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Title: Sorry, but the Planet is indeed a Sphere people.
Post by: TheJackel on July 11, 2010, 09:47:43 PM
It truly amazes me how some people can even contemplate the notion of a flat earth. The next time I fly around the world, or sail around it, I would love to bring your biggest skeptic with me. It would indeed either inject some actually intelligent thought into this persons head, or they will simply collapse into a state of denial and conspiracy theories. Let's make this clear here, I have traveled and flown around the planet myself.. There is reason why you can fly west from California and get to Hawaii, and why you can fly east from Japan (or Jhonston Atoll Island) and get to Hawaii.. I've sailed from Jhonston Atoll Island to Hawii, and then Hawaii to Mainland USA California. And anyone that actually knows how to sail, would know the damn stars are not the same damn stars on the opposite side of the damn planet!.. And let's not forget the fact that I can call home and it would be high noon with the Sun shining while I'm starring at the moon from the other side of the damn planet!.. You have to be really dunce to seriously take the flat Earth theory with any sort of intelligent thought.

But for petes sake, if the Flat Earth was a fact, you wouldn't see Asia from Alaska. You can take any position on GOOGLE Earth and go visit it..If you still think the planet is flat, feel free to start traveling East, or West and let us know what happens as you track your position according to the world map.. ;). It's not rocket science people.. Sites like these are in the business to brainwash gullible people, and if you haven't noticed, it's religious based according to the bible to support the notion that the Earth was "created" vs formed.. I can call BS just by buying a high powered telescope..

In Fact, here is a Challenge for any of you Flat Earthers.. Please define the line on the Global map as to where the edges of the Earth are and aren't... Surely if I can go visit that line on the globe and see the edge it would be pretty interesting eh ;).. So you let me know where I can't cross from east to west, or from west to east that won't get me from one point on the globe to the other ;) Do you have any evidence of an edge? Can you please explain to me why I can stare in the Telescope and actually see the Spherical Moon?. Seriously, this is beyond reason to the point of being an obsessive ideological construct or cult.

Title: Re: Sorry, but the Planet is indeed a Sphere people.
Post by: Raver on July 12, 2010, 02:44:48 AM
I never ever ever ever say this (ever), but I suggest to at least take a glance at the FAQ.
Title: Re: Sorry, but the Planet is indeed a Sphere people.
Post by: TheJackel on July 12, 2010, 06:22:39 AM
I never ever ever ever say this (ever), but I suggest to at least take a glance at the FAQ.

The FAQ is laughable, if that is your serious answer in terms of a logical response, I can't help think how weak your argument is. Seriously, how stupid and gullible do you people think the rest of the educated world is? The fact that you even spread this nonsensical garbage is a disgusting attempt at education, if not complete cult like brainwashing with misinformation.. Scientifically, this site has got to be a joke.. Do yourself a favor son, call another country on the opposite side of the Earth and asked them what time it is.. If you can't understand the problem with the angular aspects of a flat plane planet in relation to the Sun setting in the West and Rising in the East, you are seriously not smart enough to have this conversation.

And I can't help but notice how many of you actually invent your own scientific theories without even putting any serious thought into them LOL.. Such as UA, 9km upward force? You do realize that if the planet were to travel 9Km an hour up wards we would long have past the sun, or slammed into it over the last 3.5 billion years. Nor would objects arc when thrown across a horizontal plane.. You kids need to learn basic physics before you make stupid, and then post it over the internet. It's like you kids don't even comprehend what light refraction is, or how light actually travels.. It's like the moron that says light bends up and yet we can disprove that with a basic set of mirrors, or particle physics.

This site is pretty much one big cluster FK of delusion, and a very poor attempt at brainwashing.. like I said, feel free to tell us where this magical dividing line is on the spherical Earth to where we can not cross, because I can sailed all over this planet son.. I've sailed across the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.. Get your self a real education. The Earth is not flat, put the bible away because it's killing the brain cells. :/

Just to start with, The spotlight is a JOKE! You let me know when you can see a magical flat spot light shining down just across the dark and light plane, or where the light ends and the darkness begins LMAO.. This would be visible across the entire planet if it were flat kid. Again, get a real education.
Title: Re: Sorry, but the Planet is indeed a Sphere people.
Post by: Lord Wilmore on July 12, 2010, 07:04:32 AM
This thread makes basic points. Read the FAQ and the board-specific rules.