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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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It is an interesting aside that the Templars received a large portion Supplinburg at the bequest of Lothair III of the Holy Roman Empire.

Lothair acquired the throne only after Henry "the Black", Duke of Bavaria switched sides in the dispute between Fredrik/Conrad  and Lothair III after the death of (heirless) Henry V of the Holy Roman Empire. Henry the Black received the betrothal of the daughter of Lothair III to a son as his price. Later, Henry's grandson through another child (Judith) became the Emperor -- Fredrick I, Barbarossa. Henry the Black and his progeny, of course, trace through the house of Welf-Este.

Lothair was instrumental in maintaining the papacy of Innocent II against Roger II of Sicily. Innocent was hand picked by his predecessor Honorius II who as pope had firtst officially recognized the Templar. Innocent entrenched the Templar movement with his Omne Datum Optimum, a papal bull giving the Knights an unusual array of powers and essentially making them an instrument of- and answer able only to-  the church.

So we again see the hand of Welf-Este through the history of both the Templar movement and the later Illuminati movement. And of course, the trenchhold of Bavaria is also the hot bed of early european globe making.
"Never think you can turn over any old falsehood without a terrible squirming of the horrid little population that dwells under it." -O.W. Holmes "Truth forever on the scaffold, Wrong forever on the throne.."

Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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There are authors, such as C. Knight and R. Lomas (The Hiram Key) who would have us believe that Christ and the apostles themselves were Templars. And they do not stop there: Akhenaton  was the first Templar.

Here is an unofficial biography of the Templars:

In the section, Science of Manipulation, you will find that all major globuralists, in the official chronology, were Templars.

But, none of these things ever happened, this is what I am trying to demonstrate.

History: Fiction or Science? volume I: history is at most 1200 years old; each and every detail in the official chronology has been forged/falsified prior to 1500 AD.

History: Fiction or Science? volume III: Almagest was written during the Renaissance, N. Copernic and his works invented at least 100 years later in time.

The greatest of all British historians, Edwin Johnson, demonstrates how the official history of England has been falsified at least after 1530 AD; how the four Gospels and the Pauline epistles were written during the Renaissance:

Christoph Pfister demonstrates that before 1700 AD there was no human presence in Switzerland, how the official history of that country has been falsified, how all the cathedrals and castles were actually built during the 18TH century:,30499.msg998158.html#msg998158

The complete demonstration that Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by the volcano Vesuvius at least after 1700 AD:,30499.msg1243234.html#msg1243234

And the follow-up:,30499.msg1243598.html#msg1243598

And, of course, the Council of Nicaea could not have taken place before the year 876-877 AD:

Despite the fact that no original Easter edicts of the Nicaean council remain, it is said that the Council issued its edicts in the alleged year 325 AD, when the the actual methods of calculating the Easter dates had already been well developed, and the Easter date table that had been used for centuries had been compiled. The latter is quite natural, since every 532 years, the Christian Easter cycle repeats from the very start the Paschalian tables for each year of 532 were in existence.


There is a traditional consensual opinion according to which the Paschalia church calendar was canonized during the first Ecumenical Council in Nicaea. Nobody seem to be aware, however, that all of this blatantly contradicts Scaliger's dating of the Nicaean council 325 AD, and the epoch of the IV century AD in general.

The matter here is that the Paschalia consists of a number of calendarian and astronomical tables. The time of their compilation can be calculated from their contents qv below. In other words, the Paschalia can be dated by its astronomical contents. We see that the resulting dating of the Paschalia contradicts the dating of the Nicaean Council as the IV century AD.

The contradiction had been discovered a long time ago, and it was mentioned in the beginning of the XX century by Easter table specialists. However, to this day, there has been no comprehensive explanation of this phenomenon given.

Let us turn to the canonical mediaeval ecclesial tractate - Matthew Vlastar's Collection of Rules Devised by Holy Fathers, or The Alphabet Syntagma. This rather voluminous book represents the rendition of the rules formulated by the Ecclesial and local Councils of the Orthodox Church.

Matthew Vlastar is considered to have been a Holy Hierarch from Thessalonica, and written his tractate in the XIV century. Today's copies are of a much later date, of course. A large part of Vlastar?s Collection of Rules Devised by Holy Fathers contains the rules for celebrating Easter. Among other things, it says the following:

The Easter Rules makes the two following restrictions: it should not be celebrated together with the Judaists, and it can only be celebrated after the spring equinox. Two more had to be added later, namely: celebrate after the first full moon after the equinox, but not any day it should be celebrated on the first Sunday after the equinox. All of these restrictions, except for the last one, are still valid (in times of Matthew Vlastar  the XIV century  Auth.), although nowadays we often celebrate on the Sunday that comes later. Namely, we always count two days after the Lawful Easter (that is, the Passover, or the full moon Auth.) and end up with the subsequent Sunday. This didn't happen out of ignorance or lack of skill on the part of the Elders, but due to lunar motion.

Let us emphasize that the quoted Collection of Rules Devised by Holy Fathers is a canonical mediaeval clerical volume, which gives it all the more authority, since we know that up until the XVII century, the Orthodox Church was very meticulous about the immutability of canonical literature and kept the texts exactly the way they were; with any alteration a complicated and widely discussed issue that would not have passed unnoticed.

This means that we can hope for Matthew Vlastar's text to give us a precise enough account of the opinions held by the Constantinople scientists of the XIV century, in regard to the Easter issue. As we can see, Matthew Vlastar tells us the following:

In addition to the two Apostolic Easter rules, namely:

1) Not celebrating Easter together with the Judaists.

2) Only celebrating Easter after the spring equinox.

The Elders of the Council that introduced the Paschalia added two more rules for certainty, since the previous two do not define Easter day explicitly enough:

3) Only celebrating Easter after the first full moon in a given spring. That is, after the Passover that is often called Lawful Easter in Christian clerical literature that is, Easter celebrated in accordance with the Law of Moses or, alternatively, that of the 14th Moon.

4) Easter cannot be celebrated on any weekday; the celebration is to occur on the first Sunday following this full moon, or the Passover.


The first three rules of four were still quite valid in the XIV century, according to Vlastar, whereas the 4th rule of Easter Sunday being the first Sunday after the full moon was already broken.

Furthermore, Matthew Vlastar gives a perfectly valid astronomical explanation of why the rule was broken. The reason is that the Circle for Moon (Methon's Cycle) isn?t completely precise. There is a very slow shift of real full moon dates in relation to the ones stated by the Circle for Moon that the Elders of the Council may have been unaware of. However, in the age of Matthew Vlastar, knowledge of the shift already existed. Vlastar was aware of it and gave its correct value about 24 hours in 300 years.

This is why no less than two days should pass between the full moon and Easter (according to Vlastar, and applicable to his age). The matter is that the calculations of the Christian Easter are based on the calendar with its Circle for Moon values, as opposed to real full moon dates given by astronomy.

When, over the passage of time, a two-day discrepancy between the Paschalian Circle for Moon and the real full moon schedule had evolved, this could not fail to impact the distance between the astronomical spring equinox and Easter Sunday. If the previous distance equalled zero or more (so that Easter could not come before the full moon), it became equalling two or moreso that the Easter could not come earlier than two days after the full moon.

However, most often the amount of days separating the full moon and Easter Sunday, exceeded two, anyway, since the rules have it so that one had to wait for the Easter's advent from the vernal full moon and until the closest Sunday, that is, about three days (half a week) in average, and more than two days in most cases.

So the two-day gap that had accumulated by the age of Vlastar did not always manifest, and no rules were broken in the years when several days had to pass between the full moon and Easter.

However, in certain years, when the distance proved less than two days, the 4th Easter rule was broken, namely, Easter Sunday fell on the second Sunday after the vernal full moon. For example, if the Passover falls on a Saturday, Easter has to be celebrated the next day, on Sunday.

Thus, we know a lot, almost everything, about the Paschalia. So, why the astronomical context of the Paschalia contradicts Scaliger's dating (alleged 325 AD) of the Nicaean Council where the Paschalia was canonized?

This contradiction can easily be seen from the roughest of calculations.

1) The difference between the Paschalian full moons and the real ones grows at the rate of one day in 300 years.

2) A two-day difference had accumulated by the time of Vlastar, which is roughly dated 1330 AD.

3) Ergo, the Paschalia was compiled somewhere around 730 AD, since

1330 - (300 x 2) = 730.

