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Saddam Hussein:
In the upper forums, there have to be at least five or six threads where The Knowledge or another noob has gone off on a tangent about how John is lying about the book on FET he claims to be writing.  I have two questions for the book skeptics that I'd like to have answered:

1. What exactly is so difficult to believe about John writing a book?

I've written a book, guys.  Yes, me.  It's not exactly Pulitzer material, but I still managed to write it.  Chris has also written a book, and Roundy is close to finishing his.  Hell, I'm close to finishing a second one.  You can view our literature here:


Arguably, a book about FET that's meant to be taken seriously would require a little more effort than the fiction we've written, but I still don't see what is apparently so momentous about writing a book.  John didn't say it was going to be a classic, or a best-seller that would make him a household name.  What's the big deal about writing a few hundred pages or so about FET?

2. What is the relevance to this forum of John's book not existing?

Okay, suppose you're right.  The book doesn't exist, and John is a liar.  This relates to the discussions on FET that we have in these forums...how?

Ichimaru Gin :]:
bcuz i fink no1 beliebes in a fwat erf and am mad he won letme c his book so i can teld him how stupid hez.

TK and noobs are noobs and this try to grab anything they can to be right.


--- Quote from: Saddam Hussein on April 25, 2012, 05:56:53 PM ---John didn't say it was going to be a classic, or a best-seller that would make him a household name.

--- End quote ---

No, but but for almost a year he did say that it was on schedule to be out by September 2011.

Saddam Hussein:
Et tu, markjo?


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