speaker spoke of more names, but I don't want to comment because I don't know.

Under these circumstances, a US prosecutor must initiate an investigation against Bill Gates on charges of "planning and enforcing genocide". I would be pleased if someone else filed such an application because I used my right to investigate this issue in connection with China earlier.

Lets talk, fellow aggrieved world people!
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on June 10, 2020, 12:44:54 AM
... (Who dare to give us back the delete post option?)...
Title: Crew Dragon Fakery Debunked!
Post by: wise on June 10, 2020, 04:53:39 AM
According to the claims, the rocket lands back to a platform in the ocean. Now we will scientifically examine the accuracy of this claim.


It has caught my attention while watching the video, I am sure it caught the attention of many of you; the rocket did not come vertically, it had an angle. This can be demonstrated as follows, depending on the angle with the vertical:


As the rocket rises, it can be directed in the direction it will go. This is because the movement depends on the motor power. Speed ​​is low during landing and engine power is intended to balance gravity. Therefore, engine power should have an angle to compensate for gravity. Lets try to make a solution. The problem is here:


here, the force provided by the engine power and the gravitational force must be equal or approximately equal in order to achieve a constant and decreasing rate of descent.

We define To the motor power (Fe) and the vertical component (Fev) of the motor power;

It should be; Fev = Fg

Fev= Fe . cos α


Fe. cos α = Fg.

The weight of Falcoln9 rocket is approximately 1900kgs.


Fg = 1900kgs >

angle of inclination at the time the photo was taken :

Alpha= 20 degrees as follow;



engines must apply the following force for a smooth landing:

Fe x cos α = Fg


Fe = Fg / cos α = 1900kg / cos 20° = 1900 / 0,94= 2021 kgs.

that is, the engine must exert a force equivalent to 2021 kg to balance gravity.

In this case, we will have to calculate the horizontal components, since the vertical component forces will be balanced. I called it as F(h)


F(h) = Fe x sin α = 2021kgs x sin 20 = 691kgs.

we see that this force is not balanced. this force causes the rocket to spin under normal conditions.


Although I take the wind from opposite direction here, it will not prevent the spin movement. The reason for this is that the wind acts all along the rocket, but the component of the motor that causes the spin movement acts from a single point.

As a result, the rocket will spin and fall during such a non-vertical landing attempt. This physical evidence proves that this landing is not real.


rockets also lift vertically during their first launch. After a while, their direction changes undesirably by wind and other factors. however, then the routers step in and slowly correct this error. a rocket does not have the technology to correct such a sharp angle in such a short time, and such a local and sudden wind situation cannot be predicted to correct the rocket's direction.

Conclusion: This landing movement does not comply with the laws of physics, but can be created as a simulation.

Conclusion: Fake and cgi; or cgi and fake, or any or both of them.

Ellon Musk, his followers and NASA are trolled the world by this claim.
Title: Flat Earth Proofs Volum 24235 - Polaris debunk magnetic declination
Post by: wise on June 24, 2020, 10:57:40 AM
The position of polaris prove the earth not a globe!

Globalist hoaxers have discovered a hoax method is known as  magnetic declination. They use it to correct the map mistakes.

Actually it comes from here: They look anywhere and measure it with compass. Compass shows  a different directions other than map. So, what would be done? Magnetic declination. They write magnetic declination at that point equal to the difference of map and compass directions.

But there is a great leaking in their calculation:

Polaris always stay at north accordint to compass. In other say, North is actually always north phsically and there isnt anything as magnetic declination affect it.

Again, wherever you use a compass in central hemicircle, compass always show North star, regardless of supposedly magnetic declination.
Title: Solar Energy System Debunks The Global system!
Post by: wise on July 06, 2020, 02:26:52 AM
The amount of energy produced by a solar panel during the day is as follows.


It will be seen that this is impossible in the globalist system where the distance of the sun is constant. But this graphic is compatible with the flat world model. Since the sun is distant in the morning and evening hours, the amount of energy is decreasing rapidly.