It is understood that the Paschalia could only be canonized by the Council sometime later. But this fails to correspond to Scaliger's dating of its canonization as 325 AD in any way at all!

Let us emphasize, that Matthew Vlastar himself, doesn't see any contradiction here, since he is apparently unaware of the Nicaean Council's dating as the alleged year 325 AD. A natural hypothesis: this traditional dating was introduced much later than Vlastar's age. Most probably, it was first calculated in Scaliger's time.

The conclusion we came to:


The Council that introduced the Paschalia according to the modern tradition as well as the mediaeval one, was the Nicaean Council  could not have taken place before 784 AD, since this was the first year when the calendar date for the Christian Easter stopped coinciding with the Passover full moon due to slow astronomical shifts of lunar phases.

The last such coincidence occurred in 784 AD, and after that year, the dates of Easter and Passover drifted apart forever. This means the Nicaean Council could not have possibly canonized the Paschalia in IV AD, when the calendar Easter Sunday would coincide with the Passover eight (!) times ? in 316, 319, 323, 343, 347, 367, 374, and 394 AD, and would even precede it by two days five (!) times, which is directly forbidden by the fourth Easter rule, that is, in 306 and 326 (allegedly already a year after the Nicaean Council), as well as the years 346, 350, and 370.

Thus, if we're to follow the consensual chronological version, we'll have to consider the first Easter celebrations after the Nicaean Council to blatantly contradict three of the four rules that the Council decreed specifically for this feast! The rules allegedly become broken the very next year after the Council decrees them, yet start to be followed zealously and in full detail five centuries (!) after that.

Let us note that J.J. Scaliger could not have noticed this obvious nonsense during his compilation of the consensual ancient chronology, since computing true full moon dates for the distant past had not been a solved problem in his epoch.

A satisfactory coincidence of calendarian Passover full moons with the astronomical ones had only existed between 700 AD and 1000 AD (by which we mean their occurrence within the range of 24 hours from each other). Prior to that, the calendarian full moons have always taken place after the Passover ones, and after 1000 AD, the opposite started to happen. The beginning of the 13th Great Indiction (877 AD) falls on the period of ideal coincidence of Passover and astronomical full moons.

This means the Paschalia could only have been compiled in the period between the IX and XI centuries AD.

Propter hoc, the dating of the Nicaean Council (as the Council that had introduced the Paschalia) is only possible, within the timeframe of the VII-XI centuries, the most probable one being the epoch of the X-XI centuries, after the year 877 AD.


The Paschalia could have been compiled in the following timeframe:

- not any earlier than 784 AD by the actual definition of Easter;
- not any earlier than 700 AD by the coincidence of Paschalian and astronomical full moons;
- not any earlier than 700 AD by the Palm of Damascenus;
- not any earlier than 743 AD according to Matthew Vlastar;

Hence, the Paschalia was first compiled earliest around the second half of the VIII century AD. The Paschalia was canonized at the Nicaean Council that took place in the XI-XIV centuries. The Paschalia might well have contained certain astronomical concepts of the VII-XI centuries that had already been a part of the ecclesial tradition by that time.

The entire file here:,52083.0.html

That is why the impressive historical facts posted by ski are just fabrications invented during the last 250 years.

The so-called fortresses attributed to the Templars, Tartos, Ruad, Knights Hall in Acre, were actually built at the end of the 18TH century...


Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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The axial precession thread can be addressed only by using the results from the new radical chronology.

A summary of the best work done for the new chronology of history:

Pantheon, constructed during the Rennaisance:

Abbildung 11: Italienische oder pompejanische Renaissance:
Tizian: Liegende Kurtisane (oben) und liegende Mänade aus
Pompeji (unten)
Abbildung der Mänade aus: Pietro Giovanni Guzzo: Pompei, Ercolano, Stabiae, Oplontis;
Napoli 2003, 75

Figure 11: Italian Renaissance and Pompeian:
Titian: Horizontal courtesan (top) and from lying maenad
Pompeii (below)
Figure out the maenad: Pietro Giovanni Guzzo: Pompei, Ercolano, Stabia, Oplontis;
Napoli 2003, 75

The well-known painting by Titian copied perfectly at Pompeii...

You might never believe again in the legend of Napoleon Bonaparte...

Historic Doubts Relative to Napoleon Buonaparte de R. Whately (the biography of Napoleon Bonaparte copied after the biography of Napoleon III)
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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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1939 - Tibetan Acoustic Levitation - Stationary Earth

Tibetan Monks levitate stones by using an acoustic levitation technique with the aid of drums in this 1939 sketch by Swedish aircraft designer Henry Kjellson.

The following extracts are translations taken from the German article: 'We know from the priests of the far east that they were able to lift heavy boulders up high mountains with the help of groups of various sounds... the knowledge of the various vibrations in the audio range demonstrates to a scientist of physics that a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the power of gravitation. Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson wrote about this phenomenon in the publication.

The following report is based on observations which were made only 20 years ago in Tibet. I have this report from civil engineer and flight manager, Henry Kjelson, a friend of mine. He later on included this report in his book, The Lost Techniques. This is his report:

A Swedish doctor, Dr Jarl, a friend of Kjelsons, studied at Oxford. During those times he became friends with a young Tibetan student. A couple of years later, it was 1939, Dr Jarl made a journey to Egypt for the English Scientific Society. There he was seen by a messenger of his Tibetan friend, and urgently requested to come to Tibet to treat a high Lama.

After Dr Jarl got the leave he followed the messenger and arrived after a long journey by plane and Yak caravans, at the monastery, where the old Lama and his friend who was now holding a high position were now living.

Dr Jarl stayed there for some time, and because of his friendship with the Tibetans he learned a lot of things that other foreigners had no chance to hear about, or observe.

One day his friend took him to a place in the neighborhood of the monastery and showed him a sloping meadow which was surrounded in the north west by high cliffs. In one of the rock walls, at a height of about 250 meters was a big hole which looked like the entrance to a cave. In front of this hole there was a platform on which the monks were building a rock wall. The only access to this platform was from the top of the cliff and the monks lowered themselves down with the help of ropes.

In the middle of the meadow, about 250 meters from the cliff, was a polished slab of rock with a bowl like cavity in the centre. The bowl had a diameter of one meter and a depth of 15 centimeters. A block of stone was maneuvered into this cavity by Yak oxen. The block was one meter wide and one and one-half meters long. Then 19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 meters from the stone slab. The radius of 63 meters was measured out accurately. The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums and six trumpets.

Eight drums had a cross-section of one meter, and a length of one and one-half meters. Four drums were medium size with a cross-section of 0.7 meter and a length of one meter. The only small drum had a cross-section of 0.2 meters and a length of 0.3 meters. All the trumpets were the same size. They had a length of 3.12 meters and an opening of 0.3 meters. The big drums and all the trumpets were fixed on mounts which could be adjusted with staffs in the direction of the slab of stone.
The big drums were made of 3mm thick sheet iron, and had a weight of 150 kg. They were built in five sections. All the drums were open at one end, while the other end had a bottom of metal, on which the monks beat with big leather clubs. Behind each instrument was a row of monks. The situation is demonstrated in the following diagram:

When the stone was in position the monk behind the small drum gave a signal to start the concert. The small drum had a very sharp sound, and could be heard even with the other instruments making a terrible din. All the monks were singing and chanting a prayer, slowly increasing the tempo of this unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 meters high. After three minutes of ascent it landed on the platform.

Continuously they brought new blocks to the meadow, and the monks using this method, transported 5 to 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately 500 meters long and 250 meters high. From time to time a stone split, and the monks moved the split stones away. Quite an unbelievable task.

Dr Jarl knew about the hurling of the stones. Tibetan experts like Linaver, Spalding and Hue had spoken about it, but they had never seen it. So Dr Jarl was the first foreigner who had the opportunity to see this remarkable spectacle. Because he had the opinion in the beginning that he was the victim of mass-psychosis he made two films of the incident. The films showed exactly the same things that he had witnessed.

The English Society for which Dr Jarl was working confiscated the two films and declared them classified.

Until now, no one has even attempted to explain this carefully documented levitation of the block of stone (the author the article, B. Cathie, does not seem to understand the fact, that during the levitation itself, the block was not subject to any gravitational force, and therefore had the Earth been orbiting the Sun at a speed of 107,000 km/hr or some 29 km/s, it would have disappared instantly from the sight of the monks and the witnesses, not to mention the speed of the rotating Earth).

