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Companies are turning computers into tablets.

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They are.


--- Quote from: Trekky0623 on March 01, 2012, 11:38:26 AM ---They are.

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They are making them simpler to use, which they have always been doing.  And when it gets more complicated everyone cries out for it to be made more simple.  Luckily Microsoft said that they will be supporting windows 7 till 2020 so as of now i feel no need to change.

Terrible. Just terrible.

Win 8 will serve my HTPC quite well, especially if I can get the Kinect to work.

I think Microsoft are going to get a rude-awaking when they launch Windows 8.

Business don't want tablets. They are easy to steal, productivity is virtually non-existent. Try and spend 8 hours making a spreadsheet or typing up a presentation on a tablet.
Gamers won't be interested. Swiping your finger about doesn't make as good games as a mouse or a joystick. Your hand is always covering the screen and there is no real hardware power.
Enthusiasts won't like it. Try building a tablet yourself.
Its f*cking dirty. Greasy finger prints all over the screen. They certainly aren't machines to share.
I think a lot of people (and definitely most businesses) will do a Vista on Windows 8. They'll stick with Windows 7 which is a very good OS and wait 3 years for Microsoft to get its crap together with Windows 9. Part of me thinks Microsoft expect this and will sell Windows 7 and 8 together allowing businesses to use 7 whilst phone and tablet home users can use 8. Also I hate the Metro-interface. I'd want to turn that off instantly on a PC.


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