In such a situation, globalists resort to a lie as follow: "The sun's rays are coming inclined to the atmosphere".

There is no scientific study on this subject shows the relationship between what happens if sun rays come vertical or horizontal.

Here again, I see the helplessness of the globalists and watch with pleasure.

Published here as thread (
Title: The difference in temperature in the shade and under the sun gives the heat emit
Post by: wise on July 13, 2020, 05:12:18 AM
The difference in temperature in the shade and under the sun gives the heat emitted by the sun.

Lets look at the wrong answer first:

Dear Tom,
Parade Magazine’s Marilyn Savant says air temperature is the same in the sun as in the shade, but placing a thermometer in the sun heats up the thermometer. Does that make sense? If true, what do they use to measure air temperature?
Mike Beirl, Bolingbrook

Dear Mike,
Air temperature is always measured in a shady location because in the shade the thermometer is measuring the actual air temperature, and only the air temperature. A thermometer placed in the sun measures the temperature that the sun heats the thermometer to, not the true air temperature. When you are in the shade, you are experiencing the true air temperature. In the sun, you are experiencing the true air temperature plus the effect of the sun’s rays on your body, and consequently it feels warmer than just the air temperature.
Thomas Valle, Source (

As we have seen, popular science cannot explain the difference of temperature in the shade and sun with scientific data. It explains it with strange explanations, such as the warming of the Thermometer.


Is this the truth? Of course no. In reality, the air temperature is expressed by the formula:

Temperature = Daylight temperature + Sunlight temperature - moonlight temperature

As we can see, the temperature depends on these three factors and sunlight is one of them. If the moon is not visible or but far away in a day, the effect is zero. Likewise, since the sun is not visible at night, its effect is zero. In exceptional cases, the night effect of the sun is also taken into account.

The effects of both daylight, sunlight and moonlight on the temperature can be easily calculated depends on the distance of the sun and the moon.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the air temperature in a place, such as altitude, distance to the sea, but these factors are not taken into account because they are constant in anywhere.

If you are in the shade, sunlight will have no effect, and in this case the air temperature will be less.

In short, the temperature measured by popular science in the shade is "daylight temperature" and it is erroneous because it does not take into account sunlight.

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Title: Why do we see sunsetting red?
Post by: wise on August 04, 2020, 01:52:13 AM
This is a long and complicated issue. It would be a little easier to explain this in my language. In addition, it will be twice as difficult for you to understand the problem because of the language barrier. Nevertheless, I will help you understand the subject by strengthening it with shapes. I hope it is understandable. You can be sure that I will do my best to make you understand as the smartest flat earth believer in this forum.

First, let's start with how colors are formed.

Colors are generally expressed by the wavelengths of incoming light. These wavelengths represent:


The colors of the visible light spectrum

Color ~ Wavelength

Red   ~ 700–635 nm   
Orange   ~ 635–590 nm   
Yellow   ~ 590–560 nm   
Green   ~ 560–520 nm   
Cyan   ~ 520–490 nm   
Blue   ~ 490–450 nm   
Violet   ~ 450–400 nm   

We can't see Infrared lights have bigger wavelength than 1000 nm and ultraviolet lights have wavelength less than 300nm.

The color of the light you observe will not be affected unless you move away from a light source at a level comparable to the speed of light. Before we move on to this topic, let's simply show the wavelength. in terms of no  missing parts remain.

I mean this, when I say wavelenght:


In the most general sense, the distance between the highest points of two consecutive waves is defined as the wavelength.

 It is known that the color of objects moving away rapidly tends to turn red. This is because the wavelength has increased relatively to the observer. I mean this;


When an object moves away at a speed comparable to the speed of light, or when the observer moves similarly from the light source, the wavelength of the light waves reaching the observer will increase as in the figure. This causes the color of the actual light coming out of the light source to be perceived differently by the observer.

Could this be true for the sun? Can the yellow light that we see in the middle of the day turn into a red light due to the sun going away?