63.5 meters distance = 100 sacred cubits (1 sc = 0.6356 meters)

1 sacred inch = 0.02542 m = 2,542 cm

The sacred cubit is designated in the form of a horseshoe projection, known as the "Boss" on the face of the Granite Leaf in the Ante-Chamber of the Pyramid. By application of this unit of measurement it was discovered to be subdivided into 25 equal parts known now as: Pyramid inches.

180 monks - OM chanting - OM frequency = 136.1 Hz

6 trumpets = 53,4 Hz (length of each trumpet = 3.178 m = 6 sc)

8 drums = 106.6 Hz

4 drums = 160 Hz

1 drum = 534,3 Hz

Speed of sound = OM frequency x 2.5

Speed of sound/distance = frequency of the 6 trumpets

534.3 x 1 sc = speed of sound

Dimensions of the cavity resonator: 6 sacred inches height , 40 sacred inches diameter

Gizeh Pyramid

Distance from Campbell's chamber apex to top = 63.5 meters

It is obvious that the monks did not have at their disposal a trumpet with a length of 6.36 meters, that is why their doubled the first three frequencies, which should have measured 26.66 ,  53,4 ,  80 Hz respectively, to match the measurements of the heights of the chambers of the Gizeh Pyramid.

Matter has a sound aspect, and when a vibration is caused it generates an acoustical wave which travels through the air working with it concurrently and resulting in oscillations of particles in the air and this causes the intermolecular space of the air to rise in vibrations and causes the atoms to eventually work into the first state of the ether. (for a complete description of the atom - and how the concepts of quarks, antimatter, higgs boson/field were simply copied from the pages of the Occult Chemistry) (diagrams of the etheric atom) (first chapter from Occult Chemistry, The Nature of Matter)

The design of the tibetan levitation is similar to that of the Ptah/Osiris/Horus staff:

Tibetan levitation video:

Denis Terwagne of the University of Liège in Belgium and John Bush, a mathematician at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with quite an interesting finding concerning a ceremonial instrument used by generations of Tibetans.

Sonic levitation - cymatics




Now, we can understand exactly how the blocks of granite from Baalbek were moved from one place to another.

Weight: 2000 tons

Three blocks, weight 1000 tons each

Seven blocks, each weighing 400 tons

Fourteen blocks, each weighing 300 tons

Here is a fascinating question. Why did the builders of the Trilithon struggle with 800-ton weights when it would have been far easier to split the giant monoliths into smaller blocks? Why not use 4 x 200-ton stones rather than a cumbersome 800-tonner?

According to my engineer-friends, it was very risky to use 800-ton blocks in the way seen at Baalbek. This is because any vertical defects running lengthwise through the stone might have led to a critical structural weakness. In contrast, a similar fault in a smaller block would not have affected the overall construction. Either the builder was incompetent and just plain lucky or he was competent and supremely confident in his materials.

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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Consider what a prism does:

The splitting of a ray into its component colours is known as dispersion of light and the band of colours is known as a spectrum.

A ray of light DOES NOT split into any component colours.

This is another subject of science where the official dogma is trying to hide the truth.

Newton surmised that when we see a colour spectrum emerge from a prism, it is due to 'the splitting of light into its component colours'.

What Newton failed to do, was to take a look through the prism. If you actually do this, the white areas do not split into a rainbow of colour as might be expected -- you only see colour at the edges of objects.

The physicists explain it thus - the colourless light already contains the seven colours within itself - and when we make the light go through the prism, the prism really does no more than to fan out and separate what is already there in the light, - the seven colours, into which it is thus analyzed.

A look through the prism shows that we do not see the light in seven colours. The only place you can see any colour is at some edge or border-line.

If we let light pass through the space of the room, we get a white circle on a screen. Put a prism in the way, and the cylinder of light is diverted, (Figure IIc), but what appears is not the series of seven colours at all, only a reddish colour at the lower edge, passing over into
yellow, and at the upper edge a blue passing over into greenish shades. In the middle it stays white.

Also, we have been taught the wrong information about magnets, and the magnetic field.

The most thorough investigation of magnets belongs to H. Johnson, in the classic Spintronics:

Spintronics -The Secret World of Magnets (2006 by Howard Johnson)

Here are the images obtained: each magnet has FOUR vortices of particles streaming in/out of it:

The double vortex, magnified:

The graphic drawn by E. Leedskalnin: two currents of particles (each current is actually made up of two vortices) make up a magnet's field, both running N - S and S - N:

The particles that make up the magnetic field are subquarks (also called omegans, tachyons, preons).

A subquark (tachyon, anu, omegan) is made up of vortices which consist of bosons and antibosons (strings of bosons).

Ether (telluric currents) consists of double vortices of subquarks also; in a conductor, the atoms made up of subquarks will align themselves to let bosons pass from a subquark to another, that is, electricity.

An electric current brought to bear upon the Anu checks their proper motions, i.e., renders them slower; the Anu exposed to it arrange themselves in parallel lines, and in each line the heart-shaped depression receives the flow, which passes out through the apex into the depression of the next, and so on. The Anu always set themselves to the current. Fig. 4. In all the diagrams the heart-shaped body, exaggerated to show the depression caused by the inflow and the point caused by the outflow, is a single Anu.

Here is how a subquark looks like (emissive and receptive vortex): (string, subquark, quark, meson, proton vortex theory)

A boson consists of the smallest vortices of matter: they are called aparabindu and parabindu in vedic physics.

The Great Pyramid of Gizeh is nothing else than a huge scale representation of an emissive aparabindu; its missing apex is the parabindu.

Terrestrial gravity is represented by the dextrorotatory strings of receptive subquarks; antigravity comes into play once we can activate the laevorotatory strings of emissive subquarks (by torsion, sound, applying high electrical tension).

Living tissue (with the exception of some bacteria) contains only L-amino acids (laevorotatory-left handed); dead tissue only D-amino acids (dextrorotatory-right handed).

That is, living tissue receives the antigravitational supply of laevorotatory strings of subquarks.

Francis Crick, codiscoverer of the DNA structure, describes this strange characteristic of the molecules of living organisms:

    It has been well known for many years that for any particular molecule only one hand occurs in nature.  For example the amino acids one finds in proteins are always what are called the L or levo amino acids, and never the D or dextro amino acids.  Only one of the two mirror possibilities occurs in proteins.

Linus Pauling, Nobel laureate in chemistry:

        This is a very puzzling fact . . . . All the proteins that have been investigated, obtained from animals and from plants, from higher organisms and from very simple organisms bacteria, molds, even viruses are found to have been made of L-amino acids.

Ether waves of the dextrorotatory kind cause decay/decomposition/inertia/gravity; the laevorotatory waves provide antigravitational effects.

N. Kozyrev realized that gravity = time = dextrorotatory strings.
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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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There is a 100% accurate proof of the existence of ether; this in turn means that terrestrial gravity is due to the pressure of the telluric currents, thus providing another FET proof.

A century-old claim by  two early leaders of  the Theosophical
Society to have used a form of ESP to observe subatomic particles is evaluat-
ed. Their observations  are  found  to be consistent with  facts  of  nuclear
physics and with the quark model of particle physics provided that their as-
sumption that they saw atoms is rejected.  Their account of the force binding
together the fundamental constituents of  matter is shown to agree with the
string model.  Their description of these basic particles bears striking similar-
ity to basic ideas of superstring theory.  The implication  of  this remarkable
correlation between ostensible paranormal  observations of subatomic parti-
cles and facts of nuclear and particle physics is that quarks are neither funda-
mental nor hadronic states of superstrings, as many physicists  currently as-
sume, but, instead, are composed of three subquark states of a superstring.

