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Global warming isn't real

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Saddam Hussein:
The "greenhouse" argument relies on a CO2 layer in the atmosphere trapping sunlight energy.  Why can't this be found?

Marcus Aurelius:
Must.....resist........responding to obvious troll........

Saddam Hussein:
This is no troll.  It's a point that's been raised by many well-respected figures in the scientific community.

President Obama says Carbon Dioxide is dangerous. He should tell that to plants!

Actually, CO2 kills plants, too. It can lower the pH of the soil in large amounts.

The problem with the idea of "global" warming, to my mind, is that none of the predictive model's of gloom and doom for the last ten or more years has every come close to predicting reality. Doom is simply pushed back 30 yrs when reality stops conforming to the models, but neither the models nor the underlying assumptions within them are ever challenged.


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