The wavelength of the yellow light of the sun we see in the middle of the day: 570 nm.

The wavelength of the red light of the sun we see at the sun settings: 650 nm averegally.

Let's make a simple proportion. 650/570= 1,14, ie 1 and plus 14%. In this case, the wavelength of light increased by 14%. For this to happen, the light source must move away with speed 14% of speed of light.

I'll consider both theories;

In FE theory and corrected by my calculations it revolves around a circle average 25.000kms circumference. It rotates in 24 hours. We'll calculate it this way.

According to globularist theory, the speed of sun is: 220km/h = 61 m/s.
According to FE theory; the speed of sun is: 25.000kms/24 hours= 289 m/s.

I will take the most unfavorable value, the flat earth value. It has 289 m/s. It is the proportion of speed of light: 289 m/s / 300.000.000m/s = 9,6x10^-7 This is not a comparable value with speed of light.

So the sun's moving away is not a reason for its color of the light to turn red.

Now here I will consider the second factor, the structure of the dome. The issue that the dome is not exactly liquid, but exhibits liquid properties, has previously been investigated in different places.

When the light enters the denser environment from less dense environment, it behaves as follows:


So does this refraction also change the wavelength? This is the most sensitive spot of this issue.

According to rensselaer polytechnic institute, it changes:


Light travels as waves, with the wavefronts perpendicular to the direction of motion. In the animation shown here, the wavefronts are represented by the green parallel lines. The red arrow represents the direction of motion.  As light moves from air into water, it not only slows, but the wavelength changes. The animation below illustrates how the wavelength becomes shorter in the denser medium of water. To replay an animation, click on "replay".  Once you have viewed the first animation, click on "2" to continue.

Interestingly enough, the frequency of the waves does not change as the light moves from air to water. As we saw in the Review page, the wave's speed v is related to both the frequency f and the wavelength l :

v = l f.

Combining the above expression for velocity with the definition of index of refraction, we find a relationship between the wavelength l = v/f in a medium and the wavelengthl 0 = c/f in vacuum:


In the above equation, the frequencies cancel because frequency does not change as light moves from one medium to another.


From the information above, we see that interestingly the frequency does not change when the light passes from air to water, but the wavelength changes when passing from water to air. It is important information that the wavelength is changing, although the frenax does not change. Because the color of the light is not about frequency, but about wavelength.

It is understood that a wavelength calculation has been made about the refractive index. We have calculated the refraction index of light between dome and air more than once. We have critical angle values between 23 degrees and 30 degrees. I want to take 30 degrees critical angle because it is worse.

I'll try to find the refractive index depend on this critical angle. Can it be possible to calculate? According to

The relationship between critical angle and refractive index can be mathematically written as –

Refractive index to Critical angle   μab=1/sinC   No SI unit


C is the critical angle.

μ is the refractive index of the medium.

a and b represent two medium in which light ray travels.

So; refractive index of sunlight between dome and air is:

μ= 1/sin 30° = 2.

There is a misscalculation here. Because this value should be close to 1. So we should get the value of 90-30, not 30 degrees. While you are doing calculation, check your results logically from time to time.

μ= 1/sin 60°= 1,15. This is logical.

What was the main formula?


Lets put this μ on the formula;

λa / λ = c/μ


We'll get the wavelenght of the yellow light as we mentioned above:

Different things may be described in the formula. The important thing here is to establish a logical relationship. We see that the wavelength of light is directly related to the change in refractive index. Therefore, thinking proportionally instead of dealing with values ​​will make our job easier in terms of formulation.

λ1= 570
K= 1,15
λ2= 570*1,15= 655

This is the light we see when sun setting according to above calculations. This color should be it:


If we get the wavelenght of yellow light as 600, is more possibly seeming above, and get the refractive index with dome-air as 23 degrees, it turns to:

λ1= 600
K= 1/sin67 = 1,08
λ2= 600*1,08= 648

It is still about in same place:


If you have a question to ask me, I, as a most prominent and smartest Flat Earther all over the internet incontestably, am always ready to answer.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.