Given that the gaps in the periodic table represented by these anticipated un-
stable elements were known to Besant & Leadbeater, how can we be sure that
their descriptions were based upon real  objects and were not fabricated  ac-
cording  to their expectations?  Knowing which  groups of  the periodic  table
these  undiscovered  elements belong  to could  have  enabled them  to  deduce
what shape their atoms ought to have, having decided upon a rule to link atom-
ic shapes to groups. But the values of  the atomic weights of  these elements
were unknown to science at the time when Besant and Leadbeater published
observations of them and yet the "number weights" (defined shortly) that they
calculated for  these  elements  agree with  their  chemical atomic  weights  to
within one unit.
It is highly implausible that this measure of agreement could
have  come about by  chance in  every case. Furthermore, analysis (Phillips,
1994) of the particles reported to have been observed in the supposed atoms of
these elements undiscovered by science at the time reveals such a high degree
of agreement with the theory presented in this paper to explain micro-psi ob-
servations of atoms that neither deliberate fabrication nor hallucinations influ-
enced by knowledge of the gaps in the periodic table are realistic explanations
of these elements being examined before their scientific discovery.  These two
considerations strongly suggest that the descriptions by Besant and Leadbeat-
er of the supposed atoms of these elements must have been based upon physi-
cal objects, for there is simply no more plausible alternative that can explain
such a measure of agreement.

The fact that elements in the same subgroup of a group of the periodic table do not always
occur in the same subgroup of the micro-psi  version of this table is inconsis-
tent with what one would expect if  Besant and Leadbeater  had been merely
guided by their knowledge of chemistry to fabricate the correlation.  Secondly,
how could hallucinations, whose cause was located entirely inside their brains
and not outside amongst the trillions of atoms in all the chemicals they exam-
ined, generate UPA populations in MPAs that always turned out to be about 18
times the correct atomic weights of their elements?  This is true, remarkable,
even for elements like francium and astatine, whose atomic weights must have
been unknown to Besant and Leadbeater because science discovered them in,
respectively,  1939  and  1940,  about seven years  after the deaths of  the two
Theosophists.  How, if  MPAs  are not atoms, could they have anticipated  in
1908 - five years before scientists suspected the existence of isotopes - the
fact that an element such as neon could have more than one type of  atom, an
MPA, moreover, whose calculated number weight of 22.33 is consistent with
their having detected with micro-psi the neon-22 nuclide before the physicist
J. J. Thomson discovered it in  1913? One must turn to particle physics for an-

This paper has presented evidence (summarized in Table 3) of how facts of
nuclear and particle physics are consistent with purported psychic descriptions
of subatomic particles.  It is because Besant and Leadbeater finished their ob-
servations many years before pertinent scientific knowledge became available
that their work cannot be rejected  as fraudulent once this consistency is ac-
cepted.  Nor can critics plausible interpret their observations as precognitive
visions of future ideas and discoveries of  physics.  If  this had been the case, Besant and Leadbeater might reasonably have been expected to describe atoms
according to the Rutherford-Bohr model.
The nuclear model of the atom was
formulated by Rutherford in 1911, two years after they concluded their main
investigation of MPAs. Yet none of its features can be found in their publica-
tions. Instead of being atoms, as would be expected if micro-psi faculty were
actually precognition, MPAs are more exotic objects which, as Figure 5 shows,
have  compositions and  UPA  populations indicating  that  they consist of  the
constituent quarks and subquarks or two atomic nuclei of  an element.  This
makes  them more  akin  to what  nuclear physicists  call  "compound nuclei,"
which are formed in high-energy physics laboratories by the collision and brief
fusion  of  two  very  fast-moving  nuclei. Moreover, precognition would  not
have led Besant and Leadbeater to portray some chemical molecules such as
methane and benzene in a way that conflicts with chemistry.  If they had used
merely  precognition, they  would never have observed four MPAs for which
atomic theory can provide no corresponding element; they would have record-
ed only MPAs of known elements.

The fact that most of their descriptions of MPAs were  published  several  years  before  physicists even suspected  that atoms had nuclei excludes the possibility  of their fraudulent use of scientific knowledge about the composition of nuclei in terms of protons, neutrons and
mass numbers because no such information existed then, Chadwick discover-
ing  the  neutron  in  1932, twenty-four years  after  the first  edition  of  Occult
Chemistry  appeared.  No normal or alternative paranormal explanation  of the
correlation between modern physics and their ostensible 100-year old obser-
vations  of  subatomic  particles appears  to exist  other  than that  Besant  and
Leadbeater genuinely described aspects of the microscopic world by means of
ESP, albeit one disturbed by the act of paranormal observation.

The following sections of the article by Dr. Stephen Phillips provide a complete and correct model of the atom, up to boson/antiboson level:

Micro-psi Atoms
Quark Model
A Statistical Test
Quantum Chromodynamics
The String Model
Micro-psi Confirmation of the String Model
Structure of the UPA (Subquark)
UPA as Subquark State of Superstring

Detection of subquarks/preons:,30499.msg1278981.html#msg1278981

Biography of Dr. Stephen Phillips:

DR STEPHEN PHILLIPS earned his Ph.D. at the University of California, where he also taught mathematics and physics. In 1979 one of his scientific papers was published, proposing a theory that unified particle interactions and predicted that quarks are not fundamental (as most physicists currently believe) but are composed of three more basic particles ('subquarks') which, may have since been detected at FermiLab, high-energy physics laboratory near Chicago in America. He has lectured on his research at the Cavendish Laboratory of Cambridge University.

In the Occult Chemistry (copied by Murray Gell-Mann, P. Dirac, and P. Higgs), A. Besant described correctly EACH AND EVERY element of the periodic table (including isotopes); moreover, the atom is shown to be made up of vortices (ether/subquarks/tachyons).

A 100% statistical proof of the correctness of the ether model (see also the graphs in the article of Dr. Phillips).


Laevorotatory and dextrorotatory subquarks (tachyons/preons/omegans) - first state of ether E1

Second state of ether: E2 - QUARKS and other types of combinations

Third state of ether: E3 - MESONS and other types of combinations

Fourth state of ether: E4 - BARYONS and other types of combinations

Seven fundamental forms of the elements (subquark vortices)


A proton is made up of NINE laevorotatory subquarks - an electron is actually comprised of NINE dextrorotatory subquarks (called now preons).

However, modern science has mistakenly named a SINGLE dextrorotatory subquark as an electron and has ascribed THE TOTAL charge of the NINE corresponding subquarks as the total negative charge of a single electron, thus confusing the whole matter.

TELLURIC CURRENTS are represented by double torsion waves of BOTH laevorotatory (antigravity) and dextrorotatory (terrestrial gravity) subquarks.

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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Egyptian Pteranodon

A. Fomenko proved that the pharaohs did live during the Renaissance:

Table of contents of the Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs:

And as we saw earlier both Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed by the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius at least after 1700 AD.

Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #127 on: November 14, 2012, 02:02:03 AM »
Pompeii, House of the Physician mosaic, Lexovisaurus depicted

Both of the images above are from the "Hunt" mosaic discovered in the House of the physician in Pompeii, Rome. When the images are discussed, it is within academia, not with the general public. The apology given for the oversized reptiles is that they are simply nile crocodiles. This is not the case.  The crocodiles on these Nile works were rendered realistically and accurately as shown in this rendering from the Nile Mosaic below:

Note that in the first two images, and in the complete mural below a man is battling a reptile taller than himself with a shield and a spear. Compare the man, the dinosaur and the building at the center of the image.

The creature on the right has a dermal ridge, unlike a crocodile but exactly like certain dinosaur types.

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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Two of the very best papers published by Dr. Anatoly Fomenko and Dr. G. Nosovsky on the new chronology subject, both appeared in the Acta Applicandae Mathematicae (17 - 1989 and 29 - 1992):

When was Ptolemy's star catalogue in Almagest compiled in reality?

The dating of Ptolemy's Almagest based on the coverings of the stars and on lunar eclipses

A rigorous and extraordinary demonstration that the works attributed to Ptolemy (90 - 168 AD) were actually written at least 1000 years later, in fact at least after 1350 AD.

In an earlier message, the link to the best work published by Fomenko and Nosovsky: volume III of History: Fiction or Science?: Dating the Almagest.


Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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When the Earth sees the fingers of Spearfinger strike Jupiter, when the ages of the Rings and wheels tell it is the ending of the ages of cycles of 5, this will be the sign for the whole earth, for all the earth will see this thing, to wake up from sleep.

Spearfinger = one of the former satellites of Saturn (currently named the Shoemaker-Levy comet)

Origin of long period comets (from Velikovsky’s unpublished Saturn and the Flood):

Saturn and the Flood – Jupiter of the Thunderbolt by I. Velikovsky:   

More on the mysterious origins of short and long period comets: Worlds in Collision by Velikovsky:

Velikovsky Worlds in Collision

Earth in Upheaval by I. Velikovsky:

Velikovsky Earth in Upheaval

Velikovsky did not realize, unfortunately, that the “ancient” Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Mayan, Babylonian bibliographical sources were all forgeries of the 18th Century, as demonstrated with ample proofs in the new radical chronology subject.

