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Title: Flat Earth Debate - Rules & Guidelines
Post by: Daniel on March 05, 2007, 01:26:26 PM
Welcome to Flat Earth Debate. This forum is for debates on Flat Earth Theory. Opposing viewpoints are, as always, welcomed -- but please keep the discussion serious and intelligent.

Trolling and low-content posting will not be tolerated and this forum will be moderated quite strictly. "Low-content posting" refers to short posts like "lol" or "yeah" or "that's dumb." Before you make a post in here, ask yourself, "am I really adding anything to the conversation?" If the answer is "no", you probably shouldn't make the post. Likewise, keep to the point at hand. If you wish to discuss a tangential subject, you should create a new thread rather than pulling the current thread off its original topic.

If you wish to ask questions related to the FAQ, then please ask them in Flat Earth Q&A ( In addition, please note that though The Conspiracy is a key belief for flat earth believers, it is not part of Flat Earth Theory, and as such topics related to The Conspiracy are discouraged in Flat Earth Debate. Please ensure that if you start a debate on The Conspiracy that it is original and specific; otherwise, post it in Flat Earth General. This forum is for the debate and discussion of specific aspects of Flat Earth Theory only. Any threads asking basic questions pertaining to the contents of the FAQ or The Conspiracy will be moved, and possibly locked or deleted.

This forum is also subject to the Forum Rules (, which are strictly enforced in this board. Please help us to keep the site in order by using the forum as intended and creating your topics in the correct area. Thank you.
Title: Re: Flat Earth Debate - Rules & Guidelines
Post by: Lord Wilmore on November 01, 2009, 09:25:14 AM
Update. In this forum, off-topic posting is against the rules. If a moderator feels that a thread has strayed from its original point to an unacceptable degree, and tells people to get back on-topic, this is not an invitation to discuss the matter further, nor is it just a suggestion. At that point, all off-topic discussion either ceases, or members involved in further off-topic discussion will receive a suspension. This is part of the Forum Rules ( anyway, but it is strictly enforced Flat Earth Debate. Take heed.

I'm bringing this up because I see a lot of members ignoring and even disputing instructions from moderators to stay on-topic, often dragging the thread even further off-topic. This cannot continue. From now on I will be suspending people without warning for such behaviour, for a week or more, depending (frankly) on how I feel about it. I encourage other moderators to do the same.

By the point such a suspension takes place, you've already been asked to stick to the point under discussion, so you have no excuse. I see a lot of regulars who have been here long enough to know better doing this kind of stuff, and it's getting tiresome. To newcomers who may get caught on the wrong side of this rule because they didn't read this thread, all I can say is ignorantia legis neminem excusat- the rules apply whether you've read them or not.
Title: Re: Flat Earth Debate - Rules & Guidelines
Post by: Lord Wilmore on May 12, 2011, 05:53:18 PM
Bump for emphasis.