PS: I want to explain why I have corrected the critical angle value. Because I have used the critical angle so far in the meaning of the angle of the sunlight and air horizontal meaning. But its general meaning its angle with vertical direction, as the following drawing. Hence I have convert it to vertical direction by reducing it from 90 degrees.


There is a misscalculation here. Because this value should be close to 1. So we should get the value of 90-30, not 30 degrees.
We call this as scientific prediction. This ability is gained through working hard.
Title: GPS debunked with navigation system and global supposedly map!
Post by: wise on September 06, 2020, 03:53:28 AM
The basic philosophical thesis of globalism is based on misunderstanding of life and the events in life. Let's prove it:

There is a video proved the GPS system with google maps are not working; here:

In this video, we clearly see that GPS directions on google map is wrong. But according to the representatives of globalism here, it  works well. And they base this claim on the claim that I manipulated the incident by turning the phone.

That in no way supports your claim that the phone should be showing the direction of motion rather than the direction the phone is pointing in, nor does it show that the real maps of Earth are wrong.
How many of you did see his missunderstanding? I hope most of you did.  ;D

Yeah. google maps application always shows you the direction of movement depending on the road. It does not indicate which direction you are pointing the phone. So here;


The direction shown on the map is the direction of the movement, whichever direction of the phone to be. Because otherwise google maps application could not be useful on road. You need to see the movement direction on a car depends on roadway and regardless the direction of you turn your phone mistakenly. You can see this truth by testing it on a road.

Moreover, the location of the vehicle as you can see on the map is also wrong. Obviously the vehicle is moving steadily and smoothly on the road. You can check this from coordinate changes. The vehicle moves smoothly. However, there is no road where the vehicle is shown and actually the vehicle is at a different point.


Let's calculate the mistake depends on google map web page:

This is the distance I search for:


Here is the distance according to google maps:


As you can see, it shows my location more than 100 metres far.

How is it possible on a well working GPS navigation system and a true map?

As you can see, globalism is based on baseless claims, accusations made without feel any honor, being unscientific and insincere arguments with extraordinary stupidness. Likewise here, it can be easily debunked.

UPDATE 09.09.2020

With the support of a room full of troll army behind them, globalists who are trying to produce counter arguments here are again pursuing deception.

Your claims regarding GPS in this thread have been refuted.
As explained above, he claims that his counter-argument has refute something, which actually refutes nothing. This person is here as a representative of 6 billion globalists and all he does is lying!

It maintains its "refute" claim by explicitly ignoring the statements made here. And we are here again with a new lie that makes he thinks as if he did what he could not do before. Lets see the new attemp depending on his missunderstandings and missinformation.
You have the roads travel in straight lines for quite some distance before abruptly turning.
That isn't how roads actually are.
Instead it is a result of using data with limited resolution.
I am assuming you weren't using mobile data during the trip and instead had low resolution offline maps.

Now compare this to a image from Google Maps which isn't such low resolution:

And according to him:
Again, notice how the road isn't actually that straight?

If you limit the resolution of your data, your map will not be accurate to a much greater level.
You have a point on the road every 2-3 km. With that we can say the margin of error would be roughly 1 km.
Then your say your car being less than 500 m of where your low resolution road is plotted is a problem.
Guess what? It isn't. It is purely a result of your low resolution data.

So would that constitute a problem?
If you are just trying to use GPS to navigate between cities, no, not a problem at all.
If you are trying to determine your location relative to a road to within a few 10s of m, then yes. But not a problem with GPS, a problem with the choice of such low resolution map data. How are you meant to determine your position within a few 10s of m when you only have a reference point every few km?

So still no problem for GPS.
Now are you going to be honest and update your thread in the preaching only section to include this fact?
In other words, the new argument it produces is also invalid, just like the old argument, but still wants me to fix something as if it produced a valid argument. See how he has misunderstanding is there in this argument.