Moreover, the sudden extermination of the mammoths was caused by enormous tides that swept over continents. The leaves and twigs found in their stomachs did not grow in the area where the animals died, but far to the south, a thousand or more miles away. In the RE theory presented by Velikovsky, a hemisphere travelled southward (the immediate subsequent movement of the Siberian continent into the polar region): that is, a tilting of Earth’s axis due to the slowing down/stoppage of the Earth in its diurnal “rotation”.

The only sources we can trust for a description of  past planetary collisions (FE theory) in Worlds in Collision are as follows: Polynesia, Maoris of New Zealand, Samoan tribes, Tahiti, Hawaii, Loanga, Kanga, Wanyoro tribes in Africa, Oraibi, Kaska, Choctaw and Pawnee tribes in North America, Lapland tribes (all described in Worlds in Collision – use the index/search functions), and, of course, the greatest of all works on cosmology, the Bundahis.

An in-depth knowledge and understanding of past planetary cataclysms allows us to find out when future collisions between planets and future extended solar eclipses will take place with precision.

Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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German antigravitational secret weapons, best documentation by Nick Cook ( Aviation Editor of Jane's Defence Weekly), Hunt For The Zero Point:

A Guide to German Flying Discs of the Second World War:

SS Brotherhood of the Bell (Joseph Farrell):

Reich of the Black Sun (Joseph Farrell):

google search with: whale reich of the black sun pdf

Thule Tachyonator Mercury Gyro (double torsion applied to mercury, described in The Hunt for the Zero Point):

Haunebu flying disk:

German UFOs - superb documentation:

Die Gloke - Torsion Aether Field Physics:
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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Vril society Antarctica expeditions, UFO technology, R. Byrd's Operation High-Jump, Piri Reis map: best documentation


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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Good work!

Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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The FE wiki should be based totally on this "good work".

John, if you have read my messages carefully, you should be able to predict when the next total solar eclipse which will last for more than 30 minutes (the disk of Sun is fully obscured) will occur. It has happened three times in the past, the geological consequences being described in Earth in Upheaval by Velikovsky.

You will also find the reason why Venus (Aten/Aton/Athene) was worshipped by Akhenaton, more details in the chapter Venus in Velikovsky's Worlds in Collision. The new radical chronology helps us understand who really built the monuments at Tenochtitlan, Monte Alban, Tiahuanaco, Chichen Itza and much more...and how the "mayan" stelae were falsified.


Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Like most official ‘thinking’ the historical and archaeological establishment makes up its own stories, calls them proven facts, and simply ignores the overwhelming evidence that they are wrong. The idea is not to educate, but to indoctrinate. Anyone who doesn’t conform to the official line of history is isolated by their fellow historians and archaeologists who either know their jobs, reputations and funding are safer when they stick to the official version, or, frankly, they cannot see beyond the end of their noses. The same can be said of most people in the teaching and ‘intellectual’ professions.

Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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In addition to the faint young paradox, the inexistence of attractive gravity (experiments performed by Dr. B. DePalma and Dr. N. Kozyrev), the galactic orbit paradox, the cloud trajectories paradox (stationary earth), the Tunguska explosion seen all the way from London, we have, for the most skeptical RE supporter, the most precise proof of them all: the fact that prior to 1800 AD, there are no astronomical/historical records/data whatsoever which would prove the precessional movement of the Earth.,52083.0.html#.UQvTp2FK5Qg

It is assumed that the First Ecumenical Nicaean Council (Nicaea is a town in Bythinia, Asia Minor) had compiled and sanctioned a church calendar in the year 325 AD. The Christian church has deemed this Easter Book (in the West), also known as Paschalia (in the East), to be of the greatest importance ever since.

The Council that introduced the Paschalia – according to the modern tradition as well as the mediaeval one, was the Nicaean Council – could not have taken place before 784 AD, since this was the first year when the calendar date for the Christian Easter stopped coinciding with the Passover full moon due to slow astronomical shifts of lunar phases.

The last such coincidence occurred in 784 AD, and after that year, the dates of Easter and Passover drifted apart forever. This means the Nicaean Council could not have possibly canonized the Paschalia in IV AD, when the calendar Easter Sunday would coincide with the Passover eight (!) times – in 316, 319, 323, 343, 347, 367, 374, and 394 AD, and would even precede it by two days five (!) times, which is directly forbidden by the fourth Easter rule, that is, in 306 and 326 (allegedly already a year after the Nicaean Council), as well as the years 346, 350, and 370.

Thus, if we’re to follow the consensual chronological version, we’ll have to consider the first Easter celebrations after the Nicaean Council to blatantly contradict three of the four rules that the Council decreed specifically for this feast! The rules allegedly become broken the very next year after the Council decrees them, yet start to be followed zealously and in full detail five centuries (!) after that.

A satisfactory coincidence of calendarian Passover full moons with the astronomical ones had only existed between 700 AD and 1000 AD (by which we mean their occurrence within the range of 24 hours from each other). Prior to that, the calendarian full moons have always taken place after the Passover ones, and after 1000 AD, the opposite started to happen. The beginning of the 13th Great Indiction (877 AD) falls on the period of ideal coincidence of Passover and astronomical full moons.

This means the Paschalia could only have been compiled in the period between the IX and XI centuries AD.

Propter hoc, the dating of the Nicaean Council (as the Council that had introduced the Paschalia) is only possible, within the timeframe of the VII-XI centuries, the most probable one being the epoch of the X-XI centuries, after the year 877 AD.

Papal Bull, Gregory XIII, 1582:

Therefore we took care not only that the vernal equinox returns on its former date, of which it has already deviated approximately ten days since the Nicene Council, and so that the fourteenth day of the Paschal moon is given its rightful place, from which it is now distant four days and more, but also that there is founded a methodical and rational system which ensures, in the future, that the equinox and the fourteenth day of the moon do not move from their appropriate positions.

According to the official chronology and astronomy, the direction of Earth's rotation axis executes a slow precession with a period of approximately 26,000 years.

Therefore, in the year 325 e.n., official date for the Council of Nicaea, the winter solstice MUST HAVE FALLEN on December 21 or December 22; in the year 968 e.n., on December 16; and in the year 1582, on December 11.

We are told that the motivation for the Gregorian reform was that the Julian calendar assumes that the time between vernal equinoxes is 365.25 days, when in fact it is about 11 minutes less. The accumulated error between these values was about 10 days (starting from the Council of Nicaea) when the reform was made, resulting in the equinox occurring on March 11 and moving steadily earlier in the calendar, also by the 16th century AD the winter solstice fell around December 11.

But, in fact, as we see from the superb work The Easter Issue, the Council of Nicaea could not have taken place any earlier than the year 876-877 e.n., which means that the winter solstice in the year 968 e.n., for example must have fallen on December 21.

And, of course, in the year 1582, the winter solstice would have arrived on December 16, not at all on December 11.

Let us imagine the protests which would have followed if the Vatican would have dared to say that the winter solstice in 1581-1582 occurred on December 11, given the precise fact that IT MUST HAVE TAKEN PLACE ON DECEMBER 16. This means, of course, that the Papal Bull, dated 1582, was created much later in time, in fact at least after 1700 e.n., to give the impression of a "historical proof" of the axial precession hypothesis.

There is no other way around it: the most precise proofs that the Council of Nicaea could not have taken place any earlier than the year 876-877 e.n., which means that the entire medieval and even ancient chronology was invented by both "Scaliger" and "Petavius" some centuries later (that is, the conspirators who faked/forged the official chronology during the second half of the XVIII century).

No European countries ( ) could have possibly adopted the Gregorian calendar reformation in the period 1582-1800, given the absolute fact that the winter solstice must have falled on December 16 in the year 1582 AD, and not at all on December 11 (official chronology) - a difference of a full five days would have destroyed the credibility of Vatican's astronomers.
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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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Dating the Council of Nicaea, more details

Dionysius Exiguus could not possibly have lived in the 6th century AD

(Dr. G. Nosovsky, 1994)

The Council of Nicaea, therefore, could not have possibly taken place before the year 876-877 AD.

The Council of Laodicea was a regional synod of approximately thirty clerics from Asia Minor that assembled about 363–364 AD in Laodicea, Phrygia Pacatiana.

The major concerns of the Council involved regulating the conduct of church members. The Council expressed its decrees in the form of written rules or canons.

However, the most pressing issue, the fact that the calendar Easter Sunday would coincide with the Passover eight (!) times – in 316, 319, 323, 343, 347, 367, 374, and 394 AD, and would even precede it by two days five (!) times, which is directly forbidden by the fourth Easter rule, that is, in 306 and 326 (allegedly already a year after the Nicaean Council), as well as the years 346, 350, and 370 was NOT presented during this alleged Council of Laodicea.

Neither was this issue presented during the Councils of Antioch (341AD), OR during the Councils of Carthage (397AD, 411AD, 418AD) - a fact which is impossible given the extraordinary proofs discovered by Dr. Nosovsky.

Amazingly, both Galileo and Kepler AGREE with the changes in the calendar proposed by pontiff Gregory XIII.

In 1613, the Emperor Matthias asked Kepler to attend the Reichstag at Regensburg to counsel on the issue of adopting the Gregorian calendar reform in Germany. In Germany, the Protestant princes had refused to accept the calendar on confessional grounds. Kepler believed that the new calendar was sufficiently exact to satisfy all needs for many centuries. Thus, he proposed that the Emperor issue a general imperial decree to implement the calendar.

Clavius was the senior mathematician on the commission for the reform of the calendar that led, in 1582, to the institution of the Gregorian calendar.
From his university days, Galileo was familiar with Clavius's books, and he visited the famous man during his first trip to Rome in 1587. After that they corresponded from time to time about mathematical problems, and Clavius sent Galileo copies of his books as they appeared.

But, as we have seen, in the year 1582, the winter solstice would have arrived on December 16, not at all on December 11, a clear fact which could not have been missed by T. Brahe, or G. Galilei, or J. Kepler - thus we can understand the fiction at work in the official chronology.

Newton agrees with the date of December 11, 1582 as well; moreover, Britain and the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1752 (official chronology); again, more fiction at work: no European country could have possibly adopted the Gregorian calendar reformation in the period 1582-1800, given the absolute fact that the winter solstice must have falled on December 16 in the year 1582 AD, and not at all on December 11 (official chronology).

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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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The author of Revelation 11:8 tells us that Christ was not crucified in Jerusalem.

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

King James Bible (Cambridge Ed.)

And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication. (Rev. 14:8 )

Here is the mind which has wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits (Rev. 17:9 )

The woman whom you saw is the great city, which reigns over the kings of the earth. (Rev. 17:18 )

Great city on seven hills - either Rome or Constantinopole (also built in seven hills - )

"Furthermore, the crucifixion did not even take place in Jerusalem! According to the book of Revelations, Jesus was crucified in Rome:

And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified. (Revelations 11:8, KJV)

The Christians would probably argue that the “great city” refers to Jerusalem, yet the renowned Bible scholar John Gill disagrees:

And their dead bodies [shall lie] in the street of the great city,.... Not Jerusalem, which was destroyed when John had this vision, and which will not be rebuilt at the time it refers to; nor is it ever called the great city, though the city of the great King; however, not in this book, though the new Jerusalem is so called, Revelation 21:10; but that can never be designed here; but the city of Rome, or the Roman jurisdiction, the whole empire of the Romish antichrist, which is often called the great city in this book; see Revelation 16:19."

Jerusalem = Constantinopole - original quote from the epistle to the Galatians - Christ in Constantinopole:,45731.msg1131078.html#msg1131078

The best book about  Kant's philosophy (epistemology and ethics) is, by far, The Ominous Parallels by L. Peikoff ( )


Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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This 100-page book from 1894 shows that:
·         The Paul figure was a literary invention from the 1500's
·         The purportedly early Church Father writings were literary inventions of the 1500's
·         Eusebius' Church History was written in the 1500's.
·         The Gospels were written in the 1500's.

For those who follow the list of "St. Malachy" (list of pontiffs)...

Benedict - Olivetans - Gloria Olivae

Francis of Assisi - Franciscan Order - Peter (St. Peter and St. Francis, things in common)
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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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I'm not 100% sure of this, but I think this subject is not off-context. Then it should "fit" in Flat Earth General.

Ok, you all know that it is uncomfortable to express your opinions about earth's shape in our current society, where round earth is considered an absolute and unquestionable truth. I have did it in school, and that didn't went so well.

I'm in the first year of the High School, and here we are taught obviously that the world is round, this is a recurrent theme in Geography and Physics. But I will speak specifically about my discussions with my Physics teacher on earth's shape.

You know, we have to frequently "swallow" the idea that the earth is round and orbits the sun, as well that the sun is a star, space travel is possible, NASA doesn't lie etc. Some weeks ago, I was listening to these things told by my teacher and then I raised my hand and said: "Teacher, I know a group, a kind of organization, which believes that the earth is flat, and NASA fakes its images.". He answered: "Really? They're ignorant. It was proved that the earth is round. I can think about the possibility of geocentric models, maybe. But a flat earth is impossible."

Bring to the attention of your physics teacher the following undeniable facts:

The greatest champion of the flat earth theory is Newton himself (official chronology, or, in the new radical chronology theory, the group of persons who wrote the books which make up Newton's work, from alchemy to the private letters he sent to Oldenburg, Bentley and Halley...):,53879.msg1325217.html#msg1325217

His pressure terrestrial gravity can happen only on a flat surface of the Earth.

Show your teacher the entire Tunguska file, for example:,3152.msg1401098.html#msg1401098 (page 24 and also the next page from the thread gravity as it relates to the speed of light)

The classic experiments performed by Dr. Bruce DePalma and Dr. N. Kozyrev:,55865.msg1393588.html#msg1393588,55865.msg1394647.html#msg1394647

A ball spinning at 27,000 RPM and a non-spinning ball were catapulted side-by-side with equal momentum and projection angle. In defiance of all who reject the ether as unrealistic, the spinning ball actually weighed less, and traveled higher than its non-spinning counterpart. Those who attribute this to an aerodynamic or atmospheric effect, please note that it works just as well in a vacuum. Also note, this effect has since been verified by other [enlightened] researchers. The decrease in weight of the spinning ball - anti-gravity - can explain why the spinning object goes higher and falls faster than the identical non-rotating control. Current thinking is that there is no special interaction between rotation and gravity. The behavior of rotating objects is simply the addition of ether energy to whatever motion the rotating object is making.

Then, we move to the Faint Young Sun Paradox:,30499.msg1312927.html#msg1312927

No elements could have formed in the big bang explosion (or in the failed/fake space time continuum):,55861.0.html#.UUWYVjd5ciI

You might also bring up the barometric pressure paradox:,55855.0.html#.UUWYcDd5ciI

Using the search function (both here and in the .net website) your teacher can find out how ALL american/soviet/russian space missions were completely faked...

And last, but not least, show your teacher the photographs taken in Antarctica by Fred Brunjes, and also the Solar ISS/Atlantis transit videos...
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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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That there was a darkness lasting three hours during the crucifixion is recorded in three of the Gospels. They read as follows:

Matthew 27:45 Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour.
Mark 15:33 And when the sixth hour was come, there was darkness over the whole land until the ninth hour.
Luke 23:44-48 And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour.

The moon eclipse of April 3, 33 AD lasted for only a few minutes, and not for three hours (the eclipse must have been lunar, since we need a full Moon for the Passover).

The only lengthy eclipse which matches the biblical description occurred in the year 368 AD, March 21.

For obvious reasons, apologists are fond of claiming ancient pagan witnesses for the "darkness." Two names are banded about: Thallus and Phlegon. But the truth is we know next to nothing about either and our sources are all Christian scribes.

Apologists like to push Thallus into the 1st century to make him a "better witness" but all we can be sure of is that he wrote before Theophilus, a bishop in Antioch who mentions his name, at the end of the 2nd century. The probability is that Thallus is actually a 2nd century writer.

In any event, we have NO text written by Thallus himself. What we do have is a reference to Thallus in a 9th century work by Georgius Syncellus, a Byzantine churchman. Yet Syncellus doesn't quote the words of Thallus directly – he relies on a 2nd - 3rd century Christian writer called Julius Africanus (thought to be a Libyan). But Africanus himself has paraphrased Thallus, thus making the testimony of Syncellus no better than third-hand and unreliable.