This is the picture sent here by the representative of globalism:


He is right that it has more detail than what appears in the video. But this has no effect on this experiment. He also manipulated to increase the effect. Let's put it this way:


As any reasonable person can see, the supposedly representative of globalism, unable to put a strong argument in front of him by a roomful of troll army behind him, tried to obtain counter-argument by manipulating the data. Obviously, in order to show the "slightly wavy" path as if there were major changes, it included the area on the right side but actually it was not included in the subject.

And where the vehicle is moving, where I have shown it, the vehicle still never go in the south-east direction, and it should have been constantly moving west. Therefore, with his own claim, he actually produced a pseudo-argument that reveals his own lie.

With this second example, it is once again proven how the representatives of the globalists here are the double standard persons who manipulate the issues with their extraordinary dishonored dishonest arguments without feeling any shame.

Was it not already the habit of the globalism? He represents which philosophy he belongs to. Well done!

Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on January 15, 2021, 04:24:34 AM
We generally talked about scientific issues here. But this time I'm going to talk about the things I really want to talk about.

We know that covid is now the game and trick of the globalists. Accepting to be vaccinated is the same as accepting slavery. We will resist this, we will not do it. If necessary, we will fight against it. If anti-vaxers are isolated from society, this time we will be better organized and prosperous and save the rest of the enslaved world.


Globalists defeated Trump. But this defeat actually stems from our own internal problems.


The Antifa connections of these men have emerged. The process they started ultimately caused Trump to lose. Here we see that Trump is alone in terms of consultancy. I don't know how it was threatened, but his problem with us started when he  approved NASA budget.


We asked Trump's presidential office to keep saying the world is flat. We have taken a stand for the continuation of his brave attitude.

flat-earthers have around 5 percent of the vote and are equal to the potential to change management. Throughout this process, we've seen disillusioned flat-earthers cease to support Trump.

Trump said the world is flat, but he didn't do anything. Trump said that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS, but he did nothing. Trump said soldiers in the Middle East would come back, but wars are still going on. In short, Trump spoke the truth but did not have the courage or strength to do what she said.

Now the globalists have silenced him. They don't allow him to speak on neither twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube and nor anywhere else. He has now completely turned a "no man".


In this environment, in this atmosphere, I invite him to pay its debt to one of the forces that brought it there, flat earthers.

Talk and explain the facts about the world. You couldn't lead the USA, at least try to be a leader in the world from now on. Maybe if you can achieve this, you can become the leader of the USA again.

As the last free president of the USA, do this favor to your people and the rest of the world. Because, if you don't tell this truth, nobody else remained to tell after now.

From here, I am addressing flat-earthers all over the world.

We have an average of 5% voting potential in every country of the world. Create Flat Earth Parties in each countries. Spread this out in the media. Ensure your security, resist the attacks of globalists.

The only force that can resist the slavery system advancing with the Covid process is the "Flat Earth Party" movement. Start this. We are the only chance of the world. We have to do this. Do this for yourself and those who come after you to continue living in a free world!


Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: sandokhan on August 21, 2021, 05:30:12 AM
A flat earth party would be a beacon of light in the midst of the current situation.
Title: Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
Post by: wise on August 31, 2021, 01:14:04 AM
A flat earth party would be a beacon of light in the midst of the current situation.
The beginning of this year was the right time. the party by now had completed the organization and held the rallies easily. It is too late now, but it will have to start from the beginning with will encounter obstacles. Even so it still can be done. Guess it is the longing of billions now. we missed being one step ahead.

When there was no support from anyone, I started writing on twitter and found another party.

Namely Anatolian Union Party is a very new party that is one year old. With our support, the number of their members increased from 120 to 10,000 within a week. On September 11, a rally will be held in Maltepe, Istanbul for the purpose of rebellion against the global gang. This party took legal responsibility in the form of a political rally. I am also trying to help them.
I hope we will catch it at some point and take down the globalist sons of pharaohs.

Twitter seems useful especially with my Turkish followers. Everything is hard to me in environments spoken English like the forums like this, even without considering the globalist management.