Even allowing such dubious provenance for the "testimony of Thallus," just what does our pagan witness say? Africanus tells us that Thallus recorded a solar eclipse – and there is nothing at all unusual in an ancient observer recording such natural phenomena.

The twist is that Africanus says Thallus was mistaken, that he was really recording the darkness spoken of in the gospels! It is Africanus who makes the link to Jesus – not Thallus!

There is no doubt that Phlegon was a 2nd century writer, around the time of Hadrian. Phlegon merely recorded a great earthquake in Bithynia, which is on the coast of the Black Sea. Again, not Phlegon but the Christians who quote him make the link to Judaea and the crucifixion.

The Christian fraudsters concatenated Thallus' eclipse with Phlegon's earthquake (both "signs" planted in the gospels) to witness their fabulous nonsense, disregarding what was written, when it was written and which part of the world it referred to!

And yet no writer of that age or country, or any other age or country, mentions the circumstance but Matthew. A phenomenon so terrible and so serious in its effects as literally to unhinge the planets and partially disorganize the universe must have excited the alarm and amazement of the whole world, and caused a serious disturbance in the affairs of nations. And yet strange, superlatively strange, not one of the numerous historians of that age makes the slightest allusion to such an astounding event.

Even Seneca and the elder Pliny, who so particularly and minutely chronicle the events of those times, are as silent as the grave relative to this greatest event in the history of the world.

Therefore, the description concerning the lunar eclipse at crucifixion, accompanied by a darkness which lasted for a full three hours, is just fiction.

The New Testament: religion of Osiris, sun-worship, disguised in christianity:

They changed every word Christ originally said, in order to start a new religion, in which they would be at the very top.

In the new radical chronology, Christ was crucified at Constantinopole, approximately in the year 1770 AD.

Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
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J. Scaliger (De Emendatione Temporum - 1583, Thesaurus Temporum - 1606), D. Petavius (De Doctrina Temporum, 1627), P. Crusius (Liber de Epochis - 1578) mention Pompeii and Herculaneum as having been destroyed in the year 79 AD (Vesuvius eruption).

And yet, in the SAME DECADE,  in the official chronology, the famed cartographer Abraham Ortelius depicts Pompeii as a city in full activity in his Regno de Napoli maps (published in several editions from 1570 to 1578): (biography of A. Ortelius),30499.msg1243234.html#msg1243234 (more details here, including the Pompeii Grafitti, gladiators with helmets which feature mobile visors, a XVth century invention),30499.msg1243598.html#msg1243598 (Plutarch, Josephus, Dio Cassius, Pliny the Elder, Eusebius - fictional characters invented at least after 1700 AD)

The first historical records of the glass rolling process in Saint Gobain date back to 1688.

This process involves pouring molten glass onto the rolling table, spreading it out and rolling it. It produces flat glass of an even thickness. Another advantage is that this process enables the production of glass sheets with the dimensions of 40 x 60 inches, which is ideal for mirror making.

And yet, perfectly flat glass at Herculaneum:

"The use of Renaissance artists of identical details, same colors decisions, motives, general composition plans, the presence in the Pompeian frescoes of the things that emerged in the 15 to 17 century, the presence in Pompeian paintings of genre painting, which is found only in the epoch of the Renaissance, and the presence of some Christian motifs on some frescoes and mosaics suggest that Pompeian frescoes and the works of artists of the Renaissance come from the same people who have lived in the epoch. "Vitas Narvidas," Pompeian Frescoes and the Renaissance: a comparison, "Electronic Almanac" Art & Fact 1 (5), 2007.

Here is an article which takes a very close look at the correct historical dating of the Vesuvius eruption which destroyed the city of Pompeii (translation from German):


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In the Book of Jubilees, the Garden of Eden is described as being located to the WEST of the Nile river and NORTH of Egypt, and the land of Ham as being located to the right of the Garden, thus contradicting clearly the version in the Genesis chapters.

Let us follow the actual text very closely.

Book of Jubilees, chapter 8:

"And for Ham came out as the second portion, beyond the Gejon, toward the south, to the right of the garden, and it proceeds to all the fire mountains, and goes toward the west to the sea of Atil and goes west until it reaches the sea of Mauk  the one of which everything descends that is destroyed. And it proceeds to the north to the shore of Gadil and goes to the west of the water of the sea until it approaches the river Gejon, and the river Gejon goes until it approaches to the right of the Garden of Eden, and this land is the land which came forth for Ham as the portion he shall retain for himself and the children of his generations forever."

"And there came out of the lot for Shem the middle of the earth, which he and his children should have as an inheritance for the generations unto eternity, from the middle of the Mountain Rafu from the exit of the water of the river Tina, and his portion goes toward the west through the midst of this river, and they go until they approach to the abyss of the waters out of which comes this river, and this river empties and pours its waters into the sea Miot, and this river goes into the great sea: all that is toward the north of this is Japhet's, and all that is to the direction of the south is Shem's."

"And his (Ham/Khem's) portion reaches unto the great sea, and reaches straight until it approaches the west of the tongue which looks toward the south; for the sea is called the tongue of the Egyptian Sea (Red Sea). And it turns from there toward the south, toward the mouth of the great sea in the shore of the waters and proceeds toward Arabia and Ophra, and it proceeds until it reaches to the water of the River Gejon, along the shore of this same river. And it proceeds toward the north until it approaches the Garden of Eden, and toward the south thereof to the south, and from the east of the whole land of Eden, and toward the whole east , and it turns to the east, and proceeds until it approaches toward the east of the hills whose name is Rafa, and it descends toward the border of the outlet of the water of the river Tina."

If we can find out the exact location of the Riphath/Rafu mountains, the river Tina, the sea of Miot, and especially the sea of Atil, we immediately have at our disposal the exact place of the Garden of Eden (which IS NOT located anywhere near the Middle East).

Mountain Riphath/Rafu is easily seen to be the mountain range in the northern portion of Anatolia (ancient Paphlagonia/Mysia/Bithynia), namely the Temnus and the Olympus ranges/mountains (Riphath was given the portion of Anatolia, NORTH of river Tina and EAST of the land given to the first son of Noah).

Location of the sea of Atil:

His head [Ro-AT-SH] was at Roxolania/Rus, south of Belarus. Its name changed to the Ukraine (Gk kranion = cranium, not Slavic ukraina to/at the border). His throat [GaRGeret] is Georgia. His left shoulder [KaSaF] is the Caspian sea. His right shoulder [-AT-aTZiL] was Euxinus, now the Black Sea. His right arm/hand is being washed [NaTiLat] at Anatolia.

Therefore, the sea of Atil IS actually the Black Sea, or Pontus Euxinus. And the sea of Miot is the Sea of Marmara, which goes into the Great Sea (Mediterranean Sea).

River Tina is related to lake Arthynia (which discharges its waters into the Macestus River, which separates Asia from Bithynia), located next to the Sea of Marmara.

From there I passed on above the summits of those mountains to some distance eastwards, and went over the Erythraean sea. And when I was advanced far beyond it, I passed along above the angel Zateel, and arrived at the garden of righteousness. In this garden I beheld, among other trees, some which were numerous and large, and which flourished there.

The original term used by Enoch was THE SEA OF ATIL, and NOT the Erythraean Sea (added later by translators who had no idea of the true location of the sea of Atil, the Black Sea).

All legends of the Arcadians, Greeks, Thracians point out that the first son of Noah was called Pelasg (and certainly not Shem); and Pelasg never set foot in Mesopotamia (a portion of land given to the descendants of the sons of Khem/Ham; namely, the northern part was given to Misraim and some of his sons, and the southern portion was taken over by Nimrod and his sons).

Christ, a direct descendant of Pelasg, lived right next to the Sea of Marmara (and not the sea of Galilee).

Christ entering Constantinopole:

Pilate wearing a turban:

Original quote from Galatians 3.1 :
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Shabuwa - masculine form = period of seven, heptad (Daniel 9:24,25,26)

Feminine form (normal) - 70 x (single weeks)
Masculine form (unusual) - 70 x (multiple weeks)

Shabuwa - plural form = feasts of weeks (Seventy Shabuwas or Shavuots are determined...)

Therefore the 70 x 7 years explanation is completely wrong.

The requirement of the 70 feasts of weeks is met by the following periods:

70 periods of 50 days (3500 days) - 7 sets of 7 days + 1 day

70 periods of 50 years (3500 years) - 7 sets of 7 years + 1 year

70 years
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If you are an FET believer, reply with your best arguments and I will attempt to refute them. If I cannot refute them, I will be forced to accept FET.

The best proof (and the same time the simplest) that the surface of the Earth is actually flat is the explosion which occurred at Tunguska, 1908, June 30, 7:00 - 7:15 (London time, 0:00 - 0:15): the complete details for everyone -,3152.msg1404164.html#msg1404164]

The initial path approached Kezhma from the south - this constituted, most probably, the spherical earth measurement thought initially to be correct - but Tesla realized that something is definitely wrong in relation to the actual readings given by the true location of lake Baikal (telluric currents/ether influence on the trajectory of the ball lightning)

Therefore the path changed course to the east, to Preobrazhenka, and then west again to the actual site of the blast/shockwave.

LeMaire maintains the "accident-explanation is untenable" because "the flaming object was being expertly navigated" using Lake Baikal as a reference point. Indeed, Lake Baikal is an ideal aerial navigation reference point being 400 miles long and about 35 miles wide. LeMaire's description of the course of the Tunguska object lends credence to the thought of expert navigation:

The body approached from the south, but when about 140 miles from the explosion point, while over Kezhma, it abruptly changed course to the east. Two hundred and fifty miles later, while above Preobrazhenka, it reversed its heading toward the west. It exploded above the taiga at 60º55' N, 101º57' E (LeMaire 1980).

The same opinion was reached by Felix Zigel, who as an aerodynamics professor at the Moscow Institute of Aviation has been involved in the training of many Soviet cosmonauts. His latest study of all the eyewitness and physical data convinced him that "before the blast the Tunguska body described in the atmosphere a tremendous arc of about 375 miles in extent (in azimuth)" - that is, it "carried out a maneuver." No natural object is capable of such a feat.

Furthermore, the explosion was seen all the way from London, Antwerp, Stockholm, a distance which reaches across seven time zones (the first link includes the eyewitness accounts, a very good graphic, and many other details).

No curvature across the strait of Gibraltar (video + photograph):,30499.msg1370519.html#msg1370519

You can also read about the Galactic orbit paradox, the Faint Young Sun paradox, the fact that terrestrial gravity is a force caused by the pressure of the telluric currents, and not at all an attractive force.

There were no Copernicus, Galilei, or Kepler - the most precise proof available: the fact that the Council of Nicaea could not have taken place before the year 876 AD and the fact that the Gregorian calendar reformation is just a myth (see pages 7 and 8 on this thread).

Conclusion: there is no such thing as round earth theory...not now, not ever.
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I have reviewed your work, with independent analysis and it lines up with known science and mathamatics.

Very well done.

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Here is an example of known science vs. existence of ether (telluric currents) true science: (Maxwell's equations section) (aetherometry, gravity) (aether and gravity experiments) (about the errors in the Cavendish experiment) (the extraordinary experiments of Dr. Francis Nipher; how to modify gravity by applying electrical tension)

A closely related subject is gps time deformation frame dragging; the real cause, is, of course, called aether frame dragging, here are best works:

Ether waves proven by the existence of telluric batteries:

Dayton Miller ether drift results:,3152.msg1398930.html#msg1398930

Here is the real deal about the Michelson-Morley experiment:

Please read further: (chapters 5-10)
These papers by Michelson and also by Kennedy-Thorndike have conveniently been forgotten by modern physics, or misinterpreted as being totally negative in result, even though all were undertaken with far more precision, with a more tangible positive result, than the celebrated Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. Michelson went to his grave convinced that light speed was inconstant in different directions, and also convinced of the existence of the ether. The modern versions of science history have rarely discussed these facts.

Using the correct theory (ether + aether) we understand immediately the nature of light, magnetism, terrestrial and planetary/stellar gravity, how to produce levitation/ball lightning and much more.

Furthermore, we now have at our disposal the most precise and correct quantum model: baryons, mesons, quarks, subquarks, the structure of a subquark, the structure of a boson/antiboson.

The official attractive gravity theory cannot explain at all how the monoliths at Baalbek were moved and lifted into position:


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The Ominous Parallels, Kant Versus America chapter

The process of spreading a philosophy by means of free discussion among thinking adults is long and complex. From Plato to the present, it has been the dream of social planers to circumvent this process and, instead, to inject a controversial ideology directly into the plastic, unformed minds of children - by means of seizing a country's educational system and turning it into a vehicle for indoctrination.  In this way one may capture an entire generation without intellectual resistance, in a single coup d'ecole.

Here is how, for example, the concept of space-time was introduced to universities and colleges, forcing every student of physics to learn this fallacious concept by heart as scientific truth:,3152.msg1399626.html#msg1399626,3152.msg1399854.html#msg1399854

E. Johnson, The Pauline Epistles:

 It seems to be indirectly proved, from this machination, that these artists in fiction must have had a task of great difficulty before them in attempting to force these Letters upon the world. There must have been a sufficient number of men of true learning and taste during the Age of Publication, who were aware that these Letters were not genuine, and that the Church system was of recent origin. They were probably strong enough to make their tacit resistance felt. But the monks had organisation of a kind which honest men cannot have; and organisation triumphed

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Well it certainly contradicts most FErs model of the solar system.

"The first successful measurement of c was made by Olaus Roemer in 1676.  He noticed that, depending on the Earth–Sun–Jupiter geometry, there could be a difference of up to 1000 seconds between the predicted times of the eclipses of Jupiter's moons, and the actual times that these eclipses were observed.  He correctly surmised that this is due to the varying length of time it takes for light to travel from Jupiter to Earth as the distance between these two planets varies.  He obtained a value of c equivalent to 214,000 km/s, which was very approximate because planetary distances were not accurately known at that time."

In the 1690s, Ole Rømer used his influence to bring about a uniform adoption of the Gregorian calendar in Protestant countries, though that could not be achieved in practice.

No European country could have possibly adopted the Gregorian calendar reformation in the period 1582-1800, given the absolute fact that the winter solstice must have falled on December 16 in the year 1582 AD, and not at all on December 11 (official chronology):,30499.msg1461577.html#msg1461577,30499.msg1447025.html#msg1447025

The writings attributed to O. Romer MUST have been fabricated during the second half of the 18th century (official chronology calendar).

Jupiter paradoxes:,55860.0.html#.UWgP3qJrMjA,54119.msg1333450.html#msg1333450 (speed of light is a variable - see also pg. 1-4 from this thread)

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Tesla's classic 1900 experiment proves that light can and does travel faster than 299,792,458 m/s; moreover, it proves the existence of telluric currents (ether), which means that terrestrial gravity is a force exerted by the pressure of the same telluric currents.

Nikola Tesla:

The most essential requirement is that irrespective of frequency the wave or wave-train should continue for a certain period of time, which I have estimated to be not less than one-twelfth or probably 0.08484 of a second and which is taken in passing to and returning from the region diametrically opposite the pole over the earth's surface with a mean velocity of about 471,240 kilometers per second [292,822 miles per second, a velocity equal to one and a half times the "official" speed of light].

Tesla Patent/original paper:

See also:

Tesla Colorado Springs experiment (existence of telluric currents):

Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb which was illuminated without wires by an electromagnetic field from the "Tesla Coil" (the energy was transmitted through the telluric currents).

Let us remember that, initially, E. Goldstein (1876, 1886) thought that cathode and canal rays were caused by aether vibrations.

An interview with Nikola Tesla, New Theories of Radio Waves:

"When Dr. Heinrich Hertz undertook his experiments from 1887 to 1889 his object was to demonstrate a theory postulating a medium filling all space, called the ether, which was structureless, of inconceivable tenuity and yet solid and possessed of rigidity incomparably greater than that of the hardest steel.  He obtained certain results and the whole world acclaimed them as an experimental verification of that cherished theory.  But in reality what he observed tended to prove just its fallacy.

"I had maintained for many years before that such a medium as supposed could not exist, and that we must rather accept the view that all space is filled with a gaseous substance.  On repeating the Hertz experiments with much improved and very powerful apparatus, I satisfied myself that what he had observed was nothing else but effects of longitudinal waves in a gaseous medium, that is to say, waves, propagated by alternate compression and expansion.  He had observed waves in the ether much of the nature of sound waves